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BarxBuddy review:Barking dogs can be fun, but also annoying, especially if they continue to do so. If you are inviting guests to a party, this can also be embarrassing. If your dog keeps barking, your neighbors may be disturbed. Fortunately, with our technological innovation today, there are now different devices that can help control your dog’s barking. Barx Buddy is one of the devices that will definitely help control your dog’s barking.This BarxBuddy review provides the reader with a better understanding of BarxBuddy.

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The love and adoration of a dog is a feeling that hardly anyone can turn down. How could you? A dog’s love is unconditional. However, the barking of your beloved dog can, unfortunately, sometimes be quite annoying. As much as we hate to admit it, our dogs are not perfect. The reasons for which your dog is barking are many – danger, hunger, excitement, loneliness, and more…barking is their natural response and the most effective way of getting our attention! 

They say that your canine companion is the best friend of mankind, but sometimes your friend can be annoying. Sometimes your dog will bark and you don’t know what to do. Wouldn’t it be great if you could safely stop your dog from barking with the push of a button?

That’s exactly what the BarxBuddy claims to be able to do, and we are going to review this handy product in depth for you here to help you decide whether it’s right for you and your dog or not.

          What Is Barx Buddy

Barx Buddy is a device that will help control and train your dog with the help of high pitch frequencies. These frequencies are only being heard by dogs and not by a human. It is similar to a pet whistle bit is now more useful and refined. Barx Buddy can also help with the dog’s behavior almost immediately.

BarxBuddy is a small device that produces a sound on a frequency only dogs can hear. When you press the button, the dog will hear the sound and stop what they are doing and cease their barking.

The device emits a small light, from an LED, to let you know that it is functioning. The sound can be startling to dogs the first time they hear it, but it’s not dangerously uncomfortable to them so there’s no need to worry about their health. The noise is just bothersome enough to make your dog stop barking.

The same way that a dog’s barking is enough to get your attention and get you to pause for a moment, the sound the dog hears when you press the button for the BarxBuddy will also encourage them to stop and pay attention. The dog isn’t likely to continue barking after the high-pitched sound starts being emitted.

One of the best things about Barx Buddy is that it doesn’t affect the overall wellness and health of your dog. It is not harmful and non-violent to dogs. Also, the noise is not really overbearing and will never hurt them or go crazy.

What Are the BarxBuddy Specs?

Weight- about .63 ounces

Range – 11 yards

Color- Comes in black or yellow

Frequency- 25 kHz

Size- 4.9 x 1.7 x 1 inches

Settings- Training, bark stopping, LED

Requires one 9-volt battery, sold separately

   BarxBuddy Notable Features

There are a few aspects of the BarxBuddy that make it stand out and make it unique to other types of barking cessation products. These features are:

Compact Design– The BarxBuddy is small and weighs less than an ounce. Making it just the right size to put in your pocket or somewhere else for easy transportation. 

Can Only Be Heard by Dogs- The ultra-high frequency emitted by the device is a sound that humans cannot hear. It will not hurt dogs or bother humans, so it’s the perfect solution to encourage dogs to quiet down without annoying neighbors or others in the house.

LED Lighting– The LED light will divert your dog’s attention, and your dog will notice the light from far away. This light is effective at helping with training. You may not even need to use the high-pitched sound setting device, if you can get their attention with the light.

        Why Do I Need Barx Buddy

Dogs can be very playful and naughty, and controlling them just by the usual words sometimes won’t do the trick. But with Barx Buddy, it will surely help you discipline your dog without being too harsh. Dogs who are unfriendly and aggressive can help using the Barx Buddy without caging them or getting stressed because your dog doesn’t seem to follow you.

Another good thing about Barx Buddy is that it id not only perfect for your lovely dogs, but also for rodents. The high frequencies are very annoying for them, and rodents hate that noise. This means that you are not only disciplining your dog but also keeping the rodents away from your home.

             Why Dogs Bark

Dogs bark because it is their way of communicating with their owners. It can also be a response to a stimulus or a person running by your house. There are also times that your dog barks because he or she is asking for help.

One of the most common reasons as to why dogs bark is that they are greeting you, especially after a long day at work. Your dog may even bark upon seeing you, and that’s fine. That’s just how dogs show affection and how they profess their undying love. They get too excited to see their owners bark which is their way of burning excess energy.

Another reason why dogs bark is because it is a distress signal. This can become excessive and ongoing. There are also times that they bark for no apparent reason and they are just being rowdy. This can disturb you and the neighbors, especially at night. That is why Barx Buddy is here to help you control and discipline them out.

Technical Information On Barx Buddy

The Barx Buddy includes an integrated ultrasonic which produces a sound, which only fine ears of dogs can hear. One of the best things about it is that it will not harm humans and dogs.

Another good thing about Barx Buddy is that it has an LED lamp, which will not only help you find your dog during the night but will also clam him. The reason behind this is because your dog will only be focusing on the lamp because he will get distracted by it. It is also perfect for night walks if you and your dog often walk at night. To access the light, all you have to do is to switch the light on and press the button that says on.

       Benefits Of Using BarxBuddy

1. Using BarxBuddy will help your dog to behave not only inside your house but as well as when you are both outdoors. Walking your dog in the park will now be easy because he won’t start barking with everyone he comes across without any reason.

2. Another benefit that BarxBuddy has, is that it has a LED flashlight, which can be used when walking during the night. It can also be an indicator that the device will start working to help your dog to start behaving. Lastly, this LED flashlight can also be used when cleaning your dog when they pee while you guys are walking.

3. Sometimes, dogs can be troublemakers especially when meeting other dogs. With BarxBuddy, you don’t have to worry about anything because, with just one push of a button, your dog can immediately relax and behave properly. Once you have to trained your dog, you no longer have to worry about this kind of behavior. You can now walk your dog with ease because he will surely behave no matter who or what his surroundings may be.

4. Another benefit of BarxBuddy is that once trained, you no longer have to worry about your dog chewing things at home. A lot of dogs have that same habit and using this device to train them not to chew anything than their toys will surely be effective. This will help calm them down in the easiest way possible.

5. Now, if your dog seems to be getting lazy or is losing confidence in himself, BarxBuddy can help by helping him engage in fun activities. Avoid pressuring him to do activities that are unnecessary as this will only ruin his confidence even more. There are a lot of amazing activities that you can surely teach your dog.

6. Since BarxBuddy use ultrasonic sounds, you don’t have to worry about your neighbors getting disturbed. The reason behind this is because the dogs are the only ones who can hear them as it is meant to be heard by dogs.

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7. Loud barking will be controlled with the use of BarxBuddy, all you have to do is push the button to relax him and train him not to bark when not really necessary. Some neighbors can get irritated when dogs are barking loud and uncontrollably especially during the night, but with BarxBuddy, you can train him and never worry about your neighbors knocking on your door just because your dog keeps on barking.

      How Does BarxBuddy Work

Using BarxBuddy is pretty easy as you only need to work with two buttons The lower one is the training button, while the upper one is for the on and off switch. All you have to do is to turn the device on and press the training button near your dog to train him.

Once the training button is pushed, the device will start emitting ultrasonic sound, and get the attention of your puppy or dog. You can start training your dog by teaching him different tricks slowly, since forcing your dog to teach as many tricks that you want may cause for him to get stressed, and you surely don’t want that to happen.

Based on experiences from some of the BarxBuddy users, they managed to train their dogs for a total of 20 to 22 days.

Can Barx Buddy Work On All Breeds

The good news is, Barx Buddy can work in almost all breeds. This may be the reason why the device is becoming very popular to doing owners It is not only safe but definitely very effective. Here are some of the breeds that are often trained by Barx Buddy:Milder breeds – Daschunds, Shih Tzu, and Poodles

Aggressive breeds – Pitbulls, Pinschers, and Rottweilers

Active dogs – Boxers and Beagles

Small dogs – Spaniels and Yorkies

Big dogs – Huskies, Labradors, and German Shepards

Are There Any Side Effect Of Using BarxBuddy

Fortunately, there are no negative side effects of using BarxBuddy both for you and your pet. The sound that the device emits will never cause any danger or harm to our dog. The BarxBuddy is cautiously made to ensure the safety of both humans and pets.

            Is BarxBuddy Safe

BarxBuddy may be releasing ultrasonic sound, but it is definitely safe for your dogs. You won’t be hearing it so you don’t have to worry about the sound that the tool that emits. Now, to ensure that you and your dogs are safe, make sure to introduce the tool with him before using it as he may get agitated when you start using it to him.

Barx Buddy Rating And Recommendation

Of course, as a dog owner, I want to make sure that I will be providing you with a review that’s accurate and true. So I decided to choose our editors who are dog owners to try out Barx Buddy. We let them use it for two weeks so they can observe the device and their loving dogs.

After two weeks, I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback about them. Our editors were surprised by how the device helped tame their dogs after just a few times of using the device. Talking to their dogs may be useful, but they noticed how Barx Buddy is more useful than just talking to them.

They also noticed how their dogs stop barking even when there are guests around. It provided their homes and their neighborhood the peace and quiet that they all deserve. Whether your dog is someone who is educated or no, the BarxBuddy will surely help keep your dog behaved.

Majority of the reviews about Barx Buddy is positive because it helped them control and discipline their dogs. In fact, one owner was even surprised at how her aggressive and active dogs started behaving properly. They also stopped barking at odd times so she and her neighbors were undisturbed all night.

There are also some dog owners who said that their dogs stopped hunting and barking almost immediately. They even said that it is more effective compared to dog training.

Get your BarxBuddy device now from the website

Advantages and Disadvantages of the BarxBuddy

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the BarxBuddy that you need to know about in order to make the most informed decision possible. 


Easy to Use– the adjustable settings and one-button activation make this a breeze to use. There are no complicated instructions or setup process to go through, so there is no risk that you will forget how to use it or run into difficulties. It’s the simplest way to get your dog under control fast.

Safe– Because the BarxBuddy only emits a 30,000 Hz or so of sound, it isn’t powerful enough to hurt your dog. It’s not at a frequency that is able to be heard by humans, so it does not harm anyone or anything and is considered perfectly safe. You won’t have to worry about the dog suffering from any kind of side effects at all. It is also not harmful to other animals, so you can buy this in confidence knowing that it has been fully tested and shown to be safe for animals and humans alike.

Compact– The small design makes it easy to take with you when you travel. It’s not so large as to be uncomfortable or an inconvenience, and it can fit into your pocket or handbag for easy transport.

Effective– The BarxBuddy is designed to work very fast. It is a quick activation device that lets out its sound right away to get your dog to stop short, stop barking and get under control. It works faster than a voice command and prompts a more desirable result.

High Quality– The device is meant to be very durable. It should hold up to daily use, and even if you drop it a few times or aren’t very careful with it, it should still function well for a long time to come. Of course, you want to take care of your BarxBuddy, but even if you are very careful, it should still work fine for some time.

Inexpensive– The Barxbuddy price is low compared to other barking cessation devices. You can get it for as low as $39.95, but it may cost more than that at certain times of the year, or of you don’t buy it from the original manufacturer. Compare that to the cost of electronic or invisible dog barriers and other behavior control methods that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The savings would appear evident, and you can benefit from that lower cost by using BarxBuddy instead.


Can Only Be Found Online– The main drawback to trying to go the BarxBuddy route for your anti-barking device is that it can only be purchased online right now. That may change in the future, but for now, this is not a product that you can buy in retail stores. If you do find something in the store claiming to be the BarxBuddy or a similar device, just know that it is not the real deal.

How You Can Use BarxBuddy

Most people use BarxBuddy to help control their dog’s incessant barking. That is the primary reason the BarxBuddy was created! With BarxBuddy, you can train your dog to bark only when it’s appropriate and eventually get their behavior under control through using this simple device.

This is also a helpful tool for keeping your dog from running off. Your dog may want to chase after a mailman, a cat, a squirrel, or cars, and that can be dangerous or annoying. You may not want to go chasing your dog down to bring the animal back into the yard or the house, and BarxBuddy can help with that. You can use the device as soon as your dog starts running off, and that may get the dog to stop short, pay attention to you and forget why they were running off in the first place.

As you can see there are many uses for this device, and it may prove useful in all of your dog training and behavior control, taking your dog from being rebellious and disobedient to well trained and well behaved.

         How BarxBuddy Works

The BarxBuddy works by sending out a high-pitched sound, a sound at around 30,000 Hz, that cannot be heard by the human ear.  It can, however, be heard by dogs and will alert the dog to it’s unwanted or harmful behavior. 

The device also emits an LED light. The LED light can also attract your dog’s attention and keep them from barking and engaging in bad behavior. 

The Barx Buddy device works as soon as you press the ‘on’ button. You’ll see a response from your dog almost immediately as long as the dog is close enough for the device to work. The recommended range for use is around 11 yards or 10 meters.

           Is It Worth Buying?

The value of BarxBuddy is determined by how well it works and its price, particularly in comparison to other options. So, as far as value goes, BarxBuddy excels. It is durable, easy to use and compares favorably to the cost of other choices.

By all accounts, the device works quickly. It’s used for stopping not only loud and incessant barking, but also bad behavior, aggressiveness and running off.

Even if you don’t own a dog, you may find use for this device. Many people take one with them with they go running or walking for exercise. They can use the BarxBuddy to keep themselves safe from aggressive dogs. It’s especially helpful for people with small children who want to protect their kids from strange dogs. Dogs will recoil at the sound the device makes, stopping them in their tracks and giving you a chance to get away from them. This device could be responsible for saving your life or preventing a serious dog attack.

       Why Use BarxBuddy?

If your dog is out of control, runs off, continually gets into trouble, often waking you up at night with their barking or barking incessantly for no reason then you may want a way to start controlling its behavior. 

If you have neighbors that walk by your home and are startled by your dog’s aggressive barking, that could eventually make you and your dog seem unfriendly.  Or at the very least, harbor some resentment for not being able to take a walk in peace.  You may want to keep your dogs attention away from whatever it was barking at or snap them out of an aggressive fit.

The BarxBuddy can help with all of these situations and more. There are many uses for the BarxBuddy, and you may even find it more useful than you realized once you start using it. Anyone searching up “How to make dog stop barking” will likely come across the BarxBuddy and wonder if it is right for them. It’s considered one of the better methods for controlling your dog’s barking.

BarxBuddy FAQ

We want to cover a few more common questions asked about this product to help clear up any confusion and empower you to make a more informed decision.

Q. How far is the BarxBuddy’s range?

A. The range of BarxBuddy is roughly 11 yards or 10 meters. You may need to move closer to the dog if you are not getting a response at first, but there is no need to go right up to your dog to get the barking to stop.

Q. Which dogs does it work on?

A. BarxBuddy works on all sizes of dogs – from large dogs such as collies and huskies to small dogs like terriers and poodles. It also work on hyperactive and slower moving dogs.

Q. What’s the cost?

A. The normal cost of a BarxBuddy is $80, however, you can get one for $39.95 at this time! You can get one for $39.95, even though it would normally be $80. 

Q. Will it really make my dog stop barking?

A. This device will make most dogs in most situations stop barking.

What Else Do I Need to Buy?

The BarxBuddy comes with everything you need except for the 9-volt battery. There is no fencing to buy or boundary posts to put in like other kinds of dog control methods. Similar items require buying an “invisible fence” or other devices that can be expensive and carry the costs much higher than the initial price, but not this product. It comes with just about everything needed for operation.

Instructions are included, but if you need more help, you can always search online for how people are using the BarxBuddy and get expert advice from other dog owners about making this tool work for you.

There is no perimeter fence requirement, no electronic signaling posts or other item needed for the BarxBuddy to function. You get the entire package in one affordable purchase, which is why this product stands out from the competition – its simplicity and affordability can’t be beat.

Does BarxBuddy Work on All Kinds of Dogs?

BarxBuddy works on all sizes of dogs – from large dogs such as collies and huskies to small dogs like terriers and poodles. It also works on hyperactive and slower moving dogs. The only dogs the device may not work on are those who do not care to please their owners. For this type of dog, the BarxBuddy may startle them at first and then be ignored. This is very rare but has been shown to happen is rare cases.

Will It Hurt My Dog?

You should know that this device is not designed to hurt dogs at all. It does not cause them physical pain, and the high frequency noise that it makes will not cause hearing loss or long-term pain to your dog. It will be uncomfortable, and that’s necessary to get your dog’s attention.

There are a settings on the device that let you adjust how powerful the sound is. These settings will help you learn which level of sound is appropriate for your dog’s needs. Some dogs respond very well at the training level, while others need the barking cessation level to pay attention and stop barking.

The side effects of BarxBuddy are minimal. Your dog will be irritated and made uncomfortable by the sound of the device, but there will be no lasting damage. This isn’t a damaging device and is completely harmless to dogs of all sizes, even on the highest setting.

If you have concerns that your dog may have health problems that would complicate using this device, then you should consult your veterinarian before buying the device. 

Does It Work on Cats?

Some BarxBuddy reviews will mention cats, but you need to know that this device does not work on cats. It is not designed to work for cats and it does not have the same effect on them. It has been specifically designed for dogs and made to be picked up by their specialized hearing ability.  Cats are not bothered by the high pitch sound which means that if you have a cat at home or a neighbor cat that you don’t want to pester, there’s don’t need to worry about the BarxBuddy causing unnecessary problems.

If you want your cat’s behavior to be modified or want to stop a cat from making unpleasant noises, you will have to purchase a different device that is designed specifically for cats. BarxBuddy is only made for dogs and should not interfere with any other animals or have an effect on them.  

100% Harmless to Dogs and Humans, Enjoy a Special Promotion and get BarxBuddy at 50% Off From the official supplier Right Here

Testimonials From BarxBuddy Users

“I was first hesitant to try BarxBuddy on my dog, but my friend’s been using this tool with her dog, so I gave in. The first thing that I notice is that my dog starts behaving once I start pushing the button. He often barks at night which is embarrassing for me, as my neighbors get disturbed whenever he barks especially in the middle of the night. Fortunately, BarxBuddy works as advertised because with just one push of a button, he immediately stops barking!”

“BarxBuddy has helped me train my dog effectively and easily. Now my dog knows different tricks, which made her ready for competitions that we go to. She’s a show dog which is why training her is necessary. Thanks to BarxBuddy, the device made things easier for me and my dog.”

“I gave BarxBuddy to my mother who’s been complaining about her dog barking every time there are people in her house. She gets embarrassed and even had to lock her dog in her room one time, because she keeps on barking loudly. I believe that she’s just protecting my mother but I think her dog doesn’t know when a person’s friendly or a danger to my mom. But ever since I gave her the BarxBuddy device, she told me that her dog seem to behave once she pushes the button. She even said that this device is sent from the heavens!”

  Where Can I Order Barx Buddy

You can purchase Barx Buddy on the site itself and they are currently offering a 50% discount. You should hurry because they are running low on stock because everyone is raving about the effectiveness of Barx Buddy.

Get your BarxBuddy device now from the website. 

The Verdict on BarxBuddy

Maybe you have made up your mind by now about whether this is a suitable product for you and your dog. If you are tired of your dog barking all the time and causing a nuisance to you and your neighbors, if you are tired of hearing complaints from your community about how your dog barks on and on, then it may be time to do something about it. The BarxBuddy reviews all point to a positive experience with this device.

It has been shown to work on dogs of all sizes and with a variety of different behavior problems. It’s not just for stopping your own dog from barking but also useful for keeping aggressive dogs away from you when you are out walking and in your daily life.

The BarxBuddy is something that every dog owner will probably benefit from, especially dog owners who have poorly behaved dogs or easily irritated dogs. Your dog can learn to stop barking so much and control itself better when you use the BarxBuddy. It can be used to stop dog barking and to control bad behavior.

If you are on the fence about it, just read some of the BarxBuddy reviews, and compare the price to that of other barking control methods. You will probably find the BarxBuddy to be recommended and to offer great value. We highly recommend it for anyone who is struggling to get their dog to stop barking or who is having trouble getting the dog to obey them.

It can be tough to train a dog, and getting their attention is often the first step in getting them to listen to you. This device is so good at gaining their attention and then keeping it trained on you so that your dog listens to you and follows what you are doing. It is a superb training tool and one that every dog owner should be using for better, more effective results.

You won’t regret giving BarxBuddy a try. It’s recommended by numerous experts across the internet as well as by customers who have tried it for themselves. Once you try it out, you will be glad you have this handy, helpful tool that stops barking right away.

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