Septifix Reviews: Do Not Order Septifix Till You Read This

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Does your septic tank produce a bad odor? Are you looking for a solution? Then you are in the right place. Our review of Septifix will give you the answers you need to eliminate the bad smell and keep your septic tank in good condition.  

A septic tank is an underground chamber that holds domestic wastewater from the sink, kitchen, or bathroom. Sometimes it can be challenging to consistently allocate time from your busy schedule to maintain it. This is where Septifix comes in. This innovative product removes clogs to leave you with an entirely clean septic tank system. 

What is Septifix? 

A septic tank system acts as an onsite sewage facility for holding domestic wastewater from the bathroom or toilet. It is, therefore, crucial to regularly maintain the septic tank due to its essence in managing waste. 

It is recommended that homeowners regularly dispose of trash to prevent the septic tank from clogging. Regrettably, the majority of people treat their septic tanks like a dumpster, disposing of non-biodegradable trash which causes plumbing issues. 

Whenever you notice odors, water retention, slow drains, flushing problems, stagnant water, or damaged pipes, it is an indication that you need to service your septic tank. For instance, the bad odor comes from gases which are a byproduct of septic tank processes. Therefore, not tending to damage in the septic tank could endanger your life since these gases can be toxic and explosive. 

Septifix septic tank treatment tabs are solid, oxygen-releasing, and environmentally friendly tablets made to treat septic tanks. Simply flushing them down your toilet will solve all your septic tank issues. 

The secret to its effectiveness is that each Septifix tablet carries 14 types of bacteria that can digest septic waste easily. The tablets also assist in increasing the levels of oxygen and pH in the septic tank, which in turn helps spur bacterial growth and reduce the bad smell. 

Septifix eliminates the need for a professional plumber because it is easy to use. It also spares you the burden of having to often take out the trash. 

Product Name:  Septifix 

Category: Metabolism 

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What Are The Elements Used In Septifix Treatment Tablet? 

14 aerobic bacteria strains are used to formulate the Septifix treatment tablets. A single gram of each tablet has 14 aerobic bacteria strains. And each gram of this tablet contains 10 billion bacteria strains. When put in the septic tank, these bacteria create colonies that can flourish for 90 days. 

This process is the secret to keeping the tank clean for a long time. The bacteria regulate the wastewater by maintaining its pH level and releasing lots of oxygen. Septifix has compounds for both oxygenation and pH regulation. This one-of-a-kind mixture breaks down and dissolves waste while leaving a pleasant smell.  

The tablets also consist of sodium carbonate which works with live bacteria to eliminate organic sludge residue to keep the septic tank clean. Each tablet releases about 10 liters of oxygen. This septic treatment solution works without the risk of toxic chemicals, hence making it safe for home use. 

Who Is the Manufacturer of Septifix? 

The Septifix tablet was developed by the proprietor of a plumbing company, Richard V. Richard’s company provided installation, pumping, cleaning, maintenance, and repair services for septic tanks. 

While providing his services, Richard observed that the smell from emptying a septic tank was intolerable. To resolve this Richard partnered with a reputable university and also sought the help of 14 specialists to create a faster method of pumping septic tanks. 

The 14 experts also had to come up with a long-term solution for safely and naturally maintaining an operational septic tank. 

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How Does Septifix Work? 

Each pack of Septifix has clear instructions on how to use it. It instructs that user should flush three tablets of Septifix in the toilet bowl. Once the pills reach the septic tank, sodium carbonate and oxygen are emitted as the tablets slowly dissolve. 

The company states that 10 liters of oxygen are released by each Septifix tablet. Their distribution in the septic tank occurs through small bubbles. 

It takes about 3-5 days for the waste in the tank to react with the oxygen and eliminate bad odor. Sodium carbonate regulates the contents of the septic tank to a neutral pH and also acts as a water barrier. This prevents corrosion of the plumbing system. 

Septifix tablets also have many bacteria that consume the remains in the septic tank such as fats, oils, soaps, and toilet paper. This greatly reduces the need to regularly pump your tank. 

What Are the Formulas in The Formulation of Septifix Tablets? 

Each tablet of Septifix is 55 grams with 14 aerobic bacteria strains. This totals to more than 10 billion bacteria for each gram. The formula also includes components that regulate both oxygen and pH levels. This spurs the growth of bacterial colonies that thrive up to 90 days in your septic tank. 

Oxygen and Sodium Carbonate 

Septifix is ​​the only oxygen-releasing treatment for septic tanks in the US market. Septifix tablets are 75% more effective at releasing oxygen in all the septic water compared to manual aeration. This allows live bacteria to flourish for up to 90 days. 

The tablets slowly dissolve to release up to 10 liters of oxygen and sodium carbonate in your septic tank. Tiny oxygen bubbles diffuse all over your septic tank, with sodium carbonate acting as a buffer to neutralize the pH level of the water. 

The oxygen emitted reacts with hydrogen sulfides after a few days and eliminates bad smells from the septic tank. The rest of the chemicals in Septifix neutralize the wastewater’s pH level. This will create a good environment for bacteria to thrive when combined with high levels of oxygen. 

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The Septifix Tablets Benefits 

This article will reveal the incredible benefits of using Septifix as a solution for septic tank treatment. The benefits are: 

It Will Remove the Septic Tank Deposits 

Septifix tablets enhance the concentration of oxygen in the septic tank, which consequently increases the number of bacteria. The bacteria will then dissolve in the septic tank and consume biodegradable wastes. 

It Will Remove the Bad Odors 

Once Septifix is flushed, it immediately starts releasing oxygen. The waste substances in the tank react with the oxygen and eradicate bad smells in a couple of days. 

It Will Eliminate the Clogs  

The major causes of clogs in a septic tank are grease, organic hydrocarbons, and natural oils. Septifix breaks down and eliminates all organic sludge in the tank. 

It Will Clean the Septic Entirely 

Septifix’s groundbreaking formula properly decomposes sludge and thoroughly cleans the entire septic tank. 

It Will Keep the Plumbing System from Any Corrosion 

Septifix saves you from plumbing and maintenance costs due to its pH neutralization capabilities, which easily prevent corrosion and wear down. 

It Will Save You Money  

The Septifix tablets save you money from having to regularly pump your septic tank. 

The Pros 

  • Septifix tablets are made in the US by a credible company and they don’t emit toxic chemicals. 
  • You don’t have to be a professional to use the tablets, simply place them on the toilet bowl and flush. This can be done by anyone who is 18 years old and above. 
  • Septifix prides itself as the only septic tank treatment that can diffuse free oxygen to the environment. It also lasts longer than the competition. 
  • Septifix cumulatively saves you a lot of money yearly. 
  • You get a 60-day money-back guarantee when you buy Septifix. 

The Cons 

  • Since the product cannot cure the septic problem immediately, it will not suit everybody.  

How Is It Different from Other Treatments? 

Septifix tablets are totally different from regular septic tank treatments. The differences include: 

  • Septifix neutralizes natural acids in wastewater hence prevents the corrosion of valves, tubes, pipes, and pumps. 
  • It prevents your septic tank from backing up by clearing all obstructions. 
  • It greatly minimizes and eliminates bad smells in only 3-5 days. 
  • It disintegrates and eliminates all organic dirt, including organic hydrocarbons, natural oils, and fats which clog the septic tank. 
  • It also minimizes or eradicates the need to pump your septic tank. This prevents your septic tank from backing up and corroding. 

Considering all these benefits, Septifix provides faster results and lasts significantly longer than any other septic tank treatment solution on the market. 

Is Septifix Suitable for You? 

According to reviews of Septifix and the manufacturing company, the tablets will clean your sewage system and eliminate bad smells in only a few days. The first sign that the product is working is the elimination of the bad smell in 3-5 days after flushing. 

Moreover, the fact that you will no longer need costly pumps will save a huge amount of money in the long run. You will be at peace knowing that bacteria will feed on organic wastes to leave you with an obstacle-free septic system that doesn’t back up. 

Is This Septifix Tablet Legal or Not? 

Judging from the many reviews of Septifix, it is safe to collude that the product is completely legitimate. It is non-toxic, doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, and requires no special skills to handle thus making it safe for home use. 

The fact that Septifix is made in a reputable US plant ensures that consumers have a genuine and high-quality product. 

What About the Prices and Availability of Septifix? 

Septifix is only available for purchase online on their official website and you also get a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

  • 6-month supply costs $69 + shipping 
  • 12-month supply costs $118 with free delivery and shipping 
  • 18-month supply costs $147 with free shipping 

The company uses UPS for office or home deliveries. An order takes up to 24 hours to process, and delivery of the package takes 5 to 7 working days to reach your doorstep. 

To order, you first select the product and the quantity you desire, then you enter your contact details. Next, a friendly and professional staff process the order, pack and deliver it to your location in a couple of days. 

Septifix Final Verdict! 

Septifix not only saves you a ton of money but also gives you peace of mind. Septifix maintains the proper functioning of your septic tank system for years to come. 

The reviews of Septifix indicate that this innovative product easily dissolves in sludge and treats wastewater from the bottom up. 

With Septifix, you are guaranteed to have a thoroughly clean septic tank. Clogs, harmful bacteria, sludge, bad odor, and fat accumulation are also greatly minimized. This is because each tablet has over 10 billion strains of aerobic bacteria. This is about three times more than any other product on the market. visit Septifix official website using this link. 

Product Contact: [email protected] 

Product Creator: Richard V 

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