Java Burn Reviews: Does It Work? What One Customer Had to Say

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Thousands of people have been struggling with weight loss and are striving to get rid of their excess fat. Java Burn, discovered, formulated and sold directly by John Barban, is here to solve this problem for millions and millions of coffee drinkers just like us. It is a nutritional supplement made of natural ingredients that are safe and effective and made into individual stick pack pouches that contain eight ingredients that work to enhance metabolism and boost weight loss results naturally. When the supplement is mixed with coffee it boosts the body’s metabolic activity and thus the metabolism’s speed and efficiency are increased. 

The Java burn solution is most effective when a single packet of the formula is stirred into your coffee in the morning. The beauty of this supplement is its ability to dissolve and not alter the taste of your coffee either. On the plus side, it can be taken in with almost any type of coffee, hot or cold, dark or light. It is as well recommended that one packet is enough to do the magic per day for at least one to three months with optimal effects coming in at the six month package. 

Java Burn: What is it made of? 

Java Burn in itself is composed of several natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to boost metabolism and enhance the weight loss process. The ingredients include: 

Green Tea Leaf Extract. This ingredient contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties and plays such a great role in weight reduction. 

L-Theanine. This comes in handy in nullifying the side effects that come about from the intake of caffeine. It supports cognition, mental clarity and sharpens focus as it protects the brain. 

L-Carnitine. This ingredient plays a great role in the creation of muscle fibers and recovery from intense exercises accelerating the weight loss process. 

Chromium. This is particularly an essential ingredient when it comes to the regulation of blood sugars and carb intake. 

In addition to these primary ingredients in Java Burn, it is led by green coffee bean extract’s chlorogenic acid content and vitamins D3, B6 and B12 too. 

The above-mentioned substances are non-GMO, free of gluten, soya added fillers, preservatives, artificial color, or stimulants. This means that they can be taken by almost anyone without the fear of allergic reactions. However, it is advised that one consults with their physician before commencing its intake. 

How to use Java Burn 

Mornings will never be the same with Java Burn. This is because, with the ingestion of one of the thirty-pack sachets that is mixed into the daily cup of coffee, one’s body metabolism’s speed and efficiency get a boost of up to 500% within seconds after intake since it is usually in powder form for convenience. This burns the fats in the body with high efficacy as it reduces appetite and optimizes the nutritional synergy. The fact that it is tasteless means that it will not alter the taste of the coffee regardless of the other extra components that one may desire to add into the coffee. 

The high metabolic rates are then maintained for the rest of the day. As such, more calories get burned even at rest and in turn less fat absorption from the foods that are ingested during the day. This all works towards the main goal which is weight loss. As a result of this effect, one can eat anything in as much quantity and exercise as little without gaining weight. As a matter of fact, lose a significant amount of weight in such a short period. 

How does Java Burn function in your body? 

The makers of Java Burn have made it clear that this formula quickly burns fat away from all the troubled areas of the body. This can be noticed after 90 to 180 days of consistent intake. 

From the Java Burn website, there are testimonials of happy customers who tell of the good that Java Burn has done to them. The testimonials cut across from greatly losing weight to reduced blood pressure and cholesterol in the body. These are only but a tip of the iceberg of the many reviews that Java receives on a daily basis from customers who are satisfied. This is a clear indication of how big the satisfied customer base is for Java Burn. 

Caffeine, a known stimulant; which works by constricting blood vessels and raising the heartbeat rate, is one of the most proven fat burners and a booster of metabolism is taken in by a lot of people in today’s world for different purposes among them boosting energy and promotion of weight loss. 

Taken on its own, it is a significant booster of metabolism. On the other hand, when taken in together with Java Burn, the process of metabolism and weight loss are greatly sped up delivering the desired weight loss in such a short period. 

What does science say about Java Burn for metabolism rate? 

Java Burn’s natural composition of eight ingredients is the world’s first patent-pending formula that has been proven to increase the speed and efficiency of metabolism when combined with coffee. 

Despite the lack of publication for peer-review research, Java Burn has cited more than forty studies on their sales page which clearly indicates and verifies the benefits of using Java Burn. The individual ingredients have however completed clinical trials to verify that their functionality is as good as advertised in various platforms. 

A study was undertaken in 2014 whereby the connection between green tea and weight loss was analyzed by a team of experts and researchers. A dozen randomized trials with over 1500 participants were undertaken and found that people who actually took green tea lost about 0.2 – 0.35kgs across all the undertaken studies. 

In the same year, another study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition proved that green tea has anti-obesity effects based on results carried out not only in humans but also in animals. The team also realized that green tea had secondary weight loss effects for a number of reasons. The researchers found out that green tea reduced food intake, blocking off fat storage, suppressing the formation of fat cells and it would also increase energy expenditure through thermogenesis to mention but a few. 

One of the best ways to naturally boost metabolism is by intake of caffeine. Caffeine is one of the world’s most proven and popular weight loss aids available in the market today. Research on the effects of caffeine in fat burning revealed that caffeine increased fat burning by a staggering 29% in lean people and about 10% in obese people which makes it significantly easier to lose weight. Further studies on the same matter also accurately proved that caffeine raises the resting metabolic rate (RMR) by 11%. 

The L-theanine also found in the Java Burn, unlike caffeine, is not prized or well known for its weight-reduction effects, instead, it has undergone many studies for its effects on stress management. The studies on L-theanine have shown that the substance can effectively nullify the unpleasant side effects that may arise from the intake of caffeine, which eventually equates to ease of management of daily intake of coffee. 

In summary, the studies were undertaken on Java Burn prove that its ingredients, besides being clinically tested and approved, have the capability of boosting metabolism; including green tea extract and L-theanine. There is however no direct evidence that proves that Java Burn could sufficiently aid in weight loss without incorporation of dieting or exercising. This is still despite many videos and audio testimonies by users claiming it is useful without the two. 

How Effective is Java Burn? 

From the Java Burn ingredients description, it is clear that the product effectively helps you burn fat. Besides, many other weight management products have the same ingredients, albeit in varying quantities. 

However, Java Burn manufacturers vouch for their product to produce excellent weight loss results when combined with your morning cup of coffee. Using this product, therefore, results in a healthy metabolism, enhanced fat-burning, and weight loss. 

Besides, coffee is well-known for burning fat and reducing cravings when consumed in moderation. The 100% natural Java Burn formula enhances this process by supplying other ingredients known to boost metabolism and increase weight loss. The Java Burn ingredient list contains a couple of antioxidants that fight unhealthy fatty cells that accumulate in the body as you age. Still, other ingredients balance the body’s insulin levels, ensuring that you do not gain weight for any reason. 

As soon as it absorbs these nutrients, the body’s insulin levels automatically go back to normal, thus improving fat burning in stubborn areas of the body, such as the thighs and belly. Besides, the nutrients help your body maintain a high energy level for your daily activities, including school and work. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised with the surge in mental energy resulting from consuming Java Burn regularly. 

Ingredients such as Chromium and L-Theanine effectively reduce cravings, boost brain function, and balance insulin levels. It is, therefore, more straightforward with people with diabetes and other appetite disruption disorders to get relief while losing body fat. Furthermore, improved brain function makes it possible for you to stick to your weight loss goals courageously. 

Besides, the supplement contains antioxidants like Green Tea Extract and L-Carnitine, which help detoxify the body by getting rid of unhealthy fat cells and waste products. They also lower stress levels, reduce anxiety, and improve your body’s immune system. Also, Chromium and Chlorogenic Acid are vital in stabilizing blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Overall, Java Burn is a beneficial supplement that may improve your health and well-being. 

How much does Java Burn cost? 

Java Burn is priced at $49 per pouch on their official website Each pouch is made of 30 single-serve packets of a formula intended to last for 30 days. 

This below is the breakdown of the pouches including the shipping fee. 

  • 1 pouch: $49 + $9.95 shipping fee 
  • 2 pouches: $117 + $9.95 shipping fee 
  • 3 pouches: $204 + $p9.95 shipping fee 

The prices get lower per pouch when bought in bulk. They could even get a slow as $34 per pouch when ordered in multiples. 

The refund policy 

A 60-day money-back guarantee backs all Java Burn users. This means that one can request a complete refund on Java Burn within the first 60 days of purchase. This applies even if the pouches are empty and one did not feel satisfied with the product. 

The Java Burn Verdict 

Java Burn is developed by a company that works under the same name in the United States. This is done in a state-of-the-art, FDA approved, GMP certified facility using strict sterilized standards to precision 

Many counterfeit products have been produced in the name of Java Burn and this may lead to unwanted results. Java Burn weight loss coffee enhancer is only available on the official website it is not listed in any of the online shopping platforms including Amazon, E-bay or any other third-party marketplace or coupon-based shopping websites 

To learn more about Java Burn and how the weight loss formula works then visit where all purchases as stated above are backed by a 60-day money-back grace period. 

Java Burn FAQs 

Does buying Java Burn come with hidden charges? 

No. Buying Java Burn doesn’t come with any hidden charges. Therefore, you only get to pay for your selected package. 

Can I use Java Burn with other beverages? 

Yes. You can use Java Burn with other beverages to get the benefits of its ingredients. However, the combination of ingredients in Java Burn can work better when combined with the caffeine in coffee. That’s how it significantly boosts metabolism and creates the perfect conditions for weight loss. 

Does Java Burn have any side effects? 

No. So far, Java Burn has no adverse side effects. Since it is manufactured in a cGMP, FDA-approved facility, it has safe all-natural ingredients. 

How long should I wait for Java Burn delivery? 

If you live in Canada or the United States, your Java Burn purchase gets delivered in 5 to 7 business days. For international customers, anything between 8 and 15 days is realistic to wait for Java Burn delivery. 

Where can I buy Java Burn? 

You can buy Java Burn directly from the company’s website and avoid getting scammed out of your hard-earned cash. Not only are the prices the absolute lowest available, but the quality of the product is guaranteed when buying directly from the manufacturer. Anyone else who claims to sell Java Burn is a flat out scammer and ripoff con artist. 

How to Use Java Burn? 

Using Java Burn is extremely easy. It is available in a box with 30 single-serve packets. Each of these packets contains a powder, which you can pour into your cup of morning coffee. Once you stir it, the powder instantly dissolves in the coffee so that you can start drinking it. 

Since Java Burn is a tasteless powder, it doesn’t take away the flavor of your favorite coffee. Its only effect is to super-charge your coffee by turning it into a more potent fat-burning agent. Therefore, the Green Tea Extract, L-Theanine, and Chromium work together with caffeine, Chlorogenic Acid, and other coffee components to improve your body’s metabolism. 

You can put Java Burn in any coffee, whether home-brewed, drip, dark-roast, light-roast, espresso, and Americanos. As long as the coffee has natural ingredients like caffeine and chlorogenic acid, it can work together with Java Burn to help you burn fat. Java Burn works equally well regardless of whether you put sugar or cream into your coffee. 

Java Burn Dosage 

The Java Burn manufacturer recommends taking it with your morning cup of coffee to get optimal results. A dosage of one sachet for every cup of coffee is ideal. It is suitable for everyone above 18 years old. However, individuals with pre-existing medical conditions may require to consult a doctor before using Java Burn. That also applies to anyone with an allergy to the Java Burn ingredients. If you are pregnant or a nursing mother, steer clear of Java Burn. 

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