Meticore Reviews (Warning) Scam Side Effects Risk? Critical Research


Meticore is one of the top listed dietary formulas which target metabolism and initiate a natural fat burning process inside the body. It follows a natural and safe way to lose weight without requiring the user to follow a starving diet or remedy. It helps the body by working on a slow metabolism and elevating it to an optimum level.  

The variety of ingredients inside the Meticore supplement offer remarkable health benefits, all of which are proven by a number of independent research studies. All of these ingredients work on problems associated with a slow metabolism making it easy for the body to shed excess weight on its own.  

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Amid the on-going pandemic, taking care of health is the ultimate goal of every person. Even international organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) urge people to make their health a priority and make sure there is no underlying factor that makes them vulnerable to this deadly virus. Not many people know, but obesity is one of the biggest risk factors for COVID-19, which gives more reasons to start working on weight loss and protect the body from any pathogenic attack.  

Now that most people have already confined them at their houses, it is unfair to expect them to join a gym or spend hundreds of dollars on a weight loss diet plan or meal delivery. The easiest thing which doesn’t require going out of the house or affects a person’s budget is to try a supplement that promotes weight loss. 


Coming to all available options, the market is full of dietary supplements that offer faster effects at a low price. On the other side, some high-end products guarantee weight loss but cost way above an average earning US citizen. This struggle to search for a reliable and affordable weight loss supplement is frustrating and tedious. However, knowing about Meticore can save time and effort to find a go-to solution for weight loss. The herbal formulation, affordability, and doorstep delivery make it much more desirable than other products of the same nature.  

If you are searching for some help to start your weight loss journey quickly, the best is to mark all available options and read about their details. Before knowing how a certain product may help in weight loss, investing your hard-earned money into it is unwise. For now, let’s start with knowing about the formulation, benefits, and where to buy Meticore. We hope this Meticore review will clear your mind with questions regarding this product. 

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Meticore Review 

The United States is the ‘heaviest’ country in terms of obesity trends worldwide. But obesity is not a problem for Americans alone, and people from all parts of the world struggle with it. Surprisingly, the obesity levels since 1975 have drastically changed, and obesity is also the biggest risk factor for preventable mortality. In most cases, obesity leads a person to diabetes, heart diseases, kidney failure, and many other diseases. Unlike 50 years ago, more people are struggling with weight loss than weight gain, according to the World Health Organization.  

These obesity levels are particularly high in children, and a recent study has estimated childhood obesity to be nearly ten times higher than in 1975.  

Most health experts agree that controlling obesity among Americans is extremely hard, notwithstanding the government trying everything to control it. The factors behind increasing obesity trends are complex, and there is no simple answer to what is causing this global rise in obesity. Nonetheless, dietary patterns and preference for high fat, deep-fried, and processed food play a leading role in weight gain.  

These sugars are high in sodium, sugar, and numerous artificial ingredients and prepared using cheap quality, trans-fat oil, with additives to add to its shelf life. When people start preferring these foods over natural and healthy foods, that’s where this obesity begins.  

The U.S market for weight loss pills and products is worth $72 billion, which explains the willingness and interest of Americans to lose weight. While there are so many options available, Meticore can be a good choice to make.  

Meticore pills follow a different approach to support weight loss. Instead of fooling the body into an artificial and forced weight loss, it works on metabolism. For those who don’t know, metabolism is the set of all activities involved in food breakdown and energy production. Interestingly, obesity impairs a normal metabolic function, leading the body to accumulate heaps of fat starting obesity.  

Although it is still possible to improve this slow metabolism with diet, medicines, and exercises, it is a long process. It may also require professional help, which increases the health budget. Using Meticore pills is a safer and easier alternative, which is now available for an affordable price.  

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The Link Between Meticore and Obesity   

Obesity may be different in every person, and no two people share the identical progression and outlook of obesity. Still, all obese people share some characteristics, including low energy, fatigue, high BMI, risk of diseases, and a low basal body temperature.  

A basal body temperature, also called core body temperature, is the true indication of the body temperature and is determined by all the cellular activities. Once a person gains more weight, these cellular activities change and affect the core body temperature, making it low. This slowcore body temperature eventually affects metabolism and impairs digestion. 

When the body has a low core body temperature, it cannot break down and utilizes food, making the body accumulate fat and become obese. Without addressing the slow metabolism, and core body temperature, it is impossible to lose weight, which is why the makers of the Meticore supplement have focused on this problem and designed a product that can make it happen.  

Using Meticore pills daily adds a number of plant-sourced ingredients inside the body. These ingredients have one thing in common: they play a role in weight loss, directly or indirectly. It enables the body to lose weight, even when the body is in a deep sleep. This sounds too good to be true; let’s see how Meticore pills improve a low core body temperature. 

What Makes Low Core Temperature a Problem?  

When the core body /basal body temperature is below 36 degrees Celsius, it is categorized as ‘low.’ Health experts agree that a low core body temperature often links to hypothyroidism, making it impossible to lose weight. Hypothyroidism is a genuine medical condition in which the working of the thyroid gland is impaired, leading to an unexplained weight increase. It also makes weight loss impossible for a person, affecting energy levels, slowing metabolism, and thinning hair.  

The metabolic rate of the body is based on the efficiency of the thyroid gland. Although the core body temperature can drop and increase in some cases on its own, which is normal. For example, women experience a low core body temperature during the menstrual cycle, but this temperature change is not permanent. When the low core body temperature doesn’t reach the optimum level on its own, it is time that the body needs some help. Meticore pills save from impaired thyroid function, improving the metabolism and inducing a natural weight loss. 

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Is Meticore Scam Real? What Makes it a Legit Supplement? 

There is always a risk with trying new products, and when it is about health, it is never too late to do a mandatory background check. Although many people suspect dietary supplements for weight loss to be scams, there is no such thing as the Meticore scam. In fact, Meticore diet pills address the two most important questions regarding weight loss.  

  1. Is there a scientific value of this core body temperature and metabolism link?  
  1. How does a person lose weight with a change in his metabolism?  

Core Body Temperature, Metabolism and Obesity 

There is much research that provides a basis to build a link between core body temperature and obesity. While a low core body temperature is a sign of slow metabolism, there is direct evidence on how changing the core body temperature can prevent obesity and induce a natural weight loss.  

To make this happen, the body needs something to change the core body temperature, which further affects metabolism and finally triggers weight loss. For most people, dietary patterns, workout routines, and lifestyle/habits can help, but using a dietary formula like Meticore can also help a person who has less time to complete lifestyle transformation.   

Weight Loss with a Change in Metabolic Rate  

Metabolic rate means the speed of the body at which it breaks down, digests, and utilizes the food that a person eats. This process is extensive, long, and involves so many processes, all of which are affected if there is an underlying problem. Common things like inflammation, toxins, and low core body temperature can affect metabolism, changing the body’s capacity to burn calories. Based on these underlying issues, it appears that changing metabolism can either speed up or slow down a weight loss progress.  

A slow metabolic rate represents that the body is not making all efforts to process the food, and there is a high chance that most of this food will accumulate as fat layers around the body. Using Meticore diet pills plays a significant role in improving metabolism, which further affects the user’s weight loss progress.  

These two answers reveal that Meticore pills are created with a vision to improve metabolism and give this power to the body to control the fate of food that a person eats. Let’s proceed further and know about the formulation of this supplement, which is behind these actions.  

Understanding the Effects of Meticore Ingredients  

The herbal ingredients inside Meticore pills are responsible for all its benefits. All of these ingredients are added as per daily dietary recommendations for an adult person. Here is a sneak peek of Meticore ingredients.  

  • Vitamin B12 (15mcg) 
  • Chromium (35mcg) 
  • Meticore Proprietary Blend (250mg) 
  • Vitamin B12; it is also called ‘cobalamin,’ is an essential nutrient that is a part of almost all multivitamin pills. It ensures improved nerve health, red blood cell formation and helps in DNA synthesis. According to the studies, when a person is deficient in vitamin B12, he is most likely to experience stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, the body is not self-sufficient in vitamin B12 production, which is why it is added to the Meticore formula to meet the daily dietary demands. 
  • Chromium; is an essential mineral that enhances lipid, carbohydrate, and sugar metabolism. The recent data suggests that chromium deficiency can build glucose tolerance leading to fluctuating blood sugar levels leading to diabetes type 2. Simultaneously, it also affects the control over cholesterol, increasing the risk for heart conditions and atherosclerosis. Chromium is pre-added to Meticore pills so that the body doesn’t deprive of this mineral.   
  • Proprietary blend; Meticore proprietary blend contains six natural ingredients, including turmeric rhizome, African mango seeds, Ginger, Moringa leaves, Bitter mango (Citrus aurantium fruit), and Fucoxanthin (from Brown seaweed).  

Here is a brief description of each Meticore ingredient inside this proprietary blend. 

  • African Mango Extract 

Scientifically called Irvingia gabonensis, this ingredient has a long history of medicinal use. According to some studies, it may also help in weight loss if used for a few months. There are also some studies that reveal its potential to shed stubborn body fat, especially around the waist, hips, and thighs. Other benefits of it include immunity boost, sugar, and cholesterol control.  

  • Fucoxanthin (Brown Seaweed Extract) 

Fucoxanthin is the naturally occurring natural ingredient inside brown seaweed, which is also a part of the Meticore formula. This ingredient works on accumulated fat and uses it to obtain energy. The high nutrition count of brown seaweed adds various antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to the body, which flush out toxins and save from chronic inflammation, leading to obesity.    

  • Ginger Extract 

Most people know ginger rhizome as a flavoring herb added to various recipes, but it also has a medicinal side that may help against obesity. Galangin and chrysin, two active ingredients inside ginger, prevent fat accumulation, ensuring a high metabolic rate and weight loss. In addition to other Meticore ingredients, these bioactive compounds in ginger improve overall weight loss progress.  

  • Moringa leaves 

Moringa has isothiocyanates inside, which have a natural anti-obesity potential. They improve the insulin sensitivity in users who follow a high-fat or popular western diet and experience a slow metabolism. In addition to that, it contains vitamin A, B2 zinc, and magnesium, which contribute to good health.  

  • Turmeric 

Turmeric is not only a spice but also offers antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits; this way, it relieves inflammation, which is a common underlying issue in weight loss. Inside Meticore ingredients, it increases the bioavailability and absorption of all other ingredients and maintains a high core body temperature, leading to weight loss.  

  • Bitter Orange  

Scientifically called Citrus Bioflavonoids, this ingredient improves digestion in a completely natural way. Meticore pills can trigger thermogenesis because this ingredient contains synephrine, a bioactive compound that is a safe alternative to ephedra.  

All ingredients inside Meticore weight loss pills have various independent studies on them, confirming their benefits for humans. In addition to that, there are the lowest chances of side effects while using this product because the natural ingredients are usually risk-free.  

But if a person is not sure about using Meticore pills, contact a primary health care provider to make the decision. Alternatively, he can try any healthy weight loss diet and exercise to lose weight. 

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Directions to Use Meticore Supplement  

Using Meticore is very easy; take it with a glass of water at any time of the day.  However, it is better to use it in the early hours, so that effects last for the whole day ahead. 

Meticore is an independent supplement, which means it doesn’t require any specific diet to lose weight. But combining it with a healthy diet along with moderate activity is ideal.  

For best results, follow these tips.  

  • Drink plenty of water, especially on an empty stomach, and before taking a meal.  
  • Regulate sleeping hours and give the body some time to rest.  
  • Put a limit to alcohol intake and do not consume more than one drink in one sitting. 
  • Switch to fresh dietary sources and stop buying processed foods.  
  • Do not try a fad diet, even if it is rated best for weight loss. 
meticore reviews

What Makes Meticore a Legit Weight Loss Support Formula?  

Within a few months, the Meticore weight loss supplement has become one of the highly demanded products related to weight loss. It is due to its composition and properties, which make it a legit choice for weight loss.  

Based on Meticore customer reviews, some features make it better than other products offering the same benefits.  

  • Natural composition  

The problem with most weight loss supplements is that there is no way to determine their ingredients. Many companies hide information regarding their formula because they don’t want customers to know that they are using stimulants, fillers, or addictive chemicals inside to achieve the weight loss targets and get the customers hooked to their product. But Meticore pills show complete transparency in ingredients, formulation, and daily value in every dose. It is one big reason why this supplement is high in demand.  

  • Different approach 

There are probably hundreds of weight loss supplements, all of which promise to shed weight within a few days or weeks. The reason that makes Meticore diet pills different from all of these is the approach that it follows.  

Instead of tricking the body into a forced weight loss, it addresses one of the most ignored problems in obesity, which is a low core body temperature. The Meticore ingredients induce natural thermogenesis, which raises the core body temperature, changing metabolic rate, and finally beginning the weight loss process.  

  • Easy to use  

Although weight loss with a restrictive diet and workout is also effective, it requires a lot of concentration and motivation every day for at least three to six months. Most people lose their interest during this time, and they never reach their target weight. On the other side, using a Meticore supplement is easy and doesn’t require much planning or hard to maintain motivation. It requires daily use with a glass of water, which is not something hard to do even for months.  

  • Vegan/vegetarian diet-friendly  

With so much focus on health, millions of people have changed their diet and switched to a vegan/vegetarian diet. But they often face trouble finding a product that matches their dietary preferences. Meticore diet pills don’t contain meat, eggs, dairy, or any other ingredient inside. For this reason, they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians out there.  

  • Non-stimulatory, non-addictive  

Most medicines and fat burners share an addictive nature, making users dependent on them for a long time and require a high dosage after a few weeks of use. Meticore supplement follows a strict non-stimulatory and non-addictive policy. Nothing inside this supplement can build an addiction or tolerance, even if it is used for months.  

  • Real results  

There is no such thing as ‘fast results’ when it comes to weight loss, and any product which offers these unbelievable results is most likely to be fake. Meticore follows a completely natural approach to lose weight while improving other functions of the body as well. If used as per user instructions, the user can see results regarding both weight and body inches.   

  • Suitable for everyone  

Unlike many other products, Meticore pills are not gender-specific. Many products are either recommended for women or men, but these products come with a risk of hormonal changes, which can cause numerous problems.  

Meticore is suitable for people belonging to all genders, even if they are experiencing fluctuating hormones. It is because it doesn’t use hormones to trigger a forced weight loss. The natural ingredients inside its formula are safe for everyone; hence this supplement is suitable for most people.  

There are no chemicals, fillers, or hidden ingredients added to the Meticore formula. All the ingredients inside it are sourced from premium quality natural ingredients, making it safe for everyday use. 

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Meticore Side Effects, if Any? 

It would be a lie to say that a product is completely side-effect-free, no matter how it is used. Despite being an herbal product, there are some concerns regarding Meticore, which are to be followed for a safe experience.  

Being a herbal product doesn’t mean that a person can abuse Meticore pills. All the ingredients inside this supplement are highly potent and may interact with the body if abused. The common side effects of overdosing include digestive distress, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue.  

In any case, using or mixing a Meticore pill with any opioid, antidepressant, sleeping pill, or any other prescription-based medicine is not recommended. These medicines are highly interactive and can cause severe side effects to the body. 

Where to Buy Meticore Pills? Is it Expensive? 

Meticore pills are available online for direct purchasing. It has no local retailers or parties to save new users from a potential Meticore scam, which is common if third parties are involved. The only way to buy Meticore pills is through its official website –  

Going through the Meticore website tells that there are so many options for a user, based on the weight loss target and budget. Right now, there are three options available.  

  • One bottle (30 days dose) for $59 per bottle 
  • Three bottles (90 days dose) for $49 per bottle 
  • Six bottles (180 days dose) for $39 per bottle 

There are 30 capsules in every bottle of Meticore, and this one bottle is to be finished in one month, ideally. The recommended dosage of Meticore for a healthy weight loss is only one capsule per day. It may take 90 to 180 days for a complete body transformation. However, there are no risks or side effects to using it for a long time, and based on the target weight, it can be used even after six months.   

Satisfaction Guarantee by Meticore Pills  

If you buy Meticore from its official website, your order is automatically considered for a money-back offer, which the company provides to all customers. The duration to avail of this offer is 60 days or two months, which is sufficient to check its effects. In case a user experiences no benefits of using this supplement, he can contact the customer care team and request a full refund. He may have to send the used, unused, or partially used bottles back, and the company will refund him the complete value of his order.  

Remember this offer can only be availed for up to 60 days of purchase and this time starts from the day your order is confirmed. 

Meticore Safety Evaluation: Who can and can’t use Meticore Pills? 

The Meticore supplement is made of the best quality natural ingredients, prepared into a capsule form using an FDA-approved facility, prepared under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). It is suitable for all users who are searching for a product to initiate their weight loss journey.  

But before using Meticore, it is necessary to evaluate its safety levels. Not every product is suitable for every type of body or obesity, which is also true for this supplement. Despite being a natural and risk-free product, there could be some cases where it may not help. Here is a quick safety evaluation of Meticore diet pills.  

Who is Fit to Use Meticore Pills? 

All healthy individuals who are ready to lose their unhealthy weight can use Meticore pills. It is most suitable for a person who experiences any or all of the following things. 

  • Extremely low energy levels and a constant urge to rest 
  • Fatigue and tiredness even after a small physical task 
  • Inability to think clearly and concentrate 
  • Memory-related issues and forgetfulness 
  • Poor dietary routine and inability to cook separate meals 
  • No budget for a gym membership or a fitness trainer             

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Unfit to Use Meticore Pills 

Despite no risk of side effects, Meticore pills may not be suitable for people belonging to the following categories.  

  • Children, even if they are obese.  
  • Pregnant women  
  • Nursing/breastfeeding mothers  
  • Obesity is linked with another disease. 
  • Obesity is linked with medicinal usage.  
  • People are prescribed daily medicine for any disease. 

If a user is uncertain about using Meticore diet pills but belongs to any of these above-mentioned categories, it is best to discuss using it with a healthcare professional.  

What if Meticore Pills Turn Out to be Ineffective? 

There are least chances that a person will not lose weight benefits despite using Meticore pills regularly. But if a user is not happy with the results, he can avail of the company’s 60-day money-back offer.  

Based on Meticore customer views, it appears that all of them have experienced changes in their body weight and fat content. But weight loss is different for everyone, and every user can’t get the same benefit by using the same product. 

This money-back offer helps people who invest their money in buying Meticore pills, but for any reason, they were not satisfied with this supplement. Even if a person finds it hard to use the Meticore capsule every day, it is still not a bad investment. All such people can get their money back within 60 days of purchasing this product.  

According to the website, it is recommended to use Meticore for at least four weeks to check its efficiency. Despite being a legit weight loss help, it cannot help a person who doesn’t use it regularly or give it insufficient time to show the results. After four weeks, you can choose to file for a refund if it fails to meet your expectations.  

Don’t throw away the empty Meticore bottles if you are not sure about using them in the future. The used/partially used/new bottles have to be returned to the company to get a refund of your order. 

Information on Meticore Company  

Meticore is a natural dietary supplement designed to assist weight loss struggle. According to the information on its official website, it is a US-made product. The company manufactures and delivers the product to every customer by itself. The return address mentioned on the website reveals that it has a warehouse in Illinois, USA.  

The complete address of the warehouse is as follows.  


1301 Ridgeview Drive 

McHenry, IL 60050 

There is not much available on the company itself, but it doesn’t mean that Meticore can’t be trusted. The complete address, information on the product, and money-back adds up to its authenticity. Like any other authentic company, Meticore also has an active customer support line that can be contacted for information, queries, or problems. Write to [email protected] for more details regarding the company or product.  

Meticore Reviews Final Verdict – Is It Worth Buying? 

Meticore is among the highest selling weight loss pills, but there are numerous reasons, all of which contribute to its popularity. First, it is a herbal product that has a clear advantage over synthetic diet pills. It addresses obesity using the natural capacity of the body, which is why weight loss with Meticore is often regarded as ‘natural’ and ‘effortless.’ Still, it requires its users to regularly follow the standard dosage guidelines for a few weeks or months, based on their target weight.  

Comparing Meticore with other options shows that it is much more affordable and offers a full money-back guarantee. Buying it in bulk further reduces its price to $39/ bottle, which is probably the lowest price to buy a high-quality natural formula.  

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meticore scam

Frequently Asked Questions on Meticore Diet Pills  

  • Can I buy Meticore pills locally? 

Meticore pills are only available through its official website, and it is highly unlikely to find them at any local pharmacy or health store. To avoid a Meticore scam, it is better to buy it directly from the company.  

  • How many bottles can I buy at one time? 

You can buy as many bottles as you want. There are bundle packs that contain three or six bottles of Meticore in them. Buying Meticore in bulk gives a huge discount on its original price plus minimum shipping charges for all domestic orders.  

  • Can I use Meticore with a multivitamin pill? 

You may not need a multivitamin while using the Meticore diet pill. The ingredients inside this supplement already provide all necessary vitamins and minerals to the body. But if you are deficient in any nutrient, discuss using Meticore with your doctor before using it. 

  • How to request a refund? 

Meticore offers full-refund to all unhappy or unsatisfied customers. You can contact the customer support line to get details on the refund procedure.  

  • Can I buy only one bottle of Meticore? 

You can also buy one bottle of Meticore, but this single order may cost you more than the bundle packs. Plus, you may have to pay for some shipping charges based on your location.  

  • Does Meticore deliver internationally?  

Meticore is a US-made product, but it also delivers to most international destinations. The delivery may take more than usual time for international orders. Feel free to contact the customer care lines to confirm its delivery to your area.  

  • Is it safe to use Meticore for a long term? 

You can use Meticore for as long as you want. Ideally, it should be used for three to six months to get a completely transformed body. But if someone wishes to use it later, there is no harm in using it. To learn more about buying Meticore pills for weight loss, visit the official website here.  

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