Hyperbolic Stretching Reviews – 8-Minute Routine To Full Splits And How To Boost Core Mobility – Relieve Your Muscles


Hyperbolic Stretching is a 30-day video training program that is online. This program helps many people with stretching and helps them get the flexibility and support their body needs. It along with flexibility helps render the body with immense strength building within the body. importantly the Hyperbolic stretching Video Training program helps gain muscle mass for bigger gains and helps body build a robust prolific muscled body. the whole Hyperbolic video training program is based on ancient procedures and ways. The program is a 4-week training session with different workouts that only take 8 minutes of the individual’s daily life. The video training program enlightens the individuals with different types of stretching which helps stretch the whole body. the whole video training program helps one get athletic body and posture.  

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Being healthy isn’t just about having a good heart and having perfectly running organs. The healthy body is a body that is also flexible, that can adjust, that can do many aerobic movements etc. the healthy body needs flexibility for various movements and to feel relaxed and loose but also to have strength, rigidity and power. The body should not feel tense and fatigued. The muscles should be healthy and should be flexible and should have good strength. The muscles in our body should not become tense when they are at work or when they are moving. Many people work long hours in offices and older people have prolonged issues of muscle pain, dislocated bones and other issues related to less flexibility and stretching. In many workout regimens it is important to do stretches as it allows the muscles to work even better and provide more range of movements and angles for better muscle gain. 

In this life and day, it is important to maintain more than just a healthy heart and better vitals. It is important to have muscle flexibility for movements we make because in most cases the muscles might snap or might get injured or hurt. It is important to stretch the body. It has numerous benefits on the body. It helps the joints to have more rotation. It allows the joints to have a range of motion and rotation. Which allows people to do many daily jobs without any discomfort. As people age, they tend to have less flexibility due to their inability to be more active and have poor diet and laziness. Many people who work in offices sit 8 to 10 hours on their seats without any lumbar support which can actually cause sciatica pain in many people. Stretching can also help reduce nerve pain in the body. many people go to gym. After a strenuous workout which includes weight lifting, strength training, cardio, aerobic workout, etc. the muscles feel sore and might be tensed after a workout. These muscles need to relax but how do these muscles relax? It is important to stretch before or after a workout to have muscles relaxed after a workout. Many men do not take care of stretching and don’t know the importance of stretching. Which can be very beneficial for workouts and weight lifting.  

Many people follow free YouTube videos, video tutorials on Facebook, and other video streaming platforms to see how they can stretch at home or at their ease but they fail to find one and don’t have access to good stretching steps. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way to find the tutorial that actually helps people with stretching for better body? which can also help body relax and at the same time help giving strength to the body and have good effect on muscles? Well there might be something for people looking to stretch at home with their ease with less time consuming tutorials about stretching. It is Hyperbolic Stretching for Men.  

What is Hyperbolic Stretching?  

The program is very different from normal and traditional ways of stretching, as said before it is based on ancient methods, which can help body get numerous benefits along with better movement and immense flexibility and excellent strength. The video training program helps body get fit and strong with right exercises and stretching techniques. The video training program helps getting fit and strong fun. The video training program has been made for people who stay at home, so that they can stretch their body at the ease of their home. The video training program helps the body to increase its immune system too. The training has been specifically been made for men. Nevertheless, women can use the video tutorials too to help get better stretch and get more flexible and attain more power. The video training program helps the body make a connection with the brain which can help acquire better mind-muscle connection. For better muscle health and better stretching and workout. It has warmup exercises to help with those neural links. The video training program also helps with building hard workout potential to help the body power lift more weight and help the body get the stretch and flexibility it can get. For many workouts stretching is such a catalyst that it boosts the workout which also boosts the workout and thus helps in muscle gain.  

The stretching helps with better muscle recovery after workout. It helps with joint maintenance during workout. The video training program may help the body with lifting more weight and run more miles. The Hyperbolic Stretching video training program is easily accessible which can make stretching possible anywhere anytime. The video training program for stretching may also get the individual to build core strength in the body. the video training program also helps with giving strength to the pelvis in body which is a very important part of abdominal area and lower leg. It can help the men with many important situations like more pleasure during intimate moments with partner along with many other benefits in that situation of pleasure and intimacy. The program can help men of any age and it can help with nerve pain in the body too, like sciatica pain in many older men. It can help with many digestion problems too and it helps with regular bowel movements too. The video training program may have many benefits to the human body, due to its unique approach on stretching and providing a full range of flexibility. It may help get a lot of energy in the body and it may help the body to revitalize its health. This workout can also help with better blood flow and improved circulation to different parts of body.  

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How is it different than other programs and services available? 

There are many other programs, video programs and chiropractor services available for people to get in order to get better stretching. Most people follow these free videos on YouTube about stretching and flexibility at home which are just some amateur people trying to show basic stretching exercises and moves or in most cases wrong exercises for people to do. They mostly upload that content to gain views and make money and don’t have the objective integrated to help people but to just make profit. Which is why they lack the very basic idea behind stretching and how it is about helping ones’ body rather than making money. the Hyperbolic Stretching Video training program is driven by the motive of helping people rather than making money. which is why it can help people get the flexibility and strength they need with unique workout process. Secondly, the other video training programs aren’t available for people as much, but they are very expensive and have no good stretching regime. The Hyperbolic Stretching Video Training Program is based on ancient stretching techniques and is thus unique from traditional stretching workout regime. The training program is very affordable and has one time payment and unlimited access to the workout training. The program is very comprehensive unlike other videos which do not provide any details of as to how to position body, or how to move hands what angles to follow how much time should be spent on a particular move. 

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What is featured in the Hyperbolic Video Training Program? 

The video training program consists of a lot of different videos for stretching. The video training program is for any men who is an athlete, power lifter, weight lifter, runner, sports person, etc. it is for all body types and can help people have range of motion by multiple folds.  

  • The complete Side Splits Video Series: 

In this video series, the program helps the person perform side splits without any equipments and easy to perform comprehensive exercises which is basically targeted at the pelvis and hips area and can help men get more flexibility and strength in this part of the body. this workout guides a person from beginner to advance level of side splits allowing them to have full range of side split motion. It allows the person to get maximum side split potential and side split at 180° angle and might even go beyond the 180° angle. This helps manage even the difficult moves in pelvis area.  

  • The complete Front Split Video Series:  

In this video tutorial series, the program can help individual do the front split with ease and no toughness or stiffness. The basic goal behind this series is to help make hamstrings and thigh muscles right below the hip area more flexible and to help give more strength simultaneously. The series is for complete beginners and can guide them through the intermediate and advance levels. The workout is so intricate that every detail is explained in the tutorials. The workout series will help the individual with reliving of pain in the back and to increase the hip power of the individual. This can also help a person maintain and improve their posture. This can help people who face sciatica problems.  

  • Dynamic Flexibility for High Kicks Video Series: 

In this video series, the programs offer video lessons about how one can get full range of leg flexibility for High Kicks. This stretching routine helps train the body to improve its power and strength along with helping the body get complete lower body elasticity for high speed 180-degree split kicks. It can also help an individual discover how dynamic flexibility can help increase the circulation of blood in the body and how it can help increase the range of motion and movement of body parts and help increase the kicking speed. This is very important for people who powerlift in gym it can help them do extra squats and deadlifts because the lower body elasticity provides a very extensive range of motion allowing them to gain huge mass and flexibility at the same time. 

  • Complete Upper Body Stretching Video Series: 

In this video series, the program offers help to the people who want to gain flexibility and strength in the upper body by providing them a very wide range of motion. This complete upper body routine is very appropriate for people who are beginners to upper body stretching to advanced weightlifters who want to get back the flexibility in the muscle. It can help people who are rehabilitating from old training injury to upper body. this is important for beginners as this allows the beginners to reduce the body injuries that occur in shoulders, and chest due to less strength and more weight. This is also helpful for people who are advanced weight lifters. It helps them get flexibility for heavy workouts. The video series also help improve the flexibility of shoulders, chest, arms i.e.: biceps, and triceps as well as the upper back muscles using improved techniques and detailed approach. 

  • Pike Mastery and Front Bending Video Series: 

In this video tutorial series, the program offers very detailed steps toward very difficult stretching position that is also very complex which can help increase the flexibility of the lower back, glutes and hamstrings from other angles. This helps them do complete front bending and pike positions which activates stiff muscles that are not covered by the front split. There are muscles beneath the superficial muscles which need to be stretched too along with muscles above. Pike and front bending can help people reach those parts of muscle too.  

  • Easy Bridge and Back Bending Video Series: 

In this video tutorial series, the program offers individuals help to perform easy bridging and back bending. This stretching routine helps the people of all body types and age. This stretching is very progressive and helps the movements in shoulder and strength in the lower back. It also helps the abdominal muscles in the body along with helping in reduction of tension on the spinal cord and backbone. It can help in dancing and helps improve kicking too.  

Benefits of Hyperbolic Stretching Video Program: 

  • It helps one get flexibility and mobility in every part of the body  
  • It helps the muscles to gain strength with their own abilities. 
  • It can help get more pelvic flexibility for men to have more benefits for their intimate issues. 
  • It also helps improve blood circulation in areas where mostly the circulation is restricted due to suppressed arteries. 
  • It helps with nerve pain i.e.: sciatica. 
  • It helps with lower back problems 
  • It helps gain muscle mass 
  • It helps the body to make extensive range of movements.  
  • It helps support the body and the backbone.  

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The price of Hyperbolic Stretching Video Training Program is $199 which is discounted to only $27, an 86% reduction in price exclusively and the individual gets lifetime of access with a single payment. The training video is only available on the website online and has no physical attributes as well as it accepts payment from Visa, MasterCard. American Express, Cirrus by MasterCard and PayPal, as soon as the payment is made, after entering contact information, shipping details, and credit card information or payment information a video link will be given to the individual and the videos will be accessible across all platforms i.e.: laptop, tablets, phones, etc. it is one time payment for video tutorials. It has value added tax of $2.70 so total price is $29.70. if one adds an additional 60 days program which is the 60-day Superflex continuity program for back, hips and oversplits the cost of program is $11.95 and along with the standard program it will cost about 42.85 with an increase on VAT tax.  

Refund Policy:  

There is a 60-Days refund policy on the purchase of the program. If the program does not work for anyone, they will get 100% money back and will be refunded all their money back. Just file a complaint for refund the customer support will get in contact and help resolve the issue and return the money. 

Final Thoughts:  

The video training series looks very intricate and comprehensive as it gives a very detailed information and guided routine for stretching, it has many good routines like pike mastery and dynamic stretching. The video series can help a lot of individuals with flexibility and strength issues. It also helps get muscle gain for muscles that are hidden inside and can’t be reached with traditional stretching methods. The stretching program can help people with loosening their muscle stiffness and relax them which is important too. It seems like a very helpful tutorial with very affordable price and helps cover a lot of important issues and if anything doesn’t work? There is a refund policy to help get back the money spent. 

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