Glucofort Reviews: November 2021 Update All You Need To Know

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Glucofort is a blood sugar support supplement sold exclusively online. The supplement uses amino acids, herbal extracts, plants, vitamins, and minerals to help your body balance blood sugar naturally. It is a natural and herbal supplement that regulates glucose in the blood circulatory system of the body.

According to the manufacturer, some users have been able to stop taking diabetes medication or reverse their condition after taking Glucofort.

High blood sugar could be a drawback that many individuals face in their life. In step with the information collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each one out of ten people lives with type 2 diabetes. This chronic health disease damages different organs if left uncured for an extended time.

Cases of type 2 diabetes have been increasing steadily over the past few decades, which is a condition that is fatal in some ways. As a result, individuals are becoming deprived of the ability to enjoy their favorite foods and are likely to experience acute symptoms such as thirst, hunger, fainting, and blurred vision. 

The ingredients in Glucofort could provide small support to people with diabetes, helping their bodies manage blood sugar and cellular energy. However, there’s no evidence that Glucofort can cure diabetes, replace your doctor-prescribed diabetes medication, or stop any symptoms of diabetes.

A natural supplement seems to have taken a unique approach that can completely reverse diabetes. This supplement is none other than Glucofort.

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What is Glucofort?

Glucofort is an advanced blood sugar support formula that eliminates the root cause of type 2 diabetes. In so doing, individuals can possibly live a healthy life that constitutes blood sugar levels within normal ranges and improved glucose metabolism.

In addition, excess fat that is usually at the neck of many of our vital organs will have dissipated, allowing individuals to free themselves from health implications.

Glucofort is a nutritional supplement that uses a blend of antioxidants to support blood sugar in multiple ways. Described as a “breakthrough formula,” Glucofort can purportedly “awaken the feedback loop responsible for the blood sugar and healing” within your body. By awakening this feedback loop, Glucofort could provide powerful support for blood sugar.

Glucofort is marketed specifically to diabetics and pre-diabetics who struggle to manage their blood sugar. Most doctors recommend a combination of drugs, diet changes, and exercise to manage diabetes. With Glucofort, you can purportedly support blood sugar using antioxidants.

Glucofort is founded on one man’s story that led to a community filled with wellness. 50-year-old Andrew Freeman is a practicing psychologist with 20 years of experience. When he was informed of his type 2 diabetes diagnosis, he couldn’t believe what he heard, especially knowing how careful he has been regarding his health.

With high doses of metformin and restrictions imposed left, right and center, he decided to develop a viable solution that is safe yet effective. After spending months on research, Andrew claims to have discovered the “diabetes-reversing” secret hidden in Tibet. One thing led to the next, and Andrew met Tibetan expert Dr. Jun.

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How Does Glucofort Work?

The makers of Glucofort have designed the supplement to provide three main benefits, including:

Blood Sugar Support

According to the website, the supplement helps support your blood sugar goals and the body’s natural ability to stay healthy. For most diabetics, their blood sugar ‘goal’ is to lower their blood sugar. Glucofort claims to help you support your blood sugar goals.

Improved Blood Health

Glucofort claims to improve your blood health using antioxidants. These antioxidants target free radicals within your blood. They also support blood circulation, making it easier for blood to travel throughout your body. 

Many diabetics struggle with circulatory issues. When left untreated over time, these circulatory issues could even lead to tingling in the extremities, numbness, neuropathy, and even amputation.

Vitality & Energy

Glucofort claims to improve your energetic wellbeing by combating fatigue and increasing vitality. To achieve these benefits, Glucofort targets a feedback loop responsible for blood sugar and healing.

Your body has a feedback loop responsible for blood sugar management and healing. By targeting this feedback loop, Glucofort can purportedly support the regenerative potential lying dormant within you, supporting your body’s ability to heal itself.

Benefits Of Glucofort Blood Sugar Support Supplement

Glucofort is a non-GMO supplement established under strict quality control in FDA-approved GMP-certified laboratories in the United States. Glucofort supplement is created after cautious exploration by acclaimed experts Dr. Andrew Freeman and Dr. June. Used an all-natural organic supplement for blood sugar support that is safe to utilize. 

This supplement helps in controlling the blood sugar level in the body.

Glucofort is a vegetarian formula and can use by anyone except pregnant, lactating women, and people below 18. Glucofort promotes healthy blood sugar levels and glucose digestion. 

It maintains a solid pulse, improves digestion and assimilation cycles. While the brand does reduce stress, the results are long-lasting.

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Features Of Glucofort Blood Sugar Support Supplement

Innovation: Glucofort is a natural and well-researched Creation. Glucofort contains all detoxifying ingredients which are helpful to promote a healthy body.

Strength: Glucofort is a helpful but powerful system. It contains powerful antioxidants that help detoxify your body and support blood sugar.

Safety & Quality: It is a safe, good-quality capsule. It is free from any antibiotic, gluten and non-GMO, manufactured in an FDA registered facility. Glucofort gathers the freshest and highest quality natural ingredients available.

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Glucofort Ingredients

The makers of Glucofort recommend that diabetics and pre-diabetics take one capsule of their supplement daily to support their blood sugar goals. Each capsule of Glucofort contains a small blend of vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and other ingredients linked to blood sugar support.

The Glucofort label does not disclose the dosage of most ingredients within Glucofort, making it hard to compare the supplement to other diabetes supplements sold online today. However, most capsules contain no more than 600mg of formula, giving us a rough approximation of how many active ingredients are within Glucofort.

Here are some of the ingredients in Glucofort and how they could support blood sugar and overall health, according to the makers of Glucofort:

Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Vitamins C and E are the two best-known antioxidants in the natural world. Fruits are rich in vitamin C, which is why doctors have found a diet rich in fruits tends to be healthier than a diet lacking in fruits. 

Glucofort contains 36% of your daily value of vitamin C and 100% of your daily value of vitamin E, similar to the doses found in any multivitamin. In comparison, one kiwi contains about 45% of your daily recommended value of vitamin C.


Glucofort contains biotin, a popular ingredient found in many other diabetes supplements. Glucofort contains 1,000% of your daily value of biotin or 300mcg. Your body needs biotin for cellular energy, and it could also play a role in supporting blood sugar.


Chromium is another popular diabetes supplement ingredient. Researchers have found that people with diabetes tend to have lower chromium levels than people without diabetes. Many doctors recommend taking a diabetes supplement to help support blood sugar. Glucofort contains 217% of your daily value of chromium, which could help your body balance its blood sugar levels.

Zinc, Manganese, and Magnesium

Glucofort contains three other minerals, including zinc, manganese, and magnesium. Glucofort contains 30% to 68% of your daily recommended value of each mineral, similar to the dose found in half a multivitamin supplement. 

The minerals in Glucofort could support overall health in various ways, including blood sugar health and overall cardiovascular health.


Guggul is a plant extract popular in India, where it was used in ancient medicine (like Ayurvedic medicine) for circulatory health, blood sugar support, and other effects. Today, studies show that guggul could have a small but significant effect on blood sugar. That’s why many diabetes supplements use guggul.

Bitter Melon

Almost every diabetes supplement sold online today contains bitter melon. The bitter melon extract has been linked to blood sugar support – similar to guggul. Many diabetics take bitter melon extract daily to help support blood sugar. 

Although it’s not backed by as much research as licorice and cinnamon, bitter melon could support blood sugar in a small way, according to some studies. Bitter melon is the second listed ingredient in the Glucofort proprietary blend, which means it’s the second biggest ingredient in the formula.


Licorice is yet another popular diabetes supplement ingredient, and many diabetes supplements contain licorice extract. Studies show that taking licorice extract daily could help your body balance blood sugar in multiple ways.


Cinnamon is the best-known spice for diabetics. Some studies have shown that cinnamon can help diabetics balance blood sugar, although other studies have shown little difference between cinnamon and a placebo. Today, many diabetics take cinnamon daily to support overall health and wellness.

White Mulberry Fruit

Some studies have shown white mulberry fruit can help support symptoms of diabetes, providing blood sugar support and targeting other aspects of health and wellness.

Amino Acids

Glucofort contains L-taurine and alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), two popular amino acids linked to cellular energy. Some studies show that amino acids can support blood sugar in various ways, and the makers of Glucofort are confident the amino acids in the supplement can help support healthy glucose circulation.

Other Herb and Plant Extracts

Other listed ingredients in the Glucofort proprietary blend include Gymnema Sylvestre, banaba leaf, juniper berry, yarrow, and cayenne. Because these ingredients are further down the list of ingredients, they’re unlikely found in large doses in Glucofort. However, they could provide small support to blood sugar and cardiovascular health.

Scientific Evidence for Glucofort

The Glucofort website is filled with claims of people significantly reducing symptoms of diabetes after taking Glucofort. In one video, the makers of Glucofort seem to suggest their supplement can permanently eliminate diabetes from your body – despite the fact there’s no known cure for diabetes. 

What does science say about Glucofort? Do doctors recommend Glucofort as a treatment for diabetes?

Glucofort has not completed any clinical trials or medical studies, and the makers of Glucofort do not claim to have a medical advisory board, nutritional certifications, or other certifications that make them qualified to sell diabetes treatments online. 

However, the company insists its formula can support blood sugar in people with diabetes, and they cite some studies on individual ingredients within the formula to prove it works as advertised.

The first listed ingredient in Glucofort’s proprietary blend is guggul. Guggul has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for overall health and wellness. However, it has not been proven to cure diabetes, reverse diabetes, or significantly lower blood sugar in most people. 

In one review on guggul, researchers found that 25mg to 125mg of guggul resin per day could help support blood sugar in a small way. However, researchers also cautioned that most guggul studies were done on animals – not humans. Its possible Glucofort contains a similar dosage. 

However, with no dosage information listed upfront, it’s difficult to verify whether or not Glucofort uses the right dosage of guggul.

Biotin is found in many diabetes supplements, and Glucofort contains a significant dose of biotin (1,000% of your daily value). 

Glucofort also contains chromium, another popular diabetes supplement ingredient. There’s a reason so many diabetes supplements contain a mix of chromium and biotin. Studies show that this combination can help control blood sugar or even lower blood sugar. 

Your body needs chromium to process fats, carbs, and proteins, helping to control blood sugar levels. Biotin has also been shown to support blood sugar and cholesterol levels in diabetics while also helping with energy.

Glucofort also seems to contain a modest dose of bitter melon, as it’s the second listed ingredient in the Glucofort blend. In this 2013 study, researchers reviewed the evidence on bitter melon and concluded it had possible “antidiabetic effects.” 

Bitter melon has been used for centuries by traditional medicine practitioners in Asia, East Africa, India, and South America as a way to control blood sugar. After reviewing evidence on bitter melon, researchers found that a dose of 500mg to 5,000mg of the bitter melon extract could support blood sugar. 

However, this does seem much larger than the dose used in Glucofort. Similarly, many diabetics take licorice supplements to help support blood sugar. In this 2011 study, researchers gave licorice extract to rats with diabetes, discovering that the antioxidants in licorice extract helped to restore kidney function and manage blood sugar. Licorice is particularly popular in traditional Chinese medicine. 

There’s no large-scale evidence that licorice extract can lower blood sugar or cure diabetes in humans; however, some research shows it could provide mild support for blood sugar in a small way.

Overall, Glucofort contains several ingredients linked to blood sugar support in multiple studies, including herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals. It’s possible these ingredients could help you balance your blood sugar. 

However, there’s no evidence you can cure diabetes, reverse diabetes, stop taking your diabetes medication, or stop following your doctor’s treatment plan after taking Glucofort.

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How Much Does Glucofort Cost?

You will not find Glucofort in stores or through major online retailers like Amazon. Instead, you can exclusively buy Glucofort through the official website. 

Here’s how pricing works at the official website:

1 Bottle: $69 + $9.95 Shipping

3 Bottles: $177 + Free US Shipping

6 Bottles: $294 + Free US Shipping

Each bottle is a one-month supply of Glucofort. You take one capsule daily to support blood sugar and diabetes symptoms.

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Can I Get a Refund on Glucofort?

The makers of Glucofort offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If Glucofort does not impact your blood sugar or affect your diabetes symptoms in any way, then you are entitled to a complete refund with no questions asked.

Contact the manufacturer, then return the bottle to the returns address to complete the refund process.

Returns Address: 4604 49th St. N #67 St. Petersburg, FL 33709

Glucofort Reviews: What to Expect When Taking Glucofort

The Glucofort website is filled with stories of diabetics enjoying significant benefits after taking Glucofort for a short time. The official website even seems to suggest that some diabetics can stop taking their medication after taking Glucofort, while others may even permanently reverse their condition.

Glucofort’s manufacturer shares the story of one diabetic, Andrew Freymann, who used Glucofort to enjoy significant benefits. Andrew took Glucofort, then claims “diabetes was eliminated from my body…forever” after taking the formula. In other words, Andrew claims to have cured himself of diabetes – permanently – using Glucofort.

Other customers cited on the Glucofort website claim they were skeptical about the supplement – but were ultimately able to enjoy its effects. One 27-year old woman from North Carolina claims she could “stabilize my blood sugar and lower it to acceptable levels” after taking Glucofort. That woman wanted to try Glucofort as a way to save money on her diabetes medication.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Who is Glucofort suitable for?

Glucofort is suitable for anyone with type 2 diabetes, no matter how severe the condition has become, the length of diagnosis (recent versus long-term), age, gender, etc. 

In fact, this formula is trusted to reverse type 2 diabetes within 180 days. Depending on each case, some may see results sooner than others.

Is Glucofort safe?

Glucofort is 100% natural, and hence, deemed safe and effective. The sales page avows that “thousands of people enjoy taking Glucofort every day,” and not one complaint has since been received. 

Bear in mind that all capsules have been manufactured in the U.S. in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility. Above all, ingredients prone to triggering side effects appear to have been avoided altogether.

How should Glucofort be taken?

One Glucofort capsule should be ingested daily with supper and half a glass of water.

Dosage & Instructions?

Each bottle contains 30 capsules. Glucofort recommended taking two tablets a day with a glass of water after an evening meal, and you feel good about the result.

How long should I use Glucofort Blood Sugar Support supplement?

For better results, when you take the Glucofort Blood Sugar Support supplement consistently for three months (or longer) to allow time for cleansing, restoration, and renewal.

Is Glucofort Blood Sugar Support supplement Addictive?

Glucofort is a natural supplement intended to help people maintain adequate glucose levels and non-habit-forming, so the Glucofort Blood Sugar Support supplement is not addictive.

Is Glucofort Blood Sugar Support have any side effects?

This supplement is free of dangerous toxins, non-habit forming tolerance. It is a natural plant-based formula that helps maintain adequate glucose levels and reduce extra body weight.

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Who Made Glucofort?

Glucofort is made by a Tampa-based supplement company named Miologi. That company also does business under the name Glucofort. Miologi manufactures Glucofort in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility in the United States using a blend of both domestic and foreign ingredients.

Other Miologi supplements include G-Force, Advanced Immunity, Probiotic Shield, and Denta Force.

You can contact Miologi and the Glucofort team via the following:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-833-284-7572

Mailing Address: 2049 Island Cir, Weston, FL 33326

Glucofort Conclusion

Overall, Glucofort is a blood sugar support formula that uses ingredients rich in antihyperglycemic and antioxidant properties. This has been done so that foreign invaders like ceramide are removed from the body, and blood sugar levels are rectified. 

While many of these ingredients do have scientific backing, many of them appear to be chosen based on traditional practices. In this sense, individuals will have to make the executive decision as to what factor they are willing to compromise on.

Needless to say, people who have a history of medical issues might want to consult a health practitioner prior to its use. This is not to say that Glucofort is unsafe but that it could potentially interact with other medications. 

Aside from lacking clinical testing, we are not provided with a concise breakdown of the proprietary blend. Sure, we know the ingredients, but nowhere are the concentrations reported. This makes it difficult to assess value for price, effectiveness, and safety.

Another gray area that needs clarification is the supposed trial of 160 participants. Usually, the methodology and results are disclosed in great detail, but this isn’t the case. 

This is surprising, seeing that Andrew introduces himself as a practicing psychologist who is likely to have experience going over research papers. Even something as simple as descriptive statistics could have been helpful to know more about Glucofort.

Moving forward, we actively encourage everyone to do their own research before placing an order. Simple tasks such as analyzing existing studies, reading books, or even reaching out to the Glucofort team, who are open to answering questions, should be considered.

To find out more about Glucofort for blood sugar support, visit the official website.

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