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PrimeShred is a new and smart weight loss product that gives you amazing benefits with a healthy body. PrimeShred is a fat burner supplement that makes it easier for the body to achieve the desired goal. Its formula is composed of natural ingredients, which gives you an advantage of pushing your body to burn more calories. Click Here to Visit Official Primeshred Website

This supplement works best when it is taken along with healthier foods and regular exercise. You will not only enjoy an improved overall physical look with PrimeShred, but it will give you an awesome feeling of greatness for working to achieve your desired weight loss goals. This supplement is not only fat burner, but also enhance your physical and mental functioning, thus giving you better life with better mood. 

Getting rid of excess body weight is strongly associated with losing the extra amount of body fat. The excess and stubborn fat a person has stored in their body is the major culprit behind his obesity. The greater the work you will put towards focusing on losing fat, the faster you will achieve a lean physique. Weight loss is a highly challenging process for some people, especially who are stuck with their busy work routine and cannot put the required effort that is required for efficient weight loss. However, remaining obese and overweight is also not an option. Trimming body fat is necessary to get a healthy body and to enjoy other benefits as well.

Overweight people need to suppress their appetites, burn more calories, and use their energy wisely to maximize their weight loss efforts along with the consistent loss of body fat. Losing weight is a process that requires the body to start using fat as the energy fuel to carry on the body activities rather than relying on processing glucose only for energy. If you are among those people who have already tried hard to lose weight and are still struggling with this issue, there is good news for you. If you have already given up on fad diets and tough dieting patterns, there are fat burners supplements available that can ease up your struggle of losing excess pounds. 

To know more about the ingredients, and benefits of PrimeShred supplement in detail, you can check this detailed review.

What is PrimeShred?

PrimeShred is a unique fat burner supplement for men only that claims to trigger thermogenesis in the body, supporting your metabolism, and improves energy and focus. With the regular dosage of PrimeShred daily, you can purportedly shred those stubborn fat pockets, and transform your body into a leaner and slimmer physique, and that too without losing any energy or muscle mass. 

Prime Shred is an effective fat burner that is a hardcore supplement especially designed to accelerate the process of burning fat in your body. The manufacturers claim that this supplement does an effective job in burning excess fat from the body by activating thermogenesis. To offer maximum weight loss and health benefits, Prime Shred uses many scientifically proven ingredients in its formulation that are hardly seen in other fat burning supplements. Prime Shred includes effective weight loss ingredients that includes caffeine, capsaicin, and other ingredients proven to induce fat burning and thermogenesis within your body. By triggering this process, the body get activated to burn the stored fat reserves into energy. Furthermore, the manufacturers claim that this supplement will amplify fat burning and activate the fat burning hormones in the body. PrimeShred will also increase gym performance and mental clarity so that you will feel energized to burn more calories than you intake. PrimeShred is not meant to use by a specific gender, as it can be used by both men and women. The only exception is for the women who are looking to get pregnant, or are already pregnant or breastfeeding.   

PrimeShred is a unique formula that is made by a UK-based supplement company named Muscle Club Limited. This company manufactures PrimeShred is an FDA registered, GMP certified facility. While PrimeShred is used by most of the people for losing body weight, some others also use it specifically as part of a cutting phase. If you have been gaining lean muscle mass for months and want to cut away the excess pounds of body fat, then PrimeShred could be a perfect choice for you. In addition, this formula also aids in boosting your mood levels and provide you a feeling of satiety, thus giving you guarantee that you would need to pick unhealthy snack all day. 

Overall, PrimeShred is marketed as an advanced weight loss formula that is triple threat to fat loss that delivers extreme fat burning with the convenience of a capsule. Each capsule of PrimeShred contains effective ingredients that kick fat burning into high intensity, converting even the most stubborn fat into usable energy. 

What is the Science behind PrimeShred Pills?

This remarkable supplement is designed by MuscleClub Limited, which is a renowned name for manufacturing fitness supplements like testosterone boosters and pre-workout solutions. Although, PrimeShred can be used by both men and women; however it is mainly intended for men who want to reduce their overall body fat percentage and attain a slimmer body. The most important thing is, this fat burner supplement formula is designed after a lot of creativity and research by the experts. The manufacturers didn’t just include different weight loss ingredients in the formula ti make sure that the use reduce fat in the body while maintaining and gaining lean hard muscle. 

All of the PrimeShred ingredients have been carefully studied and proven to achieve the desirable weight loss results that you have always wanted. PrimeShred brings an edge over its competitors by only using clinically backed dosages of components that are innately linked to the body’s fat burning process. The capsule of PrimeShred is packed up with all the renowned weight loss activators in the market, which is the major science behind its working mechanism. The benefits of Green Tea extract are not a secret for weight loss and reducing extra body fat. Since ages, green tea has been used to treat obesity and to obtain different health benefits. 

Also, the effective fat burning ingredients of PrimeShred contains Caffeine, which is known to be used in many health and weight loss supplements. It is a scientifically proven to accelerate the weight loss and enhance energy levels. It also helps in suppressing appetite and gives you motivation to avoid unhealthy foods. Moreover, Prime Shred is packed with scientifically backed dosages and measurements of ingredients that are explicitly linked to the loss of fat and excess weight. With the regular dosage of PrimeShred, the users can also achieve clarity and notice great changes in your physique. 

Does PrimeShred Really Work?

Prime Shred is formulated with clinically proven ingredients with correct potencies that are linked to associated fat burning. While other fat burners usually missed mentioning the dosages of unusual ingredients, Prime Shred is very clear about disclosing its formula, as it contains someof the most popular and proven fat burners available today

Green tea extract has been widely used to support weight loss. The daily usage of green tea extract has proved to be successful to help losing excess pounds. Multiple clinical studies have suggested the use of green tea for weight loss and calorie burning. Prime Shred contains 500 mg of green tea extract per serving, which works as a powerful fat blocking effect. As per studies, green tea can help people losing up to 7.3 pounds within 2 months of regularly usage. With green tea, obese people can burn more than 183 calories per day, as the active ingredient in green tea including EGCG can reduce the amount of fat absorption from food.

Caffeine is also among the most popular weight loss booster ingredient in the world today. Clinical studies have supported caffeine to promote losing weight. When taken daily, caffeine can complement your weight loss results. Therefore, it is taken as a pre-workout supplement as well. In addition, caffeine has thermogenic fat burning effects that helps in burning more calories even at rest. It enhances energy and stimulates thermogenesis in the body thus encouraging your body to burn more fat. Studies have suggested that caffeine suppresses appetite and reduce feelings of hunger and lower your urge to eat, which helps in limiting your calorie intake throughout the day. 

Also, PrimeShred diet pills contain green coffee bean extract that has been linked with effective weight loss results. The green coffee bean is considered a potential, but not a miracle weight loss solution, as it could support weight loss goals gradually. In addition, this formula contains other ingredients as well that have anti-stress effects and helps in combating against depression and anxiety.

Overall, PrimeShred diet pills are really effective and surely will do the work they are formulated for, as it contains ingredients that are associated with fat burning, weight loss, energy enhancement, and mood and focus improvement. The supplement is quite transparent in mentioning dosages of each ingredient that are backed by trials and studies on weight loss. Based on all the scientific evidences, Prime Shred could work as advertised to accelerate weight loss, a cutting phase, and other weight loss goals. 

PrimeShred Fat Burner for Men – How it Works?

PrimeShred diet supplement is an effective fat burner for men that offers amazing weight loss results. It uses a three stage approach to accelerate the weight loss results. The supplement claims to eliminate the stubborn body fat by speeding up the natural fat burning process of your body, activating fat burning hormones, and amplifying energy, among many other benefits. Following are the three phases of PrimeShred working mechanism:

Phase 1: Accelerates Natural Fat Burning process

PrimeShred diet pills focuses on accelerating the body’s natural fat burning process to activate the calorie burning at its maximum. The supplement’s efficient formula stimulates thermogenesis and accelerates metabolic rate, which means that your body will burn more calories even at rest and during exercise as well. This eventually means that more body fat will get burned, whether you are working out or not. 

Phase 2: Activate Fat Burning Hormones to Breakdown Fat Cells 

Besides activating the mechanism of burning calories, another most important aspect of losing weight is burning fat. PrimeShred activates specific hormones in the body that are directly associated with the fat burning. These hormones signal your fat cells to release stored fatty acids into your bloodstream, thus allowing them to be burned away for good. Hormones play a crucial part in your weight loss and fat burning mechanism. If your hormones levels are imbalanced, you brain may never signal your body to start burning the stored fat. Prime Shred addresses this issue efficiently by activating your fat burning hormones. 

Phase 3: Boost Energy and mental focus to make cutting easier 

The cutting phase is always tough, as you need a lot hard work to get through it. Prime Shred aims to make the cutting phase convenient for you by amplify your body with more energy. As your body burns fat for energy, you get a more sustained and boosted energy. These diet pills will give you enhanced energy than you normally would have on a cutting phase. Instead of feeling weak and fatigued, you will be all charged up even at the end of an active day. The ingredients included in PrimeShred also helps in supporting mental and physical energy. PrimeShred even contains nootropics and similar ingredients to avoid brain fog, enhance focus, and keep you feeling sharp throughout your daily routine. 

Prime Shred Benefits 

PrimeShred diet pills have been advertise as an effective weight loss and fat burner supplement that can help you in achieving your desired physique in short span of time. Following are the noticeable benefits of PrimeShred supplement that you can enjoy while using it:

Lose Body fat and Transform your physique 

You can lose stubborn body fat with Prime Shred and transform your body appearance. This supplement will help you burn calories efficiently, thus helping your body to shred body fat to reveal pure, lean muscle, and ripped physique. 

Move on from Frustrating Plateaus

During weight loss journey, even when you are doing everything right, you might encounter plateaus and obstacles that are really frustrating. PrimeShred solves these problems while kick-start your body back into fat burning mode, thus giving you results after giving you a break through from the flat-lined progress. 

Get into Shape Within Short Span 

PrimeShred diet supplement is a unique fat burner that promises you noticeable results within short span of time. If you want to get back in shape for some special occasion, or are getting ready for some competition, PrimeShred will give you the maximum fat burning power that you need and you can get fit in your favorite outfit with that extra trimmed figure. 

Push yourself to the target goal

Though the overall weight loss journey is difficult, but the hardest hurdle to pass out are the last few pounds. PrimeShred capsules gives the perfect solution to strip away the last few pounds of stubborn fat that are hardest to burn. This means you can finally reach your goals and reveal that six-pack abs and other hard muscle underneath.

PrimeShred Ingredients List 

The makers of PrimeShred diet supplement claim to have performed comprehensive research to create that formula. Based on these exhaustive researches, PrimeShred has been formulated with proven ingredients that are linked with fat burning, energy, mood, and mental energy. PrimeShred is a simple formula that is specially designed for men to lose weight and attain a leaner, slimmer physique. The main reason of success and popularity of PrimeShred is its efficient formula with unique and natural ingredients. 

All the ingredients included in PrimeShred are scientifically tried and tested and have proven to help lose weight. The key ingredients included in this formula have different qualities and working capabilities that are listed below in detail:

Green Tea Extract 

The most important ingredient in Prime Shred formula is green tea extract. In each three capsule of Prime Shred supplement, 500 mg of Green tea extract is present. Many people use green tea daily for its purportedly weight loss and health benefits, and antioxidant effects. Green tea extract contain natural antioxidants like EGCG that works along with natural caffeine content to make it a proven weight loss ingredient. The makers of Prime Shred formula claims that green tea extract in this supplement will accelerate the fat burning process in the body by speeding up the metabolism. Also, green tea extract boosts the effects of fat burning hormones like norepinephrine and reduces triglyceride levels, among other benefits. 


This ingredient is an amino acid that affects neurotransmitters. Each serving of PrimeShred contains 300 mg of L-Tyrosine to enhance your focus, alertness, and concentration. The makers of PrimeShred claim that L-Tyrosine plays an important role in improving mental cognition and it is really crucial in handling stressful situations for the body, that may include intense and tough workouts.


This ingredient is a natural compound that is also found in green tea. Many clinical studies have supported that it nullifies some of the negative effects of caffeine, which includes anxiety and jitters. L-Theanine is also a valuable amino acid, which helps in increasing your body metabolism and reduces the amount of fat and carbs your body absorbs while eating. Some studies have also suggested that L-Theanine works by boosting happy hormones, making it easier for a person to stay in a positive mood even while in a cutting phase. Each serving of PrimeShred supplement contains 250 mg of L-Theanine. 

Rhodiola Rosea Root 

Rhodiola Rosea has been used for centuries for the treatment for managing stress and anxiety. Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen, which means it helps your body adapt to physical and mental stress. According to some clinical studies, Rhodiola Rosea root is helpful in triggering fat burning by activating an enzyme that breaks down stored fat. This means, it helps you in losing weight while giving higher levels of energy and increasing oxygen transportation to your muscles. You will enjoy better performance and endurance with this ingredient, among other benefits. Each serving of PrimeShred supplement contains 250 mg of Rhodiola Rosea root.

Caffeine Anhydrous 

Like many other fat burner, Prime Shred also contains a significant dose of caffeine. Each serving of Prime Shred supplement contains 225 mg of caffeine that is the same amount of caffeine in two large cups of coffee. Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and thermogenic ingredient. It is an effective stimulant because it stimulates your body’s mental and physical energy and helps in improving mental alertness while boosting focus. It is thermogenic ingredient because it makes it easier for your body to burn stored fat by tremendously enhancing the body’s fat burning activity. Some clinical studies have also suggested that caffeine is closely linked with the metabolism, and it helps in boosting metabolism in various ways.

Cayenne Pepper 

Cayenne Pepper is one of the most renowned and proven fat burner ingredients that are included in many weight loss supplements. Cayenne pepper works because it is densely enriched with a natural chemical called capsaicin. Capsaicin has been proven to accelerate fat burning process by increasing theromogenesis in the body while firing up your body’s natural metabolism. This means, you can burn more calories and stored fat without adjusting your workout routine. Each serving of PrimeShred supplement contains 200 mg of Cayenne pepper, which is quite enough to speed up the process of breaking down of fat within your body and speed up your weight loss. 


DMAE has been known for improving mental focus and alertness while building a mind muscle connection while working out in the gym. Each serving of PrimeShred supplement contains 150 mg of DMAE. DMAE is included in the supplement to increase the production of neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which is critical for enhancing cognitive performance and muscle contraction. 

Green Coffee Bean Extract 

Coffee Bean is green when they are unroasted. Clinical studies have shown that the roasting process of coffee beans removes crucial key compounds from the beans. This is why a growing number of diet pills contain green coffee bean extract for its higher levels of chlorogenic acid and other ingredients. Each serving of PrimeShred supplement contains 100 mg of green coffee bean extract, which is quite enough to boost your metabolism and spark thermogenesis in your body. It also helps in even increasing the release of neurotransmitters that are linked with better energy and alertness. 

Vitamin B Complex

The family of B vitamins are immensely important for maintaining body’s energy. If you don’t get enough B vitamins, you may feel easily tired and lethargic. People with an active lifestyle needs the high dosage of vitamin B than the average person. Each serving of PrimeShred supplement contains a significant dose of multiple B vitamins, which includes15 mg of Vitamin B3, 1.3 mg of Vitamin B6, and 24 mcg of Vitamin B12. 


Many health supplements contain Bioperine, which is a type of black pepper extract, to boost the absorption of ingredients. As per the official website of Prime Shred, Bioperine is included to improve the bioavailability of ingredients in the supplement by 30%. This means, your body absorbs more of the ingredients instead of having them pass through your body. This gives you more benefits from each active ingredient with right dosage. 

The makers of Prime Shred have shown transparency in disclosing the full list of ingredients included in the supplement with their dosages, which makes it easy to compare the Prime Shred formula to other similar fat burner diet pills available in the market. By knowing the exact dose of each specific ingredient included in the Prime Shred, the users will have clear awareness about the supplement they are ingesting. While many companies believe in hiding the ingredients and dosages, Prime Shred has taken a brave step by listing all dosages upfront instead of masking the potencies. 

In addition, all ingredients included in PrimeShred supplement are packaged into a vegetable capsule. The makers claim that Prime Shred diet pills is a safe formula for vegetarians and vegans. The company also claims that this formula does not contain any filler, preservatives, or secret ingredients. 

Prime Shred Pros and Cons

Prime Shred supplement has used natural ingredients in the formula to make your weight loss journey easier. Before trying any product, it is important to judge all its goods and bad to make up your decision. We have shortlisted the following list of pros and cons for our users to help them in making the right choice.


  • It helps in the removal of excess body fat and stubborn fat pockets from your body. 
  • It helps you in staying focused on the exercise and prevents you from being tired and exhausted. 
  • It can help people lose weight by suppressing their appetite so that you may not accumulate a large amount of calories with unhealthy eating choices. 
  • Prime Shred formula is comprised of entirely natural ingredients. 
  • It is available for purchase without the requirement of any prescription. 
  • This formula is absolutely approved and legal.
  • This product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. 


  • It is only effective for those who are above the age of 18.
  • It can only be purchased online from its official website. 
  • It is not available on any local pharmacies and stores. 

What can you Expect from PrimeShred Results?

Prime Shred is a popular and well-reputed fat burner that has changed the lives of many. Fat burners, in general, provide you a shortcut to get a lean and slim physique. The supplement does work, but only to a certain degree. However, there are also many other factors on which your weight loss results depend, which may include your diet plan, healthy history, consistency, and of course the exercising routine. 

If you are not holding back your unhealthy eating habits and are keeping no control on your junk food intake, and doze off on the couch all day long, then none of the supplements and best fat burners can help you out in losing excess weight. You can only expect good weight loss results with any fat burning supplements by changing your lifestyle habits, and same applies with Prime Shred as well. If you are motivated to change your body and willing to work incredibly hard to achieve your transformation goals, then Prime Shred can surely work for you. It works best when you are following a strict calorie controlled diet and workout plans. 

Most people want to get leaner as soon as possible, but it entirely depends on the fat percentage of your body. If you are already half-way there, then you can get rid of your excess body weight within a couple of months of using Prime Shred capsules. On the other hand, if you are really obese, then it may take 6 to 8 months or even longer, depending on your motivation and hard work. A fat burner supplement will boost the progress of your weight loss by stimulating your metabolism, thus allowing you to experience results faster.

Is PrimeShred Safe?

Prime Shred is formulated by MuscleClub Limited Company, located in the United States. This is itself a research organization that conducts exhaustive research and studies on muscle building components before combining them into formulating a supplement formula to be used by athletes. There are no hazardous or illegal chemicals used in this formula. It is an FDA approved supplement, which is made up of all natural ingredients, which makes it absolutely safe to use. 

May in the beginning days of using Prime Shred supplement, it might be difficult for the users to adjust for a couple of days and they feel weird in the stomach. However, once they will get used to of it, the unsettling feeling will fade away. If you are suffering from some prior health issues, such as weak stomach, liver problems or are suffering from any chronic disease like hypertension and diabetes, then the supplement might trigger adverse effects by interfering with your current medications. In such cases, the person may experience frequent nausea, high blood pressure levels and even vomiting. It is therefore always recommended to consult with your doctor before starting using any supplement. 

Other than this, Prime Shred is a completely legal over the counter phentermine alternatives and risk free formula to use. All of its ingredients are 100% natural and do not pose any danger to the users’ health and are safe to use. It is a legitimate weight loss supplement and there are no reports of side effects associated with this product by the users. 

Who Should Use PrimeShred and Who Should not?

Prime Shred fat burning supplement is absolutely safe to use. This formula is devoid of any meat, dairy products, eggs, and any other animal derived compounds. Prime Shred supplement does not contain any gluten, soy, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. This means it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Also, people with gluten and soy allergy can use it without any worries. 

Though it is mainly intended to use for males, but women can also use PrimeShred for shedding excess pounds. It is a high intensity fat burner that will help in fat burning quickly and efficiently, no matter what your gender is. This formula can be used by any person that is above 18 years of age. On the other hand, PrimeShred should not be used if you are pregnant or are a nursing mother.

Though there is no danger associated with the usage of this product. However, it is always necessary to get the medical advice as per your health conditions before purchasing Prime Shred supplement.

PrimeShred Dosage and How to Use?

You can obtain the best results by using the PrimeShred fat burning supplement as per the instructions by the makers. It is advised that the users must take three tablets each day to achieve effective weight loss results. 

It is advised to take the first tablet immediately on waking up in the morning, and at least twenty minutes before eating anything. PrimeShred is a daily supplement that is used on training days as well as on the non-training days. 

One should avoid consuming PrimeShred capsule at least three hours before going to bed since the presence of caffeine content in the formula can make it difficult for you to fall asleep later in the evening. Every bottle of PrimeShred supplement contains 90 capsules, which is enough for a month supply. 

How to Maximize your Results with Prime  Shred Fat Burner?

It would be an absolute waste using a fat burning supplement without a proper diet and workout plan. You can maximize your weight loss results with PrimeShred supplement by including strength training or extreme weight lifting in your workout routine. This will help you in losing extra pounds, while gaining lean muscle mass. Also, you should follow a strict diet routine enriched with protein while using this supplement to maximize good results. 

Where Can I Buy PrimeShred?

You can easily buy PrimeShred fat burning formula from the official website. There you can get different pocket saving offers and price plans, so that you can choose the one that suits you best as per your needs and budget. You can get a chance to take advantage of huge savings on large orders. Following are the pricing packages available on the official website:

  • You can buy 1 bottle of PrimeShred at the price of $ 49.99 plus $ 7.95 shipping cost. 
  • You can buy 3 bottles of PrimeShred at the price of $ 99.99 plus free shipping 
  • You can buy 5 bottles of PrimeShred at the price of $ 149.99 plus free shipping 

Each container of PrimeShred supplement contains 90 capsules, which is considered as a 30 day supply. 

PrimeShred Money Back and Refund Policy 

PrimeShred supplement comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee. If for any reason, a person is not satisfied with the product, he can return it within 100 days of purchasing it. If an individual does not notice an increase in fat burning, or improvement in concentration and energy, the business allows them to obtain a full refund from the firm. For more details about their return and refund policy, you can visit their official website. 

Final PrimeShred before and After Results

PrimeShred is a legit fat burning supplement that promises to accelerate the metabolism and natural thermogenesis of your body to deliver quick and effective weight loss results. The supplement is sold exclusively online through their official website. This weight loss supplement contains all the natural ingredients that are scientifically proven for effective weight loss. It is absolutely safe to use and is a perfect choice to include in your life to attain the slimmer body that you have always wanted. If you are already exhausted with the weight loss struggles despite of following calorie deficit diet, PrimeShred dietary supplement can help you in breaking through this plateau. 

This formula works best with strict diet and workout routines and delivers noticeable weight loss results within short span of time. Also, it comes with a 100 day money back guarantee, which makes it an absolute, no loss purchase for the users. 

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