Java Burn Reviews: Does It Work? JavaBurn User Controversy?


Java Burn by John Barban is a healthy coffee additive that makes your coffee and metabolism better. Regardless if you enjoy dark, light or in-between roasts, Java Burn stick pack pouches work inside any type or blend of coffee drink and do so with a bang. 

This nutritional supplement’s pure green coffee bean extract was a major ingredient due to its weight loss capabilities. The product’s official website claims that adding this ingredient to your coffee will cause you to burn fat as soon as you drink it. Because green coffee beans consume the fat from your body, the creators of Java Burn recommend drinking their powder in place of a meal if you want to lose weight fast and easily. 

Are you wondering, “What does Java Burn do?” Sure, the supplement itself is a mix of a few all-natural ingredients. But how can a few natural ingredients help you lose weight quickly? We’ll answer all these questions and more by providing an in-depth review of Java Burn—how it works, who should take it, and whether or not it’s a valuable purchase. We will also discuss the growing Java Burn scam controversy about fake rip-off products starting to surface on the market that are trying to con unsuspecting consumers into buying an inferior product under the same brand name. 

What is Java Burn? 

It’s hard to think that something as simple as a cup of coffee could have that much of an impact on your weight loss goals. Some research seems to suggest that drinking coffee can help accelerate your metabolism, helping you lose weight faster. But what about the jitters and other side effects associated with overdoing it with your coffee? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were something out there that allowed you to retain the positive aspects of coffee, i.e., the ability to boost your metabolism without the side effects? 

Recent studies have shown the potential of coffee to affect weight loss, but most products that combine these ingredients are sold in pre-made coffee drinks that can be expensive and difficult to prepare. Therefore, a team of nutritionists went to work on a formula that could enhance the fat-burning properties of coffee—at the same time, making it easier for users to enjoy a homemade cup each morning. Java Burn is a unique, groundbreaking weight loss product containing a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to enhance metabolic activity and assist in the breakdown of fat cells. 

The unique formulation of Java Burn will give you immense energy, help create a faster metabolism and increase your overall fat-burning potential. 

How does Java burn work? 

There are many reasons why people have trouble losing weight. Though the reasons may vary, several factors lead to this common problem. Some people blame genetics, metabolism, food cravings, water retention, and even their age for being overweight. Unfortunately, they are all correct—to a certain degree. Being overweight or obese is caused by consuming more calories. By boosting your metabolism and igniting your body’s ability to burn stored fat, you’ll reduce the amount of time it takes for you to lose fat and achieve your weight loss goals. 

Java Burn works on burning fat through metabolism. The product helps clear the inflammation in the gut, which is the biggest reason for slow metabolism with age. Once this central issue is fixed, you can get back to normal digestion, immunity, and regular bowel movement. As a diet supplement, it helps you prevent slower weight loss that usually comes with poor diet control as a diet supplement. 

What is the Inspiration Behind Java Burn? 

The idea for Java Burn came from John Barban, who was first introduced to one herbal ingredient. John first tried it to help with his weight-loss goals and found that it helped him lose almost 10 pounds in just a couple of days. The video mentions his endless struggle with weight loss due to his family history of obesity and losing loved ones to lifestyle diseases. That’s why he hit the gym and followed every strict diet and starved himself but still no results. Not to mention his sister was experiencing the same fate. 

Confident that he had found something special — and that others could benefit from it — he added the nutrition supplement as a second ingredient, as well as a few other ingredients, and developed the proprietary formula he calls Java Burn. It worked for him, his family, his friends, and now thousands of people all over the world. 

After realizing the benefits of a couple of natural  ingredients, John was inspired to create a product that would be “easier to use than consuming plants.” Thus, he created Java Burn, a powder that gives the same health benefits as the original plant. By simply adding a spoonful of Java Burn powder to a cup of your coffee, you can get the same incredible effects without having to hack your way to higher metabolism rates for more effective and efficient fat-burning results. 

Enjoy a piece of pizza and still stay in great shape 

When your body is efficient with calories, you can eat more. This is called high metabolism. In layman’s terms, a high metabolism means you have a very efficient body that burns calories quickly. That is why some people can enjoy their favorite food almost daily without gaining weight. Eating fewer calories doesn’t necessarily mean that you will lose weight — some people just burn more while doing the same amount of activity and diet. 

While genetics account for most of the variation in resting metabolism, certain other factors can significantly affect your metabolic rate. Some of these factors are the same for everyone, but others differ from one person to another. 

However, Java Burn touts itself as an excellent alternative for those who are tired of being overweight. The formula makers claim that there is no need to change your lifestyle or eating regimen when taking this formula. They claim that their supplement can help you lose weight without forcing you to change your eating habits. 

If the makers of Java Burn are to be believed, you don’t need to do anything to burn fat if you take this supplement daily. The research behind the formula has shown that it can supercharge metabolism, suppress appetite, and increase energy levels — basically making dieting useless – all without any dangerous Java Burn side effects

If you think that eating fat will make you fat, think again. 

How Caffeine Affects Metabolism 

Caffeine is a natural substance that can help you burn fat better and faster, as well as improve your overall health. Caffeine can help you feel sharper and more energetic when taken in moderate amounts, boosting your performance. The amount of caffeine contained in a single cup of coffee, for example, can also provide a modest boost to the metabolism. 

If you’re looking to burn fat and lose weight, Java Burn will work better than caffeine alone. Java Burn is a thermogenic fat burner that contains caffeine and other powerful ingredients like  — green tea extract, chromium, L -carnitine, and L-theanine — which increase the metabolism and help the body adapt to changes in diet and exercise. By using these ingredients together, your body can burn more calories per day. 

While it’s true that caffeine has a bit of a bad rap, there are many reasons why it should be classified as a drug of choice. Caffeine constricts blood vessels in your body, which increases heart rate and helps you burn more calories in the long term. Studies have linked caffeine to good cardiovascular health over moderate consumption, which is reason enough to give yourself the gift of Java Burn

The Science behind Java Burn 

Java Burn makers claim that the supplement is the only one that combines coffee with a patented combination of ingredients to boost energy, focus, and fat loss. The formula rests on the idea that when you consume both caffeine and natural stimulants in your diet, you can experience weight loss that is twice as potent as dieting alone. 

Java Burn is an entirely natural weight loss product that has not yet completed clinical trials. While the company claims its formula will help to boost metabolism and increase energy, they have not published any peer-reviewed research to verify that claim. Although Java Burn’s website is full of glowing reviews, there is no third-party verification yet. 

Although there are 40+ studies supporting its effectiveness, Java Burn cites studies that support certain ingredients in their formulas. The product contains green coffee bean extract. Studies have shown that this ingredient inhibits the absorption of carbohydrates, causing weight loss by preventing fat storage after meals. 

Another ingredient that continues to support Java Burn weight-loss claims is Caffeine. It can boost fat burning in two different ways in people who have healthy metabolic rates. For instance, it can help to mobilize fat from fat cells and increase the amount of oxygen that muscles use during exercise, helping to speed up metabolism for a few hours. One study found that caffeine could help people lose extra weight when combined with a sensible diet and regular exercise. 

Still, on the effectiveness of this supplement, it contains superior extract -L- theanine. Unlike green tea extract, which can be beneficial to weight loss, L-theanine does not have any known effects on weight. However, the amino acid is a proven stress-reliever that can nullify the unpleasant side effects of caffeine. One study found that taking L-theanine in combination with caffeine improves cognitive function more than taking caffeine alone. 

If you’re stuck in a plateau involving your exercise routine, try supplementing your workout with a metabolism-boosting supplement. If you’re not sure which product to get, consider Java Burn. It’s purportedly the only weight loss supplement that uses solely metabolism-boosting ingredients, including green tea extract and L-theanine. The two components could help your body burn fat faster for maximum weight loss results when combined with caffeine. 

While it’s true that Java Burn can contribute to weight loss efforts, it is also possible for the supplement to fail to deliver the promised effects despite the resounding success shared thus far. If you’re thinking of trying this supplement, you might want to look at reviews and customer testimonials first — they can offer a lot of insight on whether or not this product really works. 

Java Burn Ingredients 

There’s much hype surrounding weight loss supplements these days. Unfortunately, most supplements are derived from chemicals. Supplements from trusted brands include a list of ingredients on the product label. You can always find the ingredients in another supplement by reading the label. Via the official Java Burn website, John Barban promises to help the user achieve a heightened sense of well-being by utilizing ingredients that can work synergistically with one another. The ingredients below are simple and are mostly very common dietary supplement elements. 


L-theanine helps improve focus and concentration, reduce anxiety and promote a night of restful sleep. Creates relaxation without causing drowsiness.  Best of all, it is found in nature. Nutritionists say you can find it in many different plant species, especially natural stimulants, like green tea. Some of the benefits include reducing symptoms of ADHD, promoting weight loss because it reduces hunger pangs, improving memory retention, and protecting the brain from the damage caused by stress. 


Chromium is a crucial mineral your body needs. Chromium supercharges your blood sugar levels, helping insulin do its job of turning nutrients into energy. It’s essential for regulating carb intake and can provide support to supercharge your metabolism. It stops food cravings too. Some nutritionists also believe chromium helps to prevent the storage of fat around your stomach area. 

Green tea leaf extract 

Green tea is a healthy beverage enjoyed by many. Its popularity has dramatically increased over the past decade due to tremendous research findings firming up the health benefits of green tea. For example, one crucial antioxidant in green tea, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), has been shown to have positive effects on metabolism and weight management. Numerous studies have found that EGCG from green tea leaf extract can positively impact reducing body fat, helping burn fat quicker, and boosting fat metabolism! 


L-carnitine is probably the best amino acid in bodybuilding, but it’s not the easiest to get. The majority of foods that contain L-carnitine are also high in fat. This makes it hard to get enough if you’re trying to watch your fat intake during a diet. Many bodybuilders load up on amino acids like this before they begin a cutting cycle to ensure they get enough nutrients while losing weight. 

Benefits of Java Burn 

John Barban’s new product Java Burn is not just a weight loss supplement, but a total lifestyle solution. It promotes healthy and natural weight loss as well as overall wellness, helping you lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. 

During the product development stages, Barban found that their supplement not only helped people lose weight but also had the following benefits : 

Boosts your immune system 

Java Burn supports your immune system, helping you fight off diseases and infections. Moreover, it speeds up the healing process after workouts, offering you a quicker route back to your workout routine. 

Speeds up metabolism 

It has been tried and tested that a faster metabolism can lead to faster fat burning. Body processes such as energy production, digestion, and absorption move through the body at a more rapid rate, which can positively impact weight loss. 


Java Burn reduces the risk of infection and helps your body better fight chronic inflammation in various ways. With regular use, you’ll notice a boost in mood and a decreased level of pain. Within a few weeks, you could also find relief from an overall feeling of fatigue. 

It’s a natural cleanser 

Java Burn aids in detoxifying harmful toxins and impurities, resulting in beneficial effects on your body as a whole. With regular consumption of Java Burn, your body is better equipped to neutralize the buildup of toxins within it. In this way, you can slow down or even prevent diseases from occurring. 

Good for heart health 

Java Burn has several positive effects on your heart. As it is a rich source of antioxidants, Java Burn can improve blood vessel function and create a healthy environment for your heart. It may help you manage your blood sugar levels and protect against cardiovascular disease. 

Eliminates digestion issues 

Java Burn is a versatile weight-loss supplement that helps boost your body’s digestion process while eliminating your cravings. It’s excellent at removing excess fat and other toxins while promoting healthy digestion that eliminates constipation, bloating, indigestion, and other common issues. 

How to use Java Burn 

If you’re looking to boost your energy and productivity, grab a cup of coffee. But if you want the extra edge that enhances your endurance and focus, try a cup of coffee with one stick pack pouch of Java Burn. Java Burn is the powdered coffee supplement you’ve been waiting for that contains all the ingredients needed to make a good cup of joe healthier — from black coffee to antioxidants from green tea, Java Burn’s tasteless coffee additive mixes well with any type of brew, hot or cold, dark or light, espresso or Americano. While the ingredients are all natural and patent pending, make sure to consult your physician before use if there is any hesitation whatsoever. 

Because there is no prescription is required to order Java Burn, but you should always check with your doctor first, especially if you take other medicines or supplements. Mixing it with coffee instead of plain water can make the taste better. Also, in case you’re tempted to increase your dosage, never take more than the maximum recommended amount (1 scoop) in a single day, as severe overdose symptoms may result. 

How long does it take to lose weight? 

People are genuinely interested in this question because weight loss isn’t always easy. The good news is that Java Burn works for most people, but the time required to lose weight depends on a few factors. For example,  If you’re not far away from your target weight, you can expect visible results within one month. Alternatively, if you’re trying to shed much more weight, it might take three months to six months. 

While the results of using Java Burn may vary, many users claim they can maintain their new weight after completing the entire course of this product. Unlike other weight loss programs, Java Burn offers long-term effects that users can control with proper training and dieting. This means you’ll be able to relish the benefits of this weight loss supplement for many years to come. 

Who Should and Should Not Use Java Burn Powder? 

Java Burn is the only weight loss solution that’s completely natural, clinically proven, and suitable for adults (18+ years). Dieting and exercise are both excellent ways to lose weight, but very few people can maintain healthy eating habits or set aside time for physical activity. Java Burn provides an effective alternative to traditional dieting, which burns fat fast and boosts your metabolism without any side effects. 

Pregnant or breastfeeding women, children under 20, or people with underlying medical conditions should avoid this product. Furthermore, people with certain medical conditions should take any dietary supplements with caution. Many times obesity is caused by a disease, so if you notice that your weight stays the same even after taking this product for a long time, then you might want to see your doctor. 

Where to Buy Java Burn 

You can feel safe knowing that Java Burn isn’t available in stores. The makers of the product sell the supplements directly to customers, ensuring your privacy and safety. Buying online can help you avoid lines and waiting — and you’ll still get doorstep delivery on all orders. 

In addition, When it comes to finding an excellent deal on Java Burn, the pricing guidelines are as clear as day. The company offers three bundle packs : 

  • 30 days of Java Burn for $49.00 
  • 90 days of Java Burn for $34.00 per one bag. 
  • 180 days Java Burn for $29.00 per bag. 

Java Burn Money-back Guarantee Policy 

All Java Burn purchases are protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee, which allows consumers to try out the product and see how it helps them in weight loss. If the supplement is ineffective, unsafe, or risky, customers can contact the company for a full refund after returning the product within 60 days of the purchase. 

This money-back guarantee does not apply to bottles that were bought from a third party. Since the company does not have any control over these counterfeit sellers, you will not be able to restock your product with them once you’ve made your first purchase. This is an unfortunate reality for many supplement companies — the best way to make sure you’re getting a legitimate bottle of Java Burn is to buy it from the official website only. 


Java Burn turns your morning cup of coffee into a metabolism-boosting, weight loss cocktail. All you have to do is replace your morning cup of joe with Java Burn, and you’ll burn fat without breaking a sweat! 

Java Burn is made in the USA in a well-vetted FDA-approved facility that follows good manufacturing practices. The weight loss formula comes in as low as $29 when ordering in bulk, saving customers big money when they decide to stay committed to John Barban’s Java Burn healthy coffee additive. 

In closing, the opening question that was tasked to our seasoned research team was, does Java Burn work or is it a complete ripoff? And, while the verdict is still on going and will vary on an independent basis, Java Burn is an exceptional, innovative formula that gives millions of coffee drinkers a leg up on the rest by simply making this tiny tweak to the morning coffee routine. The chance to turn a regular cup of coffee into a healthier brew is nearly unprecedented in this fashion and absolutely deserves a strong consideration for buying today. Just make sure to visit the official Java Burn website, to make sure you avoid all JavaBurn scams and get the real eight-ingredient formula that is backed by John Barban’s money-back guarantee and ultimate customer satisfaction refund policy. 

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