Raspberry Ketone Max: Benefits, before and After Results


 The discovery of Raspberry Ketone “raspberry ketone in French” does not date from today, but recent new studies prompts me to tell you about a new fat burner that has caught my attention. I am you about the telling Raspberry Ketone Max Click Here: Visit Official Website Now (Free Shipping) Pure Acai Berry Max 

So I took the time to put together all the questions you can ask yourself about this food supplement known for its reputation as an effective fat burner.  


In this article, you will therefore discover everything you need to know about the Raspberry Ketone Max such as its origin, its manufacture, its effectiveness, the studies that speak of it, how it works to make you lose weight, these tips for use , these contraindications and finally… its dosage.  

Raspberry Ketone = The birth of an idea that has helped thousands of people lose weight  

Raspberry Ketone Max is a dietary supplement responding to a major health problem which is obesity and overweight. Every year, French, European and global health authorities such as the WHO sound the alarm bells: “the growth of obesity and overweight are constantly increasing.”  

In the French-speaking world, the statistics are telling and alarming. In the midst of several reports of studies, a report from the French health watch institute delivers its figures: 25% of the French population is a victim of overweight. By entering more precisely in these figures, 41% of these people would be men and 25% women. Click Here: Visit Official Website Now (Free Shipping) Pure Acai Berry Max 

Looking at the obesity figures this time around, 15.3% would be for men and 16.8% for women.  

By questioning many health professionals, the findings would always be the same: the birth of overweight is not the result of and the association of several bad lifestyle habits such as:  

  • Lack of physical activity  
  • Physical inactivity  
  • Consuming too much of foods high in sugar  
  • Consuming too much foods high in saturated fat  
  • Too high a calorie bowl compared to daily physical expenditure  
  • A cruel lack of dietary fiber intake  

A recent article on the importance of a diet rich in fiber had shown the significant deficiency of the French in fiber, less than 22% of them would consume enough. The impacts are not just overweight. A diet low in fiber also affects the proper functioning of intestinal transit, causing coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  

According to these observations, the affair would seem simple and won in advance. To regain shape and health, it would suffice for people affected by overweight to rebalance their diet and play sports. It’s true, what could be simpler?  

Yes but no, because psychologists agree that being overweight also depends on psychological factors. To be clearer, the body adapts to the bad eating behaviors of the overweight person.  

The sudden modification of his habits therefore has the defect of pushing the person wishing to lose weight, in a situation of frustration and lack .  

This almost constant frustration often leads to the resumption of bad habits and therefore prevents many people from shedding their extra pounds. We can also completely find the parallel with the YoYo effect of diets. After dieting, people often regain more than they lost weight. Fortunately the Raspberry Ketone Max helps to counter this.  

It is from this observation that many researchers have put their energy into the development of a supplement that can solve all the causes of weight gain.  

According to Erling Tom, whom you will hear about later in this article: “It is not enough only to find a way to make the body burn, it is also necessary to find a solution which acts directly on the eating behaviors of the person” .  

It is in this sense that the Bauer Nutrition group to think about the solution Raspberry Ketone max .  

This solution would lie in an action on both the body and the mind to help lose weight. The Raspberry Ketone has not only emerged as a single fat burner, but it directly affects eating behavior.  


As you have already guessed, the Raspberry Ketone is for people who want to lose weight effectively and sustainably. By weight you should understand body fat.  

In the case of Raspberry Ketone Max , then you must be wondering how it can help you lose that weight. How does it work ?  

This question is all the more legitimate that by understanding how it works, you are more able to benefit from all its benefits.  

There is nothing worse than taking a dietary supplement without actually knowing how it works in our body. In the case of this fat burner, you will see that it has not finished surprising you …  

How does Raspberry Ketone Max help you to lose weight?  

As mentioned above, the team of the group Bauer nutrition has developed Raspberry Ketone Max in the wish to offer more than a fat burner acting on the body. In this sense, this fat burner will act on two fronts.  

Physiological front  

The Raspberry Ketone will, thanks to its components, act on the body so that they consume more fat for energy. The mistake of many fat burners is to focus on increasing energy expenditure alone.  

In fact, the most important is to get thing your body to draw on its fat stores rather than taking energy from bad places such as your muscles for example.  

Remember that weight is not an end in itself, as you can just as easily lose muscle mass and water rather than fat. Raspberry Ketone Max is a supplement studied to prioritize fat burning. It is not he who will burn fat by magic, he will only be the trigger of several biological processes such as thermogenesis for example.  

The latter is a process that your body already uses at certain times to regulate your body temperature. Raspberry Ketone Max has the ability to induce your body to go into prolonged thermogenesis.  

So your body will use its brown fats (the good fats in your body, the fats that can’t be seen) to burn white fats which are neither more nor less than the fats you want to get rid of.  

Psychological front  

The Raspberry Ketone Max was also thought to stop bad eating compulsions responsible for snacking or taking too much calorie meals.  

Eating too much or snacking is well known to make you gain weight, but how does Raspberry Ketone work on these behaviors?  

Although we are talking about the psychological front, Raspberry Ketone will act physiologically well on an area managing satiety in our body.  

Yes, we’re talking about your brain. It is in this organ that your body manages satiety and more precisely in a gland called the hypothalamus .  

Without going into too much detail, the Raspberry Ketone will act on this gland by inhibiting the nervous messages of hunger and on the contrary by activating the nervous messages of the feeling of satiety. This has the effect of acting directly on your appetite, which is reduced.  

Taken daily, this fat burner would therefore have the immediate effect of helping to resume healthier eating habits through a complete eradication of food compulsions.  


Knowing the composition of a food supplement before purchasing it seems obvious with hindsight, yes with hindsight! The problem is often that we run out of it when we are in a phase of weight loss research.  

Whether it is the frustration of being in a body in which we do not feel ourselves or the impatience, we can rush to buy supplements without paying a close eye to their compositions.  

The problem then lies in the fact that not all supplements have a healthy composition. You can then consume food supplements that are dangerous for your health.  

Do not make this mistake and note that to lose weight sustainably is to lose weight healthily.  

Do not be fooled by ads touting a loss of 10 kilos in a week because, even if it could exist, there would surely be a heavy consideration that you will pay with your health … In the end, you would regain your weight.  

Take this pragmatic advice: Always check that the components contained in a food supplement bring the expected effects .  

Check that it does not pose any danger to your health and lastly make sure that the sources of the last two points are serious.  

It is in this way that Bauer nutrition wants to be completely transparent about the composition of Raspberry Ketone Max.  

A 100% natural fat burner: Raspberry acetone  

Raspberry Ketone therefore acts as much on the psychological as physiological aspect to help you lose weight in the short and long term. But then you are entitled to ask yourself the following question: If it is so effective, is it because it is a powerful medicine?  

You should never be fooled by appearances because you should know that Raspberry Ketone Max is one hundred percent natural. It owes this characteristic to a very popular fruit among red fruits. You will also hear about his praise a little later in this article …  

This supplement is therefore part of the trend of natural products which are not only on the box but also in the depths of its composition. Raspberry Ketone is not a drug, but it is one of the most powerful fat burners. Read carefully what will follow, you will be surprised.  

Two powerful natural ingredients in Raspberry Ketone Max  

Raspberry ketone  

Raspberry Ketone Max contains Raspberry Ketone 2000 milligrams of .  

Raspberry Ketone is a natural phenolic compound that is derived from raspberries and can also be present in walls. It gives them their particular smell as well as a defining aroma.  

If these two red fruits have been known for decades for their antioxidant properties, it should not be ignored that they were already used for their fat burner properties in antiquity. They of course owe this to the raspberry ketone they contain.  

Raspberry Ketone is not only a fat metabolism enhancer and appetite suppressant – an appetite suppressant.  

There you say to yourself: “If it was enough to eat raspberries to lose weight, that would be known”.  

You just have to know that in order to hope to achieve the raspberry ketone level contained in Raspberry Ketone , you should consume no less than 25 kilograms of raspberries. Just that !  

As an active fat burner, the ketone stimulates the secretion of two hormones known to induce lipolysis which is nothing more than a fat burning pathway for energy production.  

Not to be too complicated, Raspberry Ketone causes your body to release norepinephrine and norepinephrine which leads to increased fat burning. It is via these two hormones that the raspberry ketone acts on the physiological axis.  

The second action of raspberry ketone is to increase satiety just like the capsaicin contained in chillies or bell peppers for example. With their almost identical molecular structure, the ketone would play a role of neurotransmission to the hypothalamus of the brain which would inhibit hunger and subsequently lead to a decrease in appetite.  

Green coffee  

Although raspberry ketone is very effective in activating fat melting Bauer nutrition wanted to strengthen and especially complement the effects of its fat burner with natural green coffee.  

Like coffee, green coffee is a metabolism activator. As an arousal, it will increase the speed of many biological processes including fat metabolism.  

You will then say “I am not going to burn fat or lose weight with coffee.”  

Think again, we are not talking about the same coffee. In the Raspberry Ketone max , it is referred to as green coffee. Unlike the coffee you know, the latter is not roasted and therefore retains its initial level of caffeine, which is more than 4 times more. Just that!  

If this first effect already seems promising for your future results, know that it is not this precise point that motivated the Bauer nutrition team to incorporate green coffee in their recipe.  

It is a completely different property that this time will act on the weak link of most people with overweight. These are sugars and more particularly glucose .  

It is the latter, when consumed, tends to spike blood sugar levels. And who says too much sugar in the blood, says the arrival of a hormone called insulin e.  

The latter regulates this sugar level by repatriating excess glucose to the liver. The liver, for its part, will work to convert this excess glucose into triglycerides (fats) and store them in unsuitable places in your body.  

It is this last process which when consuming sugary foods leads to weight gain and little also eventually lead to type 2 diabetes.  

The green coffee of the Raspberry Ketone Max will then have the particularity of blocking this process upstream. It is during digestion that the latter will act by limiting the absorption of glucose in the intestine .  

By absorbing less sugar, blood glucose does not rise, this eradicates the risk of diabetes and that of storing fat because of the consumption of some sweets.  

Origin is fabrication of the Raspberry Ketone Max  

The Raspberry Ketone max is sold by the large group Bauer group DMCC . They have their food supplements manufactured in the greatest transparency. It also communicates regularly on their laboratories manufacturers of their supplements.  

For the sake of obtaining the best possible quality, the group Bauer nutrition requires their laboratories to comply with the strictest standards imposed by the FDA European and American “Food and drug administration”.  

This institution is very strict with regard to products and supplements intended for pharmaceutical and dietetic sales. This is not surprising given that it is referred to neither more nor less than the official federal agency of the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States of America.  

By being approved by the FDA, the Raspberry Ketone Max appears as a high quality supplement as it is known by the American health services. It is classified as a food supplement that cannot replace a balanced diet.  

Regarding its place of manufacture, the Raspberry Ketone is manufactured in several countries such as the United States, England by laboratories Wolfsonberg .  

This laboratory is certified by American and European health controls. The Raspberry Ketone therefore meets the regulatory framework of the European Union by respecting Directive 2002/46 / EC .  

Amended by regulation 1170/2009, compliance with this framework therefore guarantees that the consumption of Raspberry ketone can be done without any risk to health as long as the dosage provided to the consumer is respected.  

A composition produced by a team of world-renowned health professionals  

The Raspberry Ketone Max was born from the desire to offer a quality fat burner supplement but above all meeting the needs of customers concerned about losing weight while respecting their health .  

It is with this idea in mind that Bauer nutrition has put all its know-how to hatch its version of Raspberry Ketone Max. To complete this quest, Bauer Nutrition has surrounded itself with a team of health professionals recognized in the international health world.  

In this team, you will also find four doctors renowned for their contributions to many scientific advances. It is also important to quote these people who have helped thousands of people with their knowledge to lose weight:  

  • Doctor Satya  
  • Doctor Ikram Abidi  
  • Professor Alfred Hasselbacher  
  • Doctor Erling Tom  

Among them, we can also cite Doctor Erling Thom who is a Norwegian biochemist renowned for his extensive research. Dr Erling Thom is to date the author of more than 37 scientific papers in biochemical medicine.  

Scientific studies proving the slimming effects of Raspberry Ketone Max  

An in vitro animal study  

This study was conducted by the Department of Medical Biochemistry at Ehime University School of Medicine. The experiment was carried out on rodents, more precisely mice. These were fed a high fat diet that included a 2% raspberry ketone intake. Compared to usual results with the same diet, the results are surprising.  

Raspberry Ketone appears to prevent the elevation of body weight through two actions mentioned earlier. First, rodents show a noticeable decrease in their appetite.  

Second, surveys show that rodents make better use of fat to absorb as energy. The ketone is even said to have a detoxifying effect on the liver.  

Mice with steatotic liver (liver engorged with fat) had their triglyceride levels reduced.  

Study source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15862604  

A second study  

It was in 2013 The Center for Applied Health Sciences of the United States published its study in the Official Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. The purpose of this study is to verify the consistency of the results obtained in terms of efficacy of raspberry ketone against obesity and overweight with the previous study conducted on rodents.  

This time, the study was indeed carried out on human beings. During this, 70 obese people answered the call to participate in the study. The method is simple, the researchers divided this set of people into two equal groups.  

The first group was assigned to take a placebo while the second was given raspberry acetone supplementation.  

The experiment lasted 8 weeks. At the end of the day, the conclusion is final, the group who consumed the ketone saw their fat mass decreased by 7.8% against only 2.8% for the placebo. Longer term, the ketone might even allow for better leptin sensitivity. The latter is the nervous messenger that allows the brain to regulate appetite.  

A study on the power of the green coffee contained in the Raspberry Ketone Max  

The study focused on 328 study articles, of which only 5 were selected for their relevance. The deliberation focused on an article from a study of 142 participants.  

The conclusion defines that green coffee contains substances with positive active effects against overweight and obesity. The polyphenols in coffee decrease the absorption of glucose in the blood at the intestinal level and occasionally induce an improvement in insulin sensitivity. Better insulin sensitivity prevents weight gain and contributes to better lipolysis.  

Caffeine more naturally present than in roasted coffee would allow a significant increase in metabolism leading to an increase in higher daily expenditure contributing to fat loss.  

Complementary Medicine from the Peninsula School of Medicine at the University of Exeter  



Raspberry Ketone regulates appetite by activating satiety in your brain. This prevents unwanted cravings and all forms of food compulsions.  


Thanks to its formula enriched with green coffee, Raspberry Ketone Max will form a barrier at the intestinal level limiting the absorption of sugars. See the studies cited above.  


By containing more than 4 times more caffeine than in pure roasted coffee, the green coffee of Raspberry Ketone Max significantly increases the metabolism so as to multiply your calorie expenditure.  


As supported above studies done on Raspberry Ketone. Raspberry Ketone Max contains active compounds which cause the body to promote fat burning for use as energy.  


Many studies have shown that most people who are overweight have fatty liver disease (fatty liver syndrome). Intoxicated, this organ then finds it difficult to play its essential function in the metabolism of fats.  

Raspberry Ketone Max helps detoxify the liver by combining raspberry ketone, green coffee, and magnesium. Once cleaned, your liver will be healthier and it will contribute better to the natural elimination of fat.  

Raspberry Ketone Max DOSAGE & DIRECTIONS FOR USE  

A box contains 30 capsules for a recommended cure of one month . It is recommended to consume one capsule per day for maximum results. There is no obligation to take at a particular time of the day. But the manufacturer still recommends taking it at the start of the day to better benefit from the active effects of the supplement.  

To maximize the significance of the results, Bauer Nutrition states that physical activity associated with Raspberry Ketone Max dramatically increases fat metabolism.  

Just like a physical activity such as walking, cycling, running or fitness, rebalancing your diet would also boost the active ingredients of Raspberry ketone Max. B auer Nutrition strongly advises to follow a balanced diet during your treatment. Click Here: Visit Official Website Now (Free Shipping) Pure Acai Berry Max 


It is not recommended to leave this supplement to carry children. The manufacturer advises to leave the Raspberry Ketone in a high cupboard.  

The daily dosage must be respected otherwise the manufacturer is released from all responsibilities due to side effects caused by daily overdose.  

The consumption of Raspberry Ketone Max is not recommended for minors as well as pregnant women, even in the first month of pregnancy.  


There are no side effects identified to date with raspberry ketone. During the various studies seeking to show its beneficial effects on weight loss, only the positive of this natural substrate emerged.  

However, the researchers urge you to remain cautious by avoiding a consumption of more than 400 milligrams per day, otherwise the side effects incurred are unknown.  


When we follow a diet or a cure, we necessarily expect results. The nutritionists on the Bauer Nutrition team play fair because their reputation was played out with their clear and honest message from the start.  

If you plan to eat anything or more than usual and expect to get the results you want: The results will be minimal.  

If Raspberry Ketone Max is effective enough to prevent fat storage due to eating too much fat and sugary foods, it is better to put the odds in its favor.  

Side results, the testimonies vary according to the attendance. Many people have testified to surprising results after following a diet without deprivation.  

Thousands of people have lost more than thirty kilograms. The results are even more impressive with people who combine a healthy diet with regular physical activity.  


Where can you buy Raspberry Ketone Max  

The Raspberry Ketone Max is sold exclusively from the Bauer Nutrition official website . The brand therefore insists on the fact that any product with a similar packaging and name found on another online or physical store is a counterfeit. You can then report the fraud by contacting the brand directly by email. Click Here: Visit Official Website Now (Free Shipping) Pure Acai Berry Max 

New formula with a draining supplement included   

Raspberry Ketone Max is currently sold with a detox supplement included called Detox Pure . This supplement is enriched with a plant known for its homeopathic benefits. The Detox Pure contains 50 milligrams of extract Galium aparine .  

This plant amplifies the detoxifying effects on the liver and the digestive system. It is advisable to drink a lot of water during its consumption to benefit from all the effectiveness of this formula.  

Decreasing prices depending on the quantity purchased  

This weight loss detox kit retails for € 69.95. The price is attractive when we know that each of the boxes of the formula is sold at a price of 49 euros per unit. With this formula you therefore save 20 € per unit.  

To benefit from a more attractive price reduction, it is even more judicious to take more boxes and thus benefit from decreasing prices:  

  • 70 € reduction for 2 boxes of raspberry ketone bought because he offered you 1 more box for free  
  • 200 € reduction for 3 free boxes because you win 3 more boxes for free.  


As a sports coach and passionate about nutrition, I am not a fan of fat-burning supplements. With each new supplement discovered, this is why I am rather wary.  

For the writing of this article, I did not trust the words of the brand. I have searched scientific journals looking for conclusive studies on the composition of Raspberry Ketone Max .  

Despite my initial skepticism, I must admit that the studies speak for themselves, the formula of Raspberry Ketone Max has many components that have been shown to be effective in scientific studies.  

These studies have not only shown their effectiveness in animals. The Raspberry Ketone does work . In addition, there are many testimonials from people who have successfully lost weight thanks to this dietary supplement.  

What I like about this fat burner is that it is first of all completely natural. Then I agree to the product presentation of Bauer Nutrition . The brand does not present this supplement as a magic wand.  

She states that physical activity and a balanced diet will enhance results. They make the effort to maintain a sales ethic despite the fact that the supplement has already been shown to be effective without following a particular physical activity or a healthy diet. So you can trust Bauer Nutrition without any problem.  

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