Java Burn Reviews – Know THIS Before Buying (Critical Study)

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Java Burn is a multi-functional weight loss supplement that uses your coffee as a springboard to jumpstart your metabolism. At the same time, you enjoy the simple pleasures of morning life. Interestingly, its intake mode is far from the same as other weight loss supplements on its tier. I know we’re starting to sound too technical here, but hear me out. Java Burn is a powdered supplement that is poured directly into your cup of coffee. How cool is that! It’s like those creamer sticks that you get from the grocery store, only that this supplement does not discolor or alter the taste of your daily morning treat! Java Burn is a supplement made for an individual who has a lot of things on his mind. It is made for the modern individual who’s always on the go. It’s made for men and women who want to lose fat but don’t know a quicker way out. 

Java Burn may push too much with these overpromises, but that is what this review is all about. Today, we will be talking about the Java Burn supplement and see if they’re grounded from a scientific perspective or not. From there, we can judge if the supplement works or not and see if we’re making the right choice by purchasing this type of product at hand. Let us begin. 

Official Website: All That You Need To Know From Their Spokesperson. Click Here to watch it! 

What is Java Burn? 

Java Burn is a powdered supplement in a stick. It is made that way so that you can enable metabolism right at its core while enjoying your simple cup of coffee. Made up of six scientifically verified ingredients that can kickstart your metabolism, Java Burn delivers promising results for your weight loss needs while ensuring that you go about your day less distracted than usual. 

Java Burn is something that most coffee lover’s dream of. Since coffee does not have a lot of nutritional content, this supplement truly takes the standard drink a notch. Its properties are best for people who want to be on the go, whether you’re getting your daily coffee mix from a drive-thru or just trying to blend the perfect espresso to wake you up from a good night’s slumber. Java Burn is made to be highly convenient and memorable so that you won’t have to miss a single dose per day! 

Java Burn comes in pouches that contain 30 sticks each. These sticks are the equivalent of one day’s dosage. Therefore, each pouch of Java Burn includes a 30-day supply of the said product at hand. Moreover, they come in these predominantly black-colored packaging that looks quite appealing from the outside. 

From the inside, though, Java Burn is more than just its looks. It’s made with the right blend and formula that can kickstart your metabolism directly or indirectly. That means you get a coffee booster that can make your mind sharper and your weight lower in the long run. Imagine faster thinking and weight loss in one package!To assess how Java Burn works like this, let us look at the Java Burn ingredients from ascientific point of view. 

What are the ingredients of Java Burn? 

Java Burn is made with the most potent ingredients in mind. Therefore, you can expect a lot from the composition of this supplement at hand. However, what’s more interesting is that each component of Java Burn isscientifically researched. That means you get the proper ingredients needed so that you can lose weight the fastest time possible. What’s also more interesting is that Java Burn’s ingredients synergize and work together to their fullest extent. Now that’s the kind of teamwork that we want for our supplement at hand! Let’s take a closer look at each ingredient of Java Burn below. 

Java Burn ingredients include: 

  • L-carnitine 
  • Caffeine 
  • Green Tea Extract 
  • Chlorogenic Acid 
  • L-Theanine 
  • Chromium 


L-carnitine can be a lot of things. It is an essential amino acid that is commonly produced inside critical organs around our body. It is also a popular ingredient found in weight loss drinks to burn more fat than usual. These benefits can be confirmed through this 2017 study showing l-carnitine’s central role in metabolizing our excess sugar and fat molecules into energy so that our cells can use it for their advancement and growth. However, they also discovered something else. According to the findings of Adeva-Andany et al., it was noted that high-intensity exercise and fasting could reduce the production of l-carnitine, which can lead to a slower metabolism. Therefore, proper supplementation of l-carnitine is needed to keep our metabolism in check and perfect harmony. L-carnitine also seems to be the star ingredient in Java Burn. 


There’s already caffeine in your coffee, but it was found ina 2001 study that caffeine works best when coupled with l-carnitine. Therefore, Java Burn supplements your coffee with more caffeine so that your l-carnitine can burn more fat than usual. Think of it as something of a catalyst to drive better change. Furthermore, additional energy can be felt when combining caffeine with l-carnitine, thereby making your endurance better as the days go by. 

Green Tea Extract 

People love green tea. Commonly, people who don’t like coffee resort to green tea as it gives almost equal benefits to the start of your morning. Of course, we know that green tea is more on mental health while caffeine is on the high-energy side. However, this 1999 study confirmed that green tea is more than just your daily dose of calming beverage. According to the said study, green tea extract can speed up metabolism so that your excess fats can be turned into energy in almost an instant. It can also help your body naturally heat up, making it easy for you to withstand cold, harsh weather. With that said, green tea extract is more than just tea. It’s also an effective weight loss agent in its own right. 

Chlorogenic Acid 

In this 2010 study published by Cho et al., it was noted that the presence of chlorogenic acid has made it clear that it can speed up your metabolism even if your diet is centered around fat-rich foods. In general, users who supplement with chlorogenic acid can reduce their weight in a matter of weeks. Thus, when combined with all the ingredients listed here, chlorogenic acid becomes a potentially beneficial factor for your overall weight loss program. 


While l-carnitine is mainly used for metabolic functions, l-theanine can make your mind sharper, thereby making it quicker in the long run. In arecently concluded study earlier this year, it was found that l-theanine can indeed give you a better attention span, making it easy for you to remember things and make crucial decisions when the need ever arises. While these benefits certainly have nothing to do with your metabolism, they can reduce stress, which in turn can make your metabolism faster. But, on the other hand, more stress can make your body act slower, making it hard to do the right amounts of metabolism in the process. 


Chromium is a mineral known to burn more sugars in our body, making it easy for us to copewith pre-diabetic and diabetic conditions in the long run. However, it would seem that chromium does not only help the body burn sugars and fats. According to this study done in 2006, it was found that the correct supplementation of chromiumcan reduce the chances of a person having cholesterolemia and hyperglycemia in the long run. It means that the presence of chromium can help the body burn the excess fats and sugars in our bodies, thereby helping in metabolism in the long run. 

Java Burn Ingredients Review 

With that said, we conclude that Java Burn has the right ingredients for the job. More specifically, this supplement provides a multi-angled approach that can give you all the power you need to completely metabolize the excess fat from your body for good. Furthermore, it can lower your blood glucose and cholesterol levels, which translate to better heart health. In turn,it translates to more years of your life. Java Burn also has the benefit of making your brain sharper than ever. While that doesn’t have anything to do with burning your fat, at least you can live a life with fewer worries than usual, which may lead to a better metabolic process in general. Java Burn’s scientific basis checks out. All related scientific studies about Java Burn are verified through the strict scrutiny that we made as to the reviewers of this product. 

What are the pros and cons of Java Burn? 

To make it clear what the pros and cons of Java Burn are, we divided them among the benefits and side effects of the product at hand so that we can perfectly judge whether the product has more benefits than cons or not. 

What are the benefits of Java Burn? 

Java Burn benefits include: 

  • Faster metabolism 
  • Better endurance 
  • Stabler internal body temperature 
  • It can still enable you to lose weight despite fat-rich food 
  • Better cognitive functions 
  • A lesser amount of stress 
  • Lower blood glucose and cholesterol levels 

Faster metabolism 

Java Burn can enable you to burn fat thanks to overlapping ingredients that can do the same thing while complementing each other in the process. Java Burn also presents a multi-directional approach that can tackle your problem of slow metabolism through direct and indirect means. To provide an example of this indirect means, this supplement can also lessen your stress, making it easy for your body to recover and do its job correctly.  

Better endurance 

Java Burn can make you stronger and less prone to fatigue than usual. With that perk in mind, you can exercise to your heart’s content without the worry of slowing down your metabolism since you’re well supplemented with the right ingredients throughout the day. 

Stabler internal body temperature 

Not that you won’t get a fever, but you’ll be more resistant to cold, harsh weather that may come along the way. When you take Java Burn, you feel warm inside, making it easy for you to resist the cold while enjoying the day out with your friends. In a way, you’ll also be more resistant to colds and coughs. 

It can still enable you to lose weight despite fat-rich food 

Despite eating food rich in fatty content, you’ll still notice that your weight is going down with Java Burn. It has some properties found to increase your fat metabolism so much that it can reliably counter the fat content in your food. How cool is that? 

Better cognitive functions 

The l-theanine mainly carries this type of benefit. It can make your mind sharper, thereby making it easy for your mind to cope with the decision-making in life and all the other things that make our stories complete, such as our memory. 

A lesser amount of stress 

A byproduct of better cognitive function, you can gain less stress when blessed with cognition that doesn’t fail. At times, we may feel frustrated and confused when we can’t do something right. It leads to stress, which in turn can slow down our metabolism. By making us a little bit better at doing things, stress can reliably be lessened in the long run. 

Lower blood glucose and cholesterol levels 

Lastly, Java Burn’s multi-directional approach leads us to better cardiovascular health. Because Java Burn is primarily concerned with metabolism, it is only regular that the excess fats and sugars in our bloodstream are positively affected. As a result, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels mean longer years and reduces your incidence of heart disease, stroke, and other blood vessel-related diseases in general. 

What are the side effects of Java Burn? 

Java Burn’s side effects are practically non-existent due to the all-natural nature of the product. However, Java Burn can have side effects if you take two or more sticks per day. While these side effects are mild (such as headaches, nausea, or dizziness), it is still advised not to take two or more sticks of Java Burn per day to keep your day right and stress-free. 

What does Java Burn do? 

What Java Burn does is that it kickstarts your metabolism by employing synergistically capable ingredients to do the job. To be more specific, Java Burn plays around the metabolism of your fats so that they can be turned into energy in an instant. In that sense, Java Burn does what it’s supposed to do and more. The l-theanine found in each stick of Java Burn can also strengthen your mental fortitude. Not only that, but since the brain uses a lot of energy to work, this means more burning of fat than usual. In general, Java Burn does what it says on paper, but this product’s indirect benefits just make it better. Just like what we said earlier, Java Burn is a certified coffee booster for everyday use! 

How does Java Burn work? 

Java Burn works in the simplest way possible. We’ve already mentioned most of the facts above, so we won’t touch on them again. 

To summarize, Java Burn works by: 

  1. Turning your fats into energy 
  1. Supercharging your brain 
  1. Toning down your weight in the process 

Turning your fats into energy 

With Java Burn’s immense fat metabolism capabilities, it can turn your excess fats (and sugars) into energy to be used for your daily and body maintenance activities. 

Supercharging your brain 

Since we’re dealing with a caffeine-centered supplement, Java Burn can also supercharge your brain, which in turn forces your body to burn more fats and sugars to be turned into energy. 

Toning down your weight in the process 

Since Java Burn encourages healthy weight loss, expect your weight to decrease at least four pounds per week. While this isn’t a stellar quantity, to begin with, four pounds per week in six months is equivalent to 96 pounds of weight lost. That’s huge! 

Can you take Java Burn without coffee? 

Yes, you can. However, Java Burn synergizes the best with coffee. So you can also take Java Burn with tea, but it won’t work as well with other drinks at hand? Why? It’s because Java Burn needs lots of caffeine for its ingredients to go into “overdrive” mode. Therefore, the results would be slower if you take it with drinks other than coffee. So taking Java Burn with tea is just the worst-case scenario. 

What is the recommended way to take Java Burn? 

The recommended way to take Java Burn is by dunking the contents of one stick into your cup of coffee and mixing it thoroughly along the way. While it certainly does not need to be in the morning, taking Java Burn at such a time can further prepare your body to metabolize appropriately throughout the day.  

Of course, it is also recommended to take Java Burn daily so that you don’t miss out on the chance of speeding up your burning process shortly. Stopping midway can only yield disappointing results (as is other things in life). 

Also, do not take more than one stick of Java Burn per day, as this may open up opportunities for side effects to kick in. Do you know how an excess of everything can make it worse? The same goes for the highly beneficial ingredients of Java Burn. 

How long does it take for Java Burn to work? 

Java Burn takes at least three days to one week for it to work. First, it is because many individuals are different from one another. For example, you may be healthier than others. Therefore, it is only logical that you can feel the effects of Java Burn faster than other unhealthier individuals. Second, it is because Java Burn, despite being a nutrient-heavy supplement, still needs time to breakthrough your body’s harmful barriers to do its job. The years that accumulated because of stress have certainly taken a toll on your body over the past few years. Java Burn’s job is to constantly bombard your body with the proper nutrients, given that you are continually drinking the supplement as well. 

To achieve the best results, it is recommended that you take Java Burn for at least six months. Of course, this is a lengthy amount of time. Still, it is best to be handled this way so that your body can repair itself faster and prevent itself from slowing down on its metabolism once again. In other words, the more time you take Java Burn, the better your body protects itself from the weight loss issues that plagued you beforehand. 

Where is Java Burn manufactured? 

The official website claims that Java Burn is manufactured in the United States of America. More precisely, it is made in a GMP-certified facility somewhere in the country. The location isn’t disclosed because of privacy issues. For those of you who don’t know what GMP is, it means Good Manufacturing Practice. Suppose a particular manufacturing facility is endowed with that kind of certification. In that case, it means that the products made from this facility are topnotch when it comes to survivability, cleanliness, and safety measures imposed to preserve the actual quality of the product. Therefore, you can be assured that Java Burn is safe to use simply because of the manufacturing process at hand. 

Does Java Burn burn fat? 

Yes! Java Burn does burn fat. It is because all ingredients do what they’re supposed to do. Metabolism is one touchy subject that most people think they can’t solve because it’s hard to do so for the most part. Since we looked at this supplement from a scientific point of view, we can confidently say that Java Burn works and burns off excess weight and fats. Of course, it is also essential to take Java Burn daily if you want to see astounding results. 

Is Java Burn safe to drink? 

Safety is different from capability. However, it is with confidence that we say that Java Burn is indeed safe to drink. Why? It’s because all of the ingredients found in Java Burn are organic and all-natural with their properties. Java Burn even has elements that are produced inside our body, like l-carnitine. Of course, since this is a dietary supplement, it supplements what’s lacking in your daily life. After all, who doesn’t want the proper amounts of l-carnitine inside their bodies? Just don’t go over the recommended way of taking one stick per day, as this may give you headaches or, worse, a hard time sleeping at night. 

How much does Java Burn cost? 

According to the Java Burn official website, each pouch of Java Burn costs $49. However, this is already the discounted price, upon which the original pricing of the said supplement stands at $197! So, this limited-time offer can save you $148 right off the bat as they pertain to it. That is extremely good when you think about it. Furthermore, as a consumer, it gives us an idea that the manufacturer wants us to try this supplement out, whether borne out of good or bad intentions, depending on how you perceive the world. 

With that said, the creators of Java Burn arecurrently rolling out an even more significant discount than the one mentioned above. Their conditions are simple. If you buy three or six pouches of Java Burn in one purchase, you can receive far more significant discounts than just $148. By more extensive, I mean huge! To show you what I mean, I created a table below to see the difference yourselves! 

3 Pouches (90 Day Supply) $102 ($34 per pouch) $591 $489 
6 Pouches (180 Day Supply) $174 ($29 per pouch) $1182 $1008 

From the graphic above, we can notice that the 6-pouch bundle of Java Burn offers an immensely whopping discount of more than a thousand US dollars! That’s like a month’s rent of a small dwelling or something. Since it is recommended that you take Java Burn for at least six months at a minimum, you can go ahead and buy the 6-pouch bundle since it offers the best discount as of this current moment of writing. Remember, this is a limited-time offer, so take advantage of this bundle as soon as you can. 

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Which countries are Java Burn available in? 

Java Burn is available worldwide. In addition, you can purchase the supplement through your credit card. It is great since most supplements in the market are not readily available in multiple countries worldwide.  

How much is the shipping fee of Java Burn? 

The shipping fee of Java Burn depends on the country you’re shipping the product to. Currently, the supplement does not offer free shipping, even domestically. In this regard, the manufacturers of the said supplement need to fix this problem since most supplements offer free shipping either in the United States or worldwide. 

Where can you only buy Java Burn? 

You can only buy Java Burn from the Java Burn official website. It is done so that the creators of Java Burn can protect you from harmful transactions done online. Unfortunately, since we dived into the modern age, several fraudsters have wasted individuals unfamiliar with phishing and hacking tactics. To stop this from accidentally happening, Java Burn consolidated all its products on its official website so that you can experience smoother transactions without the risk of falling prey to these criminals. 

In this regard, Java Burn has teamed up with ClickBank. ClickBank is a well-trusted Delaware company that serves as a retailer for multiple supplements worldwide. All your personal information is safe with ClickBank. 

What do Java Burn Reviews say about the product? 

Java Burn reviews are favorable for the most part. Due to the convenience and the comfort that each cup of Java Burn brings, we can see why this supplement is the ultimate life-changer for someone with trouble losing weight in the long run. Furthermore, Java Burn seems to make it easy for people to gain confidence outside when they’re already losing it in the first place. 

Some Java Burn reviews we found while looking for them online are as follows: 

“I never thought that a simple cup of coffee would get exciting. It’s something that I take for granted. Somehow, I already felt that coffee was working on my insides. Then came the confirmation from Java Burn. Even though this supplement is new to the market, I’m already down 12 pounds since I started on the sticks two weeks ago. It works, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves coffee and likes losing weight.” – Suzanne K., Madison, WI 

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“A supplement for coffee? What would I want to put into my coffee? I like black! Kidding aside, Java Burn is something you can add to your coffee even if you’re not an avid fan of putting anything else into your black, brewed drink. My coffee was splendid before Java Burn, but now, it makes my soul alive thanks to the things it does to our bodies. It puts nutritional value to your coffee, and I like it!” – Keaton L., Durham, NC 

Java Burn Verdict 

Java Burn is a supplement that does what it exactly tells us. It’s a metabolism supercharger of sorts that can go well with your daily cup of coffee. It’s safe, effective, and inexpensive to start with. Made up of six all-natural ingredients that have been proven to promote good metabolism, Java Burn is something that can make your life complete – one cup of coffee per day! 

Due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews of Java Burn, we recommend this supplement for those who want to shed weight while also enjoying the simple pleasures of life. It’s just that good! 

Like What You Read About Java Burn? Learn more about it from the official website by clicking here.  

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