WatchGang Review: Is WatchGang Worth It?


How pleasant will it be to have a surprise box containing a luxury wristwatch from your top watch brands delivered to your doorstep? How more pleasant will it be if you get to receive this surprise box every month? Cool, right? Well, our team embarked on this WatchGang review to find out.  

Imagine if you got a box delivered to your house every month and inside was a brand new, stylish, luxury watch from an in-demand brand picked out just for you to keep not rent. Seems too good to be true, right? 

Well, that’s what WatchGang, named the Best Box Club for Men in 2018 till date, claims to do for guys like us. In fact, you may have seen how popular they’ve gotten, with features in Forbes, The Today Show, as well as thousands of guys talking about them on Facebook and Instagram. 

This monthly watch club has figured out a way to give guys what they want in top-line wrist watches at a low, affordable price and the convenience of a no-hassle, no-shop, just get it to me fast auto-shipping program. After reading about how many guys are talking about Watch Gang, I knew I had to give it a critical look and see exactly what all the hype is about and if it’s worth it. 

This WatchGang Review will provide you some insights into this subscription service which involves shipping high-end watches randomly, offering members executive prizes a couple of times per week, and making it even more fun with the weekly giveaways. The goal is to inspire watch lovers and watch curators to build a collection of watches without having to spend a fortune. Read on to find if Watch Gang is for you!  

What is Watch Gang (WatchGang Review) 

Watch Gang is an L.A. based subscription platform and online community for buying and selling watches. Matthew Gallagher, the founder and CEO of Watch Gang said he was inspired by his father’s final gesture to him. His father left him a watch that meant so much to him after he passed.  

According to Gallagher in a press interview and many online Watch Gang Reviews, “This was the catalyst for me starting Watch Gang. I loved watches but didn’t know anything about them. I started collecting them after my dad left me his and I wanted to give guys around the world an opportunity to do the same.”  

WatchGang is simply a club for watch lovers and fashion enthusiasts. If you’re looking to invest in watches, curate them, or just build a collection of watches that match your everyday style, Watch Gang is certainly for you. The founder started this club based on family values; he wanted watches to be one of the sweet things men get to leave for their loved ones to remember them with.  

WatchGang has been in vogue since 2016, and in 2018 it was named the Best Box Club for Men in 2018. It’s very likely that you may have seen them featured in Forbes, Esquire, Men’s Health, Los Angeles Times and The Today Show. There are also thousands of guys talking about them on Instagram and Facebook. But it’s absolutely fine if you haven’t really come across them or heard of the forum, we have embarked on this review in order to bring it to your attention.  


WatchGang Review; How Does Watch GangWork? 

First of all, bear in mind that every watch you receive is yours to keep. Watch Gang does not lend you the watches. The Gang works like a lot of other monthly watch subscription clubs. Once you choose your preferred plan, Watch Gang sends you a new watch every month. Watch Gang is a mystery watch club, the wristwatches are carefully selected for you and will not be revealed to you until you receive and unwrap your box. 

It is very easy to get started with Watch Gang. Visit the company’s website, enter your full name and email to create a profile. The signing in starts off with a quick questionnaire to help them determine your preferred style, such as classic or adventurer or executive.  

Next, you will be required to enter your shipping address and choose from one of their subscription plans: Original, Black, and Platinum  plans. Membership of the WatchGang automatically avails you to participate in their weekly giveaways regardless of the plan you opted for. You stand the chance to win a Tag, a Rolex and a Seiko during these giveaways. 

Also, by becoming a member of Watch Gang’s private community you’re allowed to sell, buy, and trade watches of high quality. And you can drop reviews or read reviews of your favorite or least favorite watch brands on the community’s forum.  

Benefits of Watch Gang Subscription (WatchGang Platinum Reviews) 

Here’s a list of what you can gain for becoming a WatchGang member:  

For one, you are always going to be receiving watches that are worth more than the price you pay. Who doesn’t want high value at an affordable price?  

Secondly, Reading online WatchGang Reviews you will know that the Watch Gang is a cool way to connect with a community of similarly minded people. It’s not merely a subscription platform, it’s also a web of enthusiasts driving towards the same goal. The community is undeniably active, with members helping one another to attain the best status.  

Thirdly, receiving a new wristwatch every month could be a lot of fun. Right?! If you enjoy surprises, you will love WatchGang because they’re out to shoot you surprises every month. You may be receiving a Rolex and you wouldn’t even have a single idea.  

Another beneficial aspect of WatchGang is their weekly watch giveaway. The giveaway days are Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Every Tuesday one Watch Gang member wins a Tag Heuer, and every Friday, another may win a Rolex. And another member still stands the chance to win a Seiko on Saturday.  

WatchGang holds a livestream on their social media pages. The name of a subscriber is selected at random. They may receive a sophisticated watch, such as Rolex, Tag, Seiko, and more. All subscribers are eligible for the giveaway. As long as you’re a member of Watch Gang, you’ll be automatically entered for the chance to win a Rolex, Tag Heuer and Seiko. 

Lastly, many WatchGang Reviews consumer reports state that becoming a member of Watch Gang may enable you to further explore your taste preferences in watch. You may not think that you like deep blue defenders until you receive one in the mail one day and start wearing it. 


What Makes Watch Gang Different? (WatchGang Reviews USA) 

Here’s what makes WatchGang  “watch of the month club” different. Watch Gang partners with a new watch brand every month. Their watches are also guaranteed to be worth more than the membership fee you may possibly pay. Aside from availing you the space to meet people of like-mindedness, being one of their members gives you the opportunity to win a Tag every Tuesday, or a Rolex every Friday, or a Seiko every Saturday. If you’ve ever thought about building a watch collection, join Watch Gang right now!         

How to Sign up to WatchGang (Watch Gang Platinum Reviews)  

How to sign-up on Watch Gang has been one of the most WatchGang Complaints we received on WatchGang Reviews 2021. Read till the end of this Watch Gang review to be sure it’s something you want to get involved with. Once you make up your mind to become a member of the Watch Gang, follow these steps to begin.  

First, open the URL on your browser, or simply click here. Scroll down to the ‘Let’s Get Started’ section on the company’s site’s homepage and enter your full name and email. Or you can simply sign in with your Facebook or Google account.  

After that, you will have to fill out a quick questionnaire to help provide them with a little idea of your taste in watches. Matthew Gallagher, the founder and CEO of Watch Gang says the questionnaire helps them curate for their customers. According to him, “We can see that in one year people prefer to spend more time outdoors, but the next year they go out on dates or to concerts, which helps influence what we procure for our members.” 

After filling out the survey, proceed by choosing a subscription plan, then enter your shipping and payment deals. Relax and wait for your watches to come to you! 


WatchGang Watches (Watch Gang Reviews) 

So, here are some of the watches you can expect from Watch Gang.  Our Watch Gang review will take a look at just a few of these watches you might find in the monthly surprise packages, some you might win in the giveaway or simply go to the store to purchase. Top watches you will expect include the following in no particular order: 

  • Martenero Edgemere Reserve 
  • Tag Heuer Autavia  
  • Fortuna Michael 
  • Rolex  
  • Seiko 
  • Dreyfuss & Co  
  • 1890 Rose Gold 
  • Villandry Moonphase  
  • Deep Blue Defender  
  • Heritor Becker Automatic 
  • Melbourne Lonsdale Automatic, etc.  

WatchGang Prices and Subscription Plans (Watch Gang Platinum Reviews) 

Watch Gang offers three subscription plans, which are Original, Black and the Platinum plans. Here’s a breakdown of all the differences and what to expect in each plan.  

The Watch Gang Original Plan (Watch Gang Reviews)  

This is their cheapest price plan. At $49.99 a month, they will offer you high-quality watch brands. The Original plan will fetch you watches like Japanese Miyota and Seiko. Although absolutely not top of the line, Seiko and Miyota quartz are mildly popular and reliable.  

The goal of the Original Plan is to give you access to a wide variety of watch styles. You’ll receive a mix of classic, sport, and military watches. 

Here are the prices available in the Original Plan: 

  • The three-month subscription is $142.50, saving you 5% off the monthly price 
  • The six-month subscription is $269.99, saving you 10% 
  • The one-year subscription is $479.99, saving you 20% off the usual price  

The Black Plan (WatchGang Reviews) 

Of course, you’ll expect that the higher the plan, the better the style and quality. Subscribing to this plan means increased watch quality and style for the more fashion-conscious customers. Most of the watches to expect in the Black plan are the Japanese or Swiss quartz.  

Also, expect to receive watches with automatic movement. Not that it matters whether the movement is. We recommend this plan for those who are watch geeks, who would love to build a collection.  

  • This plan is billed around $100 a month. With a longer subscription, prices drop: 
  • Their three-month plan is $299.99, saving you up to $30 
  • Their six-month plan is $549.99, saving you up to $50 
  • Their one-year plan is $1099.99, saving you up to $100   

WatchWang Platinum Plan (Watch Gang Platinum Reviews) 

They refer to this plan as the Cadillac plan. It is the richest of all the plans. You get a different range of watches, including quartz and automatic movement watches. Styles here include sporty, classic, and others. 

Watches you’ll receive in this plan are worth up to $1,500. But the plan is $299.99 a month with the subscription tiers: 

  • A three-month plan is $899.99, saving you $30 
  • A six-month plan is $1699.99, saving you $100 
  • A one-year plan is $3399.99, saving you $200 

Aside from these three plans, Every Watch Gang Review confirms that Watch Gang offers two other remarkable purchase options. What they refer to as the Wheel of Watches and the Member Store. The wheel of watches is a roulette wheel.  

With your points, you can select a handful of watches from any of the plans, take a spin and see which one you get. The Member Store is like any other regular store you visit to purchase products, but having a membership access to it gives you exclusive offers. 

Pros and Cons of Watch Gang (Watch Gang Reviews) 

Although, there’s a lot of benefits associated with the Watch Gang, it’s also nice to point out that it is lagging in some ways. Here, we’ll quickly take a look at the pros and cons of Watch Gang.  

Pros (WatchGang Reviews)  

Here are some of the unique qualities that endear men to Watch Gang: 

  • It’s a simple and affordable way to build up your own watch collection based on your style.  
  • It’s fun being a member of the community. It informs and introduces you to the world of watches.  
  • Flexible subscription plans and subscription frequency; you’re allowed to choose a plan that’s appropriate for you.  
  • You’re likely to win a high-end watch during the weekly giveaways. You could win a Rolex or a Tag Heuer every week.  
  • Ships anywhere in the world 
  • Shipping has positive reviews 

Cons (WatchGang Complaints)  

Here are some of the cons worth considering before subscribing to Watch Gang. You should note, however, that some of these cons apply practically to any other mystery watch subscription service out there.  

  • For the fact that Watch Gang operates as a mystery watch club, you have zero control over the watches you’re going to receive. This means you could be paying the price for something you might not like.  
  • No option for money back policy. You will not be refunded when you cancel a prepaid plan.  
  • Shipping fee applies, and international shipping fees seem very costly. 
  • There’s no sizing option, those with very large or very small wrists may have to have them resized.  

Watch Gang Store (WatchGang Store Reviews) 

If you’re looking for a one-time purchase, going to the Watch Gang Store is the best option. This way you don’t have to subscribe as a member of the gang. Shopping at the Store is open to everyone, however, only members can get exclusive pricing.  

The store has a variety of brands, styles, and prices to choose from. They have brands such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, Zodiac, Versus Versace and other brands which are not exactly household names yet.  

The Watch Gang store also features Grails for Good. This is a fundraising option where, for a pre-set donation of $5 to $200, you’ll be awarded 100 to 2000 entries into a drawing for a sophisticated collectible watch. The company stated that Grails for Good has raised up to $50,000 in just two and a half years, with the proceeds going to such organizations as Autism, My Friend’s Place, and Wounded Warriors. 


Is Watch Gang Worth It? (WatchGang Reviews) 

Okay, here’s what we think of Watch Gang in general! Watch Gang Reviews Consumer Reports confirm that Watch Gang is only cool for wristwatch lovers and watch collectors. If you’re either of those, then joining the Watch Gang community of like-minded people is definitely worthwhile. The overall mission of Watch Gang is to help members build their personal collection of watches that match their unique styles. 

But if you’re neither of those, I mean if you don’t have a thing for wristwatches the way chicken burgers got nothing on vegans, then you shouldn’t think about joining Watch Gang, or any watch forum at all. You can recommend to your friends who love watches and would love to have an exquisite collection of them.  

On the other note, if you’re just looking for a single watch to purchase for a big occasion you’ve been preparing for, maybe a wedding, we’ll recommend you buy from Watch Gang’s Member Store, since you’re looking for a one-time thing. You can purchase from their store even if you are not a registered member of the gang.  

Watch Gang has a relatively flexible functionality, and that is quite worthwhile. The account is simple to customize, and their signup process takes only a few minutes. Also, they have flexible subscription plans to choose from. It makes it easy for people who do not want to get a new watch each month. And for what it’s worth, Watch Gang deals with products that are of high-quality.  

Again, it is worth it for people who would love to build a watch collection without having to pay a fortune. 


Press Impressions of Watch Gang (WatchGang Reviews)  

Maybe you will know more about Watch Gang from what these famous organizations have to say about it: 


“Their distinctive, high-quality watches are sourced from notable as well as up-and-coming watchmakers…” 

Los Angeles Times  

“Watch Gang has brought the subscription-box model to the world of timepieces by shipping a mystery box monthly so members can build a watch collection.” 

Men’s Health 

“The perfect outfit needs the perfect accessory, namely that perfect timepiece. This monthly service delivers a new watch to your house every month.” 


“You keep each watch you get, so if you’re looking to build a collection, this is a good way to get started.” 

WatchGang Reviews Customers Opinion (Watch Gang Reviews)  

Here are some of the things customers and members of the Watch Gang have to say about it: 

Devon Petek – United States 

“I was a little skeptical at first. Then I received my first watch, it was an automatic and was well worth the monthly price (black). Then I went a little crazy and spun the wheels. I will have to say I have yet to be not impressed with the products I received and you always have the chance to win a Rolex or a tag or a citizen or a seiko.  

Above all it is fun and when they do the giveaways it makes you feel like you are part of something and I love it. The watches have always been worth more than the monthly subscription and sometimes it’s nice getting something you didn’t pick out, helps you change your style a little. The last thing is if you ever receive a watch you don’t like they have a form where you can trade other members. If you’re thinking about it or on the fence just do it you won’t be let down.” 

S. Goodway  

“I got my first watch today. The timing couldn’t be anymore perfect. Super fast delivery. And WOW!! What a great looking watch. I love it.” 

C. Donnell  

“Been a member for several months now and just upgraded to the platinum level but at any level the watches you get will be well worth the money spent.” 

W. Mcman 

“I love Watch Gang! I’ve been introduced to so many great brands I had never heard of before. Each subscription level provides awesome value.” 

WatchGang Complaints (WatchGang Reviews) 

Here are some of the WatchGang Complaints we received about this special watch subscription while coming up with our Watch Gang Reviews. 

Can I keep all the watches I receive?  

Absolutely! This is one of the things that mark Watch Gang out from other watch clubs, you get to keep every watch you receive. This helps you to quickly build up your own unique collection of watches; and be able to pass down your generation.  

Do I get to pick my watch each month?  

No, Watch Gang thinks that you’re too busy for that. Also, Watch Gang is a mystery watch club. What this means is that after your subscription, they will send you a surprise watch box every month. But if you don’t like surprises, then you have the Spin the Wheel Option, or you can easily visit the Member Store and purchase whatever watch you like and it will be delivered to you.  

What Are WatchGang Prices (Watch Gang Reviews) 

The cost is based on the subscription plan you choose. They have Original plan, Black plan, and Platinum plan. Their subscription prices being $49, $99, and $299, respectively. If you want to receive the branded watches, the WatchGang platinum cost is $299,99. 

How much is the Watch Gang shipping fee?  

Watch Gang ships at a flat rate of $9 for all domestic Watch Gang monthly watch subscribers living in the United States. For subscribers living in Canada shipping is at $14.82, United Kingdom is at $19.82, while AU and everywhere else is at $34 USD. For international shipments, subscribers are responsible for any applicable taxes, import duties and customs charges. Shipping costs are liable to change without notice. 

Does WatchGang have a referral system?  

Yes, they do. Once you create your account, you get a referral link that you can send to your friends to join the gang. You and the person you referred to the gang will earn up to 50 points once they have completed their sign up with a purchase of $25 or higher and begin a new subscription! You can use your Referral Points to purchase additional watches on the Wheel of Watches or you can convert it into credit that will automatically be applied to future renewals or additional subscriptions. 

Watch Gang Reviews Wrap Up 

We will finish this WatchGang review by honestly pointing out that whether or not Watch Gang is worth throwing your money to depends highly on what you’re really looking for. If you’re a known watch geek or you just want to get into watch stuff now to up your fashion game, Watch Gang definitely worth it for you.  

The club provides you a fun way to become a fashion (wristwatch) curator by helping you build up your own collection. Plus, subscribing to the Watch Gang membership plan will earn you good value at a very affordable price.  

Interestingly, as we have said previously, Watch Gang allows you to choose the right plan for you, based on your personal taste and financial capacity. There’s the Watch Gang black tier, WatchGang platinum and Watch Gang original plan.  

For the watch lovers looking to invest in a watch club, especially those who appreciate surprises, WatchGang will be of great essence. And if you find along the lines that your membership to Watch Gang has no true value, you have the freedom to unsubscribe, which is also as easy as subscribing.  

What do I do with the ones I’ve received? Well, show off! And if you have already received one or two you don’t fancy enough to show off, package it and gift your loved ones, your father or your soccer buddies, they will surely appreciate your gesture.  

In conclusion, WatchGang is definitely worth it for explorers and fashionistas. WatchGang has over the years built an active community with values that stand out. It’s not usually that you get to see a community that shares similar interests and gives you the avenue to truly become a part of its culture. 


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