AirPhysio Reviews: Don’t Spend A Dime Until You Read This!

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AirPhysio Reviews: The Breath of Life. 

Breaking: Scientists have discovered a new way to live without air! 

Just in case you do not understand what this means, we will give you a clue. 

Firstly, humans will be able to live under water with this new discovery. Hello fishes! Secondly, people do not have to die from lack of air. No more costly hospital bills from purchasing oxygen; no more stories of death from suffocation. 

Want to know what’s mind blowing? You can easily access this new discovery by a simple exercise. You are probably wondering what exercise it is, well that is why you have us, we’ve got you covered. Just follow the steps below. 

Fold your lips to assume a pouted shape. 

Place your two fingers on your nostrils and occlude them. 

Wriggle your waist from right to left. 

Now, start laughing at yourself for falling for our prank. We got you good! 

Of course not; there is no way to live without air (at least not yet). Even though, we may not realize it, air is the most important thing to life. A man without a breath is considered dead. And it is only the living that can own businesses, fall in love and build a family. It is amazing how we are so dependent on something we can’t even describe.  

To further buttress our point, you can try holding your breath for a minute. No, this isn’t another prank, we just want to make something clear. Alright, you can catch your breath now. 

How did it feel? Scary right? Now it will interest you to know that the episode you just went through in the past minute is the reality of most people in our world today. 

 A large percentage of the world suffer from a lot of lung diseases that make it difficult to breathe. These diseases can be classified into a group known as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPDs). You do not need to memorize that name, we only put it there to show off. All you need to know, is that this group of diseases, through different mechanisms make it difficult for one to breathe. 

This has led to a lot of inventions over the years, including our very own inhalers, which usually contains medication, and needs a refill from time to time. Nice right? Or the compressing nebulizers that relief you, once plugged to an electricity source. What if we tell you that we found something better?  

We are talking no medications, no refills, and no dependence on electricity. We are talking about the AirPhysio! This write-up is an AirPhysio Reviews. This AirPhysio reviews will tell you all you need to know about this device, its features, pros and cons and what not. Keep scrolling down this article to find out. 

What is the AirPhysio?  

The AirPhysio is a manual device that helps to clear up one’s airway by building up pressure that pulls up all impurities from the air ways so that they can be coughed up, and allow for easy breathing.  

How does AirPhysio work? 

AirPhysio would not be possible if it weren’t for its reliance on Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) therapy. Generally speaking, healthy lungs produce mucus that serves as an extra layer of protection to help capture and eliminate any foreign invaders or bacteria. Once captured, the mucus gets cleared from the airways by tiny hairs found within our lung walls and coughed right out. 

Unfortunately, with certain types of diseases, the thick and sticky kind of mucus gets produced in excess and accumulates, preventing hairs from performing their tasked roles. Consequently, the lungs end up with increased inflammation and scarring while clogging it with mucus, giving rise to unproductive coughs and shortness of breath. 

The benefit of having a device like AirPhysio on hand is its ability to keep the airways opened and cleared by inducing vibrating resistances with every exhaled breath. The key takeaway here is the opening of airways, which increases mucus’ flexibility, and with every vibration released, mucus will become loose enough to get coughed out. Though this is not achieved overnight, consistent use is sure to lead to beneficial results. 

Technicalities of the AirPhysio 

Amount per unit: One 

Weigh: 200g 

Dimension: 6 x 4 x 3 cm 

Parts: Mouth piece, Clear cap with ball bearing 

Features of the AirPhysio 

  • Design 
  • Manual Operation 
  • Drug free 

Design: The AirPhysio is shaped lie the regular inhalers use by asthmatic and COPD patients, except that it does not have a cylinder, therefore making it lighter. It has a mouth piece by which it is placed in the mouth and used. The other part of the AirPhysio is transparent, and looking through it, one can see a tiny ball which vibrates to build up jets of air that goes into the airways through the mouth piece.  

Manual Operation: The AirPhysio does not work with batteries nor does it need to be charged or plugged in before use. It is operated manually. The wind energy from the blowing user hits the ball and is converted to mechanical energy of the vibrating ball, which is converted back to wind energy that goes into the airway, and breaks down the substances causing the occlusion.  

 Drug free: The AirPhysio does not come with any drugs, it only works with air pressure. This is unlike the regular inhalers that come with a variety of drugs that are pushed into the airway and act on it chemically. 

Now that we are abreast with the basic features of the AirPhysio, this AirPhysio reviews will go on to spell out who needs this product. 

Who Needs The AirPhysio? 

At this point, you’re likely wondering – Do I need this miracle breathing device? Well, to be perfectly frank, this reviewer says absolutely. But it is an even greater purchase for those who are dealing with certain conditions. While the Airphysio can help anyone breathe better, let’s take a look at some of the individuals that will benefit the most from AirPhysio. 

Individuals Struggling with Respiratory Issues 

AirPhysio can help with a multitude of breathing problems. For example, those with mucus clearance issues seriously benefit from this device. 

That’s because respiratory-related illnesses cause lung obstruction, which is now the third leading cause of death in the United States alone. These respiratory-related conditions cause the airways to become blocked. As a result, it is far more challenging to breathe. At the same time, the body is producing a sticky mucus which exacerbates those symptoms. 

Airphysio can help clear this mucus and be a life-changing device for those that struggle with respiratory-related illnesses. 

Senior Citizens 

As you age, health becomes even more of a concern. Unfortunately, though, chronic respiratory diseases tend to hit those 65 and older. That’s because the body’s natural ability to remove mucus worsens as time goes on, which leads to certain respiratory conditions that can be fatal over time. 

So what can you do as a senior to protect yourself? The answer, yet again, is AirPhysio. AirPhysio is known for its ability to strengthen the lungs over time. It also eliminates any undesirable mucus in the lungs, leaving you to breathe easily – no matter what age you are. 


In this day and age, it is no secret that smoking harms the lungs. In fact, experts agree that 73% of smoking-related conditions they diagnose is lung disease. The number lessens for ex-smokers down to about 50%. Another common smoking-related condition is COPD. 

AirPhysio is known to relieve many of the discomfort symptoms associated with certain smoking-related conditions. Simultaneously, it works to improve and strengthen the lungs – something that any smoker can be thrilled about. 

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Benefits of the AirPhysio. 

They include: 

  • Portable 
  • Durable (Life-long use) 
  • Energy Saving 
  • Easy to use 
  • Wide range of users 
  • No Side effects 
  • Fast working 
  • Satisfactory 
  • Scientifically proven 

Portable: The beauty of every device is the size. Imagine if telephones did not evolve, and we had to carry the large land phone that had the head piece and dial separately, about just to place a call. Not a pleasant sight, I guess. More so, the reason why the telephone was widely accepted was because of its portability, the fact that it could be taken with us anywhere and anytime. Okay, enough with the phone gist. The point is, the AirPhysio is a valuable device, because we get to take wherever we go. It does not weigh much, neither is it too long to fit in any place. Therefore, it can come in handy anytime.  

Durable (life-long use): The AirPhysio, besides being made from very strong plastic, is sure to offer you life long use, as it does not work on anything other than air. Okay, how about this? You know how electrically powered devices can get burnt when there is a power surge or low voltage? Well, that cannot happen with the AirPhysio. There is no surge with the AirPhysio; it works on one of the harmless things on earth, air.  

Energy Saving: The AirPhysio works manually; there is no need for electricity nor batteries. Therefore, you need not worry about a spiked-up electricity from charging the AirPhysio. More so, the amount of air needed to get the ball bearing vibrating is very minimal, so you can not get worn out from blowing air into the AirPhysio to get it working. Thus, saving you a lot of energy. 

Easy to use: One of the commonest disadvantages of most devices, is the difficulty in usage. No one wants to be like an 80-year-old granny that always needs someone to do something as basic as check her emails. 

Well, say hello to the teenage life with AirPhysio. It is very easy to use. All you have to do is blow. No, you need not push any buttons nor vials. It is tat simple.  

Wide range of users: Who else gets weak after reading all the good stuff about a product, then goes on to read, and sees, keep out of the reach of children? This can be even more sad when you intended to buy such a product for a child. 

 Guess what? The Air Physio can be used by everyone, including children. It is made up large parts that to big to get stuck in any hole in the body, ears or nose, thus you need not worry about a child swallowing it up. Even the ball bearing that works the magic, is sealed up in the transparent encasement, in case it came to your mind. This wide range of use makes it easier as you do not have to find alternatives for children nor any other age group. 

No side-effects: Side effects are extra undesired results that come from use of a product. What are the side-effects of air? Maybe, we can get so filled up with air that we can start to fly? Just kidding. There is no known side-effect of air, and that is why the AirPhysio is the best in the game. It does not work with drugs so there is no such thing as side-effects, making it very safe to use. It is the best option for people who come down with a lot of allergies, which is a large number of the population. 

Fast-working: If you have ever seen a COPD patient in crisis before, you will understand that urgency is an important factor for them. They go through a lot of pain trying to breathe, and the aim is to relief them as fast as possible. With the regular inhalers that work with drugs, one has to wait for some time to let the drugs to act, and this can be tiring sometimes.  

The AirPhysio works with air. It does not take so long because it does not have to act on receptors to exert its action, unlike the regular inhalers. It is fast in action, so that the patient doesn’t have to suffer for long. 

Satisfactory: The AirPhysio gets the work done for sure. This is evidenced by the testimonies online of users who have benefitted from it. The AirPhysio breaks down the mucous occluding the airways and creates instant relief. 

Scientifically Proven: Yet another beneficial part of the AirPhysio is that its principle of action is based on science. Conversion of one form of energy to another. It is not a question of myths and believes, there is a logical explanation of how it works, which is important in every device. 

Okay, that’s about it. This AirPhysio reviews has shown you all the benefits of the AirPhysio, and we are pretty sure that you are considering making a purchase already. Hold on, before you click on that purchase button, you will want to check out the list of disadvantages in this article. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be. There is always a downside to everything. This AirPhysio Reviews will tell some of the cons of this promising device. 

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Cons (AirPhysio Reviews). 

  • May not suit all airway disease 
  • Not a permanent cure 
  • Limited stock 

May not suit all airway diseases: While COPDs have been proven to take a bow with the AirPhysio, it does not completely work for all respiratory illnesses. Take for example in viral or bacterial pneumonia, there is still a need for antibiotics, so one still has to see a doctor for appropriate medications. This of course, is a limitation to its wide range of functions; this means that The AirPhysio does not completely rule out the need to see a doctor for very serious illnesses like bacterial pneumonia and tuberculosis. 

Not a permanent cure: While we would have loved to see it, the AirPhysio does not offer a permanent solution to COPDs. All it offers is a temporary belief, like its counterpart, the inhaler. This of course is a disadvantage, because it would have been nice to be totally free from our illnesses that just seasons of relief. 

Limited stock: Yes, the AirPhysio is one of the most purchased devices on the internet right now. And if you are thinking of buying it, you may not have the luxury of saving it for later, as it might be out of stock, when the later comes.  

Now in case, you are still not convinced on how to use the AirPhysio, this AirPhysio Reviews has outlined the basic steps to using the AirPhysio. Keep scrolling down this AirPhysio Reviews to find out. 

How to use the AirPhysio 

Step 1 Remove AirPhysio from its packet. 

Step 2 Remove the cap covering the mouth piece. 

Step 3 Place in the mouth and blow air into it. It does not have to be a lot. 

Step 4 After blowing in, keep the mouth open to let in the jets of air flow in through your mouth to the airways. 

Step 5 Cough out particles that pull up the throat  

Step 6 You can over these steps again till you are relieved.  

Now, that you are aware of the features, benefits and how to use, you are probably curious about the price, so as to decide if it is worth it. Well, not to worry this AirPhysio Reviews got you covered. 

Pricing of the AirPhysio 

The price of the airphysio is as listed below: 

1 Unit: $59.99 + $5.99 Shipping 

3 Units: $119.98 + Free US Shipping 

5 Units: $179.97 + Free US Shipping 

You can use each AirPhysio unit an unlimited number of times. It doesn’t require batteries or electronics to run. It uses physical systems to create resistance. Each AirPhysio is designed for one person to use. 

AirPhysio Where To Buy 

The AirPhysio is not available in any physical retail stores. It is only available for purchase online. We also advice that you buy from known websites to avoid being scammed.  

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Okay, that’s about it. Next up on this AirPhysio Review is the frequently asked questions and answers segment. This is reserved for people like me that get tired of paper work and just want to get the facts as soon as possible. This AirPhysio Review has compiled a lot of possible expected questions about the AirPhysio. Keep scrolling down this AirPhysio Review to find out. 

AirPhysio Refunds offers refunds on purchases within 30 days. To be eligible for a return, your item must be returned in its original packaging. You also need to provide proof of purchase (like your order number). 

You can request a refund within 30 days of your original purchase date. You will receive a refund minus original shipping costs. 

To initiate the refund process, email [email protected] 

AirPhysio Warranty 

AirPhysio is backed by a one year warranty. All purchases are protected for one year from your original purchase date against manufacturer’s defects. 

Who Made AirPhysio 

AirPhysio was developed by an Australian team of inventors. The product is made in Australia and created by an Australia-owned company. It’s also patented and ward winning. The team won Australia’s Start-Up Business of the Year award in 2017. 

To sell AirPhysio online, the inventors partnered with a third-party company When you buy AirPhysio through, you’re buying directly from the original inventors and supporting the original inventors. 

All customer service queries can be directed to the original inventors of AirPhysio via the following: 

Email:[email protected] 

Phone: 1300 723 110 

Mailing Address: Shop 3, 47 Tweed Heads Road, Cabarita Beach, NSW 2488 

Frequently Asked Questions (AirPhysio Review) 

  1. Who can use the AirPhysio? 

The AirPhysio can be used by people with airway disease that result from blockage of the airway by impurities such as mucous. In other words, they can be used by COPD patients. They can also be used by the elderly as it expands the lungs and improves its function. It can also be used by healthy people that just want to breathe better.   

  1. Can the AirPhysio be used by children?  

Yes, the AirPhysio can be used by children. It does not contain any harmful substance nor small parts that cause problems in children. Therefore, it is suitable for them and all age groups. 

  1. Who are the makers of the AirPhysio? 

The AirPhysio is made by a company in Australia. 

  1. How does the AirPhysio work?  

It works by converting wind energy to mechanical energy and back to wind energy in form of strong pressures that break down mucous and impurities and pushes it up the throat to be removed.  

  1. Does the AirPhysio need to be charged

No, it does not. It is mechanically powered and needs no electricity to work. 

  1. Does the AirPhysio have any side-effects? 

The AirPhysio works with air alone and not drugs and not drugs. Thus, no side-effects have been detected. 

  1. Do I have to refill the AirPhysio? 

No, you don’t. It does not work with drugs, so there is nothing to refill. 

  1. Can the AirPhysio cure me of my illness?  

No, it can’t. the AirPhysio does not provide a complete cure. Only a temporary relief is available. 

  1. Do I need to spray or puff with the AirPhysio? 

No, you don’t need to. It is not an inhaler. All you have to do is blow air into it. 

Hope we covered all your questions. The next part of this AirPhysio Review is the customer reviews. If you want to know what people are saying about keep scrolling down this AirPhysio Review. 

AirPhysio Reviews Consumer Reports 

“My sister’s husband used to suffer from severe breathlessness in the morning from packed up mucous. I came across the AirPhysio one day at the mall, and decided to give it to him to try, after all other options have failed. You can imagine my joy when he called to thank me weeks after” 

                                                Louisa, Indiana 

“The AirPhysio has made the coughing episodes I have on almost a daily basis, more bearable. I’m grateful for the producers” 

                                                Sandra, Seattle. 

“After months of not getting relief from my medications, my doctor who had used the AirPhysio on another patient, recommended the device for me. I complained, because I didn’t have as much cash then with me. But I can boldly say that I am grateful I took the decision to buy the AirPhysio. My symptoms have cleared up and I feel stronger. It was worth every dime.” 

                                                   Rebecca, NYC. 

“The AirPhysio helps my young nephew to cough easily. He doesn’t complain of the pain that comes with the coughing anymore. Thank you AirPhysio!” 

                                                    Kelly, California 

“Everyone should have an AirPhysio in their corner, ill or not. In this present day, when the air we breathe is threatened by industrialization, the AirPhysio is a tool that will help preserve health. It clears up your airways, and creates room for healthy lungs. No one should sleep on this….” 

                                                     Dr Leo, Maryland. 

Well, that’s about it on our customer review section. Now, what do we think about this device? Keep scrolling down this AirPhysio Review to see. 

Final Remarks on the AirPhysio Review 

If you are seeing this, then you are almost at the end of this AirPhysio Review. Yay! Now, what we think? 

To start with, health is one of the basic needs of man. We cannot do much if our bodies are not health; it is as good as being dead. Therefore, whenever there is an opportunity to improve our health status, we believe that it should be jumped on.  

The AirPhysio is one of such opportunities. Its major concern is improving the health status of individuals with respiratory problems; therefore, it should not be brushed aside.  

Now, what is more fascinating about the AirPhysio is that it does this int the easiest way possible. It eliminates the stress that comes from having to refill inhalers, or the cost of purchasing new ones. It eliminates the problem of safety, as it does not work with any known drug, so that side effects become a thing of the past.  

Another important factor we consider is its one-off purchase. It is durable to last for a very long time, and you may not need to replace it after purchase. We cannot overemphasize the importance of cost-effective health care. Most people die from some illness because of lack of finances. With the AirPhysio in place, that could be a thing of the past for the people with airway illnesses. 

With all the above stated qualities it will not be wrong to say that the AirPhysio truly offers some promise, and should be given a try. Shout out to you for making it to the end of this review. Hope this review was helpful? 

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Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above.  

Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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