How does RuneScape Grand Exchange Work?


One of the biggest and the most important features in any MMORPGs be it RuneScape or WoW is the in-game currency. Having a long history and a large player base makes the in-game currency feel like real currency or sometimes even bigger than the real world currency.

And just like we humans like to trade in real life, these games also happen to have their own exchanges where players can make trades and earn a great deal of profit off of them. And talking about RuneScape, it has its own exchange called the “Grand Exchange”, where players can make trades on a variety of in-game items to make a ton of profit. 

The Grand Exchange came shortly after the release of the game back in 2015 and since then a LOT has changed and many players are making hundreds or even thousands of dollars making trades in the GE. But how does it work exactly?

What actually is Grand Exchange?

The Grand Exchange, also known as the GE, is the in-game trading platform that allows players to trade in-game items. You can either buy or sell the items that you want to earn some profit. However, there are some rules that you really need to keep in mind to get started with RuneScape trading.

The Grand Exchange is located in the centre of Varrock and Edgeville, you can find it on the map easily. However, getting to the exact spot of GE has a lot of ways.

  • You can utilise the tunnel on the GE’s northwest side to reach there, but you’ll need at least 21 Agility.
  • Second, if you have a wealth ring, you may just use a charge to go there.
  • However, if you are new to the game, you can just locate it on the map and begin going towards it; it does not take much more than some willpower, perhaps!
  • Finally, you may use the Ardougne cloak’s teleport to travel to the spirit tree northeast of RS Grand Exchange, which will lead you to the Grand Exchange.

How RuneScape Grand Exchange Works?

In order to trade in the Grand Exchange, the players must adhere to a number of rules. First and foremost, you’ll need some exchange slots in which to purchase and sell products. If you are a member, you will be eligible for up to 8 Grand Exchange spots, but if you are not, you will only be eligible for three.

Once you are eligible for trading, things will get easier for you and you might even get addicted to RuneScape trading considering how volatile the market can be at times. All the real-world trading laws or rules apply to the Grand Exchange market as well. The price drops, the surges, volatility and pretty much any other fancy term. 

Now that you have the exchange slots to start trading, here’s what you need to keep in mind for your first trade. So, you can either buy or sell the osrs items and once you do that at the Grand Exchange, your transaction or trade will have the current state of not completed at the beginning, meaning the trade hasn’t yet been performed but once the trade is in place, it will be partially completed or completed. 

You will also get notifications from the game in chat about your trade’s current state. So, you need to keep an eye out for the trading state as well. The traded item will then be available to you at the bank where you can buy osrs gold.

But before you even start getting into trading, you need to know the basics of trading as RuneScape trading is just like real life trading. So, If demand is higher and supply is low, the price will drop, and vice versa. However, if they remain balanced, the pricing will remain unchanged.

Note : There are several non-tradeable objects on the Grand Exchange that you cannot sell or purchase. 

Grand Exchange Guides

The Grand Exchange makes it easy for the player to learn about the price changes and the current price that a piece of item holds in the market right now, which is very important to make the trade. So, in order to learn about the prices OSRS has setup a bunch of guides that are standing there in the Grand Exchange and each of them hold information about different items in the game. Here’s a list of guides with the items that they give out information on.

  • Farid Morrisane – Ores
  • Relebo Blinyo – Logs
  • Bob Barter – Herbs
  • Hofuthand – Weapons and armours
  • Murky Matt – Runes

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