Keto XO Reviews: Is There Better Alternative?


Ever since researchers were able to isolate BHB ketones, the active ingredient released by our liver in the ketogenic diet, keto diet pills have exploded in popularity.

Why would anybody want to go through the ordeal, that is the ketogenic diet, when you can just pop keto bhb pills instead and still get the same weight loss?

Keto Diet suck! If you have tried it, then you know what we mean. If you haven’t, then there’s no reason to. All you need is the ketone bodies to get the same weight loss.

That’s where keto diet pills come into the picture.

But there’s one critical variable that people often get wrong. To produce active ketosis, you need a dietary supplement that can produce a sufficient amount of ketone bodies.

Perfect Origins Keto XO is one of the most popular Keto diet formulas out there.

It claims that it can produce a sufficient amount of Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), allowing your body to attain and maintain ketosis without as much effort as it normally takes.

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In theory, that’s just what you need from a weight loss dietary supplement. Sadly, Keto XO falls short of meeting these claims by a fair bit. Today, we will review this popular supplement in detail and help you understand why it doesn’t cut the mustard.

What is Perfect Origins Keto XO?

Perfect Origins Keto XO is a popular keto diet supplement that claims to help users drop weight fast, without struggling to produce ketosis naturally.

It contains a blend of three types of bhb ketones in an 800 mg concentration. According to the brand, this suffices to produce the weight reduction benefits associated with ketogenic diets. But does it really? We will touch more on this in a bit.

So, rather than using carbohydrates for fuel, your body is forced to use fat instead. BHB Keto induced by Keto XO can thus be used for rapid weight loss goals, without dietary modification.

What Are The Perfect Origins Keto Xo Ingredients?

Perfect Origins Keto XO contains a proprietary blend, which is a mix of Magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate, Calcium Beta Hydrxybutyrate & Sodium Beta Hydroxybutyrate.

Again, supplementing with these exogenous BHB ketones have been clinically proven to help induce ketosis.

But there are a few problems here. This being a proprietary blend, we have no idea of the exact concentration of each ingredient. There’s a rule of thumb in the health supplements industry that a prop blend is a red flag.

For instance, it could contain just 1 mg of Calcium Beta Hydrxybutyrate and 799 of the rest. It could even contain 799 of Calcium Beta Hydrxybutyrate and 1 mg of the rest.

That’s a problem that we have in general with proprietary blends that refuse to divulge details about exact concentrations of ingredients.

Does Perfect Origins Keto XO Formula Work?

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We are sure that you are also wondering whether the perfect origins keto xo formula works as advised. We don’t think so. Here’s why.

The concentration is not sufficient enough to elevate BHB levels

There are two types of exogenous ketones that are used in weight loss pills. One is Ketogenic salts, in which the ketone is attached to a salt, like sodium and calcium. The second is a ketogenic ester, which is in liquid form.

Perfect Origins Keto XO contains Ketone salts. But the concentration of the salts is not adequate enough to achieve ketosis with as much efficiency as a ketogenic diet. It contains only 800 mg of the ketone salts.

All clinical studies that have shown that beta hydroxybutyric acid can help your body in fat burning without burning carbs, contained at least 8 grams of the salt. That’s the bare minimum.

That’s 10x the concentration of what you get with Keto XO.

Now, assuming that most people burn greater calories on the keto diet and this supplement aims to mimic those results, how can it even come close to producing the same results with a 90% watered dose?

The Reviews are not there

If you cut through the hype and look closely, you will notice that the reviews are all exaggerated. This is a classic marketing strategy used for weight loss pills. Most of these reviews are limited to the Keto XO website. If you check dietary supplements messaging boards, you wont find a single positive review. This for us is a huge red flag.

It may work as an adjuvant to a Keto Diet

If you are already on the keto diet, or looking to kick start your ketogenic diet journey by supplementing with exogenous ketones, then maybe this might work. Even then, the concentration is too less to induce ketosis by elevating levels of beta hydroxybutyrate.

But giving it the benefit of doubt here, this may just work. But if you are looking for a supplement that can provide weight loss support without actually following the ketogenic diet, then this is not that supplement. You need something stronger.

Are There Perfect Origins Keto Xo Side Effects?

No there aren’t. For the exact same reason that we mentioned above. There’s not enough active ingredients to produce even the mildest side effect associated with ketones, the Keto Flu. Ideally, any ketogenic dietary supplements should at least produce the keto flu so that you know its working.

But Keto XO does not even come close to producing it. Rather than being happy that this bhb accelerated blend is side effect free, you should use it as an indicator that it does elevate the levels of ketones at all.

Perfect Origins Keto – Pros & Cons

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of the perfect origins keto XO formula.

Good about Keto XO

  • Contains ketone salts that are clinically proven to work
  • A very low dose of ketone salts that may be a good option for someone looking for an adjuvant to a regular keto diet
  • Manufactured in the United States

Bad about Keto XO

  • Not a sufficient concentration of the active ingredient to induce weight loss or produce ketone bodies
  • May be one of the lowest strength keto bhb pills out there

Keto XO – The Overview & Verdict

Not recommended if are looking for a strong keto bhb formula to induce weight loss. It may work as a supplement for someone who’s new to ketosis. But don’t look for any other benefits, except the initial bump in ketone bodies.

Which other Keto Diet Pills are better?

The sheer popularity of keto bhb pills has led to a sudden spurt in the number of supplements that claim to contain exogenous ketones. But there’s a lot of junk being peddled in colorful vials and bottles. If you are looking to shed pounds, you need a formula that produces results like the keto diet without the effort. One of the best ones that we’ve seen is Keto Charge.

What is Keto Charge?

Keto Charge is a new ketosis supplement that contains the full-spectrum of ketone salts, which will increase the levels of beta hydroxybutyrate, to a sufficiently high levels. This will then induce ketosis and help you shed pounds at a much quicker rate.

Regardless of whether you want to avoid the high fats intake, and stick to a normal diet, while reaping the benefits of the ketosis metabolic state, or you are already on the ketogenic diet and are looking to amplify your results, Keto Charge fits the bill perfectly.

Keto Charge vs. The Ketogenic Diet

Some of you are probably wondering why you should use an exogenous ketone supplement, rather than just doing the ketogenic diet yourself. Here’s an overview of why Keto Charge is 10x easier.

Stick to a normal diet

Keto Charge contains a wholesome blend of exogenous ketone salts that will increase the levels of beta hydroxybutyrate, the primary ketone in your body. When levels of this ketone increase, the human metabolism is altered. Your body now burns fats instead of burning carbs for fuel.

Here’s the kicker. With the diet, you will have to practically eliminate carbs from your diet. But with Keto Charge, you can stick to a normal diet and still shed pounds, as if you were in ketosis already.

Accelerated Fat Burning from the get go

With the diet, it takes time before your body attains ketosis. Even then, it is tough to maintain ketosis because even a small, unintentional slip in the diet can push your body out of the ketosis state.

With Keto Charge, you get the fat burning without the guesswork. You are supplementing your body with exogenous ketones, that too, all natural ingredients. There’s no reason to struggle with the whole low carbs phase. You are in Ketosis the moment you pop the pill. Your metabolic state will change from get go, allowing you to get all the benefits of keto without the wait.

No Keto Flu despite the high concentration

One of the reasons why we like Keto Charge so much is that it does not cause the Keto Flu, despite having a high concentration of ketone salts. The manufacturers worked for years to produce a formula that torches your fat stores, without causing the annoying side effects associated with keto flu.

All you need is two capsules a day.

Never slip out of ketosis with keto diet pills

Keto Charge ensures that you stay in ketosis until you meet your target weight. Even if you accidentally pop some carbs, or have a dietary slip, the elevated levels of beta hydroxybutyric acid produced by Keto Charge will keep you in ketosis.

Your body will continue to shed pounds at all time.

What are the pros and cons of Keto Charge?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Keto Charge and why we prefer this supplement over perfect origins keto xo.

The Good about Keto Charge

  • High strength formula that will initiate ketosis in your body from the get go. If you have been struggling with ineffective weight loss supplements, guzzling fats, and dealing with an unrealistic exercising schedule, try this.
  • Consistently good customer reviews. We have been reviewing Keto Pills for the past 5-years, since they first started to flood supplement shelves. We have never seen a product that has been able to garner consistent positive reviews. Keto Charge is one of the only ones.
  • Comes with a money back guarantee. Here’s the deal. No other keto supplement offers a money back guarantee. That’s because they are looking to fleece you. But Keto Charge does. They back their supplement, because it is effective.
  • Top Notch Pricing. Supplements claiming to contain Keto BHB are being sold for obscene prices on the internet. But these will not even have the faintest effect on your body mass index. Dont get swayed by fancy advertising. Keto Charge is reasonably priced and they offer one free bottle when you buy two. You essentially get three bottles for the price of two.
  • Top Rated Customer Service Team. Many companies out there don’t even have a customer service team. Keto Charge’s CS team is amongst the top rated ones in the health and fitness supplements industry.

The Bad about Keto Charge

  • Keto Charge is perpetually out of stock. Whenever a new batch of the supplement arrives, it sells out in minutes. Sometimes, we have been unable to secure even one bottle for our personal use.
  • Only available on the official website. These guys have to branch out and offer more options for purchase. At least that will reduce the crushing demand on the official website alone.

Keto Charge vs. Perfect Origins Keto Xo

This is what it all boils down to. Why do we recommend Keto Charge over Perfect Origins Keto XO? How do these two supplements compare with one another, on some critical parameters related to weight loss and efficacy?

Let’s find out.

Inducing Ketosis

Keto Charge is clearly the better option. It contains a wholesome blend of Ketone salts that will induce ketosis regardless of your body conditioning and your diet. Keto XO on the other hand, lacks the necessary concentration for the keto salt to induce ketosis and produce ketones.

If you are looking to avoid the diet and still get the benefits of keto, Keto Charge is the ideal choice.

Losing Weight

Due to the higher concentration of the active ingredients, Keto Charge will help you with weight loss in a shorter time frame as compared to other weight loss supplements. While it is impossible to quote a number, most men and women are able to lose up to 25-30 lbs. with Keto Charge.

Maintaining the weight loss

Keto Charge elevates the levels of ketones in your body to its peak, which makes it easier to maintain the weight loss. You will not slip out of keto state as easily as you would with other keto supplements.

Time Frame

A lot of customers who use Keto Charge mention that they are able to feel the effects of the supplement in hours after using it. Be rest assured that this will work faster than XO.

Side Effects

Both these supplements do not cause side effects. The irony though, is that its for different reasons. XO does not cause side effects because it does not contain the active ingredient in a sufficient concentration.

Keto Charge on the other hand is a refined formulation that is side-effect free.

Quality & Customer Service

While XO is also a quality supplement, Keto Charge holds the edge based on what we have been told by customers who have tried both these supplements. Their customer support team is active, friendly and responsive. They often go out of their way to solve issues, which speaks volumes about their business ethics.

Final Verdict – Which is the best keto supplement?

Keto XO is not a bad supplement per se. But it’s just not effective enough to produce fast results. If you are looking to skip the conventional appetite suppressants and thermogenic fat burner, we are sure you are looking to expedite your results.

For that, you need Keto Charge. This is the fastest acting formula that we have reviewed in a long time. It has excellent customer reviews, a concentrated ingredient blend, and will induce ketones in your body consistently. For us, it’s almost a no-brainer choice.

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