Photo Stick Review: Is Photostick Storage Device Worth My Money?


Save your Photo, Video and Audio Files from Permanent Loss with The Photostick. 

Hey Computer user, do you have video, audio and document files that you can’t afford to lose? Do you love to keep archives or memories of family, friends, work experience, travels and fun times?  

Are you that person who wants to store everything on your computer for the longest of time and don’t know how or where to store them for a long time? If you fit in any of these classes of persons then this Photo stick review should interest you. 

If you don’t plan to store your files well, You plan to Lose them all 

Yes, everything, those important documents, pictures, video etc. One reason you should keep your files safe especially in external storage is that computers are not reliable. Unexpected events, maybe a virus, can corrupt your computer and place your files at risk. It might not be a virus but system glitches. And if you don’t have your files backed up in external storage, or haven, then your files are good as gone. That is very awful, I am sure you wouldn’t like that. 

‘But I use a Hard drive, I am safe, right? 

Although hard drives are sound external storage devices, they are challenged with drawbacks that could limit their efficiency and storage utility. 

The speed of your hard drive depends on its RPM. This may also vary depending on the different hard drive variables. However, your traditional hard drive will slow down compared to the original flash memory due to the nature of its engine. And then the information in them was scattered. This means that computers that have installed a hard drive will experience a reduction in boot time and file transfer. 

Another major flaw in your hard drive is its large format. Due to the presence of mechanical parts, your hard drive cannot be built below a certain limit. This makes them incompatible with portable computing devices such as laptops, tablets and phones. Moreover, these types of devices have always preferred SSD as their average storage. 

To write data, HDDs always rely on platter rotation and read/write a motion. These mechanical parts require electrical input to operate. This is one of the primary reasons why manufacturers consider SSDs if they are building a computer with a low battery. 

As we all know that a hard drive consists of mechanical parts. Due to a large number of platters and read/write movements there is a lot of noise generated by your hard drive. This also contributes to the shaking. Furthermore, this volume is good to note when your hard drive is in heavy tasks like storing folders. At present, SSD does not cause noise at all. 

A hard disk drive is prone to mechanical failure since it contains moving parts. The platter files on the HDD are next to each other. So, whenever there is a drop of water and vibration, they can rub each other causing damage. This may result in damage to the entire device. Therefore, when using your hard drive, you should be very careful. 

Is there a much better Storage Device you can use? 

If you want to prevent the total loss of your files and want forever safe protection, the team found a product that claims to store your files most safely and effectively. This product is a thumbstick, known as The Photostick. 

The Photostick is an amazing external storage device that is currently gaining traction and many use cases. This manufacturer of this product claims that the device has 128GB storage and can back up to 60000 photos and videos. The Photostick is one device that was manufactured to ensure that your files are safe for the longest of time. 

However, we understand that you should know more about this product, The Photostick, what it is, its features, whether it works, benefits, Pros and Cons about the product and lots more. This will help you make the right decisions and inform you about this latest gizmo in town. 

This photo stick review will provide all the information you need about The Photostick, so if you are a person searching for alternative external storage devices for your computer, I think this review should be a good place to stop and find what you need. It is that simple, join the train! 

What is the Photo stick Device? 

The Photostick storage device is a portable, compact, lightweight and sleek storage device that was designed to store files in the best manner. 

It is also a file organiser that organises files stored according to where they fit.ThePhotoStick works with many computers and stores files from different computers. And you don’t need to worry, files collected for storage are well sorted out and organised by the Photo stick. When you save memories from more than one computer, The Photo Stick organizes photos and videos for each computer with the name you gave it when you first set up your computer device. 

The PhotoStick instantly scans every inch of your computer, scans every file and folder for your photos and videos. Then automatically downloads and saves all your photos and videos to The PhotoStick. The memory system is very safe and secure. Furthermore, The Photo stick detects duplicates and automatically saves a single version, thereby maximizing storage space. 

As already stated, The Photo stick can store over 60000+ files and has a 128Gigabytes capacity. With this, you can store all your pictures and videos without worrying about space. And for a device that can store 60000+ files, you are assured that you have at your disposal, a haven for photos, videos and general files. 

How Does The Photo Stick Work? 

The technology behind Photo Stick is impressive. It comes with built-in software that detects files quickly, scans through your computer completely and then copies those files on a Photo Stick device. You can control the device on any computer.  

It can also be used to transfer files from one computer to the next. Stick Photo Stick will be a bridge between them, and you can put files from one computer on the stick, take the stick with you and put it into the other computer. This can be very convenient if the two computers are not close together. 

When using Photo Stick, there is no need to worry about copying files stored on the device, Photo Stick removes the copy from the device automatically. Some devices do not have this feature. It automatically filters the copy to save storage space and reduce confusion. 

It can also search for files that you could not find yourself. You may have corrupted files on your computer and were unable to find them… They may be in the wrong folder, under the wrong name or just stored in an incorrect location. Photo Stick can retrieve those files and add them to the device in a matter of minutes. 

Many people compare Photo Stick to a hard drive or flash drive. While it is similar to those, they are not the same. Stick Photo is what we call “smart storage”. Stick Photo Stick manages to store your files efficiently and easily, relieving you of hassle and weight. It finds files for you, which means you don’t have to list folders or waste time hunting for your photos. All of these activities are done for you, which is why there are more positive reviews about them. 

Benefits Of Using The Photostick Device: 

There are lots of benefits of using the Photo stick Device especially if you are very concerned about the long-time safety of your files on your computer. Using this device can help you keep your files for a longer time. It is safe to use and can’t be easily corrupted by viruses. It can store more than 20000 files and more and can help you create an archive of your best memories or events, those events in photos, that you cannot afford to lose. 

Furthermore, if you want to keep an organised file arrangement or want a perfectly sorted file arrangement, the Photo stick Device should be your first point of call. When you use this device to collect files from your mobile phones, computer system or laptop or different computers the device automatically arrange the files collected according to their various sources. Unlike when you use an ordinary flash drive. It has software that enables the Photostick to provide an organised arrangement of files. 

Also, one striking quality that the Photo stick Device possesses, is speed. The speed of transfer and collection is one which you can’t find in any regular flash drive. And instead of the drag and drop which is a normal process in the transfer of files, it is not needed while using the Photo stick.  

When the Photostick is inserted into your computer, it displays on your computer screen and an icon pops up that read ‘GO’. Once you click the ‘GO’ icon displayed, immediately your files transfer. This activity happens in the shortest of minutes. 

Another benefit of using the Photostick Device is its affordability and cost-effectiveness. Unlike hard drives which go for huge $$$ amounts, the Photostick Device is rather cheaper and very affordable for all. Including low-income earners. It is also very cost-effective.  

Photo stick Device has been attested to work better and more efficient than the majority of the hard drives out there as it is least susceptible to damage, crashing and made with durable materials to enable it to last very long. This device can hold thousands of files most safely and still placed at the price of half of the hard drives you can find out there. 

Lastly, the Photostick is more convenient to use. It is designed to be small, sleek, compact, lightweight and as such very portable. You can be able to carry the Photo stick Device anywhere you like with ease. It is not heavy or large, so it can easily fit in your pockets.  

Photo stick Device is that external storage device that you can use and be assured of a long time safety of your files, an organised file arrangement and a device to help you preserve memories. You don’t know when you will need them  

How TUse the Photo Stick Device: 

To use the Photo stick Device, follow these simple steps: 

Step 1: Insert the Photostick Device into your computer (works for both MacBook and Window devices too) 

Step 2: Open the program 

Step 3: Click GO and that is all. 

One advantage of this product is that instead of spending hours saving, selecting, organising and searching for files, with just one click, you can do all of these in a matter of minutes. 

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Pros (Photo Stick Review) 

• Filters duplicate photos instantly. 

• One-click uploading and transfer. 

• Safe storage of files. 

• Portable. 

• Long lasting. 

• Not easily corruptible 

• Easy to use. 

• Sorts files perfectly. 

• Provides organised arrangement of files. 

• Affordable. 

• Discount offered by the manufacturer (Up to 30% slash in price) 

• Cost-effective. 

Cons (Photo Stick Review) 

• it can only be ordered online. 

• Limited stock. 

Photo Stick Reviews Consumer Reports 

Here are what customers have to say about the Photo stick Device as per, whether it works or not Here are their opinions: 

“I have thousands of photographs and movies of family. They are precious to me as many of those pictured are no longer here. These photos and movies are scattered with a minimal organization on three different computers and a total of 5 hard drives, along with numerous CDs and DVDs. I have not been able to find any software organizer to pull all of these together in one place, until The PhotoStick.  

It is Painless! It will search out and copy just about every format a novice is likely to have. There are a few settings you can make to suit your preferences, such as putting all images into a single folder or keeping a file/path type structure. You can select to search entire drives or exclude certain drives, folders, etc. I plugged one The Photo Stick 128 into all three of my computers and I know that All of my image files are safe”-  Dave P 

“ Great way to find all of your photos. It found over 13,000 photos, and once duplicates were removed, I was left with 8000+ photos. Glad I didn’t have to do that myself!!!. Duplicates are found by looking at filenames, not images) Storage Capacity – My 8,000+ photos (and some videos) only took about 6% of the PhotoStick capacity. (18.7GB out of 117GB) The photos can be sorted by Name, Size, Location or Date. You can create folders on the stick to help organize the photos. You can Print, Save or Delete photos” Mark T 

“I know some people have trouble with technology and I get that but what everyone needs to understand is that nowadays you must have some kind of protection on your PC or things will not work right. Now having said that you must also follow directions given with each device to get the results they advertise.  

I put the PhotoStick in my 1st computer and followed the directions and within about 10 min. hade over 3000 pictures downloaded did everything they said found duplicates and so on. Put it in 2nd computer older laptop did the same thing just took longer had almost 6000 pics on this one. What was most amazing to me was this thing even found pics that I had just deleted on the newer laptop that I had not trashed yet.  

The next day I put the Photo Stick back in a newer laptop and took about 3 min to load over 8000 pics and began deleting and grouping pics, worked like a charm. Did this also the next day no problem working great. I think it all depends on your computer not having a virus or that you must follow the path they say to use it correctly. Great product works flawlessly”- Pat Chisolm 

Where To Buy Photo Stick 

You can purchase the Photostick Device from the original site of the manufacturer through the link below. When you click the link you will be directed to the site of the manufacturer, when you can place your order or make a purchase. The manufacturer makes use of a safe payment system and your details remain undisclosed. Customer support is readily available to address any challenge faces while making a purchase. 

Price of the Photostick Device: 

•The PhotoStick 8GB goes for $34.99 each  

•The PhotoStick 64GB goes for $49.99 each  

•The PhotoStick 128GB goes for $79.99 each   

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Frequently Asked Questions (Photo Stick Review) 

Can The PhotoStick support photo and video files? 

Yes, The PhotoStick can support both photos and video files. Almost both types of the medium can be stored and stored on the same USB. 

Does the The PhotoStick program need to be installed on your computer first? 

There are no programs or that need to be installed on a computer before the The PhotoStick is connected to a USB cable. 

How long will it take to receive The PhotoStick? 

Orders shipped in the US will take anywhere between 5 to 7 business days, while international orders will require up to 20 business days. Speaking of international orders, countries will be given a choice for any of the following combinations: customs, services and/or VAT. 

Final Remark On Photo Stick Review 

The Photostick Device is an efficient storage device that can back up all your files in a very safe manner and can serve you for the longest time. Safekeeping of files is one essential activity every computer user should do. And in keeping your device safe, it is advised that as much as you keep files in your hard drives or the cloud have an on-the-go storage device like the Photostick which doesn’t only store your files but helps in the effective organisation of your files (Videos and photos).  

Photo stick is very affordable, convenient to use and cost-effective. And has advanced features that provide the best safekeeping of files that is not common. It is a product worth every penny and not a scam. Presently it has over 4.5 🌟 ratings on renowned review sites including Amazon. If you desire to have a Photostick, purchase by clicking the link below. Order today and safeguard your files against loss. Prevent the worse today. 

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