Java Burn: Healthy Coffee Additive Worth the Hype? (October 2021)


As a new healthy coffee additive supplement for weight loss, Java Burn is a risk-free option that may help users boost the processes of metabolic activity and causes them to burn more calories effectively. According to the product’s official website, the eight ingredients in this product are entirely natural, half of which are present in a 700mg proprietary blend of four ingredients. 

So if Java Burn is described as a healthy coffee booster powder made from a combination of ingredients that can help boost your metabolism, increase your energy, improve your immunity, and improve your digestion when mixed with your morning coffee, does that mean its the best choice to make in using it? 

As a result of our current daily routines, obesity has become more prevalent; almost everyone is suffering from it or is on the verge of developing it at this point or in the not-too-distant future. The rapid rise in obesity has been accompanied by a corresponding increase in mortality rates due to obesity-related complications such as heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. 

Because of this, experts have advised people to take action against their rising body weight before things spiral out of control. If you want to lose weight, one way to do so is to live an active lifestyle. However, it is also possible that you are already trying your best to lose weight without achieving desired results. To maximize the benefits of your daily workouts, you may want to consider taking a caffeine-based supplement such as the Java Burn supplement. 

This coffee-based weight loss supplement is created by combining several natural ingredients. The Java Burn weight loss supplement that you see on the label is made under sterile conditions in an FDA-approved manufacturing facility that go through independent third-party lab testing to ensure the formulation’s quality. Everyone who wishes to prioritize health over obesity may benefit from this product no matter what type of dark, medium or light roast of coffee used with. To reap the benefits of Java Burn, mix a few tablespoons into your favorite cup of joe. More information on how Java Burn can assist you in accomplishing all of these goals, as well as the cost, can be found in this review of Java Burn. 

Product Name Java Burn 
Description In addition to being a safe, natural, and patent-pending coffee enhancing weight loss product, Java Burn also functions as a scientifically proven metabolism-boosting formula with a specific blend of natural components to provide outstanding fat-burning benefits. 
Packaging 30 Pouches per package. Available in a bundle of Single, Three and Six 
Created By John Barban 
Country of Origin United States 
Category Weight Loss Drink 
Ingredients Green Tea Extract, L-carnitine, L-Theanine, Chromium, Green Coffee, Vitamins D, B6, B12 
Accreditations FDA audited facility with GMP Certified standards for purity and potency 
Item Form Powder 
Flavour Tasteless 
Dosage Single pouch in one cup of coffee every day 
Side Effects None 
Pricing  $49 – $34 
Money-Back Guarantee 60 days 
Availability  From the official website link shared above 
Email Contact [email protected] 
Category  healthy coffee additive as a weight Loss powder  

What is Java Burn? 

Isn’t it infuriating to see the pounds pile on one after another on your torso and abdomen? Do you ever have the feeling that no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to achieve the body you have always envisioned? If this is the case, there is a good chance that your obesity-related problem is much more severe than you think. Slow or non-existent metabolism is typically the cause of people who are unable to lose weight at all or who reach a plateau after losing a few pounds. 

When it comes to metabolism, inflammation is one of the most common factors to consider. A slow, sluggish metabolism, and while there are numerous reasons for this, one, in particular, stands out: obesity. Given the unhealthy lifestyles people today lead and the high levels of stress they are subjected to daily, it is common for them to have high levels of inflammation. 

Inflammation levels rise in the body in response to increased stress levels. As a result, your metabolism cannot function as effectively as it would in a healthy body. Obesity develops due to a slowdown in metabolic activity, which leaves your body incapable of processing fat and instead stores it in fat cells. Consequently, what steps can you take to put a stop to this cycle once and for all? 

Unless you combine your workout with something that accelerates your metabolism, no amount of exercise will be effective in the circumstances described here. The Java Burn powdered supplement is among the natural agents that can aid in the acceleration of a slow metabolism. 

As stated on, this product is a practical, reasonably priced, and possibly risk-free method of assisting the body in increasing its metabolic activity levels. Java Burn powder is made of natural ingredients and does not contain chemicals or pesticides, making it completely natural. 

The company believes that by consuming the Java Burn powdered drink with their morning coffee daily, users will be able to improve their digestive health while also controlling inflammation, which will result in weight loss in the process. To achieve favorable results, Java Burn is to be mixed with coffee. Even though it is compatible with any other beverage, using Java Burn with Coffee is advisable. 

As of writing this review, the company is offering various deals and discounts on the purchase of Java Burn. 

Ingredients Inside Java Burn Coffee Additive:  

It is always good to look over the ingredients list before purchasing it to ensure legitimate and effective. Unfortunately, when it comes to natural supplements, there aren’t many companies that are transparent enough to educate their target audience about what their products entail before buying them. Nevertheless, on the official website of Java Burn, you will be able to easily find a list of all-natural ingredients that have been used in the manufacture of this powdered tonic by the manufacturer. 

The following are the primary components of the Java Burn formula: 

According to research, another critical active compound found in coffee is chlorogenic acid, which has been linked to lower blood pressure and better control of blood sugar levels. It also has the additional benefit of slowing the absorption of carbohydrates in the GI tract, preventing insulin spikes. 

Although John Barban and the manufacturers of Java Burn do not provide a complete list of ingredients and dosages upfront on the product’s official page, the company claims that the formula is “absolutely 100% natural and safe.” However, they recommend consulting with a doctor before using Java Burn if you have a medical condition that requires medication. But with digging a little deeper and being an actual JavaBurn customer, we now know of the ingredients and their exact dosages: 

Chlorogenic Acid – In both green and roasted coffee, chlorogenic acid is an active beneficial component. Chlorogenic acid, according to research, aids in the decrease of belly fat. 

Categorically according to a study by the United States National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, “Chlorogenic acid has a critical role in the regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism.” 

This research also highlights the applications of chlorogenic acid concerning glucose and lipid metabolism. It also talks about the antibacterial, antioxidant, and anticarcinogenic properties of chlorogenic acid. 

Chromium – Chromium is an essential nutrient, particularly when controlling blood glucose levels in the body. Chromium acts as a catalyst in circumventing insulin resistance, resulting in its inclusion in the weight loss process. The findings of studies have revealed that many people, including most diabetics, have an underlying chromium deficiency. Their bodies develop insulin resistance, cannot process sugar, and store it in fat, contributing to weight gain and diabetes. The Java Burn coffee powder makers have included chromium in their supplement formulation to address this deficiency and achieve a carb-blocking effect. 

Different types of catechins exist, and EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) is one of them that has been extensively researched for its potential weight-loss properties. According to a study, taking it for 12 weeks in conjunction with caffeine (another ingredient in the Java Burn supplement) can result in rapid weight loss. 

Given that L-carnitine is an amino acid, it is essential for synthesizing proteins within the body. This compound is required for the formation of new muscle fibres and the repair of existing muscle fibers. With increased muscle strength, this Java Burn ingredient aids in the establishment of a healthier lifestyle that includes adequate exercise capacity, which ultimately aids in the loss of weight. 

EGCG – A large number of studies on EGCG have concluded that it effectively promotes weight loss. In studies published in PubMed Central, a publication issued by the National Institutes of Health, researchers discovered that consuming 100-460 mg of EGCG daily for at least 12 weeks results in significant weight loss and a reduction in stubborn body fat. 

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health discovered that EGCG could break down fat cells and transport them into the bloodstream. Per the researchers’ findings, “EGCG enhances the effects of fat-burning hormones such as norepinephrine, which is produced naturally in the body. It also can inhibit the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of norepinephrine.” 

Green Tea Extract – Green tea has long been a popular ingredient in Chinese herbal medicine, where it is more frequently used to treat various health conditions. From wound healing to headache relief, this herbal tea is beneficial in a variety of situations. However, due to its potential weight-loss effects, it has recently been included in many different diet plans, which is a recent development. 

Green Coffee – is a type of coffee that is grown without the use of chemicals. Aside from that, it is one of the most widely used Java Burn supplements due to its ability to assist with natural weight loss. In coffee, caffeine is naturally occurring and causes constriction of the blood vessels and an increase in heart rate. It implies that it allows your body to work hard and burn as many calories as possible to lose weight. Caffeine complements the process of improving cardiovascular health. 

L-carnitine – L-carnitine is another amino acid commonly found in various bodybuilding supplements, including creatine. Although they are not listed in many weight loss formulas available on the market today, if you look closely, you will find them listed as ingredients in numerous weight loss formulas due to their potential weight loss properties. 

L-theanine – L-theanine is an amino acid that can be found in naturally occurring quantities in green tea. It contributes to the development of a savoury taste in the mouth, known as the umami flavor. This flavor aids in weight loss by suppressing the user’s appetite and preventing them from overindulging. 

The manufacturers claim that every ingredient is sourced naturally, and all of them have been processed under strict sterile conditions. The FDA has approved the facility used for manufacturing purposes, and the GMP has certified it as such. Because it is gluten-free and does not contain any other chemicals, there is a low risk of experiencing any Java Burn side effects resulting from consuming it. 

Weight loss properties of green tea extract can be attributed to the presence of several naturally occurring compounds in the extract’s composition. One of these compounds is a flavonoid known as catechin. Catechin is an antioxidant that occurs naturally, and according to research, it can significantly increase the metabolic rate. Furthermore, it aids in the breakdown of fat that has accumulated in the body. 

What does Medical Science Have To Say? 

The manufacturers claim that their formula is the world’s first patent-pending formula that has been substantiated by science in increasing the speed and efficiency of metabolism when combined with coffee, resulting in highly effective results of burning body fat. 

The brand has not completed clinical trials to support this claim, and the company has not made any peer-reviewed research available online. Although the company claims that the formula is patent-pending, they have not disclosed the details of their patent application or provided additional information about what makes their recipe unique – something that has to be substantiated if they hope to obtain a patent. 

Java Burn’s creators, on their sales page, cite more than 40 studies that support their bold claims about the advantages of using Java Burn. Individual ingredients in Java Burn have undergone clinical trials to ensure they perform as advertised in the supplement. Following that, we’ll go over a few highlights of the study. 

Using evidence from previous studies on green tea and weight loss, researchers determined a real connection between the two in a 2014 study. Using data from more than a dozen randomised controlled trials with more than 1,500 participants, researchers discovered that people who took green tea weight loss supplements lost an average of 200 grams to 3500 grams of weight than those who took a placebo. For better or worse, when taken as a supplement, green tea appears to cause significant weight loss. 

Additionally, according to the findings of human and animal studies, a 2014 study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered that green tea has anti-obesity effects. Moreover, researchers found that green tea had secondary weight loss effects by, among other things, decreasing food intake, inhibiting fat storage, suppressing fat cell formation, and increasing energy expenditure via thermogenesis. 

One of the most well-studied and widely used weight-loss aids on the market today is caffeine. Caffeine is a more potent natural ingredient to increase metabolism. Researchers discovered that caffeine increased fat burning by 29% in lean people and 10% in obese people in one study, suggesting that it could make it significantly easier to lose weight in general. Additionally, some studies have discovered that caffeine can increase resting metabolic rate (RMR) by 11%. 

Aside from Caffeine, L-theanine appears to be an essential component of Java Burn. It is not known for its weight-loss properties, in contrast to caffeine and green tea extract. However, Its effects on cognition, anxiety and stress management have been the primary focus of research into L-theanine. Research suggests that the amino acid L-theanine may be able to mitigate the unpleasant side effects of caffeine, making it easier to tolerate your daily cup of brew. 

According to one study, three major components of green tea, including catechins, caffeine, and theanine, were found to cause significant weight loss in mice when consumed in large quantities. 

As a whole, Java Burn consists of ingredients proven to increase metabolisms, such as green tea extract and the amino acid L-theanine. Combine Java Burn with the caffeine already present in your coffee, and you might find that your weight loss efforts become successful. Java Burn is effective in helping people lose weight without the need for dieting or exercise. There is no plausible and substantiated evidence that it can help people lose weight without dieting or exercise at this time. 

What are the benefits? 

Boosts Immunity – A few ingredients in this supplement will affect modulating the immune system. Natural immunity is strengthened due to the use of these ingredients, allowing the body to protect itself against foreign pathogens better. 

Cleansing & Detoxification – It aids in the purification and detoxifying of the body from the inside out. The antioxidant properties of the Java Burn ingredients, which are present in high concentrations, aid in these processes. 

Improved and healthy gut – According to the user reviews for the Java Burn drink, the supplement is also effective at maintaining a healthy gut flora population. That’s why some users became free from symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, and loose stools. 

Improved Metabolism – After taking the Java Burn supplement regularly, consumers who were challenged with low metabolic rate and improper digestion appear to have improved the rate after taking the Java Burn supplement. 

Losing Weight – Most of the customers I talked to found a significant loss in their weight by consistently using the Java Burn supplement. The feedback from Java Burn customers emphasizes the fact that the supplement does not provide immediate benefits. Those users who reported significant weight loss did so after taking the supplement for a prolonged period by the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Minimal Hunger Pangs – Most Java Burn customers felt a curb in their appetite and reduce hunger cravings. Aside from stomach growling and frequent headaches, the supplement also helped them feel less grumpy and tired while experiencing less energy and weakness. 

The Role of Metabolism in Weight Loss: –  

The number of calories you burn at rest, during exercise, and while you are sleeping are controlled by your metabolism. Your metabolism will burn more calories throughout the day if it is faster and more powerful. 

In addition to feeling more energetic, people who have a faster metabolism tend to be healthier. But in the case of individuals with a slow metabolism, the behavior is the opposite. Losing weight is a challenging endeavor for your body. Notoriously the area around the lower abdomen and thighs is known for retaining fat. Apart from being tired and lethargic throughout the day, you burn fewer calories than someone who has a more rapid metabolism. 

Java Burn asserts that it can assist you in losing weight by boosting your metabolism in conjunction with coffee. Specifically, the formula’s developers describe the weight loss effects you can expect to experience while taking the medication as follows. 

It’s been over a decade since anyone attempted anything even remotely similar to Java Burn.” Whether it’s just me or the whole team or my entire family, tens of thousands of ordinary women and men can vouch for it. You are making your metabolism more energizing. Fatty deposits in problem areas are burnt, and You will have tremendous energy for the entire day.” 

Even the makers of Java Burn claim that their supplement is excellent for “improving your health,” which most nutritional supplements do not advertise. In theory, you can lose weight, improve your health, burn fat from problem areas, and reap many other powerful benefits by taking Java Burn daily. 

How does caffeine help To Improve Metabolism: – 

When it comes to fat burning and metabolism-boosting, caffeine ranks among the most effective substances available today, and it has a long track record of success in these areas. Caffeine is widely used to increase energy levels in many people. Those who take caffeine for weight loss do so primarily. 

Taking caffeine by itself has been shown to increase metabolism significantly. According to the company that created the product, Java Burn’s caffeine content can help you lose weight faster and more effectively when combined with the other ingredients. It implies that you’ll see significant weight loss results in a shorter period. 

As a stimulant, caffeine is used in the production of adrenaline. Increased heart rate and constriction of blood vessels are the results of this medication. Essentially, this indicates that your body is exerting more significant effort and burning more calories. The consumption of moderate amounts of caffeine is associated with good cardiovascular health. It is a very plausible reason why it is consumed all across the planet. 

What does Java Burn Do and How It Works? 

The manufacturers claim that the Java Burn coffee additive formula starts working in seconds to increase your metabolism, allowing you to lose weight more naturally. 

The following is how the company describes the formula’s effects: 

Java Burn is a beverage that you enjoy with your morning coffee. Within “seconds” of ingesting the supplement, your metabolism begins to increase significantly. After your body has absorbed the ingredients in Java Burn, the ingredients in Java Burn continue to work to keep your metabolism elevated throughout the rest of the day. 

With a higher metabolic rate throughout the day, you burn more calories than you would otherwise; this results in more substantial weight loss results, more calories burned while at rest and less fat absorption from the foods you eat. 

Given these results, John Barban and the Java Burn team assert that you can eat whatever you want, have little or no exercise at all and still manage to shed a big chunk of fat around your body parts by regularly drinking Java Burn in your coffee. 

When it comes to boosting your metabolism and speeding up your weight loss results, Java Burn uses only all-natural, vegetarian, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients to achieve results. There are no additional fillers, preservatives, artificial colours, or stimulants of any kind in this formula. 

In addition, each packet of Java Burn is manufactured in the United States at an FDA-approved facility. Each serving of Java Burn, according to the manufacturer, is produced according to strict, sterile, and precise standards. 

According to the manufacturer, this supplement will help you lose weight by quickly burning fat from stubborn problem areas in your body. According to them, you will not see optimal results until 90 to 180 days after taking the supplement, which is why they recommend purchasing the most extensive package of Java Burn to maximize fat burning. 

How To Use It? 

Java Burn is easy to use. Java Burn is packaged in a box that contains 30 single-serve packets of the product. 

It is served in powder form. As soon as you pour the powder into your morning cup of coffee, the powder begins to dissolve almost immediately. 

As a result of the powder’s lack of flavour, it will not affect the taste of your coffee. In coffee, the minerals chromium and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and green tea extract, L-theanine, and other natural ingredients. Combining these ingredients creates a powerful metabolism-boosting formula that can assist you in losing your weight swiftly in a healthy manner. 

Beverages such as Espresso, Americanos, drip coffee, dark and light roast coffee, and any other type of coffee that you consume are all excellent candidates for the Java Burn coffee drink enhancer to be used in your beverage mix. According to the manufacturer, caffeine and chlorogenic acid (which can be found naturally in all coffee) will have synergistic effects with Java Burn. 

Furthermore, Java Burn is effective regardless of the ingredients you use in your coffee brew (like cream, sugar, or nothing at all). 

How much weight can one lose? 

Following the consumption of the supplement, clients have reported significant weight loss, according to the official JavaBurn website. The Java Burn website is chock-full of video testimonials from satisfied customers who have dropped considerable weight due to utilizing the program. Below are some of the reviews: 

One individual reports that he shed 37 pounds while utilizing Java Burn supplements. 

Another woman claims that she could comfortably wear her high school clothes after taking Java Burn. She never believed she could do so. That woman later confesses that she lost 6 inches from her waistline after taking Java Burn. 

One man claims that taking Java Burn has helped him lower his blood pressure and cholesterol levels and that his doctor was impressed by how much weight he has dropped as a result of taking the supplement. 

Another woman, 49, claims to have dropped 42 pounds while using Java Burn; she also claims to be healthier and more energetic than she has ever been, characterising Java Burn as “life-changing.” 

According to John Barban and the Java Burn team, the testimonials listed above represent only a tiny sample of the hundreds of testimonials that the company receives daily regarding the weight loss benefits of his formula. Given the popularity of Resurge’s nocturnal metabolism booster, it appears that Java Burn already has a large client base that has embraced the proprietary recipe that has been developed for this coffee-enhancing formula that is designed to maximize metabolic performance. 

Customer’s Frequently Asked Questions About JavaBurn: 

What is the correct quantity to order? 

According to research, taking Java Burn continuously for at least 90 to 180 days is recommended to achieve optimal effects. The greater the amount of time and consistency you devote to taking Java Burn, the greater the significance of your benefits. So it is strongly advised to take advantage of the best deal 180-day supply bundle or most popular 90-day deep-discount package, both of which provide substantial savings. 

The said pricing is a limited period pricing or until stocks last. The fact is that you will never be able to purchase Java Burn for a lower price than what you are currently paying, which is yet another crucial reason to buy at least 90-180 days’ worth of stocks. 

Is it safe to consume? 

Java Burn is entirely natural, non-toxic, and safe to use on the body. Many people take Java Burn daily, and there have been no reports of any adverse side effects. Every packet of Java Burn is comes from inside a US-based state-of-the-art FDA approved and GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified facility under the most sanitary, exacting, and accurate conditions possible. Java burn is a non-GMO, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free product that is 100% natural. Before starting the regime, if you have a medical issue, you should consult with your doctor before taking any action. 

Will it be effective? 

YES, to put it simply. In the annals of medical history, there has never been anything remotely like Java Burn, let alone attempted. With the help of coffee, Java Burn is the world’s first and only completely safe and natural unique patent-pending compound that has been scientifically proven to boost both the speed and efficiency of metabolism, resulting in unprecedented fat-burning benefits. 

If I mix it with coffee, will it have any adverse effects? 

Not at all. Java Burn is entirely flavorless and melts instantaneously in your coffee. In addition, it works effectively regardless of the type of coffee you drink or the ingredients you want to use in it. 

How to consume it correctly? 

Add a single packet of Java Burn to your coffee each morning before drinking to achieve optimum results. After that, you can enjoy your coffee as you usually would, with or without food. 

Is it advisable to take it only in the morning? 

Not really. There is no set rule of using it, and you are free to drink it at any time of the day. However, it is best to consume Java Burn with your morning coffee for optimum results. It will allow you to get the most out of your supplement all day. 

Can it be mixed with other beverages? 

It is possible that the individual nutrients in Java Burn when consumed with other beverages, will have health advantages. While coffee may be a powerful stimulant, Java Burn features a patent-pending mix comprised entirely of natural substances meant to act in conjunction with the caffeine in coffee to ignite metabolism and provide the most favorable environment for fat-burning. 

What is the delivery Turn Around Time? 

Depending on location, your order will be shipped with the help of a premium courier service such as FedEx or UPS at your home or office. If you live or work in the United States or Canada, you should expect your order to reach you in a span of 5 to 7 business days. Orders placed from outside the United States typically take 8–15 business days (plus customs clearance time). There is an option for expedited shipping! 

Are there any other charges involved? 

No way, not at all! You can rest assured that this is a one-time payment. It is not a subscription service or any other type of auto-ship program. There are no additional charges involved. That kind of stuff has always irritated me, just like you do! 

Is there Money Back Guarantee available? 

For your peace of mind, Java Burn is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. It is easy to order. During the next 60 days, if Java Burn does not prove to be the best decision you have ever made, or if you change your mind for any reason, please contact us by email at [email protected], and we will promptly refund your purchase price in full. The members of the Java Burn team are easy to get in touch with. There is no hassle for you. It’s time to get things going! 

Does it work for belly fat? 

The Java Burn supplement has demonstrated positive results for the majority of its users. 

How quickly can I see results? 

The results differ from one individual to the next. Some users have noticed subtle changes within a few days or weeks of starting the program. On the other hand, others must take the supplement for approximately 2-3 months before seeing significant results. 

Final Words 

Based on the comprehensive research, the Java Burn dietary supplement appears to be a legitimate option for me to consider. It is also substantiated by the customer reviews available on the official website. 

As mentioned earlier in the Java Burn review, the supplement contains ingredients that have been scientifically and clinically proven to be effective in fat-burning and metabolism-enhancing activities, such as EGCG, L-Theanine, L-Carnitine, Chromium, Chlorogenic acid, and Caffeine. Java Burn is manufactured at a facility that has been granted FDA approval and GMP certification. The manufacturer guarantees that it is both safe and effective in the long term. 

In addition, the manufacturer provides a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee on its products. So, if the supplement does not prove to be the best choice for you, you can request a full refund and not be concerned about the money you have already spent. For these reasons, the Java Burn dietary supplement is worth a shot, in our opinion! 

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