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Urgent October Update: Java Burn has been marketed as the ultimate weight loss solution when paired with your daily cup of coffee. Made up of six all-natural components, you can mix this supplement with your usual daily routine toimprove your metabolism and lose all those excess weight. The Java Burn supplement has taken the internet by storm through this innovative approach. But, how does mixing Java Burn with your cup of coffee make you look lean, muscular, or sexy? How can a measly supplement be all the answers to your weight loss problem? To help you in answering those questions, I tried out Java Burn for a straight 30 days. In today’s Java Burn review, I’ll share with you the experiences I felt while using the product so that you can know if it’s safe or not. 

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What is Java Burn? 

Java Burn is a weight loss supplement specifically designed to supercharge and burn your excess fat with a well-known substance named caffeine. That’s right – Java Burn is more of a dietary coffee supplement that reinvents the way you take your daily pleasure when you wake up. With six ingredients on its roster, it has been said that the supplement can burn fat within days without restricting your diet or immersing yourself in hardcore exercise routines. 

Taking Java Burn is simple. Just mix one stick with your cup of coffee, and you should be ready to go. Java Burn is tasteless, so this supplement shouldn’t alter the way your morning coffee tastes, whatever type of coffee it may be. 

Java Burn works around the principle of activating itself with coffee so that your metabolism can run as freely as it should, just like when you were a little bit younger. Java Burn is also a great supplement to have if you’re hurrying to go to your office or just enjoying a little breakfast out with your friends.Java Burn presents itself as something that can fire up our metabolism five times faster than usual! 

With that introduction, I was skeptical yet curious about what this supplement could bring to the ordinary individual folk. This is why I decided to try out this supplement for 30 days to relay what I discovered to you guys – and boy, oh boy, did I find it exciting and practical at the same time! 

Enough of that dilly-dally. Let’s get on why you’re here right now. Let’s begin this all-out Java Burn review, starting with the basics of the product! 

What are the ingredients of Java Burn? 

Java Burn contains a total of six pure, all-natural ingredients that have been sourced from the most natural means possible. Java Burn ingredients include chlorogenic acid, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), chromium picolinate, l-carnitine, l-theanine, and immune-boosting vitamins in general. The creator of the said supplement, who we will be tackling in a bit, used the “nutritional synergy” theory. This theory suggests that individual ingredients, when combined with the right components, achieve better results. It’s akin to the saying, “united we stand, divided we fall.” While it can be taken that these elements of Java Burn work better with each other, their ultimate synergy is with the caffeine that is found in your everyday cup of coffee at hand. 

We will discuss the specifics of each ingredient and its studies in the following review chapters below. 

How many Java Burns do you need per day? 

As previously mentioned, you should take one stick of Java Burn per day with your daily dose of morning coffee. The caffeine that’s found in your cup of americano, latte, and espresso should activate the ingredients found in each stick in Java Burn in no time. However, do not go above two sticks per day. This is because an overdose can potentially lead to significant consequences when left unchecked. Too much anything is still harmful to our body, even if it’s naturally beneficial! 

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How many sticks does Java Burn contain each pouch? 

Java Burn contains 30 sticks per pouch. That means you potentially get a 30-day supply of Java Burn for each pouch that you purchase from the Java Burn official website. 

Where is Java Burn manufactured? 

Java Burn is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility in the United States of America. Being a supplement made in America, you are assured that Java Burn is certified to be safe and centered around consumer safety. That means you don’t have to worry about pesticides, viruses, microbes, and other harmful substances contaminating the supplement that you’re about to mix with your cup of coffee.  

Who created Java Burn? 

Java Burn was developed by John Barban. Barban is a weight loss specialist who has been writing books and teaching people about metabolism in several institutions across North America. This 3-time best-selling author has already created some supplements made to hasten our body’s metabolic processes. Furthermore, he has already created countless programs for several individuals across the globe so that they can also lose their weight, just as he did a few years prior. Some may argue that Barban’s best supplement is Java Burn, but that fact remains to be seen. 

How much does Java Burn cost? 

Java Burn costs $49 per pouch. However, this is the current limited-time offer that they’re currently giving out on their official website. The original price was $197, which means that if you buy Java Burn right now, you get a total of $148 in discount right off the bat! 

That’s cool and all, but here’s some better news. You can buy Java Burn at a much lower price than that! Just buy Java Burn in three pouches or sixes, and you should be able to exploit the discount pronto! To visualize how much you’ll be able to actually save, here’s a table graphic below. 

3 Pouches (90 Day Supply)  $39 $117 $591 $474 
6 Pouches (180 Day Supply)  $34 $204 $1182 $978 

From what we can see, if you buy any of the bundles listed above right now, you can have tremendous savings when we compare it to the original price of $197 per Java Burn pouch! Also, we can see that you can save the most money if you buy the six-pouch bundle of Java Burn. Imagine a discount of almost a thousand dollars just because of a limited-time special pricing offer! 

Just one thing, though, we don’t know precisely how long this unique offer is going to last, so grab your own Java Burn supplement now! 

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Where is Java Burn available? 

Java Burn is only available on the Java Burn official website. There are no legitimate copies of Java Burn outside their official website, which means that no original Java Burn is available in eBay, Amazon, or physical stores such as Wal-Mart. 

In terms of availability to other countries, Java Burn is available worldwide. This means that you can readily get Java Burn right at your fingertips whenever and wherever you are. Just expect the shipping time to take a while. 

How much is Java Burn’s Shipping Fee? 

Speaking of shipping fees, ordering Java Burn entails a $9.95 shipping fee if you are living in the United States. However, this fee fluctuates depending on where you are across the globe. For example, if you like this supplement to be delivered to the Philippines, that would mean a total of $17 for this product’s shipping fee. 

Does Java Burn give out a refund guarantee? 

Yes! In fact, Java Burn has a 60-day money-back guarantee available on its official website. This makes this supplement risk-free for those who want to try it first before committing to it in the long run. Just simply return the pouches to them, and you should be able to get your refund in no time! However, it is with great confidence that this supplement will work for you as it did for me! 

Who is Java Burn for? 

Java Burn is made for people who are struggling to get their weight down. Unfortunately, individuals across the globe have increased their weight for various reasons. Some people get overweight because of stress. Others, because of overeating. Some, because they’re scared to go outside to do their usual exercise. Java Burn is made for people who are having trouble with such matters. It is made for individuals who have tried everything else, but to no avail. Being a highly convenient supplement to have, you can simply dash Java Burn into your cup of coffee. This also makes Java Burn the perfect partner for busy people who want to speed things up! 

What exactly does Java Burn do? 

Java Burn’s primary objective is to speed up your metabolism by implementing positive changes to both its speed and efficiency in the long run. According to how Barban explains it, our metabolism has two sides – its speed and efficiency. Unfortunately, at least 75 to 80% of people have slow and inefficient metabolism to start with. He blames this on genetics.Our ancestors needed the excess fats for warmth and survival. This is why this trait got passed on from generation to generation. However, we don’t really need that trait now since we got lots of food, as Barban also tells us in his promotional video.  

With that in mind, Barban looked for a way to resolve this issue, which, in turn, saw in coffee. He and his team found out that caffeine can kickstart our metabolism, causing a “cascading effect” for the other ingredients of Java Burn to follow. Specifically, Barban found out that coffee can “light up our internal furnace” through a natural process called thermogenesis. With heat, our bodies can naturally start-up their metabolism, making it easy to lose weight. In general, testimonies have told us that people lost seven pounds in the first week. I lost ten pounds on the first week without energy crashes! 

All the components of Java Burn work under the concept of nutritional synergy, which means that all elements found in this supplement will work the best when the others are around. Individually, they work, but it’s better if they’re compiled in such a blend as is the one here on Java Burn. They use the caffeine found in coffee as a slingshot to propel them to do their jobs better. That’s what synergy is all about. In short, this supplement won’t really work at all without coffee as its partner. 

With that in mind, Java Burn presents a convenient solution that can kickstart your metabolism while making it enjoyable to lose weight. It doesn’t require you to change your diets or push you to go exercise. It just does its job with your daily cup of coffee. Now that’s science in action! 

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Java Burn ingredients – Explained 

There are six ingredients found in every stick of Java Burn. These ingredients are 100% all-natural and don’t contain any sort of additive. In addition, the facility that manufactures this supplement assures its consumers that it’s free of any genetically modified organisms or GMOs. As a result, Java Burn is particularly healthy to take and doesn’t entail any sort of side effect, as opposed to synthetically made products in the known field of medicine. 

As we have previously touched, all ingredients found in Java Burn work hand in hand together with the caffeine found in your daily morning routine. This “nutritional synergy” is the primary reason why this supplement works best in the first place. With that said, let’s move on to the individual assessment of components found in Java Burn now and see how they fare from a scientific point of view. 

Note: We’ll be leaving out caffeine in this ingredient review since it’s already given that everybody knows what caffeine does.  

The Java Burn ingredients (or components) are as follows: 

  • Chlorogenic Acid 
  • Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) 
  • Chromium Picolinate 
  • L-carnitine 
  • L-theanine 
  • Immune-boosting vitamins 

Chlorogenic Acid 

This substance is commonly found heavily in green coffee beans that have been rejected for commercial use. However, recent studies suggest that this form of acid is beneficial for antioxidative and anti-obesity properties. In a nutshell, it provides lots of valuable things to the user to help fix everything from cholesterol problems, overactive immune response, and so much more. With chlorogenic acid, you virtually get twice the better efficiency when burning calories and thrice the power when it comes to losing weight in general. 

Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) 

Also known as green tea extract, EGCG is one hell of an antioxidant. Furthermore, it has the potential to fire up our metabolism three times better than usual. That perk usually means that you can shed a guaranteed 30 pounds per month, potentially bringing you down at least three dress sizes along the way. To augment the benefit mentioned above, one such study confirms that the presence of EGCG in our bodies can push thermogenesis, which, in turn, can make it easy for our body to store excess fat. 

Chromium Picolinate 

Next up is chromium picolinate. Commonly, this mineral is used to strengthen our bones or stimulate our bodies to perform its essential functions without fault. However, Racek and his colleagues discovered that chromium is essentially one of the best stress therapies that a person can take. This mineral can metabolize calories much more quickly when taken in healthy amounts due to the reduced presence of stress inside our bodies.  


Out of all ingredients on the list, l-carnitine probably has the best synergy for caffeine. According to this clinical trial conducted last 2001, it has been found that l-carnitine and caffeine work hand in hand to oxidize fat in a much faster and more powerful way. What this means is that it can burn fats quicker than not doing it at all. In general, you can have four times faster fat-burning potential when taking this substance at hand. 


L-theanine is mostly here for enhanced brain function and better mood. It gives individuals better cognitive skills and better clarity of mind. Furthermore, it can reduce stress and even lower a person’s blood pressure level, often leading to the connotation that this amino acid can invoke feelings of peace to an individual who’s heavy on stress, anxiety, and depression in the long run.  

Immune-boosting vitamins 

Lastly, Java Burn contains some immune-boosting vitamins that make it easy for our bodies to strengthen themselves. This is done so that bacterial, viral, and fungal infections can’t cause more damage to our bodies to force them back into their “fat-storing” mode. As we all know, more stress can lead to slower metabolism, so it’s best if we stay away from stress, for that matter. 

Our First Impressions on Java Burn 

Java Burn heavily impressed me when I was just looking for a weight loss supplement to review. Its revolutionary idea of synergizing itself with coffee is impressive. Being a coffee lover myself, you can’t imagine how much joy I felt when I saw this supplement the first time it became available to the public. On the plus side, the creator of this product is a reputable individual, so there’s that. The “physical credibility” of the supplement is also great, given the fact that it’s well-packaged in those sleek black pouches. Finally, the convenience is top-notch since it is almost impossible to forget this supplement as a whole. 

As for the ingredient side, Java Burn presented itself well with familiar substances in the first place. With that said, I immediately foresaw its potential and figured I should give it a try. Being a seasoned supplement reviewer of sorts, I tried it out for 30 days, and the results of my endeavor will be journaled near the end of this review.  

Without further ado, let’s look at all the other essential details of Java Burn first. 

What are the pros and cons of Java Burn? 

The pros of Java Burn heavily outweigh the cons of the supplement at hand. In fact, there are no cons when using this supplement, maybe except that it is heavily restricted to coffee and caffeine-oriented drinks such as tea. As such, if you hate caffeine, then this supplement isn’t the right choice for you. 

As degrading as that statement sounds for individuals who are sensitive to palpitations at hand, it still gives out comprehensive benefits even though that is the case. 

In a nutshell, Java Burn benefits are as follows: 

  • 100% safe and natural 
  • Works instantly at best 
  • Can speed up your metabolism five times faster than usual 
  • Better energy without the crashes 
  • Better hormone balance 
  • Stronger immune system 
  • Improved brain function 
  • Reduced inflammation 
  • Better cardiovascular health 
  • Reduced hunger and cravings 

100% safe and natural 

Java Burn contains all-natural ingredients that are sourced from the best places available. Better yet, all elements found in Java Burn don’t include any sort of artificial property, making it resistant to side effects that other lab-created drugs contain. 

Works instantly at best 

One thing that I noticed while using Java Burn is that it works almost instantly. I immediately felt all these benefits that I’m about to share with you in a bit from the first night of use. It felt unique and extraordinary! 

Can speed up your metabolism five times faster than usual 

Java Burn can increase the rate of your metabolism by a whopping five times. This means that Java Burn can reliably give you a better life-changing experience by taking out all the fats stored inside your body like a hot burning furnace.  

Better energy without the crashes 

Caffeine alone usually gives you energy crashes in the afternoon. The best thing about Java Burn is that you can reliably experience fewer energy crashes throughout the day due to its blend composition. That means you can do more in your day with this supplement at hand! 

Better hormone balance 

Java Burn can also reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and jitters, making it handy for people burdened by the hormones at hand. With fewer negative feelings, you can have lesser hindrances when it comes to the speed of your metabolism. 

Stronger immune system 

A better immune system to fight off several kinds of infection can ultimately make it easy for our body to do its normal functions. This includes metabolism, which can speed up if your body isn’t fighting off any internal war of sorts.  

Improved brain function 

One good thing about Java Burn is that it contains l-theanine. When coupled with caffeine, it works hugely wonders for our mental well-being. It can increase our performance at work or university, making it great for the overall quality of life. 

Reduced inflammation 

One thing about obesity is that it can inflame our bodies, making it hard for them to recover in the long run. However, with reduced inflammation, you can have better bodily functions with easier metabolic processes in response. 

Better cardiovascular health 

Java Burn can lower your cholesterol levels since it can burn excess fats inside your body. However, cholesterol is a type of fat, which means that it isn’t safe against the advances of this supplement at hand. Furthermore, Java Burn also has the suitable properties to lower blood pressure, eventually leading to a less strained heart, making it resistant to heart diseases at hand. 

Reduced hunger and cravings 

Since Java Burn is a weight loss supplement, it is only standard that this natural product has properties to lessen an individual’s appetite. With reduced feelings of hunger, you can eventually take in fewer calories than usual, making it easy for your body to manage all those calories to be burned into fat. 

How does Java Burn work in our body? 

Java Burn works by igniting our body’s metabolic processes. It does this by tapping into the metabolic potential that caffeine gives to our bodies. This, in turn, offers a way for the Java Burn blend to “carve” through the stores of excessive fat, eventually attaining an average weight loss of seven (7) pounds per week, depending on your body’s response at hand. 

When will Java Burn work? 

As per the things we mentioned above, Java Burn works almost immediately, igniting your metabolism and helping you go through your day. Java Burn is a supplement that needs adjustment, though. For people with a severe need for weight loss, Java Burn may take a while for it to work. In general, it takes around instantly to five days for it to begin working inside your body. Therefore, it is best to instill the commitment to pursue this program for the greater good of your weight loss program. 

As mentioned, Java Burn should give you an average of seven (7) pounds of weight loss per week, depending on how well your system copes up. The first signs you can say that Java Burn is working in your body are significant energy boosts to go with your day, coupled with clearer thinking than usual. 

Is Java Burn safe? 

Yes, Java Burn is 100% safe. Why? Because it’s made up of all-natural ingredients that contain pure properties, our bodies don’t have any adverse effects whatsoever. Furthermore, there are no significant side effects documented regarding the overdose of such supplement at hand. Therefore, this puts Java Burn at a high place when it comes to dietary supplement safety. 

Is Java Burn effective? 

Again, yes. I tried Java Burn for 30 days, and the results were remarkable. Before we jump into my results, though, just by looking at the scientific basis of this supplement, we can see that it works wonderfully for all age and body groups, as long as they drink caffeine daily. Java Burn is proven to ignite your metabolism through peer-studied reviews, and related scientific studies regarding Java Burn are sourced from different universities and institutions across the globe. 

My 30-Day Java Burn Experience 

The moment you’ve been waiting for – my results. When I started using Java Burn, I was really skeptical about this product. However, since I would only put it inside my cup of coffee, I figured nothing would hurt. After all, I always tested supplements so that I could bring accurate reviews to you guys. 

The result? Well, after a month of using Java Burn, I lost a whopping 32 pounds. That’s 8 pounds lost per week. I didn’t experience any energy crashes. All seemed normal, except the fact that I could think more clearly. That’s something I like! 

On the first day, it was normal. Then, however, I felt the supplement kick in during lunchtime when suddenly all of the ideas just went into my head. It’s like I suddenly realized how to do this and that, of course, regarding my line of work. But then, I realized I hadn’t been munching for a while, signifying that it instantly reduced my cravings. You see, I like munching on little finger food every now and then, so this felt strange. 

Overall, my 30-day Java Burn experience brought me all of the benefits listed above. It just so happened that the weight loss and better mental clarity were top on my list. It’s so refreshing to have a clear, stress-free mind, just like when we were a bit younger, don’t you think? 

Java Burn Reviews – What do other people say about the product? 

Java Burn reviews are amazingly positive right from the start. Several people are clamoring about how it was easy for them to lose weight and dress sizes. People were even delighted to impress their doctors and loved ones with this neat, new trick. 

One of the Java Burn reviews that we mentioned is this: 

“This is amazing! It’s weird that I can now fit in skinny jeans. It’s like I suddenly shrunk. I got better looking as well! I lost weight, but I didn’t lose my figure. I don’t look anorexic. I just look normal – and all that it took was just a simple stick of Java Burn into my cup of coffee. I cringe, knowing that if I passed on this chance, I wouldn’t experience being a regular person again. Thank you for this miracle!” – Shelly I., Macon, GA, USA 

Java Burn Summary 

Java Burn is a weight loss supplement. It is intended to be supplemented with coffee, but any beverage with caffeine would do. Java Burn is an exciting formula to have since it has the right, well-studied, scientifically-based ingredients to ramp up the intensity of your body’s metabolism at hand. Java Burn is well-tested by third-party researchers, and it’s made in a cGMP facility, which means that the quality of the said supplement is ensured right from the start. 

My Verdict with Java Burn 

Judging from what I experienced and what we read about Java Burn, this supplement is highly recommendable to all people who want to experience natural weight loss without the added guilt and energy crashes that plague other treatments at hand. It’s really worth a try! 

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