Alpha Heater Reviews (Fake or Legit) Critical Report Exposed

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Alpha Heater is a small-sized, compact heating appliance that can make your winters more comfortable without putting a strain on your monthly budget. According to its official website (, this heater is portable which means that you can easily carry it to any corner of your home, and even to your office and other places you frequently visit. 

The price is extremely nominal and the company is also offering additional discounts on bulk purchasing so that the users can get maximum benefit out of it.

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Winters are already here, and many people have already started preparing for it. Some are busy purchasing new sweaters and socks. Others are investing in more advanced ways of keeping themselves warm within their homes, such as with the help of a good heater. It goes without saying how important heaters have become to survive through the bitterly cold winter months. 

The intensity of cold has only seemed to be increasing over the years. Yet, not many people are in a position to afford central heating systems. The central heating systems are quite expensive to purchase as well as run on a monthly basis. Hence, individuals prefer investing in individual heaters that they can keep wherever they feel like and save up on electricity. 

Several users have complained of sky high bills despite using conventional heaters. It is in addition to the money spent on getting a separate heating device for all different rooms of their houses. In such circumstances, using something that does not consume a lot of electricity and can be used single handedly in any corner of the house as you move is highly recommended. 

One option that potentially fulfills this criterion is the Alpha Heater device. According to the manufacturers of this heating equipment, it can be your best friend this winter without consuming too much electricity or posing any safety hazards.

The question now arises, is Alpha Heater a good choice for your home? How does it work? How much does it cost? All these details can be found in this Alpha Heater review article. 

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Alpha Heater Review – An Overview

Winter is a tough time for almost everyone. With the rising levels of cold in the air, both the young and old start falling victim to cold, cough, and flu. These issues may seem petty but can adversely affect the quality of life of the sufferers. With blocked congested noses and heads that fail to stop spinning even for a second, it becomes extremely hard to get anything done. 

What’s worse is that these diseases keep coming back if you don’t do anything to keep yourself warm and cozy. Sweaters and jackets are only good when you are outside and you cannot expect to keep wearing them all day long as this can be extremely uncomfortable. 

Hence, what you need to do is install a good heating system at home so that you do not keep switching between different temperatures. It will inadvertently protect you from cold, flu and other relevant seasonal diseases. The conventional heaters are expensive, hard to maintain, and come carrying many risks. It is better to get a portable heating device such as the Alpha Heater. 

According to the Alpha Heater official website, the company has specially designed this portable heater to help you stay warm and cozy without getting any stress from the high electricity bills. To ensure that it does not use up too much energy, it has been rigorously tested. Moreover, it is lightweight and can be easily carried around to the living room, kitchen, and even the bathroom. It means that you do not need to get your house centrally heated and pay hundreds of dollars every month as a bill anymore. However, one thing to be kept in mind is that because of its small size, it works best as a personal heater within smaller settings. For warming up larger rooms or halls, you may require extra support. 

The company also mentions that using an Alpha Heater for some time can warm up your room up to 75F. The heater comes in a preassembled form so as soon as you receive it, you can immediately put it to work. All you need to do for this purpose is remove the packing, plug the heater in an active electricity port and turn it on. 

Safety hazards are a big concern for people who wish to use heaters. This is because it is common for electric heaters to overheat and catch fire. Moreover, some of them can overheat the room and lead to suffocation which can be extremely dangerous for the people present in the room. However, the company behind Alpha Heater has ensured that no such hazard takes place by introducing multiple safety features in its core system. As a result, you can let this heater keep working throughout the night as you sleep comfortably in your bed. 

At the moment, Alpha Heater is available for purchase at exclusively low rates. Moreover, the company is running discount offers that allow you to get this heater at excitingly low rates. So click here to head to the official website and place an order now. 

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Alpha Heater Main Features Explained

The manufacturers of Alpha Heater have explained the presence of various key features that may make it an ideal companion for the tough winter months. Mentioned below are these features in detail.

The manufacturing company has highlighted several features of Alpha Heater which makes it a good and secure investment. These features have been mentioned below for your information:

  • Quick Action

What makes Alpha Heater a good investment is that it does not take hours to warm up the room. In fact, the company has incorporated the latest technology in its core composition which allows it to get the job done within a few minutes. 

  • Simple And Easy Usage

Most people are afraid of getting electric appliances because they are extremely complex to understand. Moreover, most of them require hiring professionals in order to get them set up in the house. It is not only inconvenient but also expensive as the professionals charge a hefty amount for their services. 

With Alpha Heater, users can expect to avoid all these inconveniences because it has been designed simply and in such a manner that even laypersons can also understand it easily. This means that you do not necessarily need to be a pro in technology or have some background knowledge before you can set up this heater in your house.

Moreover, Alpha Heater comes in a preassembled form which means that you don’t have to set it up piece by piece by going through lengthy, complex manuals. Furthermore, its working is simple as you just need to connect the main device with an electric socket with the help of a USB cable that comes with every order.

  • Wider Coverage

Despite being small and compact, you can expect Alpha Heater to warm up your small to medium-sized room adequately without leaving any cold corners. This can help you prevent exposing yourself to huge temperature differences within your house thereby reducing the risk of catching a cold or flu.

  • Noiseless Operation

Most machines in the market are designed to get the job done adequately; however, they completely miss out on one particular aspect: the comfort of the users. Almost none of the companies manufacturing electric heaters pay attention to how much noise their machines produce while heating up a room. As a result, most of the heaters available to you are great at getting the room warmed up but are so noisy that it becomes impossible to run them for more than a couple of minutes.

The company behind Alpha Heater has ensured that this device works without creating any unnecessary noise. As a result, you can continue doing your work or even sleep as it works silently in the background. 

  • Easy To Carry

Another property that makes Alpha Heater a good choice this winter is its portability. The size of this heater has been kept small so that you can easily carry it anywhere you want to. It does not require any wiring and you do not need to set up the entire system to get the device up and running. All you need is a USB wire and a socket and as long as you have these two with you, you can easily set up this heater at any place you like, even outdoors.

This means that you can expect to save up some money that you would otherwise have to spend on getting the house centrally heated or purchasing separate tools for each room. 

  • Purifying Action

While most heaters out there only work to warm up the room, Alpha Heater has an additional feature as mentioned by the company. The official website states that it can also be used as an air purifier as it comes with filters installed in it that help separate any dust, pollen, and other irritants in air. In this way, this heating tool can not only warm the air but also improve its quality.

  • Safety Features

Alpha Heater design includes a temperature detection system that keeps sensing the room temperature every minute to ensure that it remains within a comfortable range. As soon as the room starts overheating (above 70 degrees), the device gets switched off on its own and resumes when the temperature falls below 30 degrees. 

There is also an auto-timer feature installed in it that helps you set a time for this device to turn off automatically to prevent overheating the room. This allows you to keep using it even when you are trying to sleep.

Also check out what Alpha Heater customer reviews are saying about this product. Should you really purchase it? Click here for a detailed report!

How Does Alpha Heater Really Work?

The official website mentions that the Alpha Heater uses a simple stepwise approach to warm up the air. These steps of working are mentioned below for users to have an idea. 

  • The heater comes with the latest technology installed in its main body that works to warm up the air followed by throwing it in the room while maintaining an even flow so that no cold spots remain.
  • Multiple nano filters are also present inside the core body of Alpha Heater which are used to filter the air and get it free from any pollen, dust, germs, and other irritants which may get into your body and cause side effects.
  • The entire function of this heater is expected to be smooth and without any noise or smell so that you keep on doing your job without any interruptions.
  • A timer has been added to the main design which can be used to fix the hours for which you wish this heater to keep working. At the end of the chosen period, it will stop automatically. 

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Steps to Use Alpha Heater

One of the main characteristics that may make Alpha Heater a desirable choice this winter is its simplicity and easy operation. The company has tried to keep it as simple as possible with the addition of any complexities. As a result, you do not need to go through and understand long, difficult user manuals just to be able to operate this heating device.

Mentioned below are some easy steps following which you can get your own Alpha Heater up and running:

  1. Take out the heater from its packing and place it at your chosen spot. Remember that the surface you place it on is flat and without any bumps to minimize the risk of falling. Some preferable spots to place Alpha Heater on include your study table, nightstand, side table, etc.
  2. Next, take out the USB cable from the pack and attach its one end to the heater. With the other end, connect it to an electric socket and turn it on.
  3. Make suitable adjustments in the grills as per your convenience, set the timer, and enjoy.

When you feel like the room has warmed up sufficiently, just turn on the Alpha Heater from the main socket and give it a few minutes to cool down before holding it. 

Where to Buy Alpha Heater? Pricing And Refunds

To purchase your very own Alpha Heater device, visit today. The device is currently available at different prices depending on how many units you purchase. More information on this can be found below:

  • One unit of Alpha Heater can be purchased for $49.95. 
  • A pack of two units can be purchased for $47.45 per unit
  • A pack of three units can be purchased for $44.96 per unit 
  • A pack of four units can be purchased for $42.46 for each unit
  • A pack of two units can be purchased for $39.96 per unit

As it’s clear from the above-mentioned information, the more units you buy, the higher discounts you can enjoy. However, we highly recommend testing a single unit first. Alpha Heater is only available in the US. Customers from the UK can go for the Orbis Heater and enjoy the similar benefits. 

If you are scared of betting your money on a heater that you have not ever seen, the company has you covered. It is offering a money-back guarantee on every Alpha Heater order that you place via its official website. So even if you order your own heater and are not satisfied by the way it works, all you need to do is let the company know and it will return your full amount. Read the full refund policy on the official website before ordering. 

Remember that this heating appliance is only available for purchase through its official website. Any other retailer offering it must be considered as an Alpha Heater scam. Moreover, refunds are only applicable on orders placed via the official website, so make sure that you do not buy it from anyplace else. 

Alpha Heater Reviews – Should You Buy It? 

Alpha Heater is a heating appliance designed to help users stay warm while maintaining their monthly budgets. The device is small-sized, compact, and simple which not only makes it easy to operate but also friendly in terms of finances. 

It also comes equipped with various safety features, such as auto-timer and the temperature detection system that ensures that the device doesn’t pose a hazard to anyone using it. Lastly, its prices are competitive and a refund policy is in place in case you are not satisfied with your device. 

For more information on Alpha Heater or to buy it today, click here to visit the official website.

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