Bad Credit Mattress Financing at 0% APR + Up to 5 Year Payment Plan


GhostBed Mattresses is offering a sweet bedroom financing deal for low to no credit shoppers.  

GhostBed has worked out a sweet 0% APR for up to 5 years of low monthly mattress financing with Affirm! GhostBed is a 5th generation family business that truly cares about delivering a luxury mattress at a more affordable price.  When you start to compare to other mattress brands like Casper, Purple, Seally and Temper-pedic. You’re getting a similar quality mattress but in some cases at 30% plus of the price of these other brands. So, before you walk into a mattress store to purchase make sure you do your research on mattress financing monthly payments!

This is the sweet deal with Affirm to make buying a mattress and adjustable base an even more affordable solution to invest in a great night’s rest. Learn how to finance a mattress.

5 Year = 60 Months 0% APR

Yes, that’s the deal its like getting an energy savings loan to buy that furnace or windows or other home improvement project that you have put off for ages.  Now you can afford a simple pleasure of getting a similar 5-star hotel mattress and have up to 5 years to pay. That’s 60 months of a super low mattress payment plan with as low as zero percent interest. So sleep today and pay later with this mattress financing affirm deal.

So GhostBed already offers up to 3 years with as low as 0% APR but this new deal is available now through November 15th, 2021

You have two options

3k+ minimum purchase = 4 years and as low as 0% APR

Average bundle is just over 3k to quality and still get a sweet deal for 40% off adjustable base bundles.

 4k+ minimum purchase = 5-year and as low as 0% APR

If you add that adjustable base and looking at a king mattress and bundle with accessories. Its not to far off and yet you’re still saving for similar models from leading brands that would cost you around $7,000 plus in a large mattress store.

Or go high tech and check out the new Ghost Smart Bed.

Check out this break down graph

Don’t Wait Buy Now! Supply Shortages

Before you think about waiting for Black Friday or the next big mattress weekend of deals.  Remember we still got a pandemic going on. So, the best mattress deals are still now while supply last.

GhostBed ships in 24 hours and has inventory in stock. Other brands are struggling 

GhostBed by Nature’s Sleep has 20 years in wholesale business and has helped to manage supply chains and have connections with factories to stay in stock. They have this message pop up to promise Fast shipping from its founder Marc Werner….. as in Werner Ladder. So, they have a history as a 5th generation family business to stay on top of supply chain logistics when the world is at a standstill for products not moving these days.

Plus, GhostBed ships from 15 locations to be able to have bulk items arrive in 2 to 5 days with Fedex.  Or you can pick White Glove delivery and not have to worry about a thing with complete set up and mattress removal for around $199 pending how many items you need set up or picked up.

GhostBed’s 6th Birthday Halloween Sale –

While the company has been around for 20 years. The GhostBed brand was one of the first mattress in a box brand celebrating its 6th birthday on of course Halloween 😊

Now &

30% Off USA-Made Mattresses + 2 Free Luxury Pillows (a $190 Value)


40% Off Adjustable Base Bundles


25% Off Adjustable Bases, All-In-One-Foundation, GhostSheets, GhostProtectors, GhostBed Memory Foam Topper Protector All-In-One & 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases

Ghost Smart Bed 3D Matrix – Up to $2,000 Off + 2 Free Luxury Pillows (a $190 Value)

*Promo will run until 11/2/21 as they celebrate our 6th Birthday on Halloween.

Then Black Friday Mattress Sale Starts

If you still got doubt. This really is a great deal for 0% APR for 3 years to up to 5 years to pay pending the purchase amount.

If you look at Rent to own stores, they focus on bad credit customers with limited options. Sure, they can get you approved but the reality is that you’ll be paying about double the cost if you had the money to pay today. Plus, you don’t have to open a another credit card that you don’t need like with Wells Fargo or Mattress Firm that just want you to rank up your debt. Now with as low as 0% apr you can afford luxury quality sleep to arrive in 2 to 5 business days!

Low Credit – No Credit  

 Affordable Luxury for Low to NO Credit.

Now nothing in life is guaranteed. But this mattress financing deal is about to improve your bedroom sleep environment!

Starting November 1str and running through December 3rd.  The word on the street is that GhostBed is really stepping up its affordable luxury promise with its partnership with Affirm. 

If you have lousy credit, no credit or bad credit.  It’s worth giving GhostBed a shot to check out with Affirm. Its like 2 minutes to apply to find out. If you were denied before making a large purchase, you’re going to be surprised.

It’s a real deal you get the same 0% APR offer for a great quality mattress.

Overall, it’s a pretty sweet deal we for 0% APR with a fair price from a small family business that puts pride into its American and Canada made mattresses.  Check it out and add a few items to your shopping cart and you’ll see the monthly payments with Affirm. You’ll be surprised at just how affordable your monthly 0% mattress financing payments would be!

Here are some examples

GhostBed Split King Adjustable Set

  • Exceptional quality at an affordable price
  • Infinite ergonomic positions, including zero gravity
  • 15 whisper-quiet massage modes
  • Under-bed LED lighting, four USB ports and two wireless remotes


  • Couples with a snoring partner
  • Relief from back pain
  • Controlling acid reflux

As low as $67 per month with 0% APR and 40% off savings with the GhostBed Luxe – the coolest mattress and adjustable base bundle

GhostBed Adjustable Base Combo Bundle

  • Exceptional quality at an affordable price
  • Infinite ergonomic positions, including zero gravity
  • 15 whisper-quiet massage modes
  • Under-bed LED lighting, two USB ports and wireless remote
  • Adjustable Base works with any mattress types


  • People who snore
  • Relief from back pain
  • Controlling acid reflux

King mattress with GhostBed 3D Matrix and adjustable Base compo at 40% OFF is just $77 with 4 years to pay off at 0% APR with Affirm financing

Ghost SmartBed is a high-tech mattress for deep sleep. Here you can get the Queen mattress for just $117 per month with 0% apr for 5 years

So, plenty of options from mattresses around $800 to $1500 plus amazing accessories. 

Check out GhostBed. Add a few things to cart and find an affordable monthly financing plan that meets your budget to sleep well today and pay later!

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