The only organic way to become popular on Spotify is music promotion – the truth.


Once in a while, every young music creator faces the same problem, the problem of being noticed. Especially, if the musician has chosen Spotify as the main platform for his music distribution and popularization. Don’t get me wrong, Spotify is a fantastic music-streaming service that gives tons of opportunities to those musicians who choose it, and millions of unique songs to every listener. 

The problem of being noticed and recognized has become too sharp in the recent years, since the audience of Spotify has increased so rapidly. And the only working solution that musicians have come up with is organic Spotify promotion. Not just any promotion, but the organic one. So many musicians have laid their chest on this problem, and with all tries and errors, organic promotion was determined as the most effective way to solve this problem. But I haven’t really discussed the problem that much. So, let’s fix that! 

What kind of recognition am I talking about? You see, when your field of influence is small, you are more well-known, but when that area increases in size, you become smaller and harder to notice. The same happened to Spotify musicians. Those who were popular in their small community or on their website migrated to Spotify and saw that they are not needed or seen there. Their audience is small, and no one really listens to their music. And the more musicians join Spotify, the more of them face this problem. And creating great music simply won’t cut it, you need something more powerful, something outside the boundaries. 

And the only thing that really seem to work is music promotion. Various services online can do that, but only some of them can do it organically. If you think about promotion, you’ll imagine just buying bots, that will soon be deleted by Spotify. But the organic promotion is something different. Organic promotion gets you real users, real traffic and real plays. How? Organic promotion does not do bots, it uses all the natural options to interest a person. Blogs, social media, collaborations with influencers, and so on and so forth. The list of options is almost limitless, and the performance of such services is remarkable – they can get you thousands of plays and followers in a single day. Impressive! 

Spotify does not stop you from promoting your music, because even for its bosses it is now obvious that the algorithms need more refinement and polishing before small musicians will get their fair share of attention. But until that – we all have to do what we have to do – create music and promote it. Sad truth, but try to be optimistic about it – you’re off to a great start! 

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