WatchTrack Review: Does Watch Track Smartwatch Really Worth It?

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After over eight hundred hours of research, consulting experts on watchtrack review, we published this piece of information on the watchtrack smartwatch review. From consumer reports on watchtrack reviews, watchtrack smartwatch has an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5.0. If you are looking for the latest smartwatch that is affordable and durable, the watchtrack smartwatch may just be for you. 

There’s a popular motivational quote that Everyone wants to be at the top, but only a few work to get there. That’s so true! We’ve all wished at some points to stay fit, lose some weight, work on those abs and stay sexy for ourselves. But the problem is that the wishes are never complimented with the necessary works.   

This may be because we all have lots of things to attend to: work, kids, family, friends, work again. Lots of distractions out there! Today you may start your weight loss journey and then give it up the next day because everything has become overwhelming.  

However, you’re mostly overwhelmed because you’ve not leant to plan and organize our activities. You may not have heard of WatchTrack, an innovative smartwatch designed to keep you on your toes by giving you gentle reminders to get up and keep moving.  

This compact fitness tracker is very powerful and fashionable. It has features that enable you to lose weight, stay active and live your life to the fullest. This WatchTrack Review is going to take you to dig into the core details of this smartwatch. You’ll find out if it actually works, its features, and its pros and cons. So read on to find out everything you need to know about the WatchTrack Smartwatch.  

What is WatchTrack (watchtrack reviews) 

WatchTrack is a powerful and fashionable smartwatch made to aid you in your journey to lose weight. The watch is designed with premium quality technology that makes it easily possible to track your steps, heart rate, blood pressure, and calories burned. So many customer reviews report that WatchTrack is more accurate than the quite expensive FitBit.  

All WatchTrack Reviews confirm that the smartwatch is built to keep you active most of the time by giving you mild notifications of prolonged hours of inactivity. It reminds you to get up and keep going. You’re more likely to lose weight when you stay active, but inactivity only makes you gain weight and slows the vitality of your entire body system.  


WatchTrack Reviews (Specifications) 

Do you really want to know the technical facts about this latest WatchTrack Smartwatch that’s trending in the United States? Then this section of our Watch Track Review is for you. 

  • Compact design 
  • Sleek and lightweight  
  • Rechargeable battery that can be charged using the provided USB charging cable.  
  • Data storage 
  • Calorie counter 
  • Cardio tracker  
  • Heart monitor  
  • Can synchronise data on the smartphone.  
  • Sweat and splash-resistant.  

Key Features of the WatchTrack (WatchTrack Reviews USA) 

Below are the key qualities that this WatchTrack is identified with: 

Compact and Lightweight: The WatchTrack fitness tracker is designed to be lightweight. Every good smartwatch is meant to be lightweight, so that it can be easy on the skin and not weigh the wrist down. It also means that you can take it everywhere with you. Its lightweight makes it really portable.  

Sleek Design: WatchTrack is not just powerful, it is also fashionable! It has a sleek and stylish design that can match all your outfits.  

Calorie Counter: Our WatchTrack Reviews confirm that it is designed to track how many calories you’ve burned. This will help you know how best to modify your diet and fitness activities in order to make sure you’re engaging in the right ones to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. And one of the ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is by consuming only what is necessary for your body.  

Smartphone Connection: WatchTrack is marked with different premium qualities. You can connect your WatchTrack to your smartphone through the Bluetooth connection and I will automatically save or sync your data on your smartphone. When connected, you can as well use your WatchTrack to receive calls and message notifications even without being with your phone.  

Sleep Tracker: WatchTrack is multifunctional. Aside from monitoring your vital signs, it also monitors your sleep patterns so you can ensure you’re getting enough sleep and rest each night. 

Reminder: WatchTrack is meant to also serve you as your reminder to get and get things done. When you set silent alarms, the smartwatch wakes you by giving you a gentle buzz on your wrist 

Durable and Long-Lasting: All WatchTrack reviews state that this smartwatch is built with premium quality materials that ensure it’s not easily affected by environmental factors such as humidity and heat. Its high quality makes it resistant to scratches and sweat.  

Works Anywhere: One remarkable feature watchtrack review found out about WatchTrack is the ability to work in any environment. Now you can track your health and fitness goals at any time. Whether you’re at work home, outdoors or indoors, or at the store, or the gym, WatchTrack accurately monitors your activity and calculates each step toward achieving your fitness goals. 

Does the WatchTrack Actually Work?  

WatchTrack is a smartwatch designed basically as a fitness tracking smart device. This smartwatch is made with advanced sensors, biometric indicators, and algorithms that make its performance accurate, optimal and efficient.  

WatchTrack allows you to keep an accurate record of your health metrics, such as your heart rate through the heart monitor, your circulation through the cardio tracker, and how many calories you have burned using the calorie counter.  

How does WatchTrack do all of that? It uses the advanced sensors to measure your movements, intensity of the motion, the frequency of the motion, duration of motion, and the movement patterns. It collects and compiles all this raw data, then has its algorithms translate it to actual statistics for you. 

Benefits Of WatchTrack (WatchTrack Smartwatch Review) 

Let’s look at some of the benefits that come with using the WatchTrack fitness tracker: 

Monitors Your Vital Signs: The WatchTrack is very beneficial in monitoring your health vital signs. It checks for your blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen levels and heart rate at all times. This means you don’t have to regularly drop by the hospital to have your BP and heart rate checked.  WatchTrack collects your data and gives you results right away. This does not mean, you shouldn’t meet with your licensed healthcare provider from time to time, only that now you won’t have to be doing that as often as you used to.  

Stay Active: You’re more likely to gain weight when you’re idle and lose some when you’re active. WatchTrack fitness tracker helps you to stay active most of the day. It keeps you on your toes, because when you stay inactive for long, it’ll give you a vibrating nudge.  

Lose Weight: WatchTrack is designed to help you lose weight and burn calories.  It is able to point out the particular exercise you should concentrate on for better results. It also tracks all your daily fitness activities such as your steps, distance, how many calories burned and all of that. Knowing the progress of your efforts will help you aspire to do more each new day.  

Serves as Alarm Clock: You can set alarms on your WatchTrack. When it’s time, it gives you a gentle nudge on your wrist to remind you to get up and get active.  

Goal Tracking: WatchTrack helps you to ensure that you are reaching your fitness goals by tracking and monitoring your progress as you push towards attaining those goals. It does not matter the activity you set out to attain, WatchTrack will be right there with you. Whether it’s to record your steps, distance or calories burned.  

Monitors your Heart Rate: This feature allows you to accurately keep track of the activity of your heart and your circulatory system. It can indicate when something is wrong, and that should give you a reason to consult with your doctor or physician.  

Monitors your Sleep: WatchTrack can monitor your sleep performance at night, making sure you’re getting enough sleep to lose weight easily. Now you can measure your sleep performance and know where you should make efforts to improve.  

Premium Quality and Durability: WatchTrack has been designed using high-end materials, and as a result of that the device is quite durable and immune to certain issues such as scratches, rust and humidity. It’s also splash-resistant, which means you can wear it for activities that cause you to sweat. 


Who Should Use the WatchTrack (WatchTrack Reviews USA) 

Reading watchtrack reviews, you will find out that watchtrack can be used by anyone who wishes to burn some calories and lose weight. And also those who only want to stay active, or keep track and monitor their health vital signs. Intentionally, the manufacturer made the wristband adjustable, so that it can fit properly and comfortably on everyone’s wrist. 

The watch is also harmless. But if you observe skin irritation while using a WatchTrack fitness tracker, stop using it and consult your physician immediately. WatchTrack smartwatch is very easy to use too. Anybody can operate it, considering that it’s easy to navigate and customize.  

How to Use the WatchTrack Review 

WatchTrack  is built with quality sensors that make it possible and easy to track your fitness and health metrics accurately. Everything you need to know about your vital signs to help you achieve your fitness goals lies in WatchTrack. The sensors make it possible for WatchTrack to accurately read and help you keep track of your vital signs such as your oxygen levels, your heart rates, blood pressure, and your body temperature.  

The sensors also enable the accurate reading of your fitness metrics such as how many calories you burned (every vital if you seriously mean to lose weight), how many steps you have covered, and such similar fitness activities. WatchTrack fitness tracker is generally useful in improving your lifestyle and overall well-being.  

The WatchTrack device is very easy to use. All you have to do is to charge it, wear it on your wrist the way you’d wear the normal wristwatch, then customize the setting according to your needs and start enjoying your new lifestyle.  

Pros and Cons of Using the WatchTrack  

It won’t be necessary to complete this WatchTrack Review without letting you know the pros and cons of purchasing and using this device. If the pros align with what you’re looking for, we advise that you hurry up and order your WatchTrack now that it’s still available and that the exclusive offers are still valid. The cons are easily avoidable if you act accordingly.  

What Makes WatchTrack Special In The United States? 

Are you thinking of doing more exercise, daily jogs or hiking and need a tracking device for your fitness progress? WatchTrack is a hassle-free smartwatch that comes with many incredible features, including step count, heart rate measuring, sleep tracking, and more. This smartwatch was made by a start-up company that wanted to offer a watch that could contain advanced features for tracking your health without paying a fortune.  

Yes, we do know that there are loads of great smartwatches out there. However, they tend to be so expensive and often too complicated to comprehend the way they operate. WatchTrack is entirely the opposite!  

Even though the WatchTrack smartwatch has many beneficial features, it works by an intuitive touch screen control system. In this way, watchtrack smartwatch makes it easy for you not to worry about a load of buttons.  

There are many reasons why a watchtrack is a must-have device. Firstly, it helps you be aware of your activity as it counts your steps daily as well as monitors your calorie burn. Moreover, WatchTrack maintains customizable inactivity alerts, which will remind you to get up and do something active. Finally, this smartwatch is equipped to measure your heart rate, body temperature, or blood oxygen level. 

WatchTrack is an ultimate health tracking device that stores plenty of features that will help you push yourself and get fit faster. It’s an ideal device to set your daily goals, remember to move more, and monitor your sleep quality. Plus, WatchTrack effortlessly connects to your phone to help you map out your running or cycling routes. 

Pros (WatchTrack Reviews)  

  • Gives you information about your vital signs which include your heart rate, blood circulation, oxygen level and blood pressure.  
  • Helps you to improve your health and general well-being. 
  • Tracks your sleeping habits and gives you the opportunity to know how to improve the quality of sleep you get.  
  • WatchTrack allows you to see notifications of incoming messages and calls even when you’re not with your phone. 
  • WatchTrack is splash-resistant.  
  • Sleek design made to match every look.  
  • Shows your phone notifications on its screen.  
  • WatchTrack can connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth.  
  • Your life becomes more active rather than passive with WatchTrack.  
  • Seamless compatibility with Apple or Android phones.  
  • WatchTrack is designed using high-end materials that do not react adversely with your skin. The quality of materials make the WatchTrack very durable.  
  • The is rechargeable  
  • Long-lasting battery 
  • Mouth-watering discounts available.  
  • Free shipping  
  • 5 years replacement assurance warranty.  
  • 90 days free access to online coaching and health assessments.  

Cons (WatchTrack Review) 

  • WatchTrack can only be purchased from the company’s official website.  
  • There’s  limited availability of products. 
  • Warranty/guarantee may come at an added cost.  

Where Can I Buy the WatchTrack?  

The WatchTrack fitness tracker is available for purchase on the manufacturer’s official website only. Make sure that you do not buy WatchTrack anywhere else other than the company’s online store.  

Aside from avoiding not being sold knockoffs or getting scammed out of your savings, buying WatchTrack from the company’s online store allows you to take advantage of their exclusive discount offers on the different packages they have available. The 100% warranty is also effective when you buy from the website only.  

You can get up to six watches at a time by purchasing the bundle packages.  

It is necessary to note that these prices and their attending discounts are not fixed and may go up or down any moment. So, if you have the intention of buying WatchTrack fitness smartwatches, proceed to the official page where it’s available right now.  


Prices of the WatchTrack (WatchTrack Reviews UK)  

Purchasing the WatchTrack only requires four steps. The first one is for you to visit the manufacturer’s official page, you can click here to direct you. The second step is for you to enter your shipping details, which should include your email address, location, zip code, country and phone number.  

Once you’re done entering the details, you’ll be directed to the order room to select or choose your preferred package. This is the third step. Here, you can buy one WatchTrack at $49.99. Or better still, you can buy the bundle packages.  

The number of items you buy determines the discount you get, buying many items will be money wise in that regard. The available packages at the online store and their prices are as follows: 

  • Ix WatchTrack sold at $49.99/unit with free shipping fee. 
  • 3x WatchTrack watches priced at $39.95/unit with no shipping fee.  
  • 6x WatchTrack watches offered at $29.50 with no shipping fee applied.  

The final step is to choose your preferred payment method and proceed with completing your payment. You can only pay through credit card: Visa, Discover, and American Express. Note that the above listed prices are not stable and can skyrocket at any time. It’s definitely best to buy now. There’s an opportunity for you to get their 5 years replacement assurance warranty. But this comes at an added $15.95 US dollar.  

As an additional benefit for purchasing the WatchTrack fitness tracker, the company is letting you enjoy 90 days access to the following at no additional costs: 

Health Risk Assessment: provides a health overview report that will highlight potential health risks.  

Online Coaching: they give you access to online coaching platforms including Customized Meal Plans, FaceBook support groups, and follow-ups from the Coaches. 

Exercise Program 

Health Information Library 

Fitness Nutrition: offers you step-by-step programs, audible guided strength conditioning, and cardio workouts, how to lose 10 lbs the first week, and customized meal plans. 

Fun Effective Tools and Apps 

If after the 90 days free access and you still want to retain the services, you can subscribe per month for just $9.95. 

If you have any questions about WatchTrack, you should contact the customer support team: 

Phone: (877) 636-6751 

Email: [email protected] 

Company Address: 7652 Sawmill Rd., STE 213 Dublin, OH 43016 

WatchTrack Maintenance Tips (WatchTrack Reviews) 

If you have successfully completed your purchase of WatchTrack, you may need to know how best you should maintain your WatchTrack smartwatch to ensure safety and efficiency. This section of our WatchTrack Review will help you unravel the necessary maintenance tips you should adhere to.  

First one is that you read the user instructions manual that comes with your WatchTrack order. Read it thoroughly and carefully adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.  

Secondly, you should wear your WatchTrack smartwatch correctly. Do not make it too loose or too tight on your wrist during exercise. This is to ensure that your WatchTrack smartwatch does not slide up and down your wrist, or even slip off your wrist and fall off somewhere you don’t know.  

Our third maintenance tip for you is to ensure you keep it dry. Keep the WatchTrack’s strap and body clean and dry. Keeping it clean ensures that it sparkles always, and that dust does not build up and cause the glass to rust or cause scratches on the body. Cleaning and drying the smartwatch will also ensure that bacteria does not build up to affect your skin in the future.  

So, you ought to clean the sweat stains after every exercise. Regularly, wipe your WatchTrack with a soft microfiber cloth and get off the dirt in the cracks. You can rinse the watch’s straps with water and then dry. If the strap has stubborn stains on it, you can use a wet soft brush to brush it off. 

Although you can wear your WatchTrack round the clock, your wrists still deserve to be given proper rest from time to time. So find time to take the watch off and let your wrists rest for a while. Because the long periods of friction between the watch and your skin may irritate the skin and make it uncomfortable.  

Lastly, ensure that you don’t use solutions like alkaline solvents to clean your watch. This is to avoid residual substances that may accumulate under the strap and irritate your skin. Keep your WatchTrack clean and dry!  

What Are Customers Saying About the WatchTrack? (WatchTrack Reviews)  

Let’s take a look at what the people who have already used this particular product are saying about it: 

Domonic Dotson, who’s a student, said it has helped him to stay active: 

“I’m always studying and WatchTrack reminds me to move when I’m staying still for too long ! Thanks for the cardio workout.” 

The gym instructor, Ellisha Barber, said: 

“Watchtrack helps me track my heart rate and breathing when running laps.” 

The Yoga instructor, Terry Lambert, confirmed that WatchTrack lets him see how many calories burned: 

“Since purchasing WatchTrack I realized I am more active and can actually see how many calories I burned!” 

Gym instructor, David W., thinks WatchTrack is better than the $200 FitBit: 

“This thing is sooooo sweet! I am wearing my FitBit and the WatchTrack and comparing them. The WatchTrack is more accurate in counting steps, the screen on the WatchTrack is crystal clear, it has strong vibration for the 3 alarms you can set, and the AWESOME blood pressure measuring capability makes this a better product than the $200 FitBit? Ionic!” 

Frequently Asked Questions About the WatchTrack (WatchTrack Reviews)  

In this section of our WatchTrack review, we will take you through some of the most commonly asked questions about the WatchTrack. We hope it answers some of the similar questions you might have about this product.  

Does WatchTrack measure my blood pressure? 

Yes. With the WatchTrack fitness tracker, you can now monitor vital signs such as your heart rate, your blood pressure, and your blood oxygen levels.  

Is WatchTrack a legit fitness tracker? 

Yes! WatchTrack is at the top of the competition in the smartwatch market. It’s indeed a genuine product manufactured by a reputable company in the US. The team put a lot of work into designing this product.  

Can I Use My WatchTrack Without My Phone?  

Yes, you can! WatchTrack is made to automatically synchronize with your phone once they’re within the Bluetooth range. Most smartwatches have this incredible quality. You can even leave your phone behind while you’re going about your work out sessions and other activities. Your smartphone will no longer be a distraction for you. This way you can focus solely on making a product result. 

How is WatchTrack controlled? 

To control your WatchTrack, use the WatchTrack features with the touch screen interface, or connect to your phone through Bluetooth. 

Can WatchTrack diagnose diseases? 

No, the WatchTrack is only a fitness tracker. It gives you the opportunity to keep track of your fitness data and your health metrics such as heart rate, steps taken, blood pressure, and  oxygen levels. But it cannot diagnose or treat disease, and shouldn’t be seen as such. Consult your physician if you are concerned about your health. 

Does WatchTrack measure my oxygen levels? 

Yes, absolutely. WatchTrack is a fitness tracker that has the ability of giving you insights into your wellness and vital signs. WatchTrack can help you to keep track of your oxygen levels, heart rate, body temperature, calories burned, and many others. 

Final Remark (WatchTrack Review)  

There are tons of smartwatch fitness and health trackers out there, but what has kept WatchTrack on the top? Do you care to know?  

Simply, it has impressive features carefully designed by the manufacturer to help you in your journey to wellness. So if you’re looking to lose weight by burning up the unnecessary calories your body has accumulated, WatchTrack is set to accompany you on that bold step you intend to take. If you just want to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle, WatchTrack is right here to keep you on track. Its qualities are impressive enough. It has a sleek design and the affordable price make it more appealing 

To purchase your WatchTrack fitness tracker, visit the official page only. You can learn more on how to place your order, or learn more about their return  policy and shipping from the company’s official website. And you can direct any further questions or concerns you have to the customer support team.  


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Note that WatchTrack fitness tracker is not and was never meant to be an alternative medical device. Do not change your medical routines without proper consultation with your doctor. Understand that any advice or instructions outlined here are not meant to serve as a substitute, even remotely, for sound medical advice from your professional healthcare provider.  

Make sure to consult with a licensed physician before making any purchasing decisions if you use medications or have pending health concerns. The manufacturer of WatchTrack warns that individual results may vary, so don’t expect an exact result with another user. On that note, WatchTrack is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases. Always seek professional medical advice for your health issues. 

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