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Alpha Heater is a product manufactured by a US  company. It is low cost ensuring the users a fine quality and durability. from a US-based company that ensures users get quality and durable devices. It is cost-effective and consumes fewer electric units compared to robust heaters. 

Alpha Heater is specifically designed to send uniform heat to every corner of the room in a few minutes. With no hassle in installation, you can place it easily wherever you want. It is small in size, therefore, consumes fewer electric units if we compare it to conventional heaters. 

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What is Alpha Heater? 

Have you ever wondered whether conventional heaters may consume up to 1500 watts per hour? And some of them even go beyond this limit. So what’s come up? You end up paying big electric bills every month.  

It could also depend on the heating system you choose for you. An average American home spends more than $800 on electricity bills to heat their homes every year, but it is not something surprising, right? Everyone among us wishes to have a nice cozy environment when there is a rapid increase in the cold. We simply ignore the fact that heating comes with a considerable cost. 

alpha heater

The latest technology in the range of home heating systems is Alpha Heater. These heaters are small, compact, and consume minimum energy to keep the surroundings warm and comfortable. And you will find more helpful information exploring the different aspects of this device and the benefits it offers. 

Alpha Heater is a device that is particularly designed to keep your home warm on cold days. It works the best as a personal compact heating device to warm up small spaces to get a friendly, comfortable office or home environment. With this heater, you can expect to enjoy warm air at a constant rate, elevating the temperature of the surroundings to keep you comfortable.  

Alpha Heater is also efficient enough to raise the temperature to up to 75F. This heater comes in a small size, so it does not take up a lot of space. You can easily set it on a table, on the floor, or on any surface according to your convenience. It is good to know that this product can take safety measures on its own to protect it from overheating, preventing any mishap.  

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Who Should Use the Alpha Heater? 

So after the introduction, it is mandatory to understand if you could pick up this Alpha Heater for your home. So the answer is that anyone could benefit from this space heater. Here are a few specific categories of people who should benefit from this device: 

  • Best choice for the families eager to have a cozy and warm winter making their home a comfortable place 
  • Good for the people working in an office and need to have some good heating device to stay warm at their desk 
  • Elderly people, who find it difficult to bear the cost of too much energy for their central heating systems 
  • People living in apartments where there’s no heating 

Alpha Heater Main Features  

So now you get an idea of who could benefit from this heater. Let us know what unique features make it an ideal choice for you. According to several Alpha Heater reviews online, this heater offers several key elements that can make it a good investment. Following are some of its main features as outlined by the company:  

  • Compact Design  

When we compare it with a standard heater, we can understand the difference. The regular heaters are enormous, usually measuring around 27.88 in length with a height of 5.75 inches approximately. These come in heavyweight, typically measuring around 3 kg. This heavyweight and space consumption makes them quite inconvenient to carry around and place wherever you like. On the other hand, Alpha Heater offers you a compact design making it easy to move from one place to another. With its lightweight, you can carry it without much trouble. You can also fix it anywhere you like without making much room for it.  

  • Safety Features 

Alpha Heater is packed with various user-friendly features. It provides you with multiple anti-tip-over and overheating protections that guarantee maximum safety. Like when your heater surpasses 122 degrees Fahrenheit, it will automatically reduce it to 104 Fahrenheit. And when the temperature exceeds the suggested threshold three times in a row, the heater will turn off automatically. Similarly, if it knocks down accidentally, heating will cease, and th2 will release room temperature air for 30 seconds for cooling. After this, the power supply of the heater Then, the power supply will come to an end immediately. 

  • Speedy Function and Programmable Features  

As we find information from the company website, a single unit of Alpha Heater is sufficient to heat a room of 350 square feet in size within 10 minutes, with an excellent speedy functioning. It is available with multiple heat settings and a timer that to adjust as per your needs. It is easy for you to select the heating speed which is comfortable for you. 

  • Quiet Operation   

It could be a concern for several consumers. You could check the noise control operation of any device before you buy it. Fortunately, in the case of Alpha Heaters, no such concern is expected to arise. It works without producing any noise. You can continue your daily activities in a calm and quiet environment without any interruption.   

  • Energy Efficient 

As we have previously discussed, the immense electric bills are the concern of most customers intending to buy any electric device. Here, you get considerable relief with Alpha Heaters. With this heater, you can enjoy carefree winters with energy-efficient performance and lower electricity expenses. 

  • Cleans the air   

You could be the one who feels surprised to know that Alpha Heater can clean itself without your help. It can even clear the air from mold, dust, bacteria, and small viruses and remove the nasty smell. In some other heaters, you may find pathogens that give a foul scent to the room. Alpha Heater offers an antimicrobial filter providing you complete prevention against pathogenic growth and cleaning the air serving you with fresh, clear air. 

  • Built-in heating modes   

It is one of the most outstanding features of Alpha Heater to prevent overheating, overbilling and provide user protection. With its automatic temperature setting, users can lower the temperature to 104 degrees Fahrenheit whenever it crosses 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Alpha heater shuts down automatically, maintaining the heating and electric supply at a pace. When it falls by accident, its heating system will stop working for the next 30 seconds, allowing you to replace it at some proper place. At this time, the heater releases ambient air, and if untouched, the power supply automatically turns off.   

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How Does Alpha Heater Really Work? 

The features of this space heater are quite impressive, to move you to the next level of understanding its working. Alpha Heater offers three dynamic pieces like the radiator, the fan, and the control board. It sucks in cool air and goes through the inner hotness radiator, which warms it. After this, the gadget extinguishes warm, comfortable air. 

Alpha Heater radiator is enough to heat a gigantic piece of the room with its fantastic swaying motion. It looks like an artistic presence, making it an excellent choice to add to your home’s decoration and deliver heat. The incorporation of clay in the warming device ensures that it is a continually functional item. 

How to Use the Alpha Heater? 

Here are the steps to know about its proper and safe use. The Alpha Heater has a simple plug-and-play press and goes durable design beyond creating any mess. Soon after you press the start button, it starts to heat your room. You don’t need to go through any complicated process or setup procedure. With its additional two buttons, you can access the basic customization options. Follow the below-mentioned steps to enjoy rapid, targeted, instant personalized heating: 

  • Step 1) Put the plug of the Alpha Heater into any standard electrical outlet. 
  • Step 2) Push the Power button to activate the heater. It works well straight out of the box with no requirements of tools, customizations, or other options. 
  • Step 3) push the button on the right to choose whether you want the heater to run for 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours. 
  • Step 4) Push the button on the left to choose whether you want high or low fan speed. 

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What Makes Alpha Heater a Good Investment?    

If you are still not convinced and thinking about whether to invest in the Alpha Heater or not, have a look at the following features to help you decide whether it is a legitimate choice or not. 

  • Sleek Design 

The alpha heater is available in a modern design offering all the basic needs with electricity efficient operations and occupying less space. It has an elegant exterior design that adds beauty to your house. The design is sleek, so it doesn’t look heavy. 

  • Portable 

It is portable as it is lightweight. The heater is easy to move anywhere you want. You can carry it with you to any room of your house easily. There are no charges for Alpha Heater installation and maintenance because it doesn’t need to be installed as a unit at any place. 

  • Uniform Heating 

Along with its sleek design and lightweight Alpha Heater is also a good choice due to its provision of even heating to your workplace or your house, ensuring that no corner remains unaffected and cold. You can compare this feature with other portable heaters that only provide localized effects with no heating features. 

  • Affordable price  

It is one of the best features Alpha Heather can offer. It is available at an affordable price. Not only is its cost relatively low, but also the company is offering additional discounts when you purchase it in bulk. It is relatively cost-effective as if you use it every day, it will only cost you 10 cents per kilowatt-hour. So you can easily afford it and pay the electric bills. 

  • Overheat Protection 

Alpha Heaters have their Thermo states fixed so that the temperature reaches 104 Fahrenheit whenever the temperature reaches 122F. It works as a warning to prevent overheating, and whenever this happens three times continuously, the device automatically stops. It is good that you turn off the heater by yourself after 6 hours, but if you do not, the device will do it on its own. 

  • 3-Second heat up 

You can take this feature as it is a fantastic feature of Alpha Heater. It takes only three seconds to get itself prepared to provide you heat. So you get an instant elevation in the room temperature. 

  • Nano filters 

Alpha Heater has inbuilt nano filters to filter all the dust particles from the air. So the air it throws becomes clear and fresh, free from any pollution, pollens, germs, and smell. When we compare Alpha Heater with other conventional heaters, most conventional heaters, while working, emit a weird smell that is sometimes uncomfortable for several people. The scent comes out due to the dust particles and microorganisms like mold producing a bad smell. But in the case of Alpha Heater, you will face no such problem at all. 

Alpha Heater Reviews – Where to Buy and Pricing Plans? 

After looking at the features of Alpha Heater, here comes a discussion about cost and pricing plans which would further convince you for its final purchase. All these fantastic features are available at reasonable prices. It could be a good choice as they work excellently to reduce electricity bills.  

When your purchase Alpha Heater through the official website using this link, the company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. During this period, the customers can return this product and receive a full refund if they are not satisfied. According to the Alpha Heater sales page, a single unit is priced at $169.98, but with a 50% discount, the price comes down to $84.99. The sale page also states discounts for ordering bulk units.  

According to its official website, you can visit the pop-ups that give the information about the discounts like a 10% discount and then a 15% discount with some terms and conditions with the final price for a single unit $72.24. Consumers are advised to read the complete refund policy, terms and conditions on the official website.  

Alpha Heater Customer Service 

The customer service is also quite active and responsive. Suppose you have any questions about the product or you want to order one. In that case, you can contact the customer service team by dialing 866 895-6 759 or contact them on their Email address [email protected] offer an excellent return policy which states that the company is ready to issue the refund within 90 days of purchase if you do not find it fit for your expectations.  

It is a generous offer and reasonable return policy. But there is a drawback that there is a lack of information about Alfa Heaters on the official website, making it difficult to verify this return policy. The company lacks a commercial profile to provide information about customer service. 

For a quick overview of Alpha Heater, go through its pros and cons below. 

Alpha Heater Pros and Cons 


  • It can keep the reader’s house warm even when it’s cold outside. 
  • Allows the reader to control the temperature using a control system. 
  • The design looks perfect, and it’s small. 
  • Built to work for a long time. 


  • It won’t heat as much as other more extensive, more expensive devices. 
  • This product can only be seen online, i.e., you can’t find it anywhere else except the manufacturer’s website. 
  • Limited stock.  

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Alpha Heater Specialized Features 

  • Tip-over insurance 
  • Overheat assurance 
  • ABS fire-retardant plastic material 
  • Gives up to 70-degrees inclusion 
  • LCD show 
  • Temperature change highlight 
  • Three modes (hot/warm/regular breeze) 
  • Energy-saving 
  • Compact (8.3’’/21cm x 5.5’’/14cm) 
  • Premium completion plan 
  • Simple to utilize 
  • Simple to heft around 

Is Alpha Personal Heater a Scam?  

The biggest hurdle which the customer finds is about user complaint registration about the Alpha Heater scam. We see that several cheap companies are trying to capitalize on the household items in the name of Alpha. They attempt to attract unsuspecting customers by setting up fake accounts in the name of Alpha heater websites. They fear that they will not get an authentic unit directly from the official company. 

We also find several Alpha Heater Amazon listings as fraudulent. We can avoid all this by ordering directly from the company by visiting the official website here. It is pretty enough to ensure the customers are protected and have a complete money-back guarantee and refund no matter whether you want it as a personal heater for your home or office area.  

As per the official website, the quality of energy efficiency with low space consumption is outstanding, and you can differentiate between a cheap scam. So we can see that Alpha Heater is far from any cheap scams and is a legitimate product offering you economical prices with extraordinary features for your personal space and also a money-back guarantee.  

Alpha Heater Reviews – Final Thoughts 

So after going through all these features analyses and the data based on the customer reviews, we can see that Alpha Heater is a plug-in heater specifically designed to heat your tiny room or apartment. Among all features, one feature that we find motivating about Alpha Heater is its safety feature along with its portability. We need risk-free heating, which is already there in the Alpha heater with its overheating management feature. But never forget to maintain a safe distance and keep your children’s pets from reaching too close to the heater.  

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