Players with the Most Touchdowns in A Game


Throughout history, NFL players have set records higher and higher. Some that have been particularly monumental include unmatched streaks of touchdowns and yards covered. The professionalism within the NFL and athleticism displayed each year is second to none, and it’s no wonder why so many Americans follow the league religiously. If you want to jump on the bandwagon of betting into the world-renowned sport, check out the Super Bowl winner odds with fanduel for safe and informed betting. Here are some players with record-breaking careers, some of which paved the way for today’s superstar players. 

Gale Sayers 

Starting off strong is Gale Sayers, also known as the “Kansas Comet”, who had a star-studded NFL career with the Chicago Bears from 1965-1971. Sayers was known by opponents and his teammates as one of the most difficult players to tackle because of his impressive agility and elusiveness. At 33, Sayers was the youngest NFL player to enter the pro football hall of fame and has a long line of national awards for his efforts. In 1965, Sayers scored six touchdowns in a single game for the Bears against the San Francisco 49ers. 

Sid Luckman 

Another momentous player for the Chicago Bears is Sid Luckman. Playing quarterback for 12 NFL seasons, Luckman was also inducted into the pro football hall of fame in 1965. The strong and determined player was quick on his feet and tied the NFL record of seven touchdown passes in one game. Luckman lived to 81 with a shining career of coaching and setting records, and has a warm place in the hearts of many American football fans. 

Alvin Kamara 

Moving towards the NFL we see today, Alvin Kamara is one to watch, who has become the second player in history to score six touchdowns in a single game. The running back has been an asset to the New Orleans Saints and has been a Pro-Bowler in all four seasons. Kamara was spotted in college, and the standard for young players is getting higher and higher. With athleticism and agility being the main focus for training, players are always improving themselves and making the NFL the nail-biter that we know today. 

Tom Brady

Another player who has been nationally recognized and is considered to be the greatest quarterback of all time is Tom Brady. Brady was drafted from college and is known as the NFL’s biggest draft steal. Making big gains for the New England Patriots, the quarterback has a shining football career consisting of many NFL awards and records. He is the only quarterback to win the Super Bowl in three different decades. The older player is definitely considered a superstar player, setting the standard for younger players to live up to. With five touchdowns in one game, Brady is an impressive and world-renowned player. 

James Stewart

Nicknamed “little man”, James Stewart is an American football running back who played for the Jacksonville Tigers and Detroit Lions from 1995-2003. Stewart holds the record for the most points in a single game and the most rushing touchdowns in a game. In 1997, Stewart scored 5 total touchdowns in a single game and is still one of the players who contributed to the record of NFL single touchdowns. 

Drew Brees

Another player with seven touchdown passes in a single game is Drew Brees, who played twenty seasons in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints. Not one to slow down, Brees is currently a football analyst and continues to pave the way for younger players. The quarterback was named offensive player of the year twice and led the NFL in passing yards seven times. 

Hopefully by now, you’ve gained a little more understanding of the role that touchdown records can play in the NFL and a player’s career. Records continue to be set higher and higher, and players are constantly striving to improve themselves and the team’s stamina and coordination. It’s important to acknowledge players who came before the ones we see today, in order to appreciate the role of touchdown numbers per game and other valuable achievements within the sacred game. Make sure to check out next year’s NFL predictions.

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