Install Uproad App and Never Be Late With Your Toll Road Payments

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Travel throughout the US without a toll transponder and avoid toll agency fines 

You usually have two toll payment options: use a toll transponder, or wait for the toll bill in the mail. And sometimes, you may even get a toll violation with a hefty fine. Now, thanks to the Uproad app, you can automate your toll road payments and travel stress-free.  

Uproad sends an alert to drivers when they pass through a toll point, complete with an estimated cost of the toll. The app then pays the toll agency right from your payment method or account balance. You can choose the Pro plan which will automatically refill your account from your payment method once your balance is low, or the Basic plan to pay as you go with a credit card. Uproad accepts payments from debit cards and credit cards, PayPal and Venmo. 
A built-in Trip Calculator will help you to estimate your expenses before the trip begins. You will be able to check all your past toll activity right in the app. The support team is available right in the app through chat, or you can email any questions. 

You can now use Uproad in 18 states, on more than 175 tollways. You will soon be able to use the app to pay tolls nationwide, allowing you to use one form of toll payment in multiple states.  You can add up to ten vehicles to your account. Uproad is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play Market. After you set up your account, you can start using the app the next day. 

Thanks to Uproad, you won’t need to avoid unfamiliar toll roads anymore. This app will save you time and effort, let you manage your travel budget more efficiently and avoid fines. This definitely makes toll road travel simpler and provides more transparency compared to using a toll transponder. 

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