Best Canva Alternatives for Graphic Design in 2021


Canva is a well-known web application that you can use to design various types of graphics. Canva’s overwhelming popularity has a negative effect on its own. How so? Since this app is used by millions of people around the world, they work with the same fonts and layouts.

If you want to create a truly unique design, Canva can get in the way, as its designs are used by millions of users around the world. You are not insured that the design you choose will not be chosen by anyone else. Therefore, an excellent solution may be to use Canva alternatives applications that have no less diverse collections, but fewer users and popularity.

List of Top 10 Canva Alternatives for Graphic Design

Many sites like Canva are equally popular and successful in use. Dozens of quality apps help you create superior graphics and designs. We have selected only the best apps like Canva, so this list is for you:

  1. Adobe Spark
  2. Pixlr
  3. Fotor
  4. RelayThat
  5. Turbologo
  7. PixTeller
  8. Visme
  9. Design Wizard
  10. Easil
SpecificationsPlatform: Windows, macOS
PriceBase $2Premium $4
Reasons to use+ Large selection of icons+ Good selection of Cyrillic fonts+ Dozens of generated logo options
Reasons not to use– There is no possibility of fine-tuning the color scheme

Turbologo – plus one on the list of sites like Canva. It is a logo maker app. Turbologo project helps to create a logo online when you need a quick and inexpensive result. The specifics of work here differs from cooperation with a designer – you will have to independently select the most successful picture from the available, automatically generated variations, and set certain parameters for it. Drawing from scratch, thinking over all the identity to the smallest detail, can only be a professional freelancer or web studio. However, from the point of view of price / quality ratio, the use of services like Turbologo is quite justified in many cases.

This online logo design app, like Canva, uses machine learning technologies and other algorithms to select fonts and logos that meet user expectations and requests. Everything is as fast as possible, there is no need to waste time on coordination with designers, waiting for a set of basic sketches, etc.

Adobe Spark

SpecificationsPlatform: Browser, iOS, Android
PriceIndividual: $ 9.99 / monthTeam: $ 19.99 / month
Reasons to use+ Separate subscription for individual users+ Create flyers, logos, social media posts, slideshows
Reasons not to use– Some interesting tools are paid

Adobe Spark is a great Canvas alternatives application that you can use to create multimedia content. Lots of functions are available to you here, from creating a post for social media to creating a website.

The ability to create a website and fill it up is a great feature. Video with subtitles, or various animated videos will be easy to create using Adobe Spark. You will love to use unusual text and versatile animated effects.


SpecificationsPlatform: Browser, iOS, Android
PriceFreePremium $4.90 /mthCreative Pack $14.99 /mth
Reasons to use+ Is portable and available in any web browser+ Fast basic photo processing+ Supports layers and masks
Reasons not to use– Distracting ads will appear and fill the entire screen

Pixlr is another site like Canva. It is an online service that is used to edit photos and other bitmaps. It is intended primarily for users who do not have extensive training and specialized knowledge in the field of computer graphics. Therefore, the service has a simple interface and clear work algorithms, but at the same time allows you to perform a wide range of image manipulations.

Thanks to cloud computing technology, the program does not “slow down” even on weak computers and portable devices, but allows you to perform professional photo processing. Owners of tablets and smartphones with slow Internet access can download the mobile application once and use it all the time.


SpecificationsPlatform: Windows, macOS, Android
PriceFreePro $8.99 /mthPro+ $19.99 /mth
Reasons to use+ The editor has many filters and effects: photo effects, lomo effects, cool effects, funky effects, mosaic effect, blur effect and Webcam effects.+ There is a function of portrait restoration+ Free
Reasons not to use– Lots of ads in the free version

Fotor is a website like Canva where you can manipulate digital photos, enhance image quality, apply effects, create collages and transform drawings.The convenient graphics editor Fotor will allow you to process an unsuccessful photo in a few clicks – change the color gamut, correct focus, improve the quality of a selfie, add text, a frame and apply effects. A feature of the application is the simplest possible algorithm of work, all the necessary actions are performed in a few clicks. The program, like Canva, does not require specific knowledge of photography and is very popular among beginner photography enthusiasts.


SpecificationsPlatform: Windows, macOS
Pricefree (with ads)Pro $ 25 / month (no ads, no watermarks)Lifetime $ 297 (no ads, no watermarks)
Reasons to use+ Creation of professional images is very fast+ Various export options+ Lots of tools to work with
Reasons not to use– The free version contains a lot of ads that can interfere with your work in the application

Relay is Canva alternatives, focused primarily on companies. This application has a specific set of tools that are designed to create branded content.

RelayThat is a website like Canva and also has many benefits that make it easy to use:

  • Not only a designer, but also non-designer can create professional and attractive graphics with RelayThat.
  • Not only great images, RelayThat also has attractive and useful image filters.
  • The font can be customized or you can upload your own

SpecificationsPlatform: Windows, macOS
PriceStudent $2Individual $4Business $5
Reasons to use+ Easy to use+ Least of all restrictions for free accounts+ There is a useful blog, a feedback form, and a video tutorial on how to use it
Reasons not to use– Less editing options, fewer chart variations, fewer additional options is a website like Canva and a great free editor for simple static infographics. Creating an infographic with this application will be an easy task for you and also free. In addition, you will be able to upload your items.

You can work according to a template or do everything yourself from scratch. All the created and saved works of the author are in the personal account. It is possible to edit the project that you made earlier. All in all, this is a really great Canva alternatives, so enjoy it!


SpecificationsPlatform: Windows, macOS
PricePro $7 /mthDiamond $12 /mth
Reasons to use+ Easy customization of templates+ Smooth resizing with smart resizing function+ Free version available
Reasons not to use– To keep your designs private you need to select paid plans

PixTeller  is Canva alternatives. It is a feature rich platform that handles both photo editing and animation creation. The easy-to-use interface requires no experience or knowledge of design and installation. 

The collection of templates in this application will help you create your site even from scratch, moreover, it will simplify your task. Pixteller, like Canva, can help you create images, logos, icons, collages, layouts, and even videos and animations.


SpecificationsPlatform: Windows, macOS
PriceBasic FreePersonal $15 /mthBusiness $29 /mth
Reasons to use+ Data visualization, graphs / charts+ Offline use, integration with MS Office+ Security, privacy, access control
Reasons not to use– Free plan limitations

Visme is another site like Canva where you can create presentations, animations, banners, infographics, reports, forms, and other visual content.Visme breaks down the content of its template into several categories, with over a hundred different templates in between. In addition, he works on a building block system or drag and drop, which is both familiar and convenient.

Design Wizard

SpecificationsPlatform: Windows, macOS
PriceBasic FreePro $9.99 /mthBusiness $49.99 /mth
Reasons to use+ Less information per page+ Wizards allows you to make fewer mistakes
Reasons not to use– Wizard filling process is not easy to keep

Design Wizard is a Canva alternatives, and service for image and video design. The collection of templates for this application is really diverse and differs from many others. From the most traditional templates to original and effective banners and more.

The second difference is the price system. The service is available by subscription, and among the tariff plans there is a free one that allows you to use almost all design tools and all templates.

A Wizard, like Canva, is a useful pattern for simplifying complex processes that are rarely performed or intended for new users. By showing less information, you keep your visitors focused on relevant queries and reduce the likelihood of errors, and the cons of the Wizard can be eliminated with thoughtful design.


SpecificationsPlatform: Windows, macOS
PriceBasic FreePlus $7.50 /mthEdge $59 /mth
Reasons to use+ Even the free plan has tons of templates and stock photos to choose from+ comfortable+ very easy to use and learn
Reasons not to use– Many good things are closed by paywall

Easil is an app like Canvas. It is an online graphic design tool that lets you create creative Instagram Stories to interact effectively with your audience. Here you can easily embody your creative ideas on a professional level with convenient templates for one or a series of stories. Features include:

  • 1000 custom templates
  • Resizing tool to use artwork for any purpose, online and offline
  • Fantastic selection of free fonts
  • Amazing color palette generator

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