How to Turn the Basement Into a Family Fun Room


Being stuck inside during a pandemic is not always going to be fun. Sure, you love your family and do enjoy their company, but living together for so long is always going to take its toll. So a great way to bring your family together while stuck inside is to create a fun and cozy family room. 

Family rooms tend to be quite simple, as they involve some kind of seating, possibly a small coffee table, and an entertainment system to watch your favorite movies and shows with. Other than that, most homeowners don’t really explore all the possibilities that come with the creation of a family room that’s fun for everyone. 

Luckily, if you’re really motivated to create something new and unique, there are some great ideas you can try. 


It’s hard to have fun without entertainment. This is why any family fun room should have some kind of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. Whether it’s getting competitive at the air hockey table, spending hours sitting around playing board games, or watching a movie together, family fun needs all kinds of escapist entertainment.  

But having just one type can get boring quickly. So try to get your hands on as many board games, video games, and tabletop games as possible. This way, whenever you have a family night of fun, you’re going to enjoy yourself in a different way each time. 


Family fun isn’t always about active entertainment. Sometimes, the most fun thing to do with your family is to lounge around and have a simple conversation. While this is not the definition of heart-throbbing fun, it is a great way to relax after a long day at work or school. So, this is definitely something that the whole family can enjoy. From sitting around and listening to music, to taking a cozy nap with your loved ones around you, the family entertainment room needs to have a few requisites to make this work. 

Soft furniture is a great place to start. Don’t bring in those rough sofas you would find inside a lawyer’s office. Bring in soft and plush furniture that makes it easy for anyone to relax. Have a bunch of pillows around, as well as blankets so that any time someone wants to take a quick nap, they have something to wrap themselves in. All of these little additions will make your family fun room that much more relaxing. 


What’s the point of having a family fun room if it looks like everyone else’s? That is exactly why it’s important to add a personal touch to your family entertainment room by bringing in some decor that is uniquely your own. 

Take all those holiday photos that you took around the world, turn them into a collage, and put them up on a wall. Or get a bunch of those trinkets and souvenirs everyone has in their bedroom and create a little museum in one of the corners of the room. This way you turn your family fun room into something that is more personal. 

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