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When Phentermine fist entered the market several years ago it revolutionized the way the world approached weight loss. This nonprescription drug was seen by many people as a “wonder pill”. It has helped millions of people all over the world burn millions of calories and shed thousands of pounds. Click Here For The Best Phentermine 37.5 Alternative (Over The Counter) 

Traditional Phentermine is an appetite suppressant. This means it makes people stop wanting to eat as much food and makes them feel fuller after eating smaller portions. It is totally safe and is usually used without any noticeable side effects whatsoever. 

Needless to say, this was a game changer for the weight loss industry. But as usual – the free market saw the huge potential of appetite suppression and set to work on improving the original formula. 

Some of these were significant improvements on the original, and some were just replicas. Here we are going to discuss the top 3 Phentermine alternatives that actually improve upon the original product and will help you with rapid weight loss. 

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1. Phen24 

Phen24 is a product that has some of the most significant improvements on the original Phentermine out of any products we have seen. They rightly claim that the human body is consuming calories 24 hours a day. They also point out that traditional Phentermine only focuses on the waking hours and can occasionally make it difficult to sleep. 

To solve this issue Phen24 is a complete system that contains two different pills, one pill that focuses on the daytime – and a pill that is focused on the evening and nighttime too. 

Without trying to sound dramatic, high-quality sleep is absolutely paramount to the success of any weight loss effort. Improper sleeping patterns can often undo a large amount of the hard work that you will have put in resisting the temptation of food during the daytime. 

When your body does not get enough quality sleep, it doesn’t function properly. Specifically, it has issues with metabolizing complex carbohydrates. This results in two main things happening. 

One thing it does is increase insulin production (which greatly increases the amount of fat your body stores). The other is the release of Cortisol and Ghrelin. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is commonly associated with increased fat gain, and Ghrelin stimulates areas of the brain that produce hunger cravings. 

Basically, with improper sleep, you will crave food more often and more of the food you eat will be stored as fat. This is obviously not a great thing to be happening to someone who is trying to lose weight… 

Phen24 claims to have solved this issue with their dual pill system (and with over 90,000 customers they must be doing something right). Let’s take a look at the two specific pills included with the system to get an idea of what they do exactly. 

Phen24 – Day 

The Phen24 daytime pill is not all that different from traditional Phentermine. It does, however, have a few minor tweaks that improve on the original. 

Its primary function is designed to reduce your desire to eat, just like normal Phentermine. However, it also raises your bodies metabolism. This increases the amount of calories burned during your normal daily activities and results in faster, simpler, cleaner weight loss. 

As anyone in the fitness industry will tell you, to lose weight you need to have a calorific deficit. What this essentially means is that you need to consume fewer calories than your body uses during a day. 

This is what makes many people feel lethargic and tired when trying to lose weight (with or without Phentermine). 

Phen24 have engineered an energy boosting component into their recipe that is designed to help people overcome this lethargy that is an almost inevitable consequence of weight loss. 

Phen24 – Night 

The pharmaceutical company behind Phen24 realized something quite simple, but also quite profound during the development of their product. Why should weight loss only be confined to the daytime hours? Our bodies use energy and burn calories while we sleep – so why not boost our metabolism 24 hours a day? 

With the energy boosting qualities of their daytime pill being highly effective, it’s not suitable for use in the evening. You do not want loads of energy when you are trying to go to sleep! 

The chemists behind Phen24 tweaked the formula of their daytime pill to create a pill specifically designed for evening use. The Phen24 night pill increases your bodies metabolism just as much as the daytime pill does. (However, you will burn fewer calories at night than during the day. This is because our bodies naturally use less energy and therefore fewer calories while we sleep.) 

But your metabolism will still be increased significantly. (Knowing that you are losing weight while you sleep feels as awesome as it sounds!) 

The main difference between their daytime and nighttime pills is that their nighttime pills are 100% stimulant free. When the comparatively high energy tasks of your day have been completed and you want to unwind, you switch to the night pill. Allowing you to get healthy, natural sleep without feeling any energetic side effects. 

As an added bonus their nighttime pills are also chemically formulated to reduce hunger cravings in the evening. A calorific deficit is notorious for inducing the desire for a little evening snack. While we can’t say the cravings will be gone completely, Phen24 certainly reduces them down to levels that are very easy to manage. 


Phen24 is an excellent Phentermine alternative that takes an intuitive approach to the slight reduction of sleep quality that can occasionally be found when using traditional Phentermine. The internet is full of rave reviews of the product, and significant weight loss is almost always attained within just a few months of usage. Highly recommended. Click Here For The Best Phentermine 37.5 Alternative (Over The Counter) 

2. PhenQ 

PhenQ is one of the most recent Phentermine alternatives to come onto the market, and they have got their competitors worried – really worried. They have amassed over 190,000 customers in the few years they have been around and show no signs of slowing down. 

At first glance PhenQ looks very similar to some of the other brands on the market, their ingredients listed on the bottle doesn’t seem to be that different- except for one thing. 

A trade secret they call “α-Lacys Reset”. 

α-Lacys Reset is a trademarked formula that is designed to increase your bodies metabolism by activating your bodies natural thermogenesis. It sounds complicated, and to be honest – it is! 

But in essence, what it does is increase you bodies internal thermostat slightly. When our bodies create heat, they use energy, which means burning calories. (The difference in body temperature is almost unnoticeable – you are not going to feel hot all the time). 

Another big plus point for us is that some of PhenQs competition has been on the market for years now, and their formula has remained largely unchanged. Pharmaceutical technology has advanced significantly since the original alternatives were released. By using this new technology PhenQ provides even more efficient, faster weight loss with even less (or no) side effects. 

When you combine the latest formulation methods with their innovative thermogenesis technique – It’s easy to see why PhenQs competitors are worried. 

But don’t just take our word for it! 

When in clinical trials, it’s standard practice to test any product against a placebo. While researching this article we came across the results, and they were very promising. 

When compared to a placebo the test group that used PhenQ lost 7.24% of their body fat, 3.44% of their body weight, and increased their muscle mass by 3.80%! 

PhenQ claims that their product works by helping you lose weight in 5 different ways. 

  • 1. Burn Fat – This is obviously the most important part of any weight loss plan. The fat burning properties of PhenQ are based upon the original Phentermine recipe but have been tweaked and altered with the latest technology. While there are some Phentermine alternatives that are almost as good, PhenQ beats anything the original Phentermine could dream of doing with a similar dosage. 
  • 2. Stop Fat Production – This is something many people overlook when losing weight. PhenQ Reviews Don’t Buy Before You Read This PhenQ Results Stopping additional fat from being produced is probably more important than trying to burn the fat that you already have on your body. While there are other pills that try and indirectly reduce the amount of fat you add to your body – actually chemically reducing fat production is something that few other pills do. 
  • 3. Appetite Suppression – We all know that these weight loss pills are not magic beans. To lose weight you also have to put in some effort of your own. It will probably come as no surprise to you that the hardest part of weight loss is eating healthier food and eating less frequently. While PhenQ cannot entice you to chose a salad over a chocolate brownie, it does reduce the amount of time you will think about food and eating each day. Less temptation means less eating, which means fewer calories, which results in…. weight loss
  • 4. Energy Boosting – Like some of the other Phentermine alternatives on this page PhenQ also understands the need for a little bit of an energy boost while your body undergoes the necessary calorific deficit required for weight loss. With PhenQ you will be able to go about your daily life as normal, without feeling sluggish and tired because you are losing loads of weight. 
  • 5. Mood Improvement – This is one of the little things that many companies don’t try to address. Feeling hungry can make even the happiest person in the world a little grumpy from time to time. It’s so common it even has its own word – “Hangry”. PhenQ will make your day seem that little bit brighter thanks to its mood enhancing capabilities. You will never be “hangry” when you are hungry. 


An amazing product that really produces fast, rapid weight loss. The thermogenesis formula of PhenQ will almost literally melt the pounds away. We are not exaggerating when we proudly say it’s probably the most comprehensive single pill solution to weight loss that has ever existed. 

3. Phen375 

Phen375 takes a two-pronged approach to assisting weight loss. They claim that the two biggest factors that prevent people from losing as much weight as possible are a sub optimal metabolic rate and an uncontrolled appetite. Phen375 clearly addresses both of these two main factors in a single pill solution. They state that it increases the bodies metabolic rate while suppressing appetite at the same time. 

The ingredients of Phen375 list is not that different compared to traditional Phentermine and as a result, you will lose weight just as fast as the original. But there are a few subtle differences that we feel are improvements. 

One of the main things that makes Phen375 unique is its approach to water intake – something that is often overlooked. 

All of the pills on this list will induce rapid weight loss in a safe and effective manner. And a byproduct of rapid weight loss is that toxins contained within our fat reserves are released into our body faster than normal. The best way to flush them out is by drinking sufficient amounts of water. 

It is a well-known fact that the vast majority of us do not drink as much water as we should, even without rapid weight loss. So Phen375 has been specifically designed to induce thirst more frequently, ensuring you are drinking as much water as your body needs – without feeling like you are forcing yourself to do it. 


Phen375 is a respectable supplement that will allow you to rapidly lose weight in the safest way possible. It’s the no-nonsense, straight up weight loss option on this list – great for people that don’t want the functionality of the other choices and just want to lose weight fast. 


So there you have it, three of the best Phentermine alternatives that money can buy. Prices vary between the three different brands, and they all usually have some form of a discount or offer going on. 

We would just like to point out that every single entry on this list is a winner. All the companies on this list are organizations that use medical grade clean room facilities and abide by national standards and safety regulations. 

We spent countless hours researching many of the vast number of Phentermine alternatives that are available and came up with these 3 at the top of or shortlist. 

Simply put, if you complement a healthier lifestyle with the power of any of these supplements, you will be healthier, happier, and most importantly… 

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