Best Garcinia Cambogia Supplements: Top 6 Garcinia Cambogia Pills Reviews


Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit that also goes by the name Malabar tamarind. It is native to South and Southeast Asia and looks like a small pumpkin that is green or yellow when fully mature. It has a sharp sour taste making it difficult to take raw, and it is mostly used in cooking. The fruit contains high amounts of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), believed to be responsible for its weight-reduction capabilities.  

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A supplement going by the same name and made of HCA gets extracted from the fruit. The supplement has made a reputation for itself as a weight-loss product, with many companies producing it in mass. 

Top Six Garcinia Cambogia Supplements 

Garcinia Cambogia may have many companies producing it, but it needs to have an efficacy of 50-60 percent for it to work sufficiently. Most companies have put concentrations between 20 and 60 percent in their supplements, making it difficult to know which one will give favorable results. These are the six supplements in the global market that have proven themselves as effective in helping people lose weight. 

  1. Biotox Gold 
  1. Nitrilean 
  1. African Lean Belly 
  1. Leanbean 
  1. Garcinia Cambogia Plus 
  1. Garcinia Cambogia Actives 

1. Biotox Gold 

This supplement comes from a company called Biotox Nutrition, based in the US. It bases its formula around Garcinia Cambogia but bundles up 19 other ingredients that together offer weight loss benefits to its users. The manufacturer claims this supplement not only supports weight loss but also guards the body’s vital organs like the heart and brain and supports proper joint health and boosts energy levels. 

The formula comes in a dropper in liquid form. It comes from an all-natural ingredient roundup and can supposedly support weight loss without exercise or dieting. The company recommends users take ten drops three times a day to get the said benefits from the product. Users have a 60-day refund policy covering their purchase, so they can use the product for a maximum of two months to get the desired benefits. The product goes for $79 a bottle and holds a position online as one of the best Garcinia Cambogia supplements. This bottle supplies users with 40 days of use. 

Produced from the USA, this product follows a strict manufacturing process that ensures it uses no habit-forming or toxic ingredients, and neither does it use any GMO ingredients. It gives users benefits like supplying rich energy to the body, allowing users to enjoy every kind of food without thinking of adding on weight, helping users trim down into clothes that they couldn’t fit in, and offering them a confidence boost in self-esteem. It also supports the boosting of brainpower as the concentrated power gets through the blood-brain barrier. The company claims more than 200,000 people have already benefited from this product. 

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2. NitriLean 

NitriLean is a supplement originating from a Russian fat-reducing method that supposedly won a Nobel prize and positively changed the lives of thousands of people around the world. The company claims the product staves cravings, promotes fat-burning and long life, boosts sex drive, ignites memory recall, supports good cholesterol, and improves blood flow. It states that the product can help users lose 26 pounds of body fat in just 31 days. 

This formula allows users to eat whatever they want whenever they want without concern about gaining belly fat or the judgmental stares that people send their way because of how they look. It uses the precipice that the body’s blood circulatory system needs to work perfectly to support the proper function of other organs and systems. The blood circulatory system needs to work seamlessly to enable the healthy movement of fat deposits from the body and support good heart health. 

Nitric Oxide is the hormone needed for the proper function of the circulatory system. It dilates the blood vessels so they can efficiently transport blood to the necessary locations. The supplement uses Garcinia in combination with beetroot extract and other ingredients to support the proper function of blood vessels. According to the manufacturer, the abundance of nitric oxide supports the proper function of different organs and systems and allows for the swift reduction of body fat. This supplement comes in pill form in a 60-pill bottle recommended for thirty days’ use. 

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3. African Lean Belly 

African Lean Belly claims it can help its users get rid of body fat as fast as one pound every 48 hours. It claims to have helped over 24,000 people so far lose as much as 97 pounds following a 10-second ritual discovered in Africa. It swiftly takes away shame linked to an overweight body and restores a person’s confidence and their belief in themselves. It uplifts a person’s mood and helps them become the best version of themselves. 

The product maker claims that the cells in the body get activated to retain all the fat they can instead of burning the fat following instructions dictated by a silent killer few know about. The ingredients in this product reverse this dangerous process causing the body to quickly shift gears and start shedding off toxic fat deposits, leaving a healthy and productive body. It claims it is the go-to solution for all people needing to lose weight and maintain healthy lives. 

The product comes in pill form, with each bottle supplying a month’s supply and costing $69. It suppresses a user’s appetite to help them overcome cravings and fat accumulation, blocks fat deposits, and activates hyper-metabolism to convert fat to energy quickly. 

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4. Leanbean 

Leanbean is a supplement targeted towards women to give them the ability to lean up and get their desired trim bodies. It focuses its approach on helping the user suppress their appetite so as to help curb calorie intake. The company uses Glucomannan as its core ingredient, which is a fiber that forms a gel in the stomach to give a feeling of fullness and prevent the user from having cravings that affect women a lot. 

The fiber comes in a 3 grams daily dose included in the supplement that serves as the recommended dosage for this ingredient. Used in combination with ten other ingredients like trace minerals, vitamins, and herbs, Glucomannan works to: 

  • Drive down a woman’s appetite. 
  • Boost metabolism functions by boosting thermogenesis and, therefore, fat burning. 
  • Increase energy levels and focus. 

These ten other ingredients include Choline, vitamin B6 and B12, the trace mineral Chromium Picolinate, and the electrolyte mineral called Chlorite. It, of course, contains a generous dose of Garcinia Cambogia of 100 mg daily dose, putting it on this list. 

The manufacturer includes a 90-day money-back guarantee for the package they call the ‘complete bundle’. They give this guarantee knowing they produce the product from facilities approved for manufacture both in the US and the UK. Users can use this product by taking two pills three times daily for the full 90 days. If they do not get favorable results, they can return the remaining product for a full refund. The manufacturer gives free shipping for every purchase made. 

5. Garcinia Cambogia Plus 

Garcinia Cambogia Plus offers users the purest and most concentrated HCA composition at 95 percent concentration. They boast of delivering the most potent Garcinia Cambogia in the market with very few added ingredients. Its formula is testament to that with only trace minerals that aid in absorption added to the composition. These trace minerals include potassium, chromium, and calcium. For instance, chromium aids the body in the proper absorption of nutrients. It also aids in speeding up metabolism. It, therefore, supports the full absorption of HCA, the active ingredient in this sour fruit. 

HCA, or hydroxycitric acid in full, inhibits ATP citrate lyase. This enzyme actively engages the body to store energy around the body in the form of fat. When it is inhibited, it slows down the conversion of energy to fat. HCA works to slow down this enzyme. The company claims to use pure extracts to create its formula and also to adhere strictly to FDA and Good Manufacturing Practice standards. This adherence ensures it delivers a superior product of high quality to its users. 

The product comes in capsule form with a recommended dosage of one pill two times a day. It has 60 pills in a bottle, ideally serving users for 30 days. The manufacturer recommends that the user take the pill whole with a glass of water and not break it in half as it might have an unpleasant taste when added to beverages or when exposed to the tongue directly. The producer also warns buyers to beware of counterfeit products that look similar to them but do not offer the same strength or purity of ingredients. It sells a bottle of the supplement at the most affordable on this list as it goes for $29.95. Buyers can still attract bigger savings when they purchase more than one bottle at once. It also warns its users to confirm that the product they have purchased comes from the US and does not come from a country making counterfeit products. Purchasing the product from the official website is one sure way to ensure the product comes from this genuine supplier

6. Garcinia Cambogia Actives 

Garcinia Cambogia Actives is the last supplement on this list but with an equally impressive composition. It consists of six active ingredients that allow it to effectively curb a user’s appetite, assist the digestion process, prevent the accumulation of fat deposits, and improve overall physical wellbeing. These ingredients include Garcinia Cambogia, green tea, green coffee, guarana, cayenne pepper, and black pepper. Garcinia Cambogia supports the reduction of appetite and lowers bad cholesterol in the body. Green tea acts to accelerate metabolism while providing powerful antioxidants that reduce oxidative damage to the cells. 

Through its active ingredient, capsaicin, Cayenne pepper aggravates metabolism through its action on the body’s thermogenic property. This ability enables the body to burn fat deposits and convert them to energy quickly. It also supports appetite reduction helping prevent weight increase. Black pepper uses its compound, piperine, to manage obesity by improving metabolism and aiding digestion. Recent studies reveal piperine also blocks new fat cells formation, therefore helping to prevent further weight gain. Similar to caffeine, guarana stimulates the nervous system. It alleviates fatigue and bolsters a person’s energy levels. It improves physical endurance and enables users to get active throughout the day. 

Finally, green coffee delivers chlorogenic acid to this composition. Chlorogenic acid offers antioxidants that regulate blood pressure, blood glucose and help in weight loss. The manufacturer offers the product in pill form that is packed in 60-pill bottles for 30 days. They also offer a money-back supply for anyone who does not get full satisfaction from using the product. They only need to return the unused pills. 

Ranking Standards 

Several factors dictated how the above supplements got chosen. They needed to represent the best options that users could get. And since every manufacturer states their product stands out as effective, it became necessary to assess each product under these factors carefully. 

Active Ingredient Concentration 

Any supplement claiming to have Garcinia Cambogia as an ingredient should also have Hydroxycitric acid as an active ingredient. Research shows that this compound needs a 50 to 60 percent concentration to deliver the weight-reducing capabilities that positively affect users. While some manufacturers claim they have included an HCL concentration of up to 95 percent, this percentage cannot occur under natural concentrations. Such claims need assessing with a pinch of salt. 

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Value for Money 

Different manufacturers have priced their products differently based on the research involved, the ingredients used, the process involved, and other factors. Some producers choose to sell the product at the lowest cost, coming as low as $30 up to $100 for a month’s supply. This review gave products from the lowly priced to the highly-priced while ensuring it delivered those items that deliver value for money. 

Proven Track Record 

Manufacturers have different reasons for getting into the supplement-making space – those in the Garcinia Cambogia arena fall in the same category. Some producers get into the manufacturing space as they know they can make good profits from cheap knock-offs, while others invest time, research, and resources into producing products worthy of the market. The manufacturers worthy of mention are those that have put time and effort into delivering quality products. This review includes those manufacturers who have proven themselves over time to deliver quality products. 

Value Addition 

Hydroxycitric acid derived from Garcinia Cambogia plays the role of helping the body shed off excess fat deposits. It only suffers the downside of not getting readily absorbed by the body. Manufacturers who have thought about this challenge include chromium trace minerals that help users absorb HCA and benefit from its fat-burning power. The absence of this trace mineral means the HCA consumed does not get absorbed into the body, making it futile to take it in the first place. All the supplements reviewed here have this mineral included in the formula. 

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Garcinia Cambogia Benefits 

A lot of research has gone on to assess the benefits of Garcinia Cambogia as a weight-loss dietary supplement. These studies have given positive results showing that supplementing with this compound can positively help people lose 1-2 kilograms of fat from their bodies over two months. 

Studies also reveal that this compound can suppress a user’s appetite by raising serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a feel-good hormone that works to inhibit a person’s appetite when in abundance. It is also likely that the compound can inhibit the formation of new fat cells in the body and, in so doing, prevent fat deposits from accumulating in the body. 

Side Effects 

Garcinia Cambogia comes from a natural source, making it a generally safe supplement. It, however, has reported a few mild side effects from some users like a dry mouth, stomach aches, dizziness, diarrhea, and related stomach upsets. While some research shows that the supplement may affect the liver in some cases, it has shown general tolerance from most users. 

Does Garcinia Cambogia really work as a weight-loss supplement? 

Garcinia Cambogia has undergone many clinical tests across many years to assess its weight-loss capabilities. These tests prove itself as an active weight loss ingredient to aid overweight and obese people in losing weight and preventing further weight gain. 

What form does the supplement come in? 

The supplement comes in either capsule, tablet, liquid, or powder form. Different supplements come with different instructions on how to take them. 

What kind of side effects come with using this supplement? 

This supplement has not shown severe side effects with its use. Mild side effects get reported on rare occasions and include dry mouth and an upset stomach. 

Can anyone use this supplement? 

People suffering from a severe medical condition, those under prescribed medication, those under 18 years, and pregnant and nursing mothers get cautioned to consult their health care providers before using weight loss supplements for the best advice on how to use them. 


Garcinia cambogia has received worldwide acclaim for its weight loss capabilities. Many people the world over are using it to help them achieve their weight loss desires. This supplement has several benefits like suppressing weight gain, helping users shed excess weight, and even suppressing appetite. Any one of these proven supplements listed above could offer these acclaimed benefits. 

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