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Early literacy and reading skills are important for your child. A report that the National Commission on Reading released in 1985 showed that one of the most important factors that influence the educational success of children is the introduction of books at home before the children start school. While the introduction of books is still important, you might need to buy the Children Learning Reading program if you want your child to start reading fluently at an early age.  

Many people claim that the Children Learning Reading program is possibly the only effective phonics program offering systematic approaches. They also claim that the program is too simple and powerful that you can use it to teach your 2 years old kids to read. Besides, the author recommends it for the older struggling kids because it helps them catch up to their grade level within 8-10 weeks. Are the claims true? This Children Learning Reading Review will provide you with everything you would want to know about this program.  

What is Children Learning Reading Program? 

Children Learning Reading Program is a reading program based on comprehensive phonics and phonemic awareness. It was made by a professional veteran teacher who was looking for the best method of teaching children below the age of ten years to start reading effectively and become fluent fast readers within a short time.  

All the lessons in the program are easy and they include stories, rhymes, and color pictures to make the learning process fun for your kids. The program comes as a set of audio, PDF, and video files, nursery rhymes, common words, and stories that your children will have fun with.  

The author of this program based it on scientifically proven techniques that will provide your children with the reading strategies they need to blossom into proficient readers. They will start reading English letters, words, sentences, and even storybooks within 12 weeks. Most of the parents that have used this program claim that it is simple but very powerful. They have seen their kids achieve fluency after using it for a few minutes daily.  

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Who is the Author of this Program? 

Jim Yang is the creator of the Children Learning Reading program. Jim worked with his wife Elena to develop this program to help their children read effectively before attaining the age of three years. Before developing it, he had tried many other programs that did not work. Fortunately, Jim came across a meta-study undertaken by the National Reading Panel when conducting his research. 

 The study showed that phonemic awareness combined with phonics provided better results compared to the other language learning programs. Therefore, he decided to develop the Children Learning Reading Program to help his children. And after the program worked for his kids, he decided to help other parents teach their children the skill of reading during their free time. 

 Jim Yang is a veteran reading teacher with over 10 years of experience and a parent of four children. He claims that he helps children struggling to read start reading fluently within 8-10 weeks. He further claims that the Children Learning Reading program has helped over 76,600 parents teach their children.  

How Children Learning Reading Program Works  

Children Learning Reading program is designed to last for 12 weeks. The author believes that other methods, which are usually based on a whole language approach, school programs, and alternative reading programs, do not teach children to read effectively. Jim claims that the programs are designed to help children memorize word shapes so that they can recognize words.  

The programs use “sight words” to teach children to read. Sight words are one word for the high-frequency words that are known by sight. One big problem of this approach is that English words are hard to memorize as shapes. Further, there are over 170,000 English words, meaning that your child might take years to memorize them. To make the matters worse, your child will need a vocabulary of over 3,000 words to start reading 95 percent of the common text.  

To simplify the process, Children Learning Reading Program employs two principles of phonemic reading. It combines phonemic awareness and phonics. Phonics is the foundation for proficient reading. It is the method through which children learn the relationship between written symbols and sounds. Phonics help children recognize sounds that belong to every English letter so that they can pronounce the words easily and confidently. On the other hand, phonemic awareness is the ability to identify, listen, and manipulate sounds of any language. The purpose of phonemic awareness is to help children read fluently within a short time.  

According to Jim Yang, a phoneme is the smallest unit of a sound system that combines with another phonemic unit to make a meaningful word. Taking the example of the words “hiss” and “hill,” you will realize that unit /l/ and /s/ are the only difference between the two words. Another example is a word like “but,” which contains three units, which are /b/, /u/, and /t/. Changing any of the phonemes would also change the meaning of the word.  

The English alphabet has 26 letters but it has 44 phonemes or letter combinations, and 1,768 methods of pronouncing them. The 44 phonemes account for all letters that combine to make word sounds. So, you will only need to teach your children the 44 English sounds and they will start reading.  

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The Stages of Children Learning Reading  

Children Learning Reading program is incremental and uncomplicated. It will not overwhelm your child because it is systematic and it will build up slowly to give your child adequate time to master every level. Besides, all the methods are simple, short, fun, exciting, and powerful. Each lesson will take around 3-5 minutes. Here are the two stages of this program.  

Stage 1 

The first stage of the Children Learning Reading program consists of 28 basic and simple lessons. The lessons include phonemes or sounds of individual alphabets and letter recognition. This stage also covers the understanding of the relationship between letters and their sounds, short blending words, notes about the struggling readers, small sentences, and blending of words.  

The author incorporated various fun rhymes, stories, and engaging activities in every chapter to help kids practice reading. Still, the stage starts by introducing simple basic words. The words get more complex and advanced as your child moves from one lesson to the other. 

 Jim Yang ensured that the stories and activities get complex and advanced in an intuitive way to ensure that your child has adequate time to grasp the concepts before progressing to other lessons. At the end of this stage, your child will identify and read many simple words, small sentences, and even short text passages easily.  

Stage 2  

The second stage of the Children Learning Reading program consists of 22 lessons based entirely on the skills the learners develop from Stage 1. This stage mainly focuses on the combination and blending of letters to make words. The level also includes an advanced rhymes level, introduction to new letters and big letters, sentences, vocabulary growth, passages, and complex words. After completing this stage, your child read the complicated words, sentences, and texts fluently and efficiently.  

In this stage, Jim Yang applied the skills and concepts that your child learned in stage one. One of the concepts relates to how letters combine to make a sound, such as “sh” in fish, “ch” in “catch”, and “ck” in “lock”. All the activities, stories, and rhymes included in this stage are more complex and advanced than those in stage one. The author arranged and designed the content and lessons in an intuitive style so that your child can complete every concept in one go.  

Overall, the two stages of Children Learning Reading program will help your child start reading before he/she turns 3. It starts by introducing the child to the alphabet and correct pronunciation of letters, rhymes, words, and sentences. You can download the PDF version from the official website and start teaching your child.  

Children Learning Reading Price  

The author of this program offers three packages, which include the Foundation Package, the Standard Package, and the Premium Package. The Foundation Package will get you started but you will have to buy the Standard Package to get the primary lessons. The Premium Package offers all the lessons in the Standard Package along with bonuses that will help your child start reading fluently. Here is the price of the packages and what to expect from them.  

The Foundation Package ($39) 

The Foundation Package will cost you $39 and it offers: 

  • Stage 1 Step-by-Step Lessons  
  • Stage 1 Lesson Printouts  
  • Stage 1 Videos (the videos show Jim Yang teaching his child to read) 
  • Letter Sound and MP3 Audio Clips  
  • The Most Common Sight Words  
  • Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes  
  •  Children Learning Numbers and Math Workbook  
  • Free Lifetime Updates  
  • Free 12 Weeks One-on-One Counseling  

The Standard Package ($69) 

This package goes for $69 and offers everything in the Foundation Package along with several advanced modules that will help your child get to the next level. Here are the advanced modules.  

  • Stage 2 (Advanced) Step-by-Step Lessons  
  • Stage 2 (Advanced) Lesson Stories  
  • Stage 2 (Advanced) Lesson Printouts  
  • Stage 2 (Advanced) Videos – show Jim Yang using stage 2 methods to teach his children  

The Premium Package ($89) 

The Premium Package retails at $89 and offers everything in the Standard Package along with:  

  • Children Lesson Videos and Workshop 

This is a set of DVD recordings that document the journey of Jim Yang and his wife Elena Yang as they teach their 2.5-year-old toddler, Ethan, to read and speak English fluently.  

  • Children Learning Reading Video Edition  

This powerful video lays out everything about this program. It also offers detailed descriptions and highlights important tips that will help you expedite the teaching process.  

  • Pre-Set Printouts for Stage 2 Lessons  

Stage 2 is complex and consists of 22 lessons. To make the stage easy for your child and parent, the author decided to put together all the lessons in one place for easier access. You can print them with a single click.  

  • Stage 2 Rhymes  

Children love color pictures because they are beautiful and exciting. The Stage 2 Rhymes offers access to colored illustrations for the rhyme section in stage 2.  

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Pros and Cons  

Our Children Learning Reading review would not be complete without looking at the pros and cons of the program. Here are the benefits and drawbacks to expect.  


  • The program highlights the advantages and importance of early reading and teaches you how to help your children read fluently. 
  • It develops phonemic awareness and phonics in children and helps them recognize and differentiate various letter sounds.  
  • Every stage of the program consists of systematic training methods that are easy to follow,  
  • Every lesson is concise to accommodate the short attention span of children between 2 and 7 years.  
  • It contains various training materials, such as MP3 audio clips, videos, workshops, images, colorful pictures, one-to-one teaching sessions, and rhymes.  
  • It is highly accessible 


  • The program requires the parent to participate in the teaching  
  • It is only available in digital format  
  • The results may vary from one child to the other  

Who Should Go for this Program? 

Children Learning Reading is designed for children between 2 and 7 years of age.  So, if your child is within the age gap and has already developed a proper speech, the program is a good choice. You have to be certain that your child speaks properly before buying it because the author claims that the program is not designed for kids that cannot speak. 


Does Children Learning Reading Program Work? 

A: Yes, the program works. Over 76,600 parents have reported good results after using this program to teach their children. However, the results vary according to the abilities of children.  

Is Children Learning Reading Worth Buying?  

A: Children Learning Reading program is worth buying. As you might already know, reading is among the most important foundational skills your children will learn in their education. The program will give your children the foundation they need to learn and expand their knowledge. Without good reading skills, your child may lose many opportunities in the future.  

Research has proved that phonics and phonemic awareness are more effective than the systems expected in most schools. So, you can buy the program as an additional learning tool for your child. Further, Children Learning Reading program is among the cheapest programs in the market. It is around a third the price of similar programs in the market, which retail for over $200.  

Is Children Learning Reading Legit? 

A: Yes. This program is 100 percent genuine. The creator has an active Facebook Page that offers information about the program along with hundreds of positive reviews from the users. The author also offers a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Thus, you can demand to have your money back if it does not provide any good results.  

Does My Child Require the Basic Knowledge of Alphabets to Benefit from the Program? 

A: No. Any child can benefit from the program if he/she can speak fluently. The author incorporated alphabets and their sounds in the program. Children Learning Reading consists of 2 stages. In the first stage, your child will learn the fundamentals of language, alphabets, alphabetical sounds. The program offers many fun-engaging rhymes, stories, and activities.  


If your child has started speaking, it is time to start teaching him/her reading skills. Reading is an amazing tool and it will widen the cognitive and thinking horizon of your child. This fact is true for children at an early reading stage. Children Learning Reading program will help you utilize your time, effort, and money investment effectively. The program has helped over 76,600 children from all parts of the world develop reading abilities.  

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