14 Tips for Gym Newbies

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You have finally decided to confront your physical fitness demons by joining a gym; however, your first trip can be daunting. In addition, watching others flaunt their bodies and skills with gym equipment may leave you running for the door. 

The secret to physical fitness is not to give up. These 14 tips have kept thousands of gym newbies going when they would have normally thrown in the towel. They will help you too.

  1. Set Achievable Goals

The surest way to achieve that body you yearn for is to have realistic goals. Understandably, you will have already set your end goal. But there is no surer way to give up on it than to go too hard too soon.

The key is to break down your ultimate objective into small but specific goals. You can then measure your progress, and every small achievement motivates you to work harder.

Smaller chunks of your final goal are kinder on your body and are adjustable as circumstances change.

  1. Don’t Bypass the Gym Induction

The gym is a whole new world for newcomers. The array of equipment, a code of conduct you seem unaware of, and the show-offs may seem daunting at first.

The gym induction helps you cope with this. Your instructor will take you on a tour of the place and introduce you to everyone you need to know. They will also explain to you the equipment and how to safely use it.

You will learn what behaviour is expected and all the safety precautions you need to keep in mind. All questions will be answered at this point.

You are not ready to hit the gym until you have gone through this process.

  1. Smart Scheduling

The most effective way to optimise your gym subscription is to have a plan. Schedule your session so you will have maximum use of the facility staff and equipment. Come at a time when you know the equipment you need will be free, and the instructor can focus on you.

You are not confident about yourself when you start. Seeing others going about their gym business effortlessly and gracefully can be discouraging. Try to schedule your attendance when there is a friendlier crowd.

  1. Plan Your Workout Schedule

You gain more when you go to the gym with the day’s activity worked out. It saves you time and maintains your focus. Your plan should not fail to take contingencies into account.

  1. Easy Does It

Achieving that dream body is a process you need to trust. Start with activities you can accomplish and build on them, keep your workouts short and begin with smaller weights. 

Don’t be afraid to stop when you feel your body resisting. Taking it easy prevents injury, which will set back your progress.  

  1. Avoid Burnout

The desire to accomplish your physical fitness goals most of the time is motivation. However, burnouts happen to even to the most ardent of gym users. 

Don’t let the momentary loss of motivation faze you; it is a way of your body telling you to take it slow.

Gym burnout manifests typically in loss of interest in working out, decreased performance, slowed-down recovery time, and mood changes that affect how you eat and sleep.

Causes may originate from your workout efforts or even outside the gym. The surest cure for burnout is to wait it out. Take some time off. If you can pin down the cause, try to fix it. Then, when you return, start slow and build up gradually.

  1. Build a Support Network

If you wish to progress further on your quest for the perfect body, get people who root for you to help you along. 

Your support network encourages you along. Besides, you are less likely to give up when you are accountable to other people.

  1. Do What You Enjoy

Working out should never feel like work, as that’s a sure recipe for burnout. However, doing what you enjoy does not mean you focus on your favourite part of the body and neglect others.

If you do that, you may have a well-sculpted torso on top of two spindly legs. That is not what you want to see when you look into the mirror.

Work out every part of your body in a manner you enjoy.

  1. Plan for Setbacks

Inevitably, you are going to run into setbacks. That’s how life is. How quickly you bounce back depends on how well prepared you were, to begin with.

You can’t prepare for everything but have contingency plans for most of the likely occurrences.

  1. Monitor and Measure Progress

You cannot control what you cannot measure. To know how fast you are moving towards your target body or whether you are moving in the right direction, you must monitor your progress. 

Here is where breaking down your ultimate goal into manageable chunks comes in handy.

  1. Pick Your Playlist

The perfect selection of songs puts you in the mood to work out. With the right music playing into your ear, you won’t even notice the passage of time.

  1. Mind Your Hygiene

A gym is a sweaty place, and sweat is a great conveyor of germs. So watch the surfaces you come in contact with and be sure to bring a towel, use the washing facilities in the gym and avoid unnecessary contact.

  1. Pre and Post Workout Routine

Your body must warm up before you begin your day’s workout session. A few minutes of walking briskly, stretching, and flexing will make you less prone to injury and make you perform better.

Similarly, you need to wind down gradually from your work routine to give your body time to cool down. An abrupt stop to your workout session may lead to dizziness.

  1. Your Protein Supplements.

If your workout is intended to build muscle, your body needs to give it something to work on. You must increase your intake of protein to be able to beef up that physique.

It does not matter whether you get the extra protein from supplements, powder, or ordinary food. Supplements and powder have a concentrated form of the nutrient and make it easy to get your desired daily intake.

You should seek professional advice on what supplement works best for you and get it from a reputable dealer.


The gym may be a scary place for most newbies. That, however, is no reason to give up on your dream to have a healthy and toned body. Keep these tips in mind, and you are good to go. 

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