ColonBroom Review: Negative Side Effects or Colon Broom Safe To Use?


At times the stomach is unable to operate correctly on its own. As unpleasant as it may seem, it needs a little assistance to help people get through the day without feeling constipated. 

One might wonder if there exists a natural product in the market specifically designed to relieve constipation and that has the potential to be a top formulation? The new supplement by Max Nutrition LLC with potent components is known as ColonBroom. It is an effective digestion supplement. 

What is it? 

It is an effective formulation that relieves diarrhea and constipation. It is a natural supplement made from plants. This fiber-based formulation is available in powder consistency, and one can mix it with water to make a drink. 

It will aid in the elimination of toxins from the body. It promotes regular bowel motions. The supplement claims to assist in lowering blood sugar levels, losing weight, elevating mood, and improving skin health.  

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These are the primary components of these products, as well as how they function. 

  • Powder of psyllium husk: Psyllium Husk is the name given to the outer covering of the seed of Plantago Ovata. It has a high water solubility and may absorb liquids in a short period. It thickens in the intestines and becomes difficult to digest as a result. The ingredients regulate blood sugar and control cholesterol, treat constipation, ultimately aiding weight loss. 
  • Citric Acid: It is an organic acid of low strength sourced from citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. It works as a preservative in sweets and soft drinks. It has been used widely for treating (CMA) chronic metabolic acidosis and other gastrointestinal problems for many decades. 
  • Lemon: Lemon juice treats constipation. It has been a go-to remedy for hundreds of years by people all over the world. In addition to being a natural detoxifier, lemon juice can also be used as a digestive stimulant to aid in digestion. Sea Salt 
  • It is produced by evaporating saltwater and combining it with other ingredients. In addition to being used as a seasoning, it offers many health advantages. It cleans the colon while detoxifying the entire body. 
  • Silicon Dioxide: It is commonly known as quartz or silica. It is a chemical compound found in a variety of living species. According to one research, it can heal constipation as well as gastrointestinal issues in people. 
  • Sucralose: It is non-caloric because the body does not break down sucralose, a sugar replacement. It is an excellent artificial sweetener. 

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This product is beneficial to one’s health and helps control bowel motions. The components in it are beneficial in detoxifying as well as maintaining a healthy microbiota. It has been proven effective in weight reduction, boosting energy levels, and speeding up metabolism. The following are the most significant health advantages of the formula mentioned above. 

  • Detoxification of the body: It contains a one-of-a-kind combination of vital components that work together to enhance detoxification by cleaning the gut. It removes accumulated toxins. 
  • Improved general well-being: Healthy gut nutrition combined with this product can boost energy levels, decrease bloating symptoms and constipation and enhance general health. 
  • Psyllium Husk: It absorbs liquids and converts them into a viscous mixture curing issues like diarrhea, constipation, weight loss, and blood pressure. 
  • Weight reduction: Psyllium Husk, the primary active component, helps enhance the health of gut microbiota, digestion, and overall body cleansing. 

Side effects  

While this product has no major allergens, this product may produce an allergic response in individuals susceptible to psyllium or supplements consisting of strawberries. 

It claims that this product is gluten-free, vegan, and devoid of genetically modified ingredients. Before taking this supplement, consult with the doctor to see if it is suitable to include it in the daily regimen. 

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It works in the same way as any other dietary formulation available today. Some consumers may need the assistance of a medical professional if they have any allergies or severe health problems. 

One must mix one teaspoon of powder with eight fluid ounces of water to make a paste. Drink this mixture. Drink more water after drinking the paste. Take this mixture twice each day, one hour prior or 30 minutes post the meal, as needed. 

Those using this supplement first time must consume once a day for the initial five days and later twice a day. 

Because of the high fiber content of this formulation, first-time users may feel some bloating during the first few days of usage. People report feeling lighter 72 hours after taking the supplement. 

How does it work? 

The supplement contains all fiber, vitamins, and prebiotics that the digestive system needs to operate correctly and promote immune system function and support. Constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and digestive issues also vanish with the use of this supplement. Psyllium Husk content in the formulation is an effective natural laxative that helps control bowel motions as it absorbs water from the digestive tract. A user must consume added water for ease of passing stool thereby, preventing the possibilities of anal fissures and hemorrhoids. 

Purchase and Price  

This product is purchasable via the official website. Customers will be requested to complete a short survey about their digestion and other lifestyle habits to get a more customized experience. Following the completion of the quiz, the cost of the supplement is shown. Until otherwise stated, all fees and expenses are in USD. 

It comes in a container that includes 60 serves, which last for 30 days when a person takes it regularly with the maximum dosage of twice daily. 

There are many different packages to choose from, and an individual can buy them as a subscription or one-time order. 

One single purchase 

· The cost of a one-month supply is $68.99. 

· A three-month supply costs $134.97 ($44.99 for each bottle). 

· The cost of a 6-month supply is $209.94 ($34.99 per bottle). 

On subscribing to it, a person will get the following discount on the product: 

· A one-month supply costs $54.99. 

· A three-month supply costs $107.97 ($35.99 for each bottle). 

· The cost of a 6-month supply is $167.94 ($27.99 for each bottle). 

Money-back and refund policy 

There are no refunds from the company. If the product is not as advertised or defective in any way, the company issues a refund. Within 14 days of delivery, the buyer must contact the customer support team and give comprehensive information demonstrating the product is faulty, according to their policies, along with proof like images, etc. 

The buyer will get a refund for any goods in 10–30 working days after the post-return procedure for the goods, as stated in their return policy. A customer will get their refund on their original payment method. 

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· It helps to relieve constipation issues 

· It protects against oxidative stress and inflammation in the body 

· It helps to eliminate sugar cravings and suppress appetite  

· It helps to keep the immune system functioning proper 

· Lowers levels of blood sugar and, as a result, decreasing the chance of getting diabetes 

· It is possible to detoxify the whole body 

· It can regulate bowel motions 

· Increases the rate of metabolism, which aids in weight reduction 

· It is an excellent method of maintaining attractive and youthful skin 

· It aids in the maintenance of the gut and digestive tract health 


· It contains sucralose, a potentially dangerous artificial sweetener 

· This product is only available in a limited number of locations 

· Stomach discomfort or bloating may be among the first signs of the disease 

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Is it possible for this product to induce bloating? 

It contains dietary fiber that is usually safe and well-tolerated. A person may feel bloated for the first few days. Once a person gets familiar with the supplement, they will not face such issues. 

What is the significance of dietary fiber? 

The regularity of bowel movements and digestive health is dependent on the amount of dietary fiber a person consumes. Fiber also makes one feel fuller for a long period and may be beneficial in preventing certain illnesses such as diabetes, bowel cancer, and heart disease. 

Is it safe to use this when on an Intermittent Fasting schedule?  

Yes, it is quite possible to use this while also following an intermittent fasting regimen. Fiber Complex is not digested by the body, in contrast to other macronutrients. Hence, it is just like coffee or tea and will not break the fast. 

Can a person use this product while on the Keto diet? 

Yes, it is possible! It is not digested by the body, unlike other macronutrients like proteins, fats, carbs, and more which the body breaks down and absorbs and is thus not a source of energy. Instead, it travels through the small intestine to the colon in a largely unaltered state and will not get converted to sugars. 

How much time does a person require to see the effects of this product? 

A person will notice a difference in bowel motions within 24-72 hours after taking the medication. 

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Whether a person is suffering from constipation, stomach troubles, IBS, or any other gut health concern, this new plant-based rich-in-fiber digestive remedy will help them. 

It is a high-fiber and keto-friendly beverage. It is suitable for usage during intermittent fasting, and it is vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and gluten-free. The supplement has a pleasant strawberry flavor that is not overpowering.  

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