Proactol XS Review: Benefits, Effects & Full Reviews (Buying Guide)


If you are reading this article, surely you are looking for information on ways to lose weight faster. It was this same quest that then led you to hear about Proactol XS Click Here: Visit Official Website Now (Free Shipping) Hurry Ending Soon ! 

As I have said in other articles, in general I am suspicious of certain dietary supplements. Why ? Because some of them boast of miracles.  

But is this the case for Proactol XS ? Is it itself part of this kind of products sold as miraculous but which must ultimately be avoided at all costs?  

As a sports coach and health professional, I have to tell you that there are indeed food supplements that deserve all their virtues. But how do you know how to differentiate the good from the bad?  

To make sure that a food supplement has the expected effects, the task is not small. You have to read many articles about it, but not just any. It is therefore necessary to sort the true information from the false and for that, it is necessary to rely on recognized sources such as scientific journals for example. And yes mistrust of what we can read on the web! Click Here: Visit Official Website Now (Free Shipping) Hurry Ending Soon ! 

You must understand that the dietary supplement market represents financial challenges for many brands that are sometimes desperate to sell their products to you. You can then come across articles extolling the benefits of a product but which, strangely, will not display any reliable sources to verify the merits of their claims.  

Don’t worry, today I made it easy for you. You’re not going to need to search for information right and left, it’s all here.  

And as Nutreatif wants to remain an informative site, today I am going to tell you about Proactol XS with the greatest of neutrality.  

To guarantee the reliability of the information, each important statement that I will give you on the benefits or harms of this product will be accompanied by scientific sources that you can consult.  

Let’s get down to business together. I will answer many questions you may have about Proactol XS like:  

  • What is Proactol XS?  
  • Who is it for and what does it work on?  
  • What is it made of?  
  • Who makes it and where?  
  • How does it work ?  
  • Are there scientific studies that prove its benefits against overweight?  
  • How is it used?  
  • When is it contraindicated?  
  • Where to buy it? His price ?  
  • My opinion on Proactol XS  

At the end of this article, Proactol XS will have no more secrets for you! You will finally be able to know if this food supplement is for you or not!  

I therefore encourage you to read this article carefully to the end. I wish you a good reading !  


The Proactol Xs might seem by its name being a drug. At least that’s what I said to myself when I heard that word for the first time. Yet it is a natural food supplement.  

So why Proactol Xs ? I do not know. The only thing I can tell you is that in terms of marketing, the manufacturers could have done better.  

The Proactol Xs is a supplement sold under the category of fat burners but have more fat blocker reputation, which I will explain later in the functioning of this supplement.  

Like many other dietary supplements, it is designed to make you lose weight. The Proactol Xs has been manufactured to meet demand increasingly important to overcome the overweight, overweight.  

Since the 1960s, Western countries have seen a steady growth in obesity and overweight. This phenomenon has now become global. From the birth of supermarkets to fast food, food is everywhere and it has never been so easily accessible as it is today.  

By accessible, I am thinking of online services that allow you to order Junkfood at any time of the day and I am also thinking of soda and other chocolate bars dispensers that can be found everywhere!  

This abundance of rich food has led many people to bad eating behaviors leading to overweight.  

According to a statistical study by the national health watch institute named the INVS, more than 25% of the French population are victims of overweight. Whether it comes from AFSSA or WHO or any other health authority, this overweight is due to multiple factors such as:  

  • Overly energetic meals  
  • Lack of physical activity  
  • A diet too rich in carbohydrates and particularly in refined sugars  
  • A diet too rich in saturated fat  
  • Snacking  
  • A diet deficient in dietary fiber.  

If this overweight is mainly caused by a poor diet, more and more specialists now recognize that overweight is also induced by psychological factors. To overcome extra pounds, you should not only work on your diet in the short term.  

A deeper work should be done allowing the affected person to change their whole pattern leading to their excessive eating behaviors.  

We will see later in this article if Proactol Xs can help physiologically and psychologically. Because it is only by combining these two active functions that a fat burner can be 100% effective.  


No need to hide it from you anymore, you guessed that Proactol Xs is a dietary supplement aimed at helping overweight people. Whether it’s a simple little post-party weight loss or a more significant weight loss, Proactol Xs would have a fat burner action but as I mentioned earlier, this name is not the most appropriate. I’ll explain why.  

How does Proactol Xs help you lose weight?  

Whether it is a simple fat burner or very powerful like Phen375 , the effectiveness of the latter often rely on their ability to increase thermogenesis. The latter increases caloric expenditure while promoting the elimination of fat.  

It is often said that these burners make the metabolism run faster than normal, for example green coffee.  

On the side of Proactol Xs , there is no increase in metabolism because this is not its goal. The Proactol Xs is more a blocker of fats and sugars.  

You can first tell yourself that what is important to you is to eliminate fat but in the end blocking it is the same and it can even be more effective in some cases.  

Imagine Proactol Xs as a supplement capable of forming a barrier limiting the passage of fats and sugars in your blood. Thus, your body would be unable to store energy in fatty forms.  

First, you wouldn’t be able to store fat, so you would stop putting on weight. Secondly, you should know that the majority of the calories we eat each day come from fats and sugars. More exactly :  

  • 9 kcal per gram of fat  
  • 4 Kcal per gram of carbohydrate  

If Proactol Xs prevents a large part of these two forms of energy from passing into our bloodstream for use or storage, it is the same as eating less.  

By thinking a little, you can deduce that Proactol Xs , would reduce the calorie intake in the intestine. For once, it would allow you to eat the same amount as you usually do while preventing part of it from being assimilated.  

Valuable psychological help  

If you are more greedy, the deprivation you may suffer from following a conventional diet could do you more harm than good. Let me explain ! If you are used to giving in to temptation or eating large enough portions, suddenly reducing the amounts like in a diet can quickly lead to frustration.  

Accumulated, the latter can quickly push you to irrepressible food compulsions! It is the latter phenomenon that usually causes a person to regain all of their lost pounds after a diet. Yes, it’s the yoyo effect.  

It is in this sense that Proactol Xs could be of great help. With it, you would not have to live in restriction to lose weight. Experiencing stress-free weight loss helps weaken food compulsions while losing weight.  

Once the first few pounds are lost, a recovery in self-confidence helps to further reduce the caloric portions without deprivation thereafter. This is how Proactol Xs would help you set up this virtuous circle where losing weight would be easier.  


In the quest for the perfect body and weight, you can quickly hear what you want to hear and see only what you want to see. Many food supplements will then sell you packaging that is the opposite of their composition.  

I had recently given the example with a liter of almond milk which was contained in a superb box. The latter suggested that this drink was rich in almonds when it only contained 3%.  

So as not to be fooled by good marketing, I recommend that you read the composition of the foods and supplements you buy. This is how you will ensure that the dietary supplement you choose contains the substances that will allow you to achieve the goals set.  

I will therefore analyze the composition of Proactol Xs for you!  

A fat burner based on chitosan and natural ingredients  

The Proactol Xs contains exactly two components which are:  

  • Chitosan or Chitosane  
  • Silica or silicon  

In this chapter, I will just explain to you who they are and the role they play in this dietary supplement.  

Chitosan to limit fat absorption  

The main active component of Proactol Xs is chitosan. It contains 500 mg per capsule.  

Chitosan is a fiber that can be extracted from the shells of crustaceans or the mycellium of fungi such as Aspergillus Niger . In the case of Proactol Xs , we are talking about chitosan extracted by deacetylation of chitin contained in mushrooms.  

These fibers behave like insoluble fibers which can be found in the shell of many cereals or vegetables such as cabbage or celery.  

As a reminder, insoluble fibers are, as their name suggests, insoluble. We could even use the term indigestible or rather unassimilable. Unlike soluble fiber, insoluble fiber is not attacked as well by our enzymes. The consequence is a weak fermentation of the latter which for once will be evacuated by the stool.  

Before being evacuated, it is important to know that soluble fibers have the particularity of swelling on contact with water with which they bind. By swelling the soluble fibers trap a part of fat and carbohydrates present in the intestines.  

Seen from this point, chitosan might seem like a simple insoluble fiber so you might as well eat more vegetables and voila? Well no, because insoluble fibers do not have quite the same capacities as chitosan.  

More than just insoluble fiber, chitosan has the enormous potential to capture more than 15 times its weight in fat. Since chitosan is much denser than fat, this represents a huge amount of trapped fat.  

By consuming chitosan, it swells in your intestines while binding to the fats and sugars that you eat afterwards. As a result, a large part of these sugars and fats are not assimilated but rather evacuated.  


Silicon is a mineral that our body needs for certain essential functions of our body. In the case of Proactol Xs , the enrichment of its formula in silicum can hold water because it has an essential role for the good circulation of the blood.  

Silicon is indeed one of the essential components for the good elasticity of the arteries. How? ‘Or’ What ? Quite simply because without silicon, our body cannot synthesize collagen which is the protein that gives elasticity to the skin and other parts of our body like the arteries.  

Without silicon, a study on rabbits showed that the arteries constrict and thus increase the risk of cardiovascular events.  

Without going so far into the risks, the lack of silicon could lead to poorer blood circulation and accelerate the deposition of atheroma due to bad cholesterol.  

In addition to the dangers to health, poor circulation of the blood can be a real obstacle to weight loss. Poor vascularization prevents certain areas from being well irrigated and this is how you make it more difficult to access the elimination of certain stored fats. For example, the appearance of cellulite can be enhanced by poor circulation of the blood.  

Silicon therefore indirectly helps maintain good blood circulation while facilitating the transport of fatty acids to eliminate them.  

No animal products in Proactol Xs  

Apart from the previous two components, the only other components found come from the capsule which is made with the same components that you can find in most of the supplements approved by the European health authorities.  

The capsule is made from hypromelose which is an alternative to animal gelatin. If you are vegetarian or vegan, then you can consume Proactol Xs .  

Who makes Proactol Xs  

Apart from the composition, it is obvious that to certify the quality of a product, it is also necessary to know its manufacturer. Knowing the manufacturer can help you know where the product is made and where it is distributed. Before writing this article, I therefore explored the merchant site of the seller of Proactol Xs to trace the identity of this company to find out who it was exactly.  

But who then makes Proactol Xs  

The Proactol Xs is manufactured by the Bauer Group DMCC . The whole site is transparent because you can have the contact details, the address of the company and its identification. Regarding the laboratories in which Proactol Xs is made, the product design team, you have access to a lot of reassuring information.  

To give you a guarantee of the quality of their food supplements, Bauer Nutrition is required to follow drastic quality standards.  

As an international group, Bauer has a good number of these products evaluated by the FDA, which is none other than the US government department responsible for pharmacovigilance. In short, FDA means “ Food and Drug Administration ”.  

This organization is also recognized as being the most vigilant in terms of compliance with drugs and food supplements intended for consumption.  

Where is P roactol Xs made  

If you buy Proactol Xs in Europe, you should know that you will be shipped from the UK branch of Bauer Nutrition . The latter has its products manufactured by the laboratories Wolfsonberg .  

Their lab has a website that tells their story. Laboratories Wolfsonberg have been manufacturing food supplements for over 30 years in 100 different countries. They are known worldwide for their expertise, which is always consolidated by their teams of renowned scientific researchers.  

Wolfsonberg is one of the laboratories that manufacture food supplements certified by European health authorities.  

Their supplements such as Proactol Xs then come within the framework of European legislation which imposes Directive 2002/46 / EC under amendment of Regulation 1170/2009. Click Here: Visit Official Website Now (Free Shipping) Hurry Ending Soon ! 

A team of healthcare professionals has developed Proactol Xs  

Under the control of the group Bauer Nutrition Proactol Xs was created under the supervision of a team of health professionals recognized for their scientific research.  


1 – Proactol Xs up to 15 times the absorption of fat  

Remember that Proactol Xs is primarily made up of chitosan. As I have already explained to you in the composition, this component will behave like a fiber in your intestines.  

As you will see in the chapter on advice for use, chitosan is made to be ingested before meals. After ingesting it, it will swell on contact with water in your intestines.  

After your meal, when the predigested foods arrive during chewing and pass through your stomach, they will reach your intestines. This is when they will meet the chitosan contained by Proactol Xs . This will then trap some of the fats and sugars in your meal which will therefore not be assimilated by your body.  

2 – Better fat mobilization and lower bad cholesterol  

In addition to offering a decrease in your caloric bowl in terms of fats, Proactol Xs will facilitate the mobilization of fats thanks to better blood circulation.  

The silicon or silica contained by Proactol Xs will therefore maintain the elasticity of the arteries.  

Second effect thanks to chitosan this time, Proactol Xs will limit the absorption of bad LDL cholesterol.  

Scientific studies on Proactol Xs  

The active ingredients of Proactol Xs that I have communicated to you so far are only those that I have been able to gather thanks to the official information of the group Bauer Nutrition .  

As this brand wants to sell their products, I could not help but be wary about the accuracy of the actual benefits of Proactol Xs .  

So I conducted my investigation to find out if the touted benefits were well founded.  

Result: I found two concrete studies directly related to the main components of Proactol Xs . So see if let’s Proactol Xs is so effective as it claims.  

A study of 96 overweight people  

In this first study, the objective was to verify that chitosan indeed triggered weight loss in a person wishing to lose weight. Several previous studies showed contradictory results, especially since they had all been carried out on animals.  

For this new 90-day study, the researchers gathered 96 overweight people and divided them into two groups.  

Each person in the first group received 5 capsules of 500 mg of chitosan per day. It is good to note that this quantity corresponds perfectly to the value of chitosan contained in a capsule of Proactol Xs .  

For the second group, he just received a placebo. In order not to bias the results of the study, each group ate the same diet as usual.  

To obtain the results of the study, the researchers then took readings after 45 days and 90 days. These results were evaluated via several measures such as body weight, anthropometric measurements (body measurements) and lipid profile.  

To go further at the end of the study, the participants answered a questionnaire on their eating habits.  

Speaking of results, people who consumed chitosan lost 3 pounds more than those who took placebo. Thanks to chitosan, there has been a real change in their body composition as well as an improvement in their eating behavior.  

Study published in the United States National Library of Medicine  

A French study on the silicon contained in Proactol xs  

During this study, the researchers fed 52 rabbits a diet high in cholesterol. Half of these rabbits were given silicon while the rest of the rabbits ate only foods high in cholesterol.  

At the end of the study, the silicon-free group saw 23 of their rabbits with atheromatous plaque-like lesions.  

On the side of the group that consumed silicon, only 8 rabbits presented minimal lesions. Silicon therefore has a positive effect against bad blood cholesterol.  


Reading the studies on the true slimming effects of Proactol Xs may make you want to buy and consume it to achieve your weight loss goals. For this purpose, you can underestimate the potency of this dietary supplement and neglect the recommended doses.  

Even though Proactol Xs is still a dietary supplement, overdosing on it could cause you unwanted effects. I advise you never to neglect your health at the cost of some additional results.  

For optimal progress in terms of slimming Bauer Nutrition recommends taking 2 capsules before your main meals. In total, you should never exceed the maximum dose of 6 capsules per day.  


The Proactol Xs is a complement to keep out of reach of children. The manufacturer recommends placing it at a height in a locked place to limit the risk of child absorption.  

The consumption of Proactol Xs is not recommended for pregnant women and minors.  

For people with intestinal pathologies or real fragility, it is recommended to consult a doctor’s advice before starting a course of Proactol Xs .  

Regarding side effects, they are very infrequent. They might only be seen in people who already have difficulty digesting high fiber foods . In this case, you may experience mild bloating and intestinal irritation.  


By referring to the opinions of people delivering their experience of Proactol Xs , the opinions mostly converge in the positive direction. The Proactol Xs seem to work.  

In terms of results, testimonies found on forums or on social networks, indicate a variation according to the individuals. Several people say for example to see lost 2 to 3 kg in one week, another one kilo in one week but 1.5 kg the following week.  


Where can you buy Proactol Xs  

The Proactol Xs part recognized as effective foods to burn fat. If you’ve heard of him, it’s probably from a friend, on a forum or an online video.  

In short, Proactol Xs is a victim of its success to the point that it can be sold by badly caring sites which will ultimately sell you a counterfeit.  

To avoid buying a non-original version and risk absorbing a supplement with an unknown composition, Bauer Nutrition does prevention through its distribution mode.  

You should know that the right to sell Proactol Xs is only held by the Bauer Nutrition brand. Its purchase is only possible on its official website Click Here: Visit Official Website Now (Free Shipping) Hurry Ending Soon ! 

Decreasing prices depending on the quantity purchased  

If you are going to buy Proactol Xs , it is interesting to know that the prices are decreasing according to the number of boxes purchased. Logically, the more boxes you buy, the more you save.  

Knowing that following the recommended consumption a box will last you 10 days, it is therefore smarter to buy several boxes to be able to continue your treatment to its end without interruption.  

For a purchased box: the price is set at € 44.95 with a current reduction of € 10.  

For two boxes purchased at a price of € 89.90, a third is free and you save € 44.95.  

The most interesting formula: by buying three boxes, you win 3 free boxes and you save 134.85 €.  


In the introduction to this article, I shared with you my reservations about the effectiveness of many dietary supplements. As you could see if you have carefully read the section on studies concerning Proactol Xs , it turns out that the latter actually contains effective components for losing fat mass .  

As its effectiveness is scientifically proven , it would be pointless and silly of me to urge you not to buy it. As you have certainly already made your choice, I just can’t let you go until I leave you with my final recommendations for your goal of losing weight.  

As a sports coach, I would like to share my vision for successful weight loss. See the body you’ve always dreamed of having as a great home to live in. To build this house and make it livable, you must first build a solid foundation.  

To lose weight, start by rebalancing your diet, move a little more and your treatment Proactol Xs will be even more effective.  

Among many dietary supplements, Proactol Xs is much more effective than others, but not everything has to be based on it. It is sure to help you lose weight, but as you will soon stop using it, use it to get back into good habits .  

Proactol Xs is above all a support so that one day you can fly on your own without supplements and with lifestyle habits in accordance with the body that suits you.  

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