HeatCore Review 2021 (Update) : Read This HeatCore Heater Review Before Buying This Ceramic Space Heater.


How do you feel about the cold winter? Are you excited about winter, or do you feel indifferent about it or do you belong to the category of those who dread the coming of winter? Extreme cold can be an excruciating experience especially when not properly prepared to welcome the cold weather. An integral component of such preparation is having an efficient heater such as the heatcore ceramic heater. 

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Physiologically, our bodies are designed to initiate some physiological compensatory mechanism to allow us to maintain our core body temperature each time the body is exposed to cold. Just like any system, the body’s effort to prevent your core temperature from decreasing could at some point be overwhelmed by extreme cold or continuous exposure to cold. 

When exposed to cold, the body’s physiological mechanism in response to this include nervous stimulation of the body’s skeletal muscles to cause contraction in the form of shivering. This increases their metabolic activity and generates heat to raise the internal core temperature to compensate for the external cold. 

The body also battles cold weather conditions by stimulating blood vessels in the skin to vasoconstriction, which is reduced in their diameter, therefore, only a small amount of blood flow through them, this reduces heat loss from the body. Additionally, when experiencing cold, the instinct is to get more clothing to cover yourself. 

While these physiological responses go a long way in enabling you to cope the extreme weather condition, they may not be able to sufficiently protect you from the adverse health effects of exposure to cold. Heatcore ceramic heater is designed to protect your body from the adverse effects associated with cold exposure. 

While the need for heaters during extreme cold is well understood, the discouraging truth about most heaters is the fact they significantly add to the electricity bill as most of them are heavy-duty devices that suck out electricity synonymous with a vampire sucking of blood. The most unique quality of heatcore ceramic heaters could be said to be their low energy consumption. 

This review article will cover what the heatcore ceramic heater is, how to use the heatcore ceramic heater, how heatcore ceramic heater works, special qualities of heatcore heater, safety tips for using heatcore heater, pros and cons of heatcore heater, where to buy heatcore heater and for how much, customer review on heatcore heater, frequently asked questions amongst others. 

What is a heatcore heater? 

Heatcore heater is designed using the latest technology enabling it to outperform any other heater out there. It uses unprecedented technology to quickly blow hot air and rid the room of cold. Its portable enables it to be carried with ease into the room, unlike the conventional heaters. 

Heatcore heater uses ceramic heating technology that allows it to efficiently blow hot air without consuming a huge amount of electricity compared to conventional heating method. A common feature of most heaters is their high energy-consuming property, therefore, heatcore heater is energy efficient. 

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How much heat you need in a room depends on how cold the weather is, heatcore heater is designed with a modifiable setting that allows you to adjust the amount of heat blown out by the heater. This way, the space is maintained at an optimum temperature at all times. 

The degree of cold changes with the time of the day. therefore, at certain times of the day, a heater may not be needed as the weather is no longer as hot as the previous. Heatcore heaters have a timer that allows you to preset the time of the day when the heatcore heater is no longer needed and the heater will automatically switch off. This feature is helpful n conserving power when the heater is not required. This further adds to the energy efficiency of heatcore heaters. 

While there are lots of portable heaters out there, heatcore heaters have taken the lead on account of the many unique attributes enjoyed by their users. Some winter months could come with so much cold that could freeze both your hands and feet’s especially while at work. A portable heater such as the heatcore heater may be all you need to stop being apprehensive of winter. 

The saying ‘small ‘ is a perfect description of this mini but yet powerful heater. heatcore heaters can warm you up in a matter of seconds. If you’re looking for a heater that is portable enough to be carried about to wherever heat is needed but yet efficient enough to warm you up in no time, then the heatcore heater is your best bet. 

How to use a heatcore ceramic heater? 

For a device as sophisticated as a heatcore heater, manufactured using an unprecedented ceramic heating technology, it’s understandable to expect a complex operating system. However, heatcore heaters are extremely easy to use, such that no form of technical knowledge is required to make use of heatcore heaters. Here are the simple steps involved in using heatcore heaters; 

Step 1 

After unpacking the heatcore heater, set it down wherever you wish to make use of it. 

Step 2 

Put on the safety switch at the back of the heatcore heater by simply pressing on it. Ensure this is done before moving to the next step. 

Step 3 

Check the top of the heater for the buttons used for adjusting the level of heat as well as the timer. Go ahead and set the level of heat you’re most comfortable with and begin to enjoy your new device. 

The working mechanism of the heatcore heater 

Heatcore heater was built using the principle of convection. Structurally, heatcore heaters are made up of ceramic plates, aluminum baffles, and a fan. When electricity is passed through the ceramic plates, the heat up allows the aluminum baffles to absorb this heat. The inbuilt fan then blows out this heat to warm up the space. 

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The ceramic technology employed in heatcore design makes heatcore heaters one of the safest heaters in the market. 

Heaters generate heat to keep the room warm. Depending on the material with which they are designed, heaters can overheat leading to a catastrophic disaster. As a general rule of using room heaters, ensure flammable materials are removed from the surrounding area. 

The astonishing beauty of heatcore heaters is their plastic casing. Heatcore heaters are designed to heat up small spaces almost immediately after they are put on. While they efficiently do this, their plastic casing is surprisingly cool, allowing heatcore heaters to be moved even while working. 

Special Qualities of heatcore heater 


When a product is as efficient as the heatcore heater, patronage is guaranteed irrespective of the market price. However, part of the special Qualities of heatcore is its affordability. It’s designed with high-quality materials available at affordable prices. 

Aside from its market Price, heatcore heaters’ affordability also includes their quality of power efficiency. They are classified amongst devices that are said to be power vampires, they only require a small amount of electricity to work optimally. You can be rest assured your electricity bill will not skyrocket on their account compared to conventional heating methods. 

Heatcore heaters are safe to use 

There are numerous stories of household fire outbreaks in the past that are traced to a malfunctioning space heater or overheating of the space heater. While this used to be a major setback with space heaters, advanced heaters such as heatcore have successfully overcome this setback through their superior design. 

While the ceramic plates are not as prone to overheating as the materials used in conventional heaters, heatcore heaters also have timers that allow you to set for how long you would want them to keep working, after which they are automatically turned off. The disastrous consequences of leaving the room heater on over an extended period are therefore not associated with heatcore heaters. 

Another attribute of heatcore heaters which it as one of the safest space heaters out there is its unique exterior casing that remains cool even when the heater is working. This is an important feature, especially when using this in the home around children. 

Sleek portable design 

Heatcore heaters are portable space heaters, it’s easy to move these mini heaters to wherever heat is required either within the home or at the office. Depending on your working environment, most people suffer adverse effects of the cold winter while at work, given heatcore portability, it can be easily moved to the office and back. 

To further support the ease with which they can be carried, heatcore heaters are figured with a handle strong enough to bear the weight of the heater when carried. This way, you may only need one heatcore for any room in the house including places such as the bathroom, and possibly share it between home and office work hours. 

Less noisy than most heaters 

While it cannot be said that heatcore heaters are completely noiseless, they produce a less annoying noise compared to similar products. When plugged in, heatcore heaters produce a humming white noise that is tolerable and compatible even with sleep. However, if you find this to be disturbing, you can decide to set the timer such that it turns off after a certain time for a more peaceful night. 

The humming noise produced by the whirling fan is not considered a big deal by most users as this may to a good extent drown other noises such as passing vehicles on the street and similar other noises. 

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Effective space heater 

The fan system of the heatcore heater enables users to control the direction of airflow to exactly the corner of the room where they want it. The heat generated when electricity is passed through the ceramic plates is widely distributed across the room, giving you a warm comfy atmosphere. 

Heats the room instantly 

Heatcore heaters are unique for their instant warm effect following seconds after plugging them in. the speeding fans immediately circulate hot air across the room almost instantaneously.  

If you are tired of using heaters which you have to cut your sleep to put them off due to fear to overheat, then a heatcore heater is your ideal space heater. although unlikely to overheat, heatcore heaters have timers in addition that you to sleep without the need to wake up at odd hours to turn them off.  

To maximize the effect of heaters, they are kept in an enclosed space that is well insulated. If such device released byproducts with hazardous health implications, the effect will be unimaginable. They run solely on electricity and are perfect for use even in the bedroom. 

To prevent accidents that comes with using a heater, heatcore heaters have sensors that detect when the device core heat gets to a certain cut-off and automatically it off to avoid overheating. This further reduces the chances of the heater ever overheating or causing electrical fire outbreaks. 

Most time, having a heater in a house filled with children may not be a good idea as they may accidentally come in contact with the heater and therefore sustain burn injuries. The heater is fitted with a casing that remains relatively cool at all times. 

How to safely use the heatcore heater 

  1. Unplug when not in use 

Heaters are not one hundred percent safe no matter what the market advertisement says. It is dangerous to continuously leave your heater plugged in even when not in use. Heaters are amongst the highest consumers of electricity compared to other household electronics. Leaving it plugged in will cost you a lot in terms of the power bill. They are to be rationed, unplug when not required. 

It’s also highly discouraged to sleep while your heater is on without any plan of waking to put it off. For deep sleepers, you may want to set an alarm if that works for you. However, with heatcore heaters, ensure to simply set the timer before sleeping so the heater does not work throughout the night. 

  1. Keep space heaters in a dry environment 

Space heaters should never be placed in humid or moist environments, they should equally not be touched with wet or moist hands to avoid electrocution. 

Why you should use the heatcore heaters 

Are you looking forward to having a different experience from last year’s winter? Do you know winter can be cozy as opposed to the freezing experience you are probably used to? The key to ensuring all these is preparing for the coming of winter and what better way than to get yourself one of these awesome heaters. 

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Individuals with significant body fat are less affected by cold as the body fat insulates them from the harsh experience associated with extremely cold weather. However, for those with lean body size especially body mass index below 18, there may be no amount of cardigan or blanket that can protect you from the jaws of winter cold. 

A space heater such as heatcore will guarantee a better winter experience for just a small amount of money. Although portable space heaters may also have their limitations and risk, the benefits of using this space heater in many folds its drawbacks. 

Pros and cons of heatcore heater 

Pros of heatcore heater 

There are many advantages to using a heatcore heater over many other similar products. Below are some of the notable ones; 

  • Heatcore heaters are efficient in warming up your personal space immediately after they are turned on. Their fan system is designed to enable a fast and yet efficient distribution of the hot air across the space at an amazing speed 
  • Heatcore heaters are energy-efficient heaters, they consume less energy than most expensive conventional heaters in the market. Most are designed as a 15-watt device allowing users to calculate appropriately just how much energy their heater uses by day based on the duration of usage. 
  • They have a sleek modern design, hence fit perfectly on any table or desk 

Cons of heatcore heater 

  • are only available online. Heatcore cannot be purchased from any offline retail shop. 
  • It’s limited in stock 

Where can you buy a heatcore heater? 

Heatcore heaters are only available at the company’s website and can only be purchased there. It is currently being sold at a discount price making it affordable at the moment. Intending buyers may want to take advantage of this offer before it expires. 

The manufactures of heatcore claim the product is exceptionally durable and will serve its user for subsequent winters. Durability is a key factor in product quality. It’s also a contributing factor to affordability as a simple fall from the table will not cost you another money to get a new heater. 

The company also guarantees a full refund if a customer is not a hundred percent pleased with the product and decides to return it for a refund or replacement. The customer is promised a one hundred percent refund on the condition the product has not been tampered with and is returned with 30 days of purchase. 

Current market price 

Heatcore is currently being sold at a discount price on the company’s official website. The following are the current prices of HeatCore heaters depending on the number of heaters you order for. 

  • 1 HeatCore heater plus the US plug $79.99 
  • 2 HeatCore heaters plus the US plug $159.99 
  • 3 HeatCore heaters plus the US plug $179.99 
  • 4 HeatCore heaters plus the US plug $219.99 

Customer review 

Sandra k – Seattle, WA 

My husband and I live in the house and we spend a lot on heating in an attempt to heat the entire apartment while we only mainly use the bedroom and kitchen. Heatcore heater is a great alternative because it can easily be set up wherever you wish to heat up rather than waiting for the entire house to warm up. 

Frank g- Vancouver, BC 

If you’re looking for a heater that will warm up your area fast, then this is a highly recommended product.  starts blowing hot air almost immediately it turned on. It’s suitable for really cold areas and as well for homes with pets or children. 

Frequently asked questions 

How often do you need to change the filter? 

Over time, the filter may become clogged with particles, how often you change the filter depends on your environment. However, always inspect the filter and change the filter as soon as you noticed dirty particles clogging it. This is to ensure the proper functioning of the heater. 

is the HeatCore heater safe? 

HeatCore heaters are probably one of the most efficient heaters out there, however, just like any other device, care must be taken while using the HeatCore heater. ensure the is kept on an even surface to avoid slipping over. Also do not leave the device running while unattended. 

Where should you set up the heat core heater? 

Heatcore heater should be kept on a flat and stable surface such as a table or desk. The surrounding environment should also be cleared of easily flammable materials to prevent a potential fire outbreak.  

What are ceramic heaters and what’s their working mechanism? 

Ceramic heaters such as HeatCore heaters are designed using an innovative technology known as ceramic heating technology. A key component of such heaters includes ceramic plates, aluminum sheets, and a fan. The passing of electricity through the ceramic heat generates heat which is absorbed by the aluminum and fanned out by the rotating fan. 


Heatcore heaters are your perfect winter companion. Do not let winter crawl up upon you without preparing for it well enough. It’s time to change your winter experience for the better! 

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