How To Effectively Maintain Your Knowledge Base


Writing content or articles for the knowledge base is difficult. It is more than just providing information. A knowledge base is how you interact with customers. It is knowing your customer’s problems and examining their ability to use your company’s product or service. Your aim should be to produce excellent content that eliminates the need for contacting your support team for your customer. This means that content should be understandable and clear to customers, which helps them in resolving their issues on their own. Especially in the case of complicated products, it is essential to provide the customers with relevant content that customers would require to know over time. Integrate knowledge management solutions that would assist you in maintaining your company’s knowledge base.

It is important to keep your knowledge base up-to-date. You need to evaluate your knowledge base periodically to make it as useful as it is possible for the users. The way you handle the knowledge base in your daily workflow concerns, you also need constant revisions. Following are some tips to review your knowledge base.

Fix review dates on information that expires

You should maintain a list of articles that need to be updated annually. You should set the dates in the system for updating those articles that contain the information that expires. Those articles should also be updated, which have the links of those articles that need updating.

Connect to older versions when you add a new one

There are some articles or information that needs to be kept as it is for future reference. In this case, the link of such articles should be added at the beginning of the old report to lead the reader to the most recent content or article.

Examine the hierarchy and interface 

You need to make sure that the whole content is clear and the required changes are made to improve the knowledge base like font style, size, colors, etc.

Delegate the review

Delegate the review to the right people and supervise the review process. You should identify the target group for the content, whether it addresses the target group in their language, and if it answers their queries in a reasonable and empathetic way, is the information updated, is there any need to add pictures and videos to make it clearer, etc.

Scaling your knowledge base

You have to think and plan about information design and describe your content well. Your content can scale with your support strategy by identifying that in which segments you should place new articles. It requires a thorough and consolidated view of your customer support plan. You should keep your customer in mind while formulating the article

Evaluate your way of work

You should examine and evaluate that the information you added and shared is thoroughly integrated into your team’s work, the ways to perform more productively with the knowledge base, etc. Getting feedback from your team members would help you to further improve and enhance your information and content.

Managing access

Make sure that employees who have left the company no longer have access to the information and new employees get the access they require.

Recognize weak areas of the knowledge base

Your customer support may receive frequent queries regarding some particular issue. You should identify that issue and add new content that would resolve that issue. Make sure that the article covers all the aspects required to solve the issue faced by the customers. You may add additional keywords to it so that customers could easily find it.

Usability standards

Use different font sizes to attract your customer’s attention. Including a table of contents at the beginning of long articles, headers, paragraph tags, and bullet points to break up the text would be a great idea. 

Establish formatting guidelines

It is necessary to keep your content standardized to make sure your customers know what to anticipate from your knowledge base. Formulate reasonable formatting guidelines for the content writers to follow when they submit articles to your knowledge base. This is important to keep every article consistent and professional.

Write for the average user

You should keep in mind that you are not writing articles only for a particular kind of user. Something that can be easy to understand for one user can be complicated for another user. If you want to give more explanation for a particular kind of user, then you can split the article into multiple articles and link them to the original one. In this way, the article written for the average user would not have too much information.

Collect User Feedback

One of the best methods for improving your knowledge base content is collecting feedback from users. For example, you can work in a paper writing company and ask your clients to evaluate your essays. It is the best way to know which articles work the best and which need revisions or updating.

You must opt for the best knowledge base software that would help you to optimize your content. It would help you to save your time and resources. To maintain the best and effective knowledge base you must avoid some mistakes like creating rigid content, not using graphics or pictures, not making it user-friendly, etc.

If you want to develop and enhance your customer support, a knowledge base is vital. A knowledge base is a centralized platform that stores all your information that your customers or employees can use to obtain solutions to their problems on their own. It can be knowledge about anything like features or working of any product, etc. The best knowledge base software is the perfect way to make your customers help themselves and reduce the burden of their customer support.

Creating effective and efficient knowledge management solutions to get started today would not be difficult if all the tips given above are followed properly. Start building your knowledge base today and help your support team reduce their burden and improve your customer experience and satisfaction.

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