LivLean Review: Real Ingredients Or Scam Perfect Origins Formula?


LivLean is a dietary supplement that promises to improve the metabolic functions of the liver and provide several other significant health benefits. It also claims detoxification and immunity-building for all ages in children and adults; it could even help with weight loss. 

About LivLean 

The liver is the most important organ in the body. It contains hundreds of metabolic functions and enzymatic reactions that happen every minute. These are responsible for metabolizing fat & carbohydrates to generate energy. It takes the initiative to convert extra carbs into fats to be stored elsewhere, like the adipose or muscle tissue. 

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The liver is essential for regulating blood sugar levels, protein metabolism, and cholesterol production. It also removes toxins from the body by breaking down these nutrients, so they don’t build up in the organs or cause further damage to users over time. External factors, such as alcohol abuse, impair its functionality, leading to severe cases of multi-organ failure.  

This can be prevented with proper care. LivLean capsules claim to optimize liver function by facilitating the cleansing and detoxification processes. People often have trouble with cholesterol levels, blood sugar control mechanisms, and immunity due to an unhealthy liver. 


1.  Green Tea Powdered Extract 

Green tea extract is a popular additive to supplements because it contains an antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate. This powerful anti-inflammatory and weight loss-promoting ingredient can be found in many different products, such as diet pills or fat burners, for those looking to shed pounds fast without leaving the house. 

2.  Citrus Extract 

Bittersweet orange peel is an appetite suppressant that raises metabolism and aids weight loss. It contains numerous stimulant compounds, such as Synephrine. But there are some concerns about its safety and its being under-researched with side effects associated with it. Users should make sure they know what’s going on before taking this supplement. 

3.  Turmeric 

Turmeric is a spice that has been enjoyed for centuries in Indian cuisine. Recent studies show it is not only delicious but also provides relief from anxiety and stomach-related issues and an increased sense of mobility among those who are elderly or suffer from joint pain due to osteoarthritis. However, some researchers believe there’s no proof curcumin does anything more than just taste good. 

Curcumin seems to be the answer for weight loss, but recent studies show that it has been greatly overhyped. Curcumin itself is not absorbed well and needs Piperine (from black pepper) for the body to use its benefits on metabolism or curbing appetite

One study found out how Piperine enhanced absorption rate and could help people having trouble digesting meat, including those with inflammation-related conditions like IBS-D. However, there are still limitations as other spices also need a higher level of acidity before they break down into PPPs, which lessens their benefit significantly. 

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4.  Black pepper Extract 

It’s a well-known fact that black pepper can help boost the efficacy of other compounds. This is partly due to its “patented” extract, which has been shown through studies and research as an effective way to improve certain ailments, such as arthritis or heart conditions – just not everything. 

5.  Alpha-lipoic acid 

Alpha-lipoic acid is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is an effective antioxidant, protecting the cells from oxidative stress. Supplementation could help protect against many different diseases associated with aging, such as heart disease and diabetes. It also seems capable of suppressing hunger via inhibition of AMPK in the brains’ hypothalamus region. However, little research has gone into human trials at this point. 

6.  Dandelion Root Extract  

Dandelion root is an ancient herb that has been used for over 4,000 years. Dandelions grow naturally in North America and Europe. But their roots can cause problems when ingested by cattle as they produce a toxin similar to botulism bacteria. However, there’s no evidence of this occurring at low doses (the amount needed would be too small even if it weren’t filtered). The extract from these plants has shown promising results against chronic diseases such as fibrosis or inflammation, among others. This is because they contain antioxidants like beta-carotene along with nutrients, such as potassium. 

7.  Artichoke Leaf Extract 

Artichoke Leaf Extract is a natural way to reduce cholesterol levels and combat atherosclerosis. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. Recent research shows that it can help patients suffering from jaundice or liver insufficiency heal much faster because of its diuretic properties, which stimulate urine production and treat fatty deposits on artery walls leading towards heart disease risk factors like obesity. 

8.  Selenium 

Selenium is an important mineral that can be found in food sources such as eggs, dairy, and meat. This element may prevent the oxidation of cholesterol which would lead to decreased inflammation within tissues. Selenium also improves immunity by increasing white blood cell count according to scientific data from the 2003 published article “anti-oxidative effect on lymphocytes”. 

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How Does LivLean work? 

LivLean contains several natural ingredients that work together to optimize liver function. The constituents in LivLean may restore balance within the body by working synergistically. And they might be able to do this through different pathways than other medications or supplements on the market today – making it a healthier option. 

According to the manufacturer, LivLean is a supplement for people who want to care for their liver. It can help the body eliminate toxins and prevent cell damage, resulting in fewer inflammation-related conditions like arthritis or diabetes

How to Use LivLean/Dosage 

LivLean is a revolutionary dietary supplement that may help users feel and function more like their old selves. Take two capsules per day to experience all of the benefits. 

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Benefits of LivLean 

LivLean is a natural product that could improve liver health and metabolism. The supplement contains many all-natural ingredients. This makes it safe for use without side effects, especially for people who drink alcohol or eat unhealthy food like fast foods on occasion. Livlein’s affordable price makes the company one of the best options when looking into improving energy levels. 

Side effects of LivLean 

The LivLean manufacturing company claims that their product is safe and side effects free. However, this may vary depending on individual circumstances. 

LivLean provides a way to lose weight without any additives or drug-related problems, which can cause other health issues for some people living with them, such as high cholesterol levels. It also does not contain gluten either, so those who have allergies should be careful before taking it! 

Purchase & Price 

LivLean is available for purchase on the manufacturer’s official website and other retail websites at a reasonable price. Livlean also comes with multiple offers for bundle purchases, including free shipping within the US or Canada. 

Money-Back Guarantee and refund policy 

LivLean has a money-back guarantee but no trial. Dissatisfied customers can request a refund (excluding shipping and handling charges) within 60 days of the purchase date. 

LivLean doesn’t have any free trials because it gives people enough time to check if the product works on the body type or not before making such an expensive decision. The cost of the supplement is $97, with all supplements included. However, other inexpensive and ineffective products in similar categories are available online at checkout counters nearby stores offering 3-day trials, which would be more convenient. 

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Is it Safe? 

LivLean is formulated with all-natural ingredients and medical professionals under the supervision of a scientific advisory board. The company claims that it tests its products, but there’s no mention or evidence about this anywhere online for LivLean consumers to see what would happen if they were tested in an independent lab setting. 


LivLean is a clinically-tested fat burner that increases metabolism, encourages efficient calorie burning, and prevents overeating. The product can be used by anyone who wants to lose weight easily without side effects for long periods—or risking their health with dangerous stimulants found in other similar products on the market today. 

LivLean’s 100% satisfaction guarantee backs this up as well. Suppose people don’t feel that their purchase has been worth it within 60 days from the date of purchase (or at any point during the initial 30-day trial). In that case, they just have to send back unused supplements along with an email requesting a refund under “Goodwill Shipping” (The email address included inside the package on the customs form). The manufacturer will issue a full refund, including shipping costs. LivLeans’ formula contains scientifically backed ingredients 


It cannot be purchased from retail stores. Only available on the official sites and stocks can be low sometimes. 


LivLean has some great ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, and green tea extract. However, it also contains bitter orange, which may cause heart issues for some people if they’re overweight or obese with poor eating habits. It’s best to maintain an active lifestyle while trying not to exceed the daily calorie intake to safely lose weight over time so people can keep the new pounds off. 

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