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Exipure deals with your weight problems with eight all-natural components and ingredients. With today’s advancement in the modern era, businesses and lifestyles are bombarded with heavy stressors such as deadlines and other environmental factors. This, in turn, makes our bodies feel the full brunt of this stress. When we get stressed, our bodies tend to store more fat, making it hard to live the healthy and balanced lifestyle we deserve. We become heavier by the minute due to this stress. In the end, we lose confidence and possibly, friends. 

To prevent these kinds of sad things from happening, Exipure has come up with the perfect solution. Yes, people are looking for ways to curb this weight gain pandemic that we have seen over the past few years. Unfortunately, the advent of processed foods and the culmination of our eight-hour work shifts make us prone to this type of weight complication. To understand this weight loss solution, the creators of this product made a well-researched formula that can target slow metabolism.  

We are well aware that most individuals tend to lose faith with weight loss supplements such as Exipure. But, you might wonder why we are wasting time reviewing such products that are clearly made to scam people? For one, the weight loss industry is still in the adjustment period where it’s trying out new ways to combat this unprecedented increase in weight gains. Two, not all weight loss formula works for everyone because everybody has a different body composition. This difference in each of us tends to give us different approaches at which to tackle weight gain. In short, the solution that works for me may not work for you. This is why reviewing these supplements is critical to see if they are made for you. 

In line with our short exposition and introduction, Exipure is a well-renowned supplement brand that has just come out recently on the market. However, since more than a month ago, it has gained popularity in people who want to lose weight in the healthiest and most rewarding manner. According to the creators, thousands of individuals across the planet have already tried this product to great results. In this candid and detailed review, we will check out the ins and outs of this product and how you can cope with the weight problem you are facing right now. In addition, we will tackle what the supplement is all about, who the creators are, where it’s being manufactured, how it works, why it’s essential for you, et cetera. Ready? Let’s begin! 

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The Whats of Exipure 

Exipure is probably the newest and most in-demand weight loss supplement right now. Made by Dr. James Wilkins and Jack Barrett, this supplement tackles the root cause of slow metabolism – the lack of brown adipose tissue inside our bodies. This brown adipose tissue, or BAT, is responsible for burning the calories found in fat, sugar, and protein molecules for our energy consumption and use. This is a type of fat, but it’s different from the fat we are used to. In general, the fat that we think is harmful (and it is) is the white adipose tissue, commonly known as white fat. This white fat is responsible for storing up all the calories we need for future energy consumption. So, in a way, they are opposite to each other in terms of function. 

Exipure’s proprietary formula comprises eight all-natural ingredients that have been found to have the best impact on the stimulation of your brown adipose tissue. By doing so, you mitigate the function of the white adipose tissue, thereby reducing your weight and internal fat deposits (such as cholesterol) altogether. The proprietary formula includes Perilla, Holy Basil, White Korean Ginseng, Amur Cork Bark, Quercetin, Oleuropein, Kudzu, and Propolis. 

Meanwhile, the Exipure official website tells us that this supplement has various positive customer reviews. They are all inclined towards the positive benefits and weight loss results that this product brings. We will check the validity of their concerns in this review with in-depth investigation and honest insights regarding the matter. 

Before that, though, here’s a detailed overview of Exipure. 

Basic Information About Exipure 

Product Exipure 
Category Weight-loss Dietary Supplement 
Creators Dr. James Wilkins, Jack Barrett 
Form Easy-to-swallow Capsules/Pills 
Overall Function Supports healthy weight loss, stimulates Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) production 
Ratings Trustpilot – 4.7 out of 5 (169 reviews at the moment of writing) 
Ingredients Perilla, Holy Basil, White Korean Ginseng, Amur Cork Bark, Quercetin, Oleuropein, Kudzu, and Propolis 
Manufacturing Country United States of America 
Capsules per Bottle  30 
Recommended Dosage One capsule per day 
Rate of Effectiveness Around seven days 
Expected Results 1 to 10 pounds per week of weight loss 
Price Ranges from $39 to $59 for each bottle 
Available Money-Back Guarantee? Yes. 180-day money-back guarantee 
Official Website Official Website 

The Creators of Exipure 

The ones who created Exipure were Dr. James Wilkins and Jack Barrett. Since time immemorial, these two individuals have specialized in traditional Chinese medicine and practices to provide several health alternatives for the benefit of many. In fact, they settled to source most of the ingredients from one of the best nature reserves in Vietnam and other parts of the world to ensure the safety and quality of their product. In addition, they combined each ingredient on this list because they noticed their warming, weight loss, and anti-oxidative effects on our bodies. 

Exipure Function and Uses 

Exipure works by stimulating your body’s brown adipose tissue to do its job in the fast metabolism department. Studies from all across different journals (including the International Journal of Obesity) suggest that people with fewer brown adipose tissues and higher levels of white adipose tissues inside their bodies are prone to excessive weight and the complications that arise from them, therefore. 

With that in mind, Exipure has employed the help of the eight all-natural ingredients found in tropical regions to aid our body’s weight loss routines. With the blend mentioned above, it has been found that we can stimulate our brown adipose tissue at 300 times the speed than usual. This type of perk and breakthrough is one of the best approaches I have heard in my history of reviewing weight loss supplements such as this. 

The Exipure formula is also made to continuously stimulate your brown adipose tissue in burning more calories by the minute. So it can give you a kind of headstart that can still affect you even if you stop taking the supplement altogether. However, don’t get it wrong, though. A good measure to make this perk work is to take this supplement for three to six months. I personally would recommend you to take it for six or more months for longer-lasting effects.  

Some Exipure benefits, which we will discuss later, include increased metabolic speeds, warmer internal body temperatures (for faster fat, sugar, and calorie metabolism), higher energy levels, more vital cardiovascular health, and more.  

In summary, Exipure addresses the concern of weight loss from a more familiar yet unorthodox approach. It does not require any kind of additional exercise or adherence to strict, gut-wrenching diets to make the whole process and program work. The research behind this topic is also loud and clear, which only further consolidates its effectiveness altogether. 

However, we don’t want to go ahead and manipulate your opinions with this simple, functional backgrounder. Some consumers, albeit the minority, still complain that this supplement didn’t work for their weight loss needs. That’s what we’re going to find out and more in the succeeding sections of our Exipure reviews. 

Brown Adipose Tissue and Exipure 

There are two sides of fat in our system: brown adipose tissue and white adipose tissue. The former burns, while the latter stores. Chiefly, these fats increase in size and weight when the air temperature outside is cold. However, when it becomes warm, the brown adipose tissue melts, burning itself in a metabolic-driven state that can energize your body altogether. If the brown adipose tissue decreases in size, your body will send signals to turn the white adipose tissue into brown ones. 

The whole mechanism is set, right? Well, increased stressors from both the internal and external environments of our bodies have led our hormones to believe that it needs to store all those fats for “survival.” Therefore, the ratios of white and brown adipose tissues become unbalanced, tipping off the favor towards the storage-loving layer of fat. This is what Exipure is aiming to fix. Therefore, there must be more brown adipose tissue than the white adipose tissue inside your body. That way, your calories will burn better, leading to more energy in the long run. 

One more neat property that the brown adipose tissue possesses is that it can massively help your heart, arteries, and veins by lowering the cholesterol levels found in your bloodstream. Thus, with the continuous supplementation of Exipure, you can gain resistance against heart diseases, stroke, and high blood pressure.  

Exipure Ingredients 

Exipure ingredients are one of the most well-researched and scrutinized components that one can expect from a weight loss supplement. It exceeds expectations. These are not your typical vitamin and mineral combo. No. What’s highly interesting is that they are all specifically designed to focus on stimulating your brown adipose tissue. By combining not just one but eight powerful ingredients, you can achieve weight loss supremacy (if there’s such a term) in a span of only a few weeks or months! 

To know more about these Exipure ingredients, check out all their individual benefits and descriptions below.  


Alternatively known as the Chinese Basil, the leaves and flowers of this traditional medicinal plant have been used for generations for the sole purpose of fixing issues of high cholesterol content. However, recent studies have found that Perilla can initiate thermogenesis, which is our body’s natural mechanism of heating itself up and burning up as much as many fat tissues for energy along the way. For this reason, Perilla is said to be one of the best catalysts in stimulating your brown adipose tissue levels in every capsule of Exipure. In other related matters, Perilla can also help with nerve and brain health, fixing its connections through potent anti-oxidative content. 

Amur Cork Bark 

Like most Exipure ingredients in this formula, the Amur Cork Bark is also a form of traditional Chinese medicine. It contains cardiovascular and digestive benefits that can positively impact your regular quality of life. It does this by lowering your fat content in the digestion process. In other words, it can expel excess fats when it’s still in your gut, effectively stopping them from entering our system. The result is a healthier body with fewer long-term complications. Of course, this also leads to the decrease of white adipose tissue and the increase of brown adipose tissue. 

Holy Basil 

Yet another basil on the Exipure list of ingredients, the Holy Basil can boost your immune system through its antibacterial properties. Better yet, it has significant advantages when it comes to making your digestion a little bit better, relieving minor joint pains, lessening your blood glucose levels, and others. It can even make your mind sharper by stimulating the connections inside your brain. Finally, it’s intriguing that Holy Basil can help your body burn more calories through the brown adipose tissue. Perhaps the accumulation of these benefits leads to that kind of result. 


Do you remember how good olive oil is for your body? Well, it would seem that a particular substance in olive oil, called oleuropein, is used in Exipure to increase the functionality of your brown adipose tissue. This perk is perfect for the body since olive oil has practically every health benefit you already need on the cardiovascular side of things. In addition, it is considered the healthiest kind of oil, so you might as well supplement it with your diet to maximize its results. 

White Korean Ginseng 

The famous Panax ginseng of Korea finds its way in Exipure through its white form. The White Korean Ginseng is a powerful piece of herb. I am personally using it to sustain my energy and drive throughout the day. By simply smelling or brewing it, you can feel excellent with vigorous results. For the specifics, this type of ginseng is commonly used to stop inflammation, promote metabolic function, and help you with blood sugar or libido problems. True enough, it can also increase how your brown adipose tissue reacts with the calories coming into your system. 


Also known as Quercetin Dihydrate, this component helps extract the energy found in your body’s several white fat deposits. It can drive these fat stores of yours into complete overdrive so that they can give you increased endurance and energy output for days. Of course, since this ingredient is in Exipure, it has something to do with how your body converts white fat into brown fat. What’s more, it can give you a massive anti-oxidative boost, making your body more resistant and immune to several micro-stressors inside your system.  


A standard bee product, Propolis has immense anti-oxidative advantages that you can use for your everyday life. It can shield you from toxins or even make your nerve cell connections stronger each passing day. It can even give you healthier-looking skin, hair, and nails. This chain of physical events can lead to a younger-looking self, which can certainly boost your everyday self-esteem and morale. With Quercetin’s and Exipure’s massive boost to your quality of life, your body tends to do everything right – including the metabolism of your brown adipose tissue. 


A typical weed in the United States, the roots of the Kudzu vine are a staple in traditional Chinese medicine. It is also such in every capsule of the Exipure supplement. It’s a fascinating piece of alternative medicine because it can suppress cravings for alcohol consumption. It can even help alleviate several symptoms all at once, including high blood sugar levels, fever, eye pain, and others. In addition, studies have shown that it has anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, so that must be the reason why all of these happen with Kudzu. With that in mind, your brown adipose tissue can work appropriately due to the stimulation brought about by this plant’s extracts. 

Exipure Weight Loss Pills Benefits 

Exipure is a supplement that has been made with the highest standard. Dr. Wilkins and Jack Barrett have seen this, taking pride in sharing their work with many people worldwide. They sought the best manufacturing facility to do the job and only got the ingredients from the purest sources available. This is an advantage they can harness over their other weight loss supplement counterparts. The best thing is that judging from the ingredient line-up we mentioned above, it is with great confidence that we can say that this supplement is safe by all means. 

Here is the complete list of Exipure benefits: 

  • Improved metabolism due to stimulation of Brown Adipose Tissue 
  • Made up of a wide variety of anti-oxidative ingredients 
  • Improves cardiovascular health (more substantial blood flow, lower blood pressure, better blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol profile) 
  • It can make the immune system stronger 
  • Help improve the speed of thinking processes and cognitive skills 
  • Exipure can suppress unnecessary appetite, leading to lesser calorie intake 
  • It helps lower hormones that are related to stress and anxiety 
  • Improves physical body profile 
  • Exipure is made from a GMP-certified, FDA-registered facility 
  • Only contains bee allergens (not safe for people who are allergic to bees)  
  • Vegan-friendly 
  • Non-addictive and non-habit forming 
  • Non-GMO 
  • Exipure capsules are made out of vegetable material, which means they’re easy to swallow and easily digested in the stomach 
  • It has a 180-day money-back guarantee and refund policy 

From the 15 benefits we have listed above, it’s almost impossible not to gawk at the number of positive things you can get by simply taking the Exipure supplement. These benefits are balanced and all-around in nature, giving you the edge that you need in pursuing some of life’s most outstanding achievements! 

Exipure Recommended Dosage 

It is with a strict recommendation that you should take Exipure only once a day. That means one capsule per day with adequate amounts of water. This is because this supplement works best when taken in the proper doses. Why did we say that? It’s because the threat of overdosing is looming over the horizon. People commonly take supplements at a much more significant amount than usual because they think this can speed up the process. In reality, it does not. 

The common misconception is that supplements are safe from going “over the top.” For example, it’s never okay to go two or more capsules a day because this might put you at risk from some complications such as headaches and more. Therefore, you should follow the Exipure recommended dosage of one capsule per day to achieve the best hassle-free results. 

Meanwhile, taking Exipure every other day does not harbor adverse effects. However, it can slow down the process at which your body’s brown adipose tissue may be stimulated. Therefore, you can receive a lower quality of results if you take it in staggering amounts. The lesson is, follow the instructions. Take one capsule a day to achieve adequate results! 

Exipure Weight Loss Results 

Exipure can bring about substantial results healthily and gently. It is not as hard-hitting as other dietary supplements, but it can do the job. The best thing about this product is that it does not force its way through. Instead, it focuses on the natural aspect of fat metabolism, which means you do not need to worry about your body difficultly adjusting to the supplement. 

Exipure results are usually quantified at around one to four pounds per week of weight loss. Meanwhile, the maximum weight loss that you can achieve with this supplement is 10 pounds per week. Those numbers are achieved with the combination of proper diet and exercise. So it is with a gentle reminder, we tell everyone to eat a balanced diet so that we can get all the nutrients that we need for our body’s readjustment and quality of health. 

For those who find the numbers lacking, please remember that Exipure is an all-natural dietary supplement. As such, it is an alternative approach to weight loss when no other methods are working for your body. However, it is not a miraculous pill of some sort, so do not go around thinking that this can immediately save you from the weight gain crisis.  

If you want a time frame, results commonly become extra clear when you’re in the third month of Exipure supplement use. This is because your body should have shed many pounds and already got some stubborn belly and underarm fat by that time. However, the recommended length of use still stands at six months. 

Exipure: Is it Safe? 

Exipure is safe to use. It is made from all-natural ingredients that can give you overwhelming benefits due to its various properties. The components themselves are sourced from the purest locations on the planet, making them safe to consume. Furthermore, the manufacturing side of things is well-regulated due to their GMP certification and FDA registration in the United States of America. 

Therefore, Exipure exalts safety at the highest level so that you, the consumer, can feel safe with the supplements that you are taking inside your body. Of course, if you have some concerns, you can always call their hotline at 1-800-390-6035. Better yet, e-mail them at [email protected]

Exipure Side Effects 

Exipure ingredient side effects are currently non-threatening. In fact, there are none at all, given that you stick to the recommended dosage of the said product. If you take one capsule per day, you should not feel any adverse effects or results on your body. 

However, prepare yourself for side effects if you are taking two or more capsules of Exipure. These “disturbances” only consist of minor headaches and some feelings of nausea and vomiting. As you can expect, if you revert back to the usual dosage, you should feel fine shortly after. 

Otherwise, if you are already taking the Exipure supplement in the right amounts and still feeling nauseous, it is best to talk with your doctor about your concern.  

Exipure Related Scientific Studies 

Exipure is primarily concerned with how the brown adipose tissue works inside our bodies. To attest to this, we will look at this particular study to check out how the supplement fairs from a scientific point of view.  

White fat is commonly known to store energy, while brown or beige fat can dissipate those accumulated energy particles for your everyday consumption and, of course, survival. In the past, this brown adipose tissue, or BAT, wasn’t really focused on due to a lack of advancements in science. However, technology has made it more possible to quantify things, which lead to this discovery just last January of 2021. According to the study entitled “Brown adipose tissue is associated with cardiometabolic health” by Becher et al., those with significant levels of BAT in their bodies had lower incidences of cardiovascular diseases. Altogether, the study pointed out that higher BAT meant better mitigation against the complications and side effects of obesity-related side effects and symptoms. Exipure, therefore, is on the right track.  

Exipure Price 

Exipure currently costs $59 per bottle. However, that is already a hugely discounted price from the original price of $199 per bottle. Therefore, you have a potential saving of $140 per purchase of one supplement bottle. Take note, and you can only buy official and legitimate bottles from their official website! 

However, you can push the limit of these discounts by buying the 3-bottle and 6-bottle supplement packages. The price list is as follows: 

Judging from the price list that we can see above, the 6-bottle package that offers the 180-day supply of the Exipure supplement is your best bet at securing the most significant savings in place. In particular, you can save as much as $900 just by buying that package. So, if you have the money to spare and want to start on the program as soon as possible, go ahead and pick this option today! 

Exipure Refund Policy 

As mentioned repeatedly in the past few sections of this review, Exipure has a 180-day money-back guarantee that can give you substantial comfort when buying this supplement from the official website. Purchasing this product elsewhere will forfeit this risk-free advantage that you’ll otherwise get from the official website. This supplement is a risk-free investment that you can make for the future of your health and body! 

Exipure E-Book Bonuses 

Exipure is currently offering two book bonuses for each 3-bottle and 6-bottle purchase of their product! The books are: 

  • Renew You 
  • 1 Day Kickstart Detox 

Renew You is basically a book that teaches you to calm your mind and boost your self-esteem to combat the stressors that may hinder or slow down your efficient metabolism. Meanwhile, the 1 Day Kickstart Detox book can teach you 20 15-second recipes that can detoxify your body, giving your body a quicker pace during the adjustment period of the Exipure supplement.  

Exipure Wellness Box 

The creators of Exipure want you to get better in terms of weight loss. This is why they’re also offering this wellness box that can boost the effects of the supplement at hand. But, unfortunately, this wellness box does not come with the product we’re talking about in this review. 

The Exipure wellness box includes the MCT Oil Pure, Immune Boost, Bio Balance Probiotics, Ultra Collagen Complex, and Deep Sleep 20 supplements. The package costs $620 and is a valuable ally in your fight against uncontrollable weight gains. 

Exipure Reviews Verdict 

Exipure is a well-rounded weight-loss dietary type of supplement. It contains everything that you need to burn excess weight through the stimulation of brown adipose tissue. From the reviews we have made about the product, we are confident that this supplement works for individuals like you and me. Therefore, our verdict for the said supplement is an astounding 10 out of 10! 

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