The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy PDF Reviews – Scott Davis Cholesterol Lowering Guide

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The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy pdf is a program designed to help you lower your cholesterol levels in the body and clear out up to 93% of clogged arteries. The program is said to guide you on cutting out just one ingredient and, ultimately, helping you avoid diseases such as stroke and heart attacks.  

According to the official site, the Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy pdf program teaches you simple techniques for cutting down cholesterol previously only known to the rich and famous. The site claims that after using the program, this is what you should expect to learn; 

  • How to completely clean out the plaque buildup in your arteries 
  • How to drop your cholesterol to a healthy level 
  • How to  boost your physical and mental energy to levels  

In this detailed Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy review, we look at what the program does, its scientific claims, and its benefits.  

Product Name:  The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy 

Category: Cholesterol  

Main Benefits: Reduces bad cholesterol (oxidized cholesterol) levels in the body and reduces arterial plaque build up 

Program format: EBook  

Price: $49 (Check for Discount

Availability: Only through the official website 

Official Website: Click Here 

The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy pdf is created by Scott Davis and published by Blue Heron News Services.  Unlike other regular fat targeting programs, the Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy claims to be backed by clinical research from the University of California Los Angeles, MIT, and published in the New England Journal of Medicine. 

Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Website 

You can access the Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy on the official Blue Heron Health News official site through this link. The program has been given a dedicated site where you can find all the information about it. On the program page, you can learn about how it works, its scientific claims, contents, and benefits.  

However, this is not all you can access through the official Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy page on the Blue Heron site. You will also have access to numerous information about customer perks at your fingertips. The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy page shares information on available discounts, offers, bonuses, and the program’s flexible refund policy.  

The Oxidized Cholesterol Program is solely available on its official page through the Blue Heron Health News site. Thus, you will not find it on online marketplaces such as Amazon or physical stores. This is done to prevent counterfeit products from entering the market, ensuring you get the authentic product. 

What Does The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Do? 

The oxidized Cholesterol Strategy is designed to help you eliminate oxidized cholesterol levels in the body and reduce arterial plaque buildup. However, this program works differently from other regular ones. The program also helps to address other systems of increased oxidized cholesterol levels in the body. These include targeting inflammation and improving overall blood flow to different parts of the body. 

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What Are The Contents In Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy? 

The Oxidized Cholesterol strategy comes in the form of a digital eBook. The program features a 4-week look step-by-step guide to help you lose oxidized cholesterol levels and clean out plaque buildup in the arteries. However, this is not all the eBook covers.  

In the book, you exactly what foods cause oxidized cholesterol and which foods help to reduce it. Ultimately, it shares a guide of the best foods to eat to enjoy overall health. Additionally, the eBook shares a guide for tools to help you monitor and manage your improvements.  

Is The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Effective? 

According to the creator of the Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy, the program is pretty effective. Unlike regular programs, the Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy uses an all-natural holistic approach to solving your cholesterol woes. The program doesn’t only reduce levels of oxidized cholesterol in the body. It also helps to reduce arterial blockages.  

The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy offers a lifestyle change for the better. Rather than using strong drugs or invasive equipment, the program shares a guide on changing your diet. But, to enjoy optimum effectiveness, you must thoroughly follow up on its guidance and recommendations. 

How Does Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Work? 

As the program title suggests, the Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy teaches you how to get rid of oxidized cholesterol instead of the regular LDLs. This cholesterol targeting program doesn’t force you to eliminate favorite foods such as steaks from your diet.  

Instead, it works by simply targeting one key ingredient – oxidized cholesterol. According to the Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy, eliminating oxidized cholesterol from the body can ultimately help remove and prevent up to 93% cholesterol build up and save your overall energy by up to 80%.  

According to the official site, oxidized cholesterol affects the body by hindering circulation. After all, blood circulation is the most important function in the body, ensuring every inch of the body receives adequate essentials and can remove wastes efficiently. Every cell in the body depends on circulation to bring nutrition and waste.  

In turn, every cell depends on the same mechanism to flush out toxins and wastes out of the body. As arterial plaque continues to build up in the body, ultimately, circulation of blood to the cell declines. With poor oxygen and nutrient supply to the different organs in the body, the body fails to function fully.  

When this happens, some of the symptoms you experience include; 

  • Shortness of breath 
  • Brain fog is due to the narrowing of arteries in the brain 
  • Muscle pain and weakness due to the muscle arteries narrowing 
  • Erectile dysfunction due to the narrowing of arteries around the genitals 
  • Stroke and heart attack 

According to the program’s creator, Scott Davis, the Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy teaches you to tackle oxidized cholesterol and ultimately improve heart health and prevent arterial blockages. Tackling the oxidized cholesterol helps target the root cause of the problem rather than providing a band-aid solution. After all, Scott Davis claims that several scientific and clinical studies back the Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy.  

According to a study conducted in 2009 at the University of Los Angeles (UCLA), only 25% of people who died from a heart attack had unhealthy LDL levels. The other 75% had what is considered healthy levels of LDL. According to the Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy, this is just one of the many studies that debunk the myth that LDL (bad cholesterol) is the primary cause of arterial plaque buildup.  

Furthermore, studies have also confirmed that lowering cholesterol using drugs doesn’t necessarily protect you against heart attacks. A study conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology concluded that there is no direct correlation between using drugs and preventing heart attack-related deaths.  

In fact, some studies have suggested that using two different statins to treat the increase of cholesterol levels can ultimately lead to increased arterial plaque build up. Unlike conventional drugs and treatment plans, the Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy doesn’t just lower cholesterol. It helps you clear your arteries, providing a long term solution.  

Here’s what exactly oxidized cholesterol is; 

Oxidized cholesterol refers to LDL cholesterol that has been damaged, similar to when iron rusts due to oxidation. Compared to LDL cholesterol, oxidized cholesterol does more damage. For example, if patient A has an LDL cholesterol level of 100 and patient B has a cholesterol level of 200, patient B may appear to be in more poor health than patient A.  

However, suppose patient A has over 80% of their LDL cholesterol oxidized, while patient B only has 5. In that case, patient A is at a higher risk of arterial plaque buildup, and ultimately, they suffer from a higher risk of developing a heart attack. This is because the oxidized cholesterol level for patient A will be 80, while patient B will only have oxidized cholesterol levels of 10.  

But, the risks don’t only come from the levels of oxidized cholesterol in the body. It’s what exactly oxidized cholesterol does to the body that is dangerous! Oxidized cholesterol will not only block your arteries. Instead, it works by attacking the arteries, causing inflammation and damage.  

The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy works by sharing a step-by-step guideline describing the perfect diet to curb oxidized cholesterol. Ultimately, these guidelines help to reduce plaque buildup and oxidized cholesterol levels in the body. The program is designed to be followed for four weeks straight. 

According to the official site, the Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy doesn’t incorporate the use of any drugs or equipment. Instead, it offers a solution to your oxidized cholesterol woes naturally. It simply guides you on the right foods to consume.  

How Long Does It Take For The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy To Work? 

The Oxidized Cholesterol strategy is designed to work in a four-week plan. However, this shouldn’t limit you. You can follow its step to step guide as much and as long as you want. After all, different users will experience varying results based on their age, gender, current health, and weight. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people under 18 years old are recommended against using the program.  

Additionally, people on physician-prescribed medications or treatment plans are advised to consult their physician before using the program to ensure it is safe for them. The same advice is extended to people with existing medical conditions. 

What Are The Benefits of an Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy? 

Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy benefits include: 

  • Unblocks arterial plaque build up 
  •  Oxidized cholesterol levels in the body 
  • Reduces the risks of heart problems and stroke 
  • Improves blood flow and circulation for optimal nutrient and oxygen supply to the body 
  • Tackles inflammation 
  • Improves mental clarity, focus, and concentration 
  • Increases sex drive and performance 

Where Can You Buy Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy? 

You can exclusively purchase the Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy through the Blue Heron Health News official site on its page through this official link. The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy is solely available for purchase on the Blue Heron Health New Site.  

According to its official page, the publisher page’s exclusive availability helps prevent counterfeit programs from entering the market. Therefore, if you find the program listed on online marketplaces such as Amazon or physical bookstores, you can rest assured that the program is counterfeit.  

Purchasing the program from the official site also protects customer data (including financial information) thanks to the secure encryption on the site and payment gateway. Additionally, purchasing the official Blue Heron Health News program opens you up to numerous customer perks possibilities. These include discounts, offers, bonuses, and a flexible refund policy.  

How Much Does Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Cost? 

The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy pdf costs about $49. The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy comes in digital eBook format. Therefore, as soon as you pay, you will have instant access to download the program. Additionally, paying for the program gives you access to unlimited downloads, allowing you to share the program with family and friends. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about repeated costs, subscription fees, or renewal fees after paying for the program. You will also enjoy free lifetime updates. 

Does Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Have A Money-Back Guarantee? 

Yes, it does! Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy provides a 100% risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee for all its orders. 

In case a customer needs to request a refund, they need to do the following; 

  • Contact the team through the contact form on the official site and ask for a refund. 
  • A customer support team member will reach out to guide you through and activate the refund process within 24 to 48 hours. 
  • Refunds are done in a few days 

Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Verdict 

The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy uses a multi-faceted approach to removing oxidized cholesterol permanently. It first teaches you how to remove cholesterol from your everyday diet and, ultimately, reduce the levels in the body.  

Using this program allows you to enjoy overall health with efficient blood flow, so every part of the body receives adequate oxygen and nutrients to function optimally. However, the program does the best job of debunking the myths that LDLs alone cause arterial plaque buildup, strokes, and heart attacks.  

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