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Digi Band Watch Review: Is Digi Band Worth Your Money?


The fitness watch technology is constantly advancing, constantly providing consumers an opportunity to not only track their progress during their workouts and other activities, but also to keep track of every health stat they can imagine.  

These smart devices help you monitor your stress levels, as well as your sleep performance. There are so many smartwatches in the market today. Which means that choosing one that will offer you everything you need is a whole lot of headaches on its own. Which is why we often take the stress away from you by doing the underground research ourselves and bringing you comprehensive and detailed reviews of these products. 

So from our Digi Band Watch Review, you could quickly see how the gadgets work, their key features, advantages, disadvantages, how they could be used, where to buy them and how much they can be purchased.  

In this Digi Band Fitness Watch review, we take particular interest in this new smartwatch called the Digi Band Watch. Let’s find out everything about it, including if Digi Band Watch is worth your money or not. Read on to find out! 

What Is Digi Band Fitness Watch (Digi Band Watch Review) 

Digi Band Watch is a newly designed wearable smartwatch made for fitness purposes. The fitness watch can track the user’s steps, number of calories burned or consumed and it shows distance traveled automatically. You can wear it to fitness walks, run, gym, swim, and other sport activities.  

As a fitness smartwatch, it will interest you to know that Digi Band is a smartwatch produced by those who are best in fitness. These professionals in fitness understood what keeps human beings fit therefore decided to produce a smartwatch for fitness that can help us to know our health measurement and body temperature at any particular time.  

Unlike every other smartwatch you can find in the market today that are not of good quality because those who produced them are not in the system of fitness but what sets Digi Band Watch apart from every other smartwatch is the fact that the producers of this smartwatch are the professionals in the game of fitness so you don’t have to worry about it not giving you what you want. Digi Band smartwatch for fitness is part of what you need if you want to stay healthy always.  

At night Digi Band fitness watch also monitors your sleep performance so you can be able to know if you are really getting enough quality sleep. You can see what the time is, and also track the progress of your fitness goals on the display. Digi Band watch is not only a fitness tracker, it’s also an opportunity to keep track of your health!  

Besides serving as a pedometer keeping track of your steps and distance traveled, it can also work as a thermometer, monitoring your temperature, and measuring your heart rate. In addition, Digi Band Smartwatch receives your calls and messages notifications when it’s connected to your smartphone. The Digi Band Fitness smartwatch comes with so many amazing features including that it’s lightweight, easy to use, and water-resistant. 

Digi Band is absolutely safe to wear at any time. In addition to helping you track the progress of your fitness, you can use Digi Band Fitness Watch to keep track of incoming calls, messages and notifications when you are not with your smartphone.  

Now you can have access to all of the notifications that come to your phone while you are busy at the gym, at your workouts or you are just hooked on some other pressing activities. When you’re not with your phone, DigiBand Watch helps you to stay connected to your loved ones and colleagues.  


DigiBand Watch Specifications (DigiBand Watch Reviews)  

Here are the specifications that make Digi Band Watch Your Best Smartwatch especially in the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia. 

  • Lightweight and compact design 
  • Stylish appearance  
  • Rechargeable battery  
  • Able to sync and store data  
  • Counts calories burned and consumed   
  • Monitors heart rate and temperature 
  • Bluetooth  
  • Can sync to the smartphone 
  • Sweat and waterproof  

Key Features of the Digi Band Smartwatch (Digi Band Reviews) 

Let’s take a look at some of the unique qualities of Digi Band watch.  

Multipurpose Smartwatch: High-end smartwatches are designed to multitask efficiently. They are meant to serve various functions. The case is not different with Digi Band. It serves you different purposes: thermometer, pedometer, movement and distance tracker, calories tracker, pulse monitor, sleep monitor, get incoming calls, messages and notifications. 

Compact and Lightweight: The Digi Band fitness tracker has a very light weight and it’s quite compact. Every good smartwatch is meant to be lightweight, so that it doesn’t weigh you down. It also means that you  can take it everywhere with you. Its lightweight makes it comfortable to wear and really portable.  

Automatic Motion Recognition: Digi Band Fitness Watch is designed to automatically recognize regular motions commonly done by the user. The fitness wristband can record accurately the duration for every movement and the number of steps covered, whether you’re running, cycling, swimming, or walking.  

Health Tracker: As technology advances, the fitness watch market is also changing, hardly will you see any fitness watch that doesn’t also keep track of any of your health vitals. Digi Band fitness watch allows you to not only track your progress during workout sessions, but basically logs your health stats during the session.  

Sleep Tracker: As with most of today’s fitness watches, the Digi Band Smartwatch also offers the ability to track your sleep. You can now check both your sleep duration and the quality of your sleep with Digi Band. Know when you are sleeping lightly or deeply, and find a balance. The watch can be a motivator for you to get just the right amount of rest.  

Smartphone Sync: With Digi Band you can sync your fitness stats so that you can properly keep track of your progress. Digi Band automatically syncs your stats or data to your Apple or Android device iOS once they have been properly connected for the first time.  

Apple and Android Notifications: Digi Band Fitness Watch is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Digi Band will be a good support for your smartphone. You can get all notifications from your  smartphone on your Digi Band smartwatch. When the notifications come, the smartwatch will vibrate and show them on the screen. Now you can stay connected and not miss important calls or messages even when you are not with your cell phone.  

Sleek and Fashionable Design: Digi Band Fitness Watch is compact, lightweight, records motions, tracks health, monitors sleep and all of that, but do you know that it also has a good damn look that fits every outfit you decide to rock?!  

Long-lasting Battery Life: The fitness tracker has a very long battery life. When fully charged, your Digi Band watch can go up to 10 days or more on that single charge. It means you don’t need to recharge it frequently, because that can be really annoying.  

Water-resistant: The Digi Band Smartwatch is water-resistant, so you can safely wear it to the swimming pool. However, you should not immerse your Digi Band watch in deep water for a long time. Also remember to remove the fitness tracker from your wrist after it gets wet in order to dry it.  

It’s generally recommended, for health purposes, that you don’t always wear your Digi Band while showering. This is because it will reduce the possibility of your smartwatch being exposed to conditioners, shampoos and soaps that may cause you skin irritation.  


Does Digi Band Watch Actually Work?  

Digi Band Fitness Watch is a wearable technology designed as a fitness tracking smart device. It is made with sensors and indicators that allow it to note and keep an accurate record of your fitness stats such as steps, movements and distance traveled, calories burned etc.  

Digi Band can also be extra by also monitoring your health metrics, such as your body temperature, and heart rate. At night Digi Band fitness watch also monitors your sleep performance so you can be able to know if you are really getting enough quality sleep. 

Digi Band Fitness Watch uses the sensors to monitor your every movement, duration of the movement and the movement patterns. The fitness wristband collects and compiles raw data, then has its algorithms translate them to readable statistics for you. 

Benefits of Using the Digi Band Watch (Digi Band Watch Review) 

Here are some reasons why you should use Digi Band Fitness Watch, and they are as follows: 

Easy to Use: Digi Band Watch is very simple and easy to operate. You may find that using the smartwatch is almost as easy as using your regular wristband. Charge the device when you get it, wear it around your wrist, and customize the setting to suit your needs. There’s really no specific technique required in using the Digi Band watch. There are no complex screens and menus to find hard navigating.  

Accuracy: There are lots of ongoing complaints that most of the fitness watches in the market are not accurate in their measurements. Which makes you think that using a smartwatch may not be sure proof after all. You have reasons to doubt, but the innovative Digi Band watch is an excellent improvement. It accurately tracks your stats. Most customer Digi Band Reviews say its accuracy in reading steps and distance traveled is unmatched with any fitness tracker they’ve ever tried.  

Keep Track of Your Vital Signs: The Digi Band Watch doesn’t only record your fitness metrics, but it is also very crucial in recording your health vital signs such as body temperature, blood pressure, oxygen levels and heart rate.  

Monitors your Sleep: The Digi Band Smartwatch is beneficial in monitoring your sleep performance at night. This quality will at least enable you to be sure that you’re getting enough rest and quality sleep.  

Smartphone Compatibility: The Digi Band Fitness Watch is compatible with both your Apple and Android devices. You can get essential health insights in just a second when you link your Digi Band Watch to your Apple or Android smart apps. And when the tracker is connected to your smartphone, you can get your cell phone notifications with the smartwatch.  

Durable Battery Life: The Digi Band Watch has a very durable battery life that can last for up to 10 days and more. You don’t have to be running around charging it frequently, just allow it to charge completely once and leave it for days before recharging.  

Works in Any Environment: Digi Band Watch is designed by utilizing high-end materials. It has the ability to work anywhere, and in any weather. You can use the smartwatch wherever you are, whether you’re at home, at work or at the gym. Digi Band Watch accurately monitors your activity and calculates each step toward achieving your fitness goals. 

Durable and Long-Lasting: As we have mentioned, Digi Band Smartwatch is built with high quality materials that ensure it’s not negatively affected by such environmental factors as heat and humidity. Made from high quality materials, the Digi Band Watch is sweat resistant and water resistant. If handled with care, your Digi Band watch will definitely last longer than you would imagine.  

Digi Band is Affordable: If your intention is to start tracking your fitness activities and sleep, you don’t need to go broke trying to purchase those brands that cost quite a lot. Digi Band Fitness Watch comprehensively and accurately monitors everything you want at just $49.95 for one. There’s even a better discount awaiting you when you purchase more.  

No-Hassle Return Policy: One of the benefits of buying Digi Band Fitness Watch is that the company operates a favorable policy for returns. So if you are not happy with your Digi Band purchase, you can return it within 30 days of delivery for a full  hassle-free refund. 


Who Should Use the DigiBand Smartwatch?  

The Digi Band Smartwatch can be used by practically anyone who wants to keep track of their fitness stats, burn some calories and lose weight. Those who just want to stay active all through the day, or just monitor their health stats can also benefit so much from Digi Band Fitness Watch. 

The makers designed the wristband to be adjustable, so that it can fit properly and comfortably on anyone’s wrist. The Digi Band watch is also safe. But if you observe skin irritation while using, it is advisable that you stop using and consult your health provider immediately. What’s more, the DigiBand smartwatch is very easy to use too, which means that anybody can navigate and operate it.  

How to Use the Digi Band Watch (DigiBand Watch Review) 

The Digi Band sports watch is built with sensors that make it easy to keep track of your fitness statistics accurately. It has everything to help you achieve your fitness goals and maintain a positive lifestyle.   

The Digi Band Fitness Watch is very easy to use. All you are required to do is to charge it, wear it on your wrist the way you would wear your regular wristwatch, then customize the device’s settings to better suit your individual needs.  

Do I Need Digi Band Watch (Digi Band Watch Review) 

Digi Band Smartwatch does not have a particular class of people that it’s made for specially. The product is made for everyone who wants to enjoy good health. Anybody who wants to enjoy his or her health has no reason why they should not go for this product. I know that everybody likes good health so everybody also likes DigiBand Smartwatch.  

I know that there are many products in the market who are claiming to be good smartwatches but the truth is they are not trustworthy. I personally with my team have tested over 5 different products of this type and we discovered that none of them is like Digi Band Watch and that is why you need this product.  

Pros (Digi Band Fitness Watch Reviews)  

Here are the advantages that come with Digi Band Watch once you make it your fitness smartwatch. 

  • It takes an accurate track of steps taken, distance covered and more.  
  • Reminder  
  • Sold at a very affordable price 
  • Lightweight and compact design 
  • Great sleep monitor 
  • Heart rate monitor  
  • Task timer for your daily chores or tasks.  
  • Durable and adjustable wristband 
  • Splash-resistant  
  • Comes in various colors (black, navy blue, pink, purple and red) 
  • Enjoy a lifetime of manufacturer’s warranty  
  • Digi Band shows phone notifications on its screen.  
  • Can connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth.  
  • Keeps you active throughout the day.  
  • Compatible with Apple and Android smartphones.  
  •  Digi Band watch is very durable and scratch resistant.  
  • The battery is rechargeable  
  • Long-lasting battery 
  • Free shipping  

Cons (Digi Band Watch Reviews) 

  • Digi Band Fitness Watch can only be purchased from the company’s official website.  
  • There’s  limited availability of product. 
  • Lifetime Warranty comes at an added cost.  

Where Should I Go to Buy the Digi Band Smartwatch?  

The Digi Band Smartwatch is available for purchase on the manufacturer’s official website only. Make sure that you do not buy from anywhere else other than the company’s online store. Aside from avoiding not being sold knockoffs or getting scammed off your savings, buying the Digi Band Fitness Watch from the company’s online store allows you to take advantage of their 50% exclusive discount offers on the different packages they have available. The lifetime warranty is also effective only when you buy from the official page.  

Note that the prices and their attending discounts are not fixed and are only valid for a limited amount of time. So, if you really have an intention to buy Digi Band fitness smartwatch, proceed now to the official page where it’s available for purchase.  


How Much Does it Cost to Buy the Digi Band Fitness Watch?  

There are four simple steps to buying the Digi Band Fitness Watch. The first one is for you to visit the manufacturer’s official page, you can click here to direct you. The second step is for you to enter your shipping details, which should include your email address, location, zip code, country and phone number.  

Once you’re done entering the details, you’ll be required to select or choose your preferred package. This is the third step. Here, you can buy one Digi Band at $49.95. Or better still, you can buy the bundle packages. The number of items you buy determines the discount you get, buying many items will be money wise in that regard. The available packages at the online store and their prices are as follows: 

  • Ix Digi Band sold at $49.95/unit plus $5.95 shipping fee. 
  • 2x Digi Band watches priced at $39.98/unit with $6.95 shipping fee.  
  • 3x Digi Band watches offered at $32.33/each with free shipping.  
  • 5x Digi Band smartwatches sold at $29.99/each. Shipping is equally free.  

The final step is to choose your preferred color and then payment method and proceed with completing your payment. You can pay through credit card: Visa, Discover, and American Express. Note that the above listed prices are valid just for the moment. Buy now and start enjoying your fitness tracker.  

Digi Band Watch Reviews Consumer Reports 


“I got this piece to participate in our month of health challenge at work. I have other trackers which are not listed in cadtlight. Gladly this piece was on sale. Haven’t used it to full potential, only for step counts so far. It doesn’t only register your walk. Looks like it registers your arm movement. I get about 100 steps each minute of hula hooping. Syncing takes a moment, then takes another moment to be reflected in cast light. Be patient and all works well. Got it on Monday evening. Wore every day. First charging (except for the initial) was day 10, Friday, with 29% left. Not bad! There’s an extra piece of band in the package if someone needs the band longer. I didn’t start the Premium trial because I don’t feel it is necessary. The Fitbit app is sufficient for now. I wear it while washing up and brushing, but not in the shower yet. Supposedly it can be worn in the shower, but I feel it’d be in the way while I lather up. So far I am very satisfied with it.” 


“Got tired of the Branded Watch inaccuracy. So many weird reads on heart rate and miscalculations on steps. Had a Versa before this but accidentally broke it. I realized I don’t need anything fancy as I have a smart watch but what I really missed is the premium fitness and health calculations of the Fitbit. Saw this Inspire 2 on sale for the holidays and figured why not. Works perfectly! Great readings on sleep and heart rate. Much better accuracy with step counting. Incredible battery life! Only thing that sucked was the band. The silicon have never a strange dry rash? Weird. But not a big issue as there’s a plethora of alternate bands on Amazon compatible with this model.” 

Breezy Momma  

“I was worried about all the reviews that mentioned endless vibrations, but so far no issues. I didn’t realize I had my notifications like texts and calls turned off, so the only time it vibrated in the first few days of wearing it was when I hit 10k steps. I’d suggest reading up on how to set the correct settings for your goals and notifications before saying all it does is vibrate. Using the app to learn how to use the fitbit is also a breeze. It’s stylish and comfortable, even to wear to sleep. It definitely motivates me to get moving and the app is great for tracking your progress and customization. Was easy to set up and sync with my phone as well. Overall, I’m impressed and very happy with my purchase.” 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Digi Band Smartwatch Reviews 

What can my Digi Band do? 

Digi Band is an easy-to-use fitness tracker designed to motivate you, celebrate your fitness progress, and help keep you steady on that track.  

Can I get texts on my Digi Band? 

You can get notifications from your Apple or Android device pushed to your Digi Band watch for calls, texts, calendar events, emails, and others. 

Is Digi Band Fitness Watch a legit fitness tracker? 

Digi Band is one of the best in the smartwatch market. It’s indeed a genuine gadget manufactured by a reputable company in the US.   

Can I use my Digi Band without my phone?  

Yes, you can! Digi Band can connect with your phone once they’re within Bluetooth range.  

How is the Digi Band watch controlled? 

To control your Digi Band Fitness Watch, use the hands-on features with the touch screen interface, or connect to your phone through Bluetooth and customize through your phone. 

Can Digi Band diagnose diseases? 

The Digi Band is only a fitness tracker. It gives you the opportunity to keep track of your fitness stats, but it cannot diagnose or treat diseases.  

Final Remarks (Digi Band Fitness Watch Review)  

If you are new to the world of fitness and health tracking, the Digi Band Fitness Watch is worth considering. For an affordable price, you get to keep track of the number of calories you consume or burn, monitor your heart rate, steps, miles and your everyday workouts. In addition, you get to monitor the nature of your sleep at nights with Digi Band.  

The smartwatch comes with so many unique qualities. It comes with a long-lasting battery life. It’s lightweight and compact and practically comfortable to wear around the clock. It’s water-resistant, which means you can wear it for a run even when there’s a drizzle outdoors.  

To purchase your Digi Band Smartwatch, quickly proceed to the manufacturer’s official page and place your order. The Digi Band is currently being offered at a 50% off discount, and spiced with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  



The Digi Band Fitness Watch is designed to be a fitness tracker. It is not and was never the intention of the manufacturer for you to use it as an alternative medical device. The manufacturer warns then that you must not change your medical routines without proper consultation with your doctor.  

Also, note that any advice or instructions outlined here on this review are not meant to serve as a substitute, even remotely, for sound medical advice from your professional healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a licensed physician before making any purchasing decisions if you use medications or have pending health concerns. On using the Digi Band Fitness Watch, note that individual results may vary, so don’t expect to get an exact result as another user.  

The statements made regarding this gadget have also not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). On that note, Digi Band is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases. Ensure that you seek only professional medical advice for issues concerning your health! 

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