ChargeBoost Pro is a boost charger designed for multiple purposes. People have different gadgets for different purposes. You may have a cell phone, iPod, watch, or portable AC. There are other rechargeable devices that can be used. Whenever you use a rechargeable device, it is best to charge it frequently when the battery is exhausted. ChargeBoost Pro provides a platform where you can charge the device at the same time.

ChargeBoost Pro can charge three devices at the same time, which is very efficient, fast and portable. You may find yourself in a situation that requires improvisation, for example, you are in a meeting where there are fewer electrical ports and everyone wants to charge. Obtaining three appliances to charge your three gadgets may be selfish, because other people also want to compete for the limited available space. Now, with ChargeBoost Pro.

 There are numerous charging devices in the market. Each has their unique function but the uniqueness of ChargeBoost Pro comes with its ability to multitask. Chargeboost pro is very suitable for your Apple products, you can charge your iPhone, your iPod and watch all at the same time. The Chargeboost pro will ensure that you have stress free moments with your devices. The Chargeboost pro with its three interfaces which is designed to cater for your iPhone 12, Airpods and Apple watch. 


What is ChargeBoost Pro

At this point there is a tendency for you to reason what device can perform or suit the above description. Well, let me explain what the Chargeboost pro is all about. The Chargeboost pro is a 3-in-1 device that serves as a wireless charger that makes use of Magsafe – an accessory which has easy attachment and charges very fast – which is a perfect device for charging your iPhone 12. The ChargeBoost Pro is versatile and very compatible with charging Apple watch, iPhone and iPod simultaneously. The Chargeboost pro has a tiny barrel connector at the back of the device which is being inserted at the bottom. From here you can connect it to any universal charger or USB. This device smoothens the effort needed to stretch out your cord to iPhone, Apple watch or iPod. 

The Magsafe is circular and in three different sets joined together with a perpendicular metal steel in the middle. The Magsafe at the base of the device is bigger than the two other Magsafe. You can charge your AirPod on Magsafe at the base of the device. Your Apple watch can be conveniently charged using the Qi charging pad. Lastly, the base of the ChargeBoost Pro has a charging puck with which you can at ease charge your Airpods. 

How does Charge Boost pro Work

Let’s discuss how the Chargeboost pro works. It is important you have a good knowledge of the uses and how to make Chargeboost pro work effectively. This will enable you to exhaust efficiently the utility that comes with buying this device. 

Once the ChargeBoost Pro is fully charged or connected to a power source, you place your iPhone 12 close to the circular plastic peripheral; the iPod charging puck at the base is suitable for iPod, so the Magsafe hanging at the right can be used for your iPhone 12. Once your iPhone 12 sticks to the Magsafe, there will be an indication on the screen on the iPhone showing a light green thunderstorm signal which signifies that it is charging and also showing the level of the battery percentage. 

The Magsafe peripheral has a magnet that holds your iPhone 12 or your Apple watch firmly so that it won’t fall out. Your Apple watch can be lapped to the Qi charging pad and once it sticks to it, the Apple watch will indicate charging also showing the level of the battery percentage. The iPod is being charged at the base of this device so it can relax conveniently while charging. The circular base is about 5.3 inches wide, the space for your iPhone 12 is smaller than the circular base but bigger than the space for your Apple watch. 

How to Use Chargeboost pro

Once you’ve purchased the ChargeBoost Pro from an Apple store, Amazon or retail store, plug the device to an electric socket and ensure that the barrel connector is firmly connected at the tip of the bottom of the ChargeBoost Pro. Once this is achieved, you proceed to place your iPhone on the Magsafe interface. The magnetic field in the Magsafe will be attached to the charging coil of your iPhone 12. The screen of your iPhone 12 will then show a light indicating that it is charging. Once your phone is fully charged, you can unplug the phone.

 The same pattern is applicable for your Airpods and Apple watch. You wouldn’t need to worry if the magnetic components of the Magsafe puck will scratch your iPhone 12, the Magsafe puck has a rubber interface at the rim that comes in contact with your phone, thus, protecting your phone from whatever effect or scratch from the magnetic field. The Charge Boost pro takes about 57 minutes to charge an iPhone 12 upto 50% which implies that within the space of 120 minutes the Chargeboost pro will fully charge an iPhone 12. 

What’s in the box and that bespoke design

Belkin includes the bare essentials with the new Boost Charge Pro. You get the 3-in-1 charging stand as well as the requisite charger. The three charging points are the MagSafe charger, the Apple Watch charging puck, and a Qi charging pad.

For the charger, Belkin opted to go with a tiny barrel connector that is inserted into the bottom of the stand. We’re a bit torn on how to feel about the choice of the barrel connector over something more universal such as USB-C.

Belkin uses a barrel connector for the charger and it tucks away neatly

Belkin uses a barrel connector for the charger and it tucks away neatly

USB-C is far more open than a barrel connector. You can also freely swap out the cable or the charging brick if it were to use type-C. At the same time, it is larger and more expensive to implement. Belkin created a neat little pocket on the underside of the charger, which fits at a right-angle. A USB-C charger would be much larger and cause the product to be bigger.

The entire bottom portion of the charger is made of soft-touch silicone. It feels nice and is protective of your devices. That includes your phone (should you ever drop it) and anything you place on the lower Qi charger. The body of the product is crafted from stainless steel. The steel is polished and looks great from the front, though it’s prone to showing fingerprints relatively easily. On the back, you can see the seam where the cable is routed.

That cable route isn’t too unsightly as Belkin overlaid it with a white plastic cover. The white blends in well-enough with the shiny steel though it may be more noticeable if you are in a darker room. Or if you see it from the opposite side — like an office desk centered in the room.

Apple’s magnetic MagSafe charger is located on the left side of the crossbar, while the Apple Watch magnetic charging puck is situated to the right. Both of these are MFi certified.

Our new go-to charger

By relying on MagSafe to charge your iPhone rather than Qi, you can get up to 15W of power delivered to your device. The only way to charge faster is by using a USB-C to Lightning cable and a 20W USB-C charging brick. That only affords you a 20 percent bump in power and isn’t nearly as convenient as MagSafe.

The back of the Belkin Boost Charge Pro

You bring your phone near the magnet, and it near-instantly latches on. As it connects, a slick animation spreads across the screen of your phone, letting you know it is charging and how much juice you have remaining. It’s a wonderful little effect that only works with proper MagSafe chargers and elevates the user experience.

When held by the magnet, your phone won’t be going anywhere. Even if your phone is vibrating from an undying message chain, it won’t come free unless you want it to. Even better, with MagSafe, you can rotate the phone to any angle. Keep it open you can see your texts rotate sideways to watch a movie or some AppleInsider YouTube videos, and then back to portrait mode to binge countless TikTok videos. Exceedingly handy.

Components of Chargeboost pro

The ChargeBoost Pro comprises certain unique features that distinguishes it from other devices. Its functions differ innovatively from the functions of other charging devices. Here, you will see some important components of the ChargeBoost Pro that portray its uniqueness. 

The Magsafe

A ChargeBoost Pro is made of a Magsafe. A Magsafe is a magnetically attached device that transfers power wirelessly to another device. The Magsafe was manufactured by Apple Inc. The Magsafe is developed to create a new ecosystem for charging and other accessories. It is developed to reduce stress and strains involving plugging and unplugging USB cord to your device, thus, avoiding the tendency of wear and tear. It comprises a set of magnets that is placed alongside your iPhone charging coils. A Magsafe ensures that the ChargeBoost Pro charges fast through a wireless and seamless process.

The Qi Charging Pad

This is a wireless charging stand in-built in Chargeboost pro that enables you to charge your Airpods. The Qi charging pad is very compatible with iPhone products. It doesn’t require any plug in and plug out cord. Once a device is placed on a Qi charging pad, it adapts and starts charging speedily. 

Charging Puck

The ChargeBoost Pro developers in-built a charging puck that enables you to charge your Apple watch wirelessly. The size of the charging puck is the smallest in the Chargeboost pro device. You just need to hook your Apple watch on this charging puck such that the base of your Apple watch touches the panel of the charging puck, then, there you go. 

Barrel Connector

The ChargeBoost Pro has a barrel connector at its bottom. A barrel connector is an electrical power connector that transmits low power voltage. It is cylindrical in nature and comes in different sizes. The barrel connector is at the tip of the bottom of Chargeboost pro and from there you can connect the Chargeboost pro to an electrical socket in order to charge the device. The barrel connector is used to connect, disconnect and reconnect wires, screw tight other connectors and ensure that your cable wires are secure under low voltage power. 

T Metal Steel 

This is a metal steel interface that joins the product three Magsafe in a ChargeBoost Pro. It stands vertically from the base of the device which is the Magsafe for the iPod and rises to a point where it spreads to two opposite sides joining the two Magsafe for your iPhone and Apple watch. 


The ChargeBoost Pro has a USB-C interface that enables you to connect the device to other similar devices. You can use the USB-C port to charge straight to an electrical socket or through other gadgets like Power Bank.

Size of the Charge lBoost Pro

The base of a Chargeboost pro is about 5.3 inches. While a 2-in-1 boost charger is about 6.7 inches  and measures 4.7 by 4.7 in width. A 3-in-1 Chargeboost pro measures about 5.2 or 5.3 as stated earlier at the base and 4.5 inch high.

Specification of Chargeboost pro

1. Portable Magsafe.

The Magsafe of ChargeBoost Pro is very portable and strong with some magnetic components that holds your iPhone 12 firmly such that it won’t fall out of it when placed for charging.

2. Plastic interfaces.

The Magsafe, the Qi charging pad and the AirPod charging puck are made up of a plastic interface. This plastic interface can come in different colors depending on your spec. There is white, there is black, blue, gold what have you, so you get to choose the Chargeboost pro in line with your color taste. 

3. Magnetic property.

As stated earlier, the ChargeBoost Pro has a magnetic property that makes your iPhone 12, Airpods or Apple watch attached to it. Your gadgets stay attached until they are done charging. Even if they vibrate, the grip of the magnetic field is so firm that your gadget won’t fall out. This magnetic field also allows your iPhone 12 to rotate to different directions as you please. 

4. USB-C

This is a USB outlet attached to the barrel connector that enables you to charge the Chargeboost pro from another power source other than an electric socket. Through the USB-C you charge the Chargeboost pro from a power bank or PC. 

5. Multiple charging outlets.

The Chargeboost pro is a 3-in-1 device that has the ability to charge three different gadgets simultaneously. You wouldn’t need to run around for space where you can plug your other outlets. With the Chargeboost pro you are much at ease. 

6. Qi charging pad.

This is specially designed in Chargeboost pro to serve the purpose of charging the Apple watch. 

7. AirPod charging puck

This is specially designed in Chargeboost pro to serve the purpose of charging your Airpods conveniently.


Benefits of Chargeboost pro

The Chargeboost pro is an innovation from Apple Inc. It is the first of its kind and has a lot of features that can be of great importance to you and your devices in many ways. We will share some of the numerous benefits of Chargeboost pro here. 

Stress free device for charging your Phone

The Chargeboost pro is very convenient in that you can get very close to your desk or bedside. The cable that connects Chargeboost pro to an electric socket is very long and can extend to any part of the room at which you wish to place the phone and charge. Thus, this device ensures your convenience and comfortability.

It can charge upto a level of 15W

The Chargeboost pro has the ability to charge effectively to the tune of 15W. This enables the device to be very quick in charging. Thus with Chargeboost pro you are rest assured that your iPhone, Apple watch and iPod will charge very fast. 

Multiple Purpose

The Chargeboost pro has 3 Magsafe as designed by the developer, Apple Inc. This implies that with just a single Apple Chargeboost pro you will be able to charge your Apple gadgets simultaneously. You wouldn’t need to bother buying different charging outlets for each gadget, with Chargeboost pro you got all your device charging at one spot. 

It is a wireless Charging Device

The Chargeboost pro is wireless, thus, it saves you the issue of buying and losing USB cords as seen in other charging devices. With Chargeboost pro all you have to do is to place your phone on the Magsafe and your phone gets to charge instantly. You place your iPod on the iPod charging puck and also, your Apple watch can be placed on the Qi charging pad.

 It is economical

The Chargeboost pro is very economical and saves a lot for you. When you purchase one Chargeboost pro device, it is just like purchasing three devices. The money you would have spent buying a separate charger for your iPhone, your Apple watch or iPod will be effectively used to purchase the Chargeboost pro at a very low price.

It has Different Color Package

The Chargeboost pro plastic part of the Magsafe, iPod charging puck and Qi charging pad can come in different colours. It can be white or black, it can be blue or red. So, you get to choose the color that you prefer.

Very safe to use

The Chargeboost pro is very safe to use health wise. These three interfaces are not in any shock. It is designed perfectly so that you can touch the interfaces at ease without any form of fear. 

Pros and Cons

Now, we will look into some of the pros and cons of the Chargeboost pro. There are some features of this device that are outstanding while you might encounter a few challenges. However, these few challenges are quite surmountable. 


The Chargeboost pro is very affordable. The value of the product is not something you cannot afford to pay because it is worth very much it’s price.

It is compatible. The Chargeboost pro is designed to be compatible with your iPhone 12, Apple watch and Airpods. 

Speedy charge. The Chargeboost pro device is very quick to charge, the rate at which it completes charging is very commendable.

It doesn’t require further assembly after purchase. Once you have plugged the cable,. Then you are good to go.

The magnetic property of the Magsafe is so strong that it grips your iPhone 12 so firmly such that there is no cause for casualty.

Your iPhone 12 can hover around the Magsafe while charging. If you place it on the Magsafe, it can rotate clockwise or anti clockwise. You can set your gadget to be placed vertically or horizontally depending on what you’re doing with your phone at the moment. 

Quick Delivery: There is no issue with the delivery services for the Chargeboost pro. The product is developed by Apple Inc and once purchase is completed the Chargeboost pro will be conveniently delivered to your location hitch free.


Less Complications: The usage of Chargeboost pro is very easy. There are not many Complications. Once you’ve plugged the barrel connector to the Chargeboost pro you then proceed to place your iPhone 12, Airpods or Apple watch on the interfaces, then after a while your device is fully charged.  


No night stand: There is no night stand for your Apple watch

The Qi charging pad is only 5w: Although this can be fast for Airpods, it is slow for other devices. 

No USB output: There is no USB output in a Chargeboost pro device.

The Chargeboost pro is currently meant for iPhone 12 devices only. 

Where can I Purchase a Chargeboost pro?

You might begin to wonder where this wonderful product is being sold. Well, the Chargeboost pro just like every other device can be obtained from the official website of the developer. Chargeboost pro is developed by Apple Inc. so if you wish to get one for yourself, you log onto their website you will look at the product catalog, when you have seen your spec and its price tag, you proceed to pay for it and your Chargeboost pro will be delivered to you. You can also purchase it online from Amazon online stores.

The Chargeboost pro can also be purchased from retail stores that are affiliated with Apple Inc. You have to be cautious to ensure that the retail store you are about to purchase your Chargeboost pro is linked to Apple so that you won’t be given a fabrication in the name of Chargeboost pro. Once you have paid for your product, you can then go ahead to enjoy the wonderful services of Chargeboost pro. 

How Much is Chargeboost pro? 

Now it is imperative for me to disclose the price of the product to you. Like earlier mentioned the Chargeboost pro is very affordable. The price of Chargeboost pro ranges from $100 to $139.99. The price you will finally pay for the Chargeboost pro depends where you purchased it and where you intend the product to be delivered.

CHARGEBOOST pro Customer Reviews 

Customers have said a lot of good things about the Chargeboost pro. Some express the thrilling effects that all the new features of Chargeboost pro has, the ease at which they get to charge their gadgets simultaneously even close to their desk or bedside. Some customers say the Chargeboost pro is wonderful but they would have preferred it if there was a space for a USB cord attached to it. 

Last Verdict on ChargeBoost

I hereby implore you to make Chargeboost pro your charging device because of the numerous benefits that come with it. The Chargeboost pro is a new product birthed out of innovative ideas. It is thereby imperative that you maximize the joy that comes with using this product before it becomes too rampant. Also, the Chargeboost pro is your product because it serves different purposes at the same. With one device you will have the opportunity to solve a variety of charging issues simultaneously. The durability of the product is certain as the Chargeboost pro can serve its purpose for a long period of time. Lastly, the Chargeboost pro is very affordable and economical and you can make it your charging device from now onwards.


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