Top 12 Questions to Ask During a Venue Site Visit

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We all agree that wedding venues are among the make-or-break factors in any wedding ceremony, the more reason why you should not leave any stone unturned when looking for a venue for your big day. In most cases, the search for a wedding venue starts with shortlisting the many options on the table. After that, you narrow down the options and settle for a few of them. Once you have narrowed down the shortlist, you go ahead and schedule site visits. Mostly, many couples prefer to visit the top three venues on their list in order to make their work easier. 

In order to get all the details that you want to know of a wedding venue including where to rent string lights, you must have and ask not only the most important but also the right questions lest you risk not getting the type of venue you want. Here are some of the top 12 questions to ask during a venue site visit. 

  1. Do you have a weather backup plan or space? 

This is the most important and frequently asked question whenever couples or wedding planners visit any site. It is important because it will, to some extent, determine how your big day will look and feel if the weather decides to change, for instance, from a sunny day to rain. Mostly, many sites offer a backup space of plan at a fee and you must be prepared for that. Again, don’t just be told, request to see the backup space. 

In the unlikely event that the venue doesn’t have a backup space or plan, seek to know what has happened before whenever there is a change of weather during a wedding event. You should also seek clarity in terms of making a weather call and the amount of rain, for instance, that can warrant the use of the backup space. 

  1. What are the booking guidelines of the venue? 

The answer to this particular question will help you plan adequately. You will be clear on the dates since you will be knowing how far can one book the venue in advance and block your dates accordingly for planning purposes. The dates will, in turn, inform your engagement with vendors and service providers. It will also help in clarity of planning in terms of informing family and friends in advance. 

  1. What is the minimum deposit that one can make to book the venue? 

Making a deposit will show your commitment to blocking the wedding venue for the chosen dates. On the other hand, knowing what you will have to part with in terms of the deposit will go a long way in helping in planning and budgeting. Seek clarity in reference to money back in the event that you decide to cancel the booking after paying the deposit. However, it is important to mention that, in most cases, the deposit is usually non-refundable. 

  1. What is not included in the venue fee? 

You must be clear on what you’re paying for in the site fee, otherwise, you might end up being shortchanged. For example, are the rent string lights included? Does the fee include taxes? Is the fee inclusive of guest seating? Well, being clear on this will inform your budget in a big way. It will also help you in knowing what exactly you might need to bring along or what will be provided for by the venue owners. For instance, if the arch is not included, they might actually help on where to find a wedding arch that will blend well with the venue setup. 

Another important thing to seek clarity on here is the number of hours covered in the site fee. Don’t assume things. Ask when you’ll be allowed in and the time that you will need to clear from the venue. 

  1. What is the occupancy limit? 

This question is essential because in the event that your guest number continues to increase you might need to expand your venue or do something about it! The occupancy limit will guide your guest list and also go a long way in helping you know what to do with the spillovers if any. 

  1. Any food and beverage policies? 

In the event that you will want to do a cocktail party in the venue, it would be advisable to seek clarity from the venue management if they have any policies around food and beverages from outside, for instance, or if they do offer the same within the venue. 

  1. Any noise ordinance in place? 

In most cases, if the venue is within a residential place, the event ought to end at around or before 10 pm. This is to avoid making noise to the neighbors who might already be sleeping. Knowing this will help you in planning your timeline and knowing when you should turn down your music or even end the whole event. 

In summary, ask these leading questions and you will have anything concerning your wedding venue clearly set out. 

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