5 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code


In this digital era, most parents want to see their kids become computer literate. When kids learn how to code at a tender age, they become innovators and set them for career opportunities afterward. So, when should kids start to learn how to code? It has been known, most successful developers began learning their craft at a tender age. 

Even though such early commencement may seem abnormal at first sight, elementary-school coders are way more prevalent than you knew. The fact is, there’s an array of reasons why kids should learn to code at a tender age. In this post, we’ll take you through the 5 reasons why kids should learn to code. 

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#1. Coding boosts their problem-solving skills 

Coding in Singapore is, for sure one of the best ways of ensuring kids improve their problem-solving skills. But first, let’s try to explain the term. In simple words, problem-solving means an individual ability to handle novel, or complex circumstances efficiency and effectively. A person who has good problem-solving skills will have skillsets like emotional intelligence, creativity, collaboration, research skills, and even decision making. 

When it comes to the programming world, coders are always tasked and asked to handle a problem. The task all but needs the coders to break problems down into smaller manageable sub-problems, then move next into an iterative stage of picking, prioritizing, and finding solutions. As such, kids begin boosting their problem-solving skills immediately after they start handling their initial coding challenge. 

According to research conducted on five and six years old, kids who are involved in programming space have a high opportunity to have excellent mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills. In addition, the research found out that children usually like their learning process and were involved in the age-right programming games and activities offered to them. 

That being said, the benefits offered can vary depending on the relative cognitive development and age. This research shows that even if your kid does not have an interest to code as a fully grown person, starting coding at an early stage of life will, of course, assist them to develop hugely cognitive skills. 

#2. Suitable in teaching digital literacy 

Technology is being used in almost all industries in the world today. With technology, you are assured of improved communication and improved operations. The modern world needs you to know about technology to navigate through the digitized society. Therefore, these children these days need to have more technical knowledge. 

They need to be digitally literate to be able to do some engagements with technology in a more advanced, unique, and meaningful way. Digital literacy, therefore, entails digital footprints, internet safety, online ethics, and many more. Therefore, children can look for something online have more thoughts about the sources, and come up with their own unique formulated information. 

This recent generation of kids and teens are well conversant with digital stuff and can easily adapt to digital Life more conveniently. They are well familiarized with most internet interconnections compared to the past generations. Most children are into these online games that require you to code their features such as Minecraft. Therefore, to get through such circumstance’s children should be well acquainted with how to code in the best manner whatsoever. Parents should also encourage their children to learn more about coding and have more knowledge about this. 

#3. Improves your persistence levels 

This discipline called computer science will sometimes make to want to give up due to some circumstances. You might face many errors that are heartbreaking but you will have to push on to succeed in the end. For you to become the best coder around, you are required to come with a set of solutions to the problems that you face while coding. This indicates that without the solution the code would never run. 

The expert developers out there will tell you that one day they had to remain awake during late nights trying to get through Stack Overflow while trying to bring together pieces of an application into one whole thing. They will tell you how many frustrations they had to encounter for a successful code at the end. So, all these, frustrations and successes at the end bring up something beneficial called persistence. 

So, when children start their journey of programming, they learn that it is okay to fail at times but being persistent will lead to success at long last. Those smaller successes arising from persistence will encourage them to go further. This perseverance serves as a way of future educational and career successes. Coding, therefore, helps children to grow a unique mindset that never gives up and forges ahead. 

#4. Helps children to be more creative 

Every child and parent should focus on ways in which they can get more creative. Creative people have a unique way of responding to life issues that can help them to achieve life goals in the best manner. This creativity skill is usually acquired during childhood and put into practice during adolescence. Therefore, you can help your child preserve and improve his or her creativity skills by teaching them how to code. Additionally, these coding positions are practiced in a programming environment which usually requires creative skills. 

So, as children practice programming, they are prompted to come up with experiments that require them to be more creative to come up with something very unique. Computers push these young coders to always come up with a solution for whatever challenge they encounter. 

With this, they need to be more creative to find these solutions. These coding projects require them to come up with unique programs that need some creativity at the end. 

#5. Assures of better communication and confidence 

Most software programmers usually work together to achieve some seld development skills such as confidence and communication. Coming together to code brings some sense of collaboration. Therefore, you can enroll your child in programming to build more communication and team-building skills. Children can enhance their communication and become more social, collaborate with others effectively and achieve their goals in the best manner. Additionally, they can build their self-confidence because they know that every problem has its solution. 

Children will always face any problem they encounter because coding a project helps them to solve their problems. They learn that with effective teamwork and creative efforts, you can through all the challenges that life poses to you. 


Children must learn how to code because it helps them in different aspects of life. From the above list, children are assured of more benefits when they are well acquainted with how to code. Therefore, coding can help them face any challenge that comes their way and come up with a long-lasting solution in the end. As a parent, you should therefore encourage them to learn to code since it is more beneficial. 

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