Java Burn Reviews – Know THIS Before Buying! (Side Effects Reported)


Java Burn is a weight loss supplement that is designed to go with your coffee. Consisting of five all-natural ingredients, Java Burn can create a twist for your daily morning routine, making it exciting and worthwhile for the overall well-being of your health. While that is indeed mellow for people looking for new weight loss routines, one can’t argue that this is a convenient way to do it. Furthermore, the reasoning that caffeine can open up a small window of opportunity so that you can lose weight is something new. Add that to the carefully researched “nutritional synergy” that the creator of this product, named John Barban, implemented so that you can unlock the full potential of coffee to its core. Let’s find out if everything of that is true in this fully detailed Java Burn review. 

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The Basics of Java Burn 

Java Burn is something of a revolutionary weight loss supplement. As mentioned in our introductory phase, Java Burn is mixed with your everyday cup of coffee for astounding results. In addition, research has shown that caffeine can actually make it easy for our bodies to enable thermogenesis, thereby heating it up for our metabolic processes to push through. Let’s dive into the basics of Java Burn first to see what this supplement is all about. 

Java Burn, What is it? 

Java Burn is a weight loss supplement made for ordinary people like you. More precisely, it is a weight loss coffee dietary supplement. It’s made to be mixed with your everyday cup of morning coffee. It is tasteless in that regard since it only contains vitamins and minerals that are not supposed to alter the taste of your morning pleasure. 

Java Burn consists of five (5) all-natural ingredients which work hand-in-hand with the caffeine found in your cup of coffee. Caffeine is a relatively great energizer to have, and as mentioned above, it can even start up your metabolism, given that you have the right ingredients, to begin with. This is what Java Burn tries to solve right from the start. It contains the components you need to start your metabolism and push it further to burn more fat in the process. Also, Java Burn’s blend consists of all-natural ingredients, which is excellent for people who have an issue with synthetic products at hand. 

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On the physical side, Java Burn is packed in black pouches with 30 sticks inside of them. This setup makes this supplement highly convenient and practical to use. You still need to measure how much that supplement needs to be mixed with your water for daily use. With Java Burn, you can directly rip the stick above your coffee and let its contents drop into it. You don’t need to measure anything else since it’s already calculated for you! Pretty cool, right? 

What’s the science behind Java Burn? 

Java Burn’s science is pretty straightforward. It is directed to caffeine’s capabilities to unleash the full potential of our body’s metabolism at hand. In general, our body burns more excess fat when our metabolism is fast and efficient. Unfortunately, others only have one of these traits. Others, none at all. Therefore, the goal of the supplement has been made clear this way – it must bring back the fast and efficient metabolism that our bodies once had. Thus, Java Burn aligns itself with the capabilities of coffee, upon which it can open up a small window of opportunity so that we can effectively burn our fats using the right ingredients at hand. 

In particular, Java Burn centers itself around the concept of nutritional synergy. Those who don’t know what that means simply pertain to individual ingredients working together to achieve a common goal. So it’s literally what those two terms mean – nutrition and synergy.  

Each of the five elements found in Java Burn works together with caffeine, thereby increasing your metabolic rates by up to five times higher than usual. This translates to five times faster fat-burning capabilities, which results in astoundingly great results. According to Java Burn reviews found online, this supplement can burn off an average of seven (7) pounds per week. That translates to 28 pounds per month, which is almost a healthy one-pound reduction every day! 

Who is Java Burn for? 

Java Burn is made for individuals at least 18 years old and above. It is made for those who enjoy their daily cup of coffee yet can’t commit to any form of diet or exercise. Java Burn is also made for people who have already tried it all but to no avail. Finally, it is a supplement for the modern man and woman who isalways busy and on the go. In short, the Java Burn supplement brings weight-loss satisfaction to people without the need for hassle and stress. Instead, it provides quite the opposite, as many people have found it out themselves! 

How many sticks of Java Burn should I take per day? 

The recommended intake of Java Burn is one (1) stick per day. That means you should only put one stick into your cup of coffee per day to achieve results. Do not go above that quantity since you might experience slight dizziness, nausea, and headaches. The good thing, though, is that Java Burn doesn’t have significant side effects. Still, it’s better to go about your day without feeling dizzy, right? Therefore, remember to stick to one stick (if you catch my drift). 

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How does Java Burn work? 

Java Burn works by carefully inducing nutritional synergy to every cup of coffee that you take. Remember that since the ingredients found in this supplement react with caffeine, it does not necessarily mean you can only put this in a glass of coffee. Therefore, you can literally drink Java Burn with tea or even any caffeine-based drink you have right now. To give you some idea of what you’ll feel when taking Java Burn from the start, here is a shortlist on the process to guide you along the way. 

Java Burn works by: 

  1. Giving you better sleep and clarity of mind 
  1. Starting to shed around seven (7) pounds per week 
  1. Giving you more energy and stabler hormones 
  1. Improving your overall health 

Giving you better sleep and clarity of mind 

The first thing that Java Burn does to your body is giving you better sleep. Your insomnia and wrong body clock will automatically adjust to the right way once again. This effect may kick in after the first day of use. Furthermore, you’ll feel like you’ll have better-thinking prowess, giving you that certain buff to your academic or work performance, depending on where you need your brain in the first place. 

Starting to shed around seven (7) pounds per week 

After seven days or so, you’ll begin to shed seven pounds of weight per week. You will also notice that your belly will start reducing in size. After quite some time, you’d have gone down a few dress sizes, and you’ll feel more motivated to exercise and go out with your friends once again. After all, this is what Java Burn does in the first place – burning your excess fat with an increased rate of metabolism. To aid this continuous shedding of fat, you’ll also get reduced cravings with food, and your appetite won’t be as voracious as it was before then. 

Giving you more energy and stabler hormones 

With the burning of fats in place, you are given more energy to go with your day. This is extremely useful for somebody who engages in high-energy-expending tasks throughout the day. In addition, Java Burn does not have the usual energy crashes that you should get from other weight-loss drinks or the side effects that most energy drinks have on the market. Therefore, you get the right combination of strength and brute force to seize the day. 

In addition, Java Burn has been found to do better with hormones. So this supplement balances out your hormones, which in turn makes you happier and better-suited for life in the long run. Java Burn relieves you of your jitters, anxieties, stress, and depression in general. The combination of feel-good components in Java Burn (like l-theanine, which we will discuss later) gives this kind of perk in mind. 

Improving your overall health 

With less fat in your body, you should have better health markers. This includes lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, better memory, lifestyle, and mental health. With your old self back, you’ll feel more confidence and joy than before. It’s basically a supplement that caters both to your mental and physical health, and that makes all the difference.  

Does Java Burn work instantly? 

Yes, as mentioned above, Java Burn should work almost immediately after your first day of use. However, this perk may differ from person to person. Since people are unique in terms of composition, Java Burn may not work in some people. In general, only 1% of the whole human population may have the “resistance” against such supplements, according to study estimates, at least. As is in the same way, Java Burn may not work immediately, so patience is the key when using this supplement at hand. Either way, it should work for you as long as you take the supplement properly. 

How long do I need to take Java Burn? 

Interesting question. You need to take Java Burn for at least six months continuously to prevent stumbling upon minor hindrances along the way for your weight loss program. The lack of commitment is the primary stumbling block for most people who want to lose weight, and you must keep drinking Java Burn for up until six months to achieve optimal results. 

Who made Java Burn? 

Java Burn was made (or created) by John Barban. He is a well-known fitness instructor for multiple celebrities and normal individuals across the globe. Java Burn wouldn’t be possible without his expertise. He is a professor and a fitness coach in top universities across the nation. Furthermore, he already has experience in the supplement industry, so you can trust him due to his credibility. After looking for ideas to recharge our metabolism through the most synergistic and natural way, Java Burn was his idea. Thus, this idea came to fruition and became the supplement that we all have here today. 

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Where is Java Burn manufactured? 

Java Burn was created in the United States of America in a cGMP facility somewhere in the country. This supplement is produced in such a factory because that’s the safest option out there. Certified Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) facilities are named because they emphasize cleanliness, consumer safety, and quality standards. Therefore, besides being created by a credible mastermind, you also get a good facility that manufactures Java Burn. 

Java Burn, in a Nutshell 

From the facts we stated above regarding Java Burn, we can see that it is a supplement that does its weight loss objective very well. Moreover, its approach on such matters is very convenient for the common folk. It’s safe, timely, and backed by science. We will lay down the evidence for the latter in a few moments, but basically, it’s what Java Burn is all about. It unlocks the potential of the caffeine included in your cup of coffee to make it more nutritious and viable in the long run. 

The Pros and Cons of Java Burn 

Java Burn’s benefits and side effects are highly imbalanced when faced with one another. How? It’s because Java Burn simply has more benefits to show other than its roster of minor side effects! This means that this supplement brings highly positive things to our bodies without shoving harmful effects in the long run. 

To further elaborate, we will condense all the benefits and side effects of Java Burn in this chapter to give you a gist of what to expect when taking this product as a whole. 

Java Burn’s Multiple Benefits 

Java Burn benefits are as follows: 

  • Faster weight loss 
  • Convenience 
  • Sharper memory, thinking, and cognitive skills 
  • Better physical shape 
  • Greater cardiovascular health 
  • Stronger immune system 
  • Made up of 100% all-natural ingredients 
  • Manufactured in a cGMP facility 
  • Reduces your unnecessary hunger and cravings 
  • Gives you more confidence and a lighter mood in general 

Faster weight loss 

On average, Java Burn can give you up to seven (7) pounds of weight loss when taking this supplement regularly. Therefore, you can lose weight pretty quickly with this supplement without taking risky diets and overloaded exercise routines in general. If we’re to think about it, you can lose around 168 pounds just by taking this supplement as a whole.  


Java Burn is one of the most convenient supplements in the market right now. You simply need to dunk one stick per day into your cup of coffee, and you should be fine for the day. No need to measure anything or what. Just keep doing what you need to do, and you should be fine! 

Sharper memory, thinking, and cognitive skills 

Java Burn’s unique blend of coffee and supporting elements can bring you better brain performance in general. As a result, you’ll experience less brain fog, leading to clearer and sharper minds that can be used to better yourquality of life. 

Better physical shape 

With faster weight loss, you can have better physical shape. In addition, you can reclaim your past dress size in a pinch. In general, Java Burn has been found to reduce the dress sizes of its users in the first month of use! Furthermore, using Java Burn can give you a leaner, sexier body without the need to go to the gym for strenuous workouts. By simply tweaking your metabolism, you can achieve wonders! 

Greater cardiovascular health 

Since Java Burn directly targets stored fat, you can expect it to have excellent benefits for your cardiovascular health. Cholesterol is excess fat that wanders around our bloodstream. With less cholesterol, you can have a less strained heart. This means that you can effectively prolong your health by reducing the overall risk from stroke and other cholesterol-based diseases. 

Stronger immune system 

Java Burn can make our immune system more potent than usual. This is because of its anti-inflammatory benefits, which makes it easier for our bodies to respond to threats posed upon it as a whole. Without much inflammation, there would be fewer hindrances to slow down your immune system as a whole. With a fast immune system in addition to your metabolism, you can reliably burn down fats without a sweat. 

Made up of 100% all-natural ingredients 

Java Burn is made up of 100% all-natural ingredients. This means that all components of Java Burn will be happily absorbed by our bodies without much problem. Naturally, synthetic ingredients won’t be absorbed that easily into our bloodstream, whereas natural ingredients don’t have this kind of problem. In addition, there are fewer side effects when it comes to all-natural ingredients, so that is a good thing as well. 

Manufactured in a cGMP facility 

Since Java Burn is manufactured in a certified Good Manufacturing Practice facility, you can expect excellent quality from the supplement at hand. In addition, these types of manufacturing facilities put cleanliness, safety, and other health standards at their forefront so that you, the consumer, wouldn’t be harmed when using their product at hand. 

Reduces your unnecessary hunger and cravings 

What is a weight loss supplement without this perk? This supplement eliminates unnecessary cravings and feelings of hunger so that you can eventually eat the right amount of food.Without excessive calorie intake, your body can catch up to itself. By removing such hindrances, you can enjoy a faster and more efficient metabolism in the long run. 

Gives you more confidence and a lighter mood in general 

A better, sexier, and leaner body can give you more confidence and self-esteem than usual. Unfortunately, even though we don’t like it, the beauty standards in our world are heavily influenced by the majority who think thinner is better. With Java Burn, you can reliably achieve that in a few months without the need to strain yourself with fruitless diets that leave you heartbroken in the long run. 

Java Burn’s Side Effects 

With the Java Burn benefits listed above, we can clearly see now how Java Burn can help us right from the start. However, in every supplement, there will still be cons to the matter at hand. The two most significant side effects that Java Burn can give you are as follows: 

  • Java Burn is useless without caffeine 
  • Java Burn can provide you with headaches, dizziness, and nausea when you overdose 

Java Burn is useless without caffeine 

While Java Burn can still work with any other drink, it is nutritionally synergized with caffeine. This means that if you don’t have any kind of caffeine-centered drink around (like tea and such), you cannot experience the full effects of this supplement at hand. Therefore, only take this supplement if you’re a coffee lover of sorts. 

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Java Burn can provide you with headaches, dizziness, and nausea when you overdose 

These side effects only show up when you drink two or more sticks per day of Java Burn. Usually, these side effects only manifest themselves when you take too much coffee, but this can also happen with the ingredients of Java Burn. Therefore, do not go above the recommended amount when taking this supplement at hand. 

The Ingredients of Java Burn 

Java Burn contains five ingredients tailored to make it easy for your body to burn fat. They are nutritionally synergized and locked with caffeine, which means they work the best with coffee, teas, and other caffeine-oriented drinks at hand. Java Burn is also scientifically backed, as we’ll witness in their descriptions below. 

Java Burn ingredients include: 

  • Chlorogenic Acid 
  • EGCG 
  • Chromium 
  • L-Carnitine 
  • L-Theanine 

Chlorogenic Acid 

Chlorogenic acid is commonly found in green coffee beans. This substance is somewhat of an all-rounder in this list, giving out some legit antibacterial and antioxidant properties. However, as it’s called in a shortened way, CGAhas been found to effectively ramp up the way our bodies burn our excess fat. It can also lower your blood glucose levels, which makes it doubly lovely in today’s world of excessive sugary treats. 


When we say that this supplement has nutritional synergy, we weren’t joking. Besides these five ingredients being heavily synergized with caffeine, this substance is also synergized with the l-theanine found in this supplement. According to this randomized controlled trial from 2011, it has been found that when you combine EGCG and l-theanine, you get astounding cognitive benefits for the individual. EGCG is commonly called green tea extract, so it makes sense. In addition, this particular substance can also give you metabolism that’s three times faster than what you have right now. 


Chromium, or in this case chromium picolinate, is commonly used for patients with diabetic tendencies. It can lower the blood glucose levels of any individual. As we all know, excess sugars tend to be converted into excess fats. Chromium can mitigate the increase of fats at its source, thereby making it easy for the body to recover in the long run.  


The most outstanding metabolism booster to go with your daily dose of caffeine, l-carnitine can reliably metabolize and oxidize fats to be turned into energy. Some studies have already confirmed this, and real-life testimonies have told us that they felt increased power right after they supplemented l-carnitine into their diets at hand. In general, you can get up to 414% increased fat-burning tendency when supplementing yourself with l-carnitine at hand. 


Last but not least, l-theanine is here for increased cognitive performance. With increased clarity of mind, you can have less stress. With less stress, your body functions better. It can metabolize better. It can give you that renewed zest in life. You can do so much more that can motivate you in the following days and more. That’s how l-theanine can affect your overall quality of health. As they say, the more you’re stressed, the more your body won’t cooperate, so cheer up with this supplement now! 

The Effectiveness of Java Burn 

With all the data and facts laid down, we can now gauge the effectiveness of Java Burn as a whole. 

Safety Rating – 10/10 

Java Burn is arguably one of the safest supplements out there in the market right now. With not many side effects to come by, you are assured of a safe weight loss program with minimum risks. All these risks only come out when you go over the top with this supplement at hand, which means that you should be fine if you go with the recommendation of one stick per day.  

Effectiveness Rating – 9/10 

Perhaps this supplement’s biggest drawback is that it won’t work when taken without caffeine. But, other than that, this supplement should work well for people who love such drinks at hand. This is why the effectiveness rating is on a bit lousy side, but it’s effective nevertheless due to the simplicity of its composition at hand. 

The Price of Java Burn 

Java Burn is not pricey at first glance. Let’s take a closer lookat this matter at hand. 

How much is one pouch of Java Burn? 

Java Burn costs $49 per pouch. That already contains 30 sticks – valid for a full 30 days of supply. 

However, you can buy Java Burn at a much lower price by buying it in bundles of threes and sixes. In particular, Java Burn’s discounted prices are as follows: 

As we can see, the most fabulous discount lies in the 6-pouch bundle. It only costs $34 per pouch if you buy it in such a bundle, giving you total savings worth $90! Furthermore, since it is recommended that you take Java Burn for six months, it is better to get the 6-pouch bundle whenever you can for only $204! 

Does Java Burn have any shipping fees? 

Yes. However, the shipping fees for this product depend on where you are in the world. For example, if you buy in the United States, the shipping costs only are $9.95. However, if you order Java Burn from the United Kingdom, you’ll need to pay a total of $30.20, including VAT. 

Where can you buy Java Burn? 

You can only buy Java Burn at the Java Burn official website. Therefore, you mustn’t let yourself be fooled by other people in buying Java Burn from other outside sources. This is the only way you can protect yourself as a consumer at hand. 

Where is Java Burn available? 

Java Burn is available worldwide, so get it while you can. This gives it an advantage against other supplements that are only available in the United States. 

The Reviews behind Java Burn 

Java Burn reviews are extensively positive for the most part. It can be viewed positively because of its overwhelmingly simple yet effective approach to weight loss. 

Here are some of the Java Burn reviews that we sourced from the internet: 

“I’m so glad I tried this supplement out. I am a fan of coffee, especially from that green coffee store that everybody loves. The barista asked me what I was putting into their coffee and jokingly said it was powdered steroids! This Java Burn gives me the strength I need to pursue my career while preventing my tummy from getting fat like before. Indeed, I have already lost 40 pounds since I first used this product! Thanks, John Barban. Real MVP!” – Brandi D., Visalia, CA, USA 

“My friends kept telling me I looked better. I felt like they were teasing me at first, but then my special someone told me I looked really better than before, without a doubt. I carefully looked at myself in the mirror and concluded that I had actually gained some real figure. I look like a human now and not a pig! What a transformation. I suggest others try this product out!” – Brook S., Winchester, KY, USA 

The Verdict on Java Burn 

Java Burn is a highly acclaimed supplement from the things we have reviewed above. It is practical, safe to drink, and easy to understand.Therefore, with great confidence, we recommend this supplement to everyone who loves coffee and slimming down for a better and brighter future ahead. 

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