Provisine Review: Real Ingredients or Scam Eye Vision Pills?


Of the five basic senses, sight comes up as one of the most important. Having vision impairment affects a person’s quality of life immensely. And worse still when they go blind and become dependent on others.  

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Vision impairment means a person cannot correctly actualize all they need to do confidently. Driving, studying, and even working become a challenge. With more than 250 million people suffering from vision impairment globally, it makes sense why the medical industry continues to flourish. But most of the solutions offered for visual impairment act only as a band-aid to last for a limited time. Provisine states it provides a solution to those struggling with visual impairment. 

What is Provisine? 

Dr. Dean Avant is a former optometrist who went on a journey to discover a supplement that helped restore his eyesight. He underwent a period in his life where he feared losing his sight, and his doctor told him that he would lose his vision completely in a very short time. His research helped him discover that vision problems could not be hereditary as man needed perfect vision to survive the harsh conditions surrounding him. The doctor realized that certain conditions predestined people today to lose their sight, which was not prevalent in the past. 

These conditions include the constant use of screens that prevent people from exercising their eyes, toxins infused into everything people use from detergents, processed foods, and medication, and the lack of proper nutrition to nourish the eyes.  

Provisine is a dietary supplement consisting of eight powerful ingredients needed to feed the eyes, restore their strength, and prevent degeneration. According to the doctor, the formula has helped over 87,000 people regain vision and live life to the fullest again. 

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Provisine consists of eight plant extracts and vitamins used to restore vision in the visually impaired population completely.  

Quercetin is one of the ingredients used derived from plants like onions, apples, and berries. It is a flavonoid with antioxidants that works to fight inflammation and oxidation in the human body. It resists cancer cells, regulates blood glucose, and guards the heart’s circulatory system effectively. The flavonoid has other properties that make it a fascinating study in curing and treating several conditions. It can effectively treat ophthalmic diseases or those conditions related to eye degeneration. 

Bilberry is another ingredient native to North Europe. It is known as the European Blueberry as it is so similar in composition to the North American blueberry. It has numerous benefits to the human body as it contains rich deposits of Vitamins C, K, and manganese. It comes loaded with antioxidants that protect the body from oxidative damage. It also carries anti-inflammatory properties that help the body fight off numerous infections and conditions that arise from inflammation. Bilberries also have the potential to improve heart health and lower blood glucose. Used here, these berries help fight off eye fatigue, eye dryness and help prevent and improve degenerative eye conditions like glaucoma. 

The formula also uses Lutein, a marigold flower extract. Marigold flowers have anti-inflammatory and antifungal, and antispasmodic properties. Marigold flowers of the Calendula genus are known to carry these properties. This herb has been used for almost a millennium and has been added to traditional medicines with great success. It treats skin conditions, boosts immunity, and soothes the digestive tract. It also acts as a treatment for eye inflammation and infection and strengthens the optic nerve. The formula also has five more potent ingredients to protect and supercharge the user’s immunity, prevent memory loss, boost memory recall, and fight insomnia. 

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How Does the Formula Work? 

The doctor discovered through research that eyesight degenerated through the influence of toxins that get into the body. The body suffers through the onslaught of these toxins, with every system, including the visual system, getting affected. One of the toxins affecting the body is an organophosphate (OP), an agricultural and medicinal ingredient. The compound also affects the human body severely and works in weapons to harm humans in warfare. The formula follows three lines of treatment to restore vision. 

The treatment involves the use of Quercetin to protect the eyes from these toxins. It also strengthens sight, enabling users to see more clearly. Combined with Bilberry, the ingredients help prevent eye degeneration. They also provide a shield against inflammation and fight off the current inflammation that has taken place. 

Using Provisine 

This supplement comes in to restore deteriorating eyesight and help the body fight off sight degeneration. It works hand in hand with a well-formed diet to give the body a fighting chance against eye infections. It does not work alone and should not take over the place of food. It also does not replace any prescribed medication. It comes to supplement medication and can help people stop using spectacles and contact lenses. However, people under medication should consult with their health care providers to see if the supplement can counteract the medication they have. 

Patients scheduled for surgery may also need to stop taking the product close to their appointment day. Users under the age of 18 should desist from taking this supplement


The manufacturer recommends one capsule a day dosage that works best when swallowed with pure water. Users should not exceed the recommended dosage at any cost as it can have adverse effects. 

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Provisine Safety 

Provisine has received a mark of approval by using FDA-approved facilities for manufacturing its product. It also uses ingredients sought from the purest sources that grow GMO-free plants, free of harmful chemicals like herbicides and pesticides. These ingredients deliver a rich nutrient base to create a powerful and safe formula for human use. The facilities also have Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, ensuring they are well-tended in cleanliness. 

Provisine Benefits 

This supplement gives its users the freedom to finally live their lives without the concern of hurting themselves or the people they love. It provides the benefit of allowing users to get rid of their spectacles and contact lenses. They also do not have to undergo any risky surgeries. The product restores sight that deteriorated from different ocular degenerative diseases. It helps the body by preventing any further sight degeneration. 

The product also gives the benefit of restoring quick memory recall and increasing cognitive ability. It helps the body fight off infection by regulating inflammation and eliminating harmful inflammation. The product also benefits the user by preventing oxidation in the body, thereby preventing cell aging and harm. 

Purchase & Price 

The manufacturer offers the product at $69 for a one-month supply bottle as they have tried to keep the product cost as low as possible. If buyers want to attract more significant savings, they can go for the three-bottle package to get each bottle at $59. A buyer can also purchase a six-month supply at just $49 per bottle as the more extensive package comes with a more significant discount. One can also attract a 10 percent discount on this particular package when they buy at a specific time from the official company website

The three-bottle and six-bottle packages attract free shipping, while the single-bottle package requires the buyer to pay a small shipping fee. 


The manufacturer has attached a 60-day money-back guarantee. They promise to refund the buyer the total amount they spent on the purchase should they not have complete satisfaction from the product. They only need to contact customer support to get the refund process started up. 

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How long should one take the supplement for it to start effectiveness? 

The recommended time for supplement usage starts from three to six months. The manufacturer states this time as best to allow nutrients to get absorbed and correct vision precisely. The single-month dose can work for momentary support but never quite works as well as when a user has spent at least three months taking the product

What happens if the supplement does not work on the user? 

Users should expect the product to work to restore their vision and protect their sight from further deterioration. The manufacturer places a 60-day return policy on products that clients feel have not worked as they should. The buyer should return the product within 60 days to get a full refund of the buying price. They can contact customer support for directions on how to get the refund. 

Can anyone take the supplement? 

The supplement can get used by almost anyone. Patients who have underlying conditions and are under medication should, however, consult with their health care providers on whether to take the product and how to take it. Expectant and breastfeeding mothers should also take caution and avoid using this supplement. Children under the age of 18 should not take this product either. 

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Vision impairment can affect a person’s life gravely. It hinders them from productivity and places their lives and those around them in danger as they cannot see clearly. Accidents become the norm in their lives, and they lose the confidence to do basic tasks. Vision restoration can occur without going through complicated surgeries or using corrective lenses that only give temporary solutions. Provisine believes it brings a lasting solution to this dilemma to restore impaired eyesight. 

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