CenturyLink Internet & Products: The First Choice Of U.S Customers?


The advent of the internet era took the world by storm. Where letters and telegrams used to take ages to deliver, the internet turned the whole picture around. The world now is pretty much an advanced form of a neat little global village – everything is pretty much just a click away. From general communication to shopping, investments and your bank info in case you forgot to pay your bills.  

The internet is a thing of the present, and very well, the future. Therefore, internet service providers (ISP) worldwide are vying to provide an internet service that will pave the way for the future. Hence that brings us to more pressing questions at hand. What is CenturyLink internet, and what is its story? Is it worth getting? Let’s get right into it.  

What is CenturyLink Internet?  

CenturyLink or better known now as Lumen Technologies, Inc., is a telecommunications company based in the US. It has its headquarters in Monroe, Louisiana.   

CenturyLink is one of the most significant internet service providers in the States, operating in over 37 states of the U.S at last count. It serves millions of people across the country, and that is just within the borders. CenturyLink also has international customers in various regions around the globe.  

Lumen technologies offer multiple network communication services within and outside the States. It has services that include but are not limited to local and long-distance calls, private voice lines, ethernet, data integration, cloud hosting, and broadband. The broadband internet provided by Lumen Technologies is the CenturyLink Internet, which now offers high-speed internet. It is rather popular in the United States, especially in the northwest, and widely available. Anyone who wants to buy TV internet phone has a good chance as any, trying their luck with CenturyLink solutions.   

Why Choose CenturyLink?    

CenturyLink high-speed internet promises to keep up its part of the bargain with good internet speeds for residential and business needs. It offers its customers a digital subscriber line (DSL) or a fiber-optic internet connection. While the phone-based DSL systems show lagging or slow speeds, CenturyLink fiber optic internet cables are much faster. Depending on whatever your area has access to, your internet speed may vary.  

CenturyLink often has attractive ongoing campaigns, especially with new connections like a free modem or installations free of cost. Whatever the case may be, it sometimes makes CenturyLink a public favorite. 

CenturyLink internet does not have a contract-based setting or cancellation fees, making it easy to move from the service if it isn’t fulfilling enough. However, the cherry on top has to be the unlimited data plans that come with CenturyLink internet. What is better than no data caps and unlimited internet surfing?  

CenturyLink Products & Services  

CenturyLink is a brand that provides multiple things to its users. The fun part? It offers a one-stop solution for all kinds of technology-related dilemmas. The truth is that CenturyLink provides three basic categories of support. These are residential needs, small business needs, and much more complex enterprise needs. Needless to say, services offered under each plan are different and customizable to fit specific demands that users may have.    

  • Residential: This service includes local as well as long-distance calls for the home telephone service. It allows access to a fiber-optic internet system and has an immaculate moving system. This system assists users in transferring and activating CenturyLink services when switching homes.  

Additionally, homeowners can also use CenturyLink home security solutions, although this service is only in Louisiana and has yet to enter the other states. Customers opting for residential packages have an option to choose a price-for-life plan internet service. This indicates that as long as they can stick to the initial internet plan, their plan prices do not increase even if there is a price hike. However, any change to your account, including your address, would nullify this contract.  

  • Small business: Small businesses with CenturyLink internet have quite a bit to offer. This includes a more formal business version of voice over internet protocol, otherwise known as VoIP telephone services and fiber optic internet services.  
  • Enterprise: At an enterprise level, things get much more interesting for CenturyLink connections. You can expect a good level of software-defined networks (SDN) and virtual private networks (VPN) for corporate safety. It also provides cloud hosting and security services, and threat management. COVID-19 has also kickstarted remote work; hence, CenturyLink specializes in web conferencing and online streaming. IT consultancy services for fixing cybersecurity also make the cut.  

Is CenturyLink Internet Available near Me?   

CenturyLink Internet is available across the United States, providing service in 37 States as of now. Of these, 25 states have access to the Quantum Fiber with unbelievable internet speeds, and more to come in 2021. Some of the states providing CenturyLink internet include:  

  1. Idaho  
  1. Iowa  
  1. Louisiana  
  1. Arizona   
  1. Colorado  
  1. Georgia  
  1. Florida  
  1. Minnesota  
  1. Nevada  
  1. Nebraska  
  1. Montana  
  1. California  
  1. Pennsylvania  
  1. New Mexico  
  1. North Carolina  
  1. North Dakota  
  1. South Dakota  
  1. Washington  
  1. Virginia  
  1. Texas 

CenturyLink Internet Plans & Pricing 

Since CenturyLink is mainly about internet services, it would be of value to start with just that. CenturyLink is currently offering DSL plans as well as fiber plans. The Quantum fiber plans come with more incredible speeds, albeit they are only available in limited areas at the moment.   

Some of the most commonly used CenturyLink bundles are given below. A company-issued installed modem comes at an additional cost of USD 15 + tax, which would add to your bill per month. You may also get the one-time purchase option (up to $200 + tax). 

Plans Max. Available speed Monthly cost Data Caps 
Simply Unlimited 60 60 Mbps download/ 7 Mbps upload USD 50 None 
Simply Unlimited 80 80 Mbps download/ 10 Mbps upload USD 50  None 
Simply Unlimited 100 100 Mbps download/ 12 Mbps upload USD 50 None 
Simply Unlimited 120 120 Mbps download/ 30 Mbps upload USD 50 None 
Simple Unlimited 140 140 Mbps download/ 40 Mbps upload USD 50 None 
Quantum Fiber 200 200 Mbps download/ 200 Mbps upload USD 50 None 
Quantum Fiber Gigabit 940 Mbps download/ 940 Mbps upload USD 65 None 

CenturyLink Phone:  A Little Goes a Long Way 

It isn’t easy to imagine the role of a home phone in a world where everything is mainly controlled through cellphones. However, home phones do have their advantages. You can stay connected to your family and relatives even if you don’t have a mobile phone, and it does provide quality calls with no lags.   

CenturyLink phone service that presumably is one of a kind. It offers a basic plan that allows local calls, but you can couple that with an internet connection for an unlimited plan. The unlimited CenturyLink phone plan has exciting features such as long-distance calls and caller ID, call waiting, voice mail, and three-way calling.   

Initially, CenturyLink offered a discount on coupled phone and internet services when bought together, but as of July 2021, this promotion has been discontinued.   

We have the two home phone plans that CenturyLink offers below with all the features to help you decide which best serves your needs. 

Package Price Features 
Basic Home Phone USD 24.25/month Unlimited local calls No long distance calls No contract or features USD 25-35 (Activation fee determined by location) 
 Home Phone Unlimited USD 60.00/month Unlimited national calls plus Canada  Multiple calling features No activation fees 

Bear in mind that the prices given here are exclusive of any taxes that may be applied.   

The unlimited plan seems to be a bit on the more outrageous end of the spectrum, but it does offer much more for your dollars’ worth, with calls to Canada thrown in for free. Moreover, the activation fee for the basic plan is an unnecessary evil and highly-priced for no reason whatsoever. 

CenturyLink Combination Plans 

CenturyLink also has a couple of internet and phone plan combos that may be what you are looking for. They might not be for everyone, but they may work for you if you have greater use of both services. The CenturyLink deals for combination plans are given below.   

CenturyLink Bundle Features Price 
 Simply Unlimited Internet & Simply Unlimited Phone Speeds up to 100 Mbps Allows multiple users to connect and operate without hassle Good call quality without lag USD 90/month  Requires prepaid payment   Not available in Arizona 
 Fiber Gigabit & Simply Unlimited Phone  Fiber internet High speed internet for multiple users to connect Unlimited calling across the country USD 105/month  Prepaid payment required  Not available in Arizona 

Notable Competitors to CenturyLink  

CenturyLink has a considerable advantage over other ISPs since it provides services to more than half of the U.S. There is a very high chance that you or one of your family members has the internet that CenturyLink supplies. Even so, CenturyLink faces close competition with some other big names in the market. Some of these popular contenders for internet provision include AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast (Xfinity).  

CenturyLink has exceptional pricing plans, affordable to most strata of society, making it a pretty strong brand in the market. It offers better value for your buck, for DSL plans and especially the fiber ones, and has unlimited data plans, making them more appealing. CenturyLink also has smaller starting prices for the internet that means almost anyone can get it.   

Certain areas have no other internet service providers other than CenturyLink, which makes them indispensable. However, it is no secret that CenturyLink ranks at the 6th position in the list of ISPs marking with Xfinity and Comcast leading the list.  

 CenturyLink vs. Comcast  

  • Comcast is a top-tier Internet Service Provider (ISP) with top ratings as the fastest speeds go up to 2000 Mbps. It also takes the cake in the 2021 rating, especially for the middle-of-the-range speeds such as 200 or 400 Mbps. CenturyLink doesn’t offer such mid-range speeds in most places.   
  • However, Comcast requires a 12-month contract for most of its plans, with its fiber services being very costly. Once the contract ends, any price change may be expected.   

CenturyLink Internet: Pros and Cons     

The CenturyLink brand and internet is a plethora of many things. It has a lot to offer and provides competitive rates in the market that knocks down some of its closest contenders. You can use your device or modem to avail the internet service and save up to USD 15 in fees per month. One of the most satisfying things about CenturyLink internet is that it has no data caps on any of its plans, so you never have to fear going over the limit. It also has one-time installation charges and no contracts or cancellation fees, so it may be slightly less demanding on your wallet.  

Unfortunately, like all other things in life, CenturyLink Internet, too, has its downsides. Firstly, there is an activation fee for the internet installed, which may seem to some as a little over-the-top. Secondly, the customer service for CenturyLink is far from satisfactory, with many disgruntled users, which can be found all over internet forums. More often than not, the DSL speeds vary widely and may fall below what you are actually paying for. Since CenturyLink provides service in limited areas only, with fiber internet in even lesser ones, so you may not find a plan that fits you to a T.  

CenturyLink Customer Service  

CenturyLink customer service is a somewhat confusing place to be. What should decidedly be an easy process becomes entirely too baffling with long waiting queues. Customers seem disappointed in the service, saying it takes the CenturyLink headquarters days to get back, if not weeks. Installations are delayed, and some customers swear they were hung up point-blank while still stating complaints.  

While numerous people find this customer service unsatisfactory, many people do not seem too bothered by it. Perhaps, it is a thing like DSL speeds, with some states of more workforce responding much faster to the queries than others.  

CenturyLink: To be or not be?  

This definitely is one of the most pressing questions of the hour. It is okay to wonder because if you invest, it should be somewhere you can feel safe. CenturyLink does get points for some of the most affordable high-speed internet and fiber plans. It is available nationwide with access to more than half of the U.S, and in most states, the rates are competitive enough to leave you sold. Add to it the fact that CenturyLink comes with unlimited data use, no contracts, and there is little room for doubts.   

There are inevitable hiccups along the way, but then where are they not? CenturyLink DSL internet is known for its wide (and wild) ranges of speed, which may be a nuisance. The customer service may seem to be a nightmare, but it is just like any other customer service across the globe.   

In conclusion, it is always a good idea to do your research and weigh the consequences before you jump into any lasting contracts. 

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