Prociva Reviews (Simple Promise) Is it Legit and Worth The Money?


Prociva by Simple Promise is a product that uses the power of six natural vitamins and herbs to support the health of the heart while keeping it away from diseases. As per its official website, this heart-healthy substance works on the core problem of why people suffer from frequent heart attacks and helps prevent it.  

Some additional benefits that can be enjoyed with the daily use of Prociva include improved blood pressure, better heart rhythm, reduced cholesterol buildup, and increased longevity. Available in the form of easy-to-use capsules, you can easily incorporate them into your diet to enjoy a long, healthy life. 

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Let’s be honest; no one wishes to become a burden on his family, especially during old age. You certainly won’t like someone pushing you around on a wheelchair after encountering a stroke or mourning your early death due to a sudden cardiovascular event. No matter how old you get, these events can be prevented and you can certainly get to enjoy a long, healthy life, grow old with your partner, watch your kids and grandkids graduate school, and so much more.  


To have a shot at such a life, most experts suggest a tedious way that involves cutting off sugar, carbs, salt, and meat. While it is certainly possible to do so in the short run, you cannot expect to completely give up on these foods forever. An alternative way is to pay frequent visits to the pharmacy and spend an arm and a leg on drugs, which is also not feasible and comes with side effects. Instead, what you can do is try a natural solution such as the Prociva supplement. 

This Prociva review will discuss more about this supplement in detail; from its mechanism of action and ingredients to its pricing. 

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Prociva Review – An Overview 

What comes to your mind when you think of the most important organ of your body? For most people, it is none other than the heart, and this is because it is actually true. The heart is the central organ of the body, the one you need to pump blood to the rest of the organs. So when your heart tends to stop, it is naturally going to shut down everything else one by one. And with this, your life gets in danger. What’s worse is that the risk of getting this sequence of events increases with aging. 

So what can you do to prevent these events from hitting you? Experts may suggest adopting a healthier lifestyle by cutting out carbs and salt and exercising day and night. However, everyone knows that this is not sustainable and most people have led astray from this healthy pathway soon after they start it. So an easier alternative that can help you achieve similar benefits with much less struggle is the Prociva supplement. 

According to the official Prociva website, this product is a one-of-a-kind formula that works to support a healthy heart and maintain clean, clog-free arteries. The supplement comes in the form of oral pills which are to be taken every day with a glass of water. Because these pills include natural ingredients mostly derived from plants and herbs, it is likely safe to use even for a longer duration of time. The company also mentions that the pills do not contain any chemicals and can help strengthen the muscles of your heart so that it can keep pumping blood optimally for years to come.  

Multiple Prociva user reviews and testimonials have regarded it as a heart breakthrough formula to help users increase longevity. The added ingredients in this supplement can control blood pressure in a completely natural way and produce dramatically beneficial results in a short span of time. It can reduce the risk of exhaustion while filling your every single day with energy and joy. The manufacturers state that even if you are genetically predisposed to heart conditions or a stroke, you can still benefit from Prociva as it targets the underlying issue and can serve as a shield to your heart. 

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How Does Prociva Really Work? 

To understand the mechanism of action of Prociva pills, you must first learn about how a heart attack occurs and what triggers it. 

  • How does a heart condition arise? 

You already know that the heart is responsible for pumping blood to different parts of the body through small tubes called blood vessels. These blood vessels are circular in shape and have hollow, wide lumens so that blood can easily flow through them to reach its target places. These vessels are healthy and without any hindrance during the initial years of life; however, as your age progresses, hard gunk known as plaque starts depositing in the walls of these vessels. These plaques serve as blockades within the arteries, hindering the blood from flowing properly. As a result, the heart has to exert more pressure so that the blood flow through these arteries can be maintained, and this extra force is known as blood pressure.  

With time, more and more vessels and arteries keep clogging up until your blood supply is completely blocked or when the heart becomes too weak to push the blood forcefully through the narrowed arteries. All this leads to an increased incidence of stroke, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular incidents. 

  • What causes heart attacks and other heart issues? 

As mentioned above, the main reason why your heart fails and acquires multiple issues with time is because of the clogged-up arteries that become narrow and fail to run blood through them. However, have you ever wondered why the arteries get clogged in the first place and why you develop hypertension, heart attacks, etc. due to it? Most experts have been wrongly labeling a lack of exercise, increased salt, and too much carb intake as the culprits while ignoring the actual cause behind these problems. 

You know by now that the blood vessels get clogged up and narrow because of plaques. So where do these plaques come from? Most people think it is cholesterol that causes the development of these plaques; however, cholesterol is something that our bodies need to run several functions smoothly. So how can it be harmful at the same time? 

What most people fail to tell you is that simple cholesterol isn’t bad for health. However, when it goes through a certain process, it converts into oxidized cholesterol which is the main culprit behind heart attacks and other related issues. This oxidized cholesterol is generated by the presence of free radicals in the body and according to research, it is the very first step of acquiring heart disease and other problems like atherosclerosis.  

When the cholesterol gets oxidized, it lodges itself with the walls of the vessels. This is then acted upon by white blood cells to form “fat white blood cells” that go back into the vessel wall and enter the blood, leading to body inflammation while attracting other cells to the target spot. As more cells arrive at the main spot, it forms a toxic mess which you know as plaque. Over time, this plaque keeps hardening the arteries so that the blood is unable to flow through them properly and as a result, the heart health begins suffering.  

  • How Prociva can help 

According to the official website, the Prociva supplement can help avoid the sequence of events mentioned above. It has natural ingredients that maintain the strength of the heart while reducing stress, heart rate, and blood pressure within days. Some of its components directly target and fight the free radicals roaming inside the body. Once these free radicals come under control, the conversion of cholesterol into oxidized cholesterol can be prevented which automatically translates to lesser plaque formation inside the body.  

The heart-healthy properties possessed by Prociva pills can be attributed mainly to its amazing ingredients list which includes six key components discussed in detail in later sections of this review.  

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List Of Prociva Ingredients  

As per the company, Simple Promise Prociva contains natural ingredients with pro-heart effects that can strengthen this organ and control any problems related to it. More on these ingredients can be found below: 

  • Arjuna Bark 

This ingredient has been taken from a plant of a similar name. It has been added to the top Prociva ingredients because it helps blood flow more efficiently through the body with every heartbeat. It can also flush away all extra bad cholesterol and triglycerides from the system to prevent the body from developing plaques. Lastly, it also acts as an antioxidant to fight free radicals and stop the conversion of cholesterol into oxidized cholesterol. 

  • Motherwort Extract 

Belonging to the mint family, motherwort has commonly been used to calm down the nerves and relieve pain. Research also suggests that using this herb in the form of Prociva pills directs the cellular mitochondria to stop the freely-roaming free radicals in the body so that the amount of oxidized cholesterol and plaque formation can be controlled. 

  • Hibiscus 

A lot of people love enjoying a cup of hibiscus tea every now and then to calm their nerves and treat their taste buds. However, they are unaware of the fact that this herb can also improve the antioxidant potential of the body. It can even cut down the effects of free radicals by 92%. 

  • Folic Acid 

Folic acid is a type of B vitamin that can make your heart stronger while protecting it from dangerous compounds. Homocysteine is something that’s present in almost everybody and it can drastically affect the health of the heart in a negative way. But by controlling its levels in the blood, folic acid can protect the heart from unnecessary damage. 

  • Vitamin D 

You already know how important vitamin D is to keep your bones strong and healthy. So why has it been added to the list of Prociva ingredients? This is because this vitamin has been proven to improve the health of your heart by managing blood glucose and controlling blood pressure. 

  • Magnesium 

The latest research suggests that people with an underlying magnesium deficiency are more likely to die of a cardiovascular incident than people who have sufficient levels of this nutrient in their bodies. Moreover, using magnesium in the form of Prociva capsules can also keep your blood pressure under control. 

All Simple Promise Prociva ingredients have been taken from high-quality vendors growing natural plants and herbs without the use of any chemicals. Hence, the risk of this supplement producing side effects is very low. 

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Recommended Dosage Of Prociva 

According to the official website, all those who are struggling to maintain good cardiovascular health can take help from the Prociva supplement. The supplement comes packed in plastic bottles and each of these bottles contains 60 capsules which are enough for a month. 

As far as the dose is concerned, all customers are required to consume two pills of this supplement every day with a glass of water. The pills are to be swallowed whole and must not be chewed on. For optimal results, you must keep using this product for at least three to six months. Since everybody is different, the results expected of Prociva may vary in every user. 

To avoid experiencing unnecessary Prociva side effects, the company strictly advises every user to adhere to the issued dosage guidelines. Under no circumstances should anyone exceed the daily limit of two capsules as doing so may harm your body. Moreover, if you are pregnant, lactating, suffering from another medical condition, or taking some other medicine, it is important to contact your doctor regarding advice instead of directly taking this supplement on your own.  

Other tips to adhere to while using Prociva are mentioned below: 

  • Keep the supplement away from the reach of children and individuals under 18 years 
  • Protect it from getting exposed to excessive moisture or heat 
  • Store the supplement at room temperature 
  • Avoid using the product if the seal has been broken, damaged, or is missing 

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Is Prociva Legit? Pros And Cons 

If you are having a hard time deciding if you wish to purchase Prociva or not, a list of pros and cons of this supplement is mentioned below for your convenience. 


  • Unlike other heart products that provide temporary relief, Prociva works to target the root cause of all heart issues and helps in its eradication so that permanent benefits can be enjoyed 
  • It has a natural composition which means that it is likely going to be effective without interfering with other aspects of the body 
  • Using Prociva in the long run can prolong the life 
  • It can safeguard your heart and, in turn, your body 
  • It works regardless of your family history, genetics, or risk factors 
  • It helps control blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood 
  • It works independently of diet and exercise 
  • It is available at affordable prices with further discounts 
  • A money-back guarantee is in place to keep your investment secure 


  • You can only purchase this supplement from online. There is no offline availability in any store. 
  • Because it is a natural supplement, the results it provides may vary in different users 
  • It may not be suitable for every user, such as pregnant women, individuals below 18 years, etc. 

Where to Buy Prociva? Discount Price Information and Refund Policy 

Simple Promise Prociva supplement is available for purchase at This is the official dealer and the only platform dealing with legit, authentic products. 

At the moment, there are three different Prociva package deals that you can choose from according to your needs. More information on these deals can be found below: 

  • One bottle of Prociva is available for purchase for just $49 each with free shipping 
  • Three bottles of Prociva are available for just $117 ( each bottle costing $39) with free shipping 
  • Six bottles of Prociva are available for just $234 (each bottle costing $33) with free shipping 

All orders come with one-time payment with no auto-shipping feature or any hidden charges. 

If you are not satisfied with Prociva at any point, the company is offering a refund offer. This offer is valid on every order placed through the official website for up to 365 days after purchase. During this time, you can keep using the supplement and check if it is really up to the mark. If you do not get the desired benefits, you can always contact the customer care center and get your money back without any trouble.  

Prociva Reviews – Concluding Words 

Prociva is a natural supplement that uses plants, herbs, nutrients, and vitamins to support the health of your heart. The ingredients are natural and taken from high-quality sources and come with no associated side effects. With the regular use of this supplement, you can strengthen your heart while clearing your arteries from any plaque buildup.  

At the moment, Simple Promise Prociva is available at limited-time discounts along with free shipping. A refund offer is also in place if you are not satisfied with it. So click here to visit the official website and place an order today

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