Miracle Sheets Review 2021- Does Miracle Brand bed Sheets Actually Good In The United States?


Miracle Brand’s mission is to help customers rest safely and easily. The brand’s products provide luxurious antibacterial bedding and bath towels, using natural silver to prevent harmful bacteria from invading. The results of it? Wash less, wash more, and it feels good.

In this Miracle Brand sheets review, we’ll take a look at the brand and its bestsellers. We’ll dive deep into customer reviews, discounts, FAQs, and more to help you decide if their luxury linens are worth the buy.

Miracle Brand was born in 2017. The brand uses natural silver technology and luxury cotton to fight off bacteria and give you a better night’s sleep. The result? Products that stay clean longer and are offered at an affordable price.

Though transforming sheets was the company’s first goal, it now offers safer, cleaner alternatives for the most commonly used household linens, including duvet covers, hand towels, face cloths, and more.

The brand also fuses eco-friendly practices with its luxurious materials to create sustainable bed and bath linens. Miracle Brand bedding is made in an OEKO-Tex certified facility in China, whereas its towels are made in Turkey. OEKO-Tex is a certification system for textiles that means the brand uses environmentally friendly and fair labor practices in their manufacturing facilities.

The company operates from its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.

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What is a miracle sheet? ( overview of miracle sheets review)

Miracle sheet reviews

Miracle Sheets bed sheets is the rated bed sheet that has been designed to improve bed comfort while also promoting restful sleep. Because of the materials employed in its construction, which respond to temperature variations, irritability is eliminated. It’s extremely light and provides all of the coverage that people need. It’s also great for keeping bacteria and germs under control in a controlled setting. Sheets from the Miracle Brand are a perfect combination of cleanliness and comfort.

Miracle Sheets are odor-controlling sheets that are supposed to minimize night sweats and eradicate odor-causing germs. A fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases are included in the Miracle Sheet Set, which can all be washed in the dishwasher.

Are Miracle Sheets any good?: miracle sheet review

Perfectly, we wondered the same thing. Even if they really work, what are antibacterial bed sheets really going to do for a person in the long run?

The only way to find out was to give them a try. So I volunteered to take up the 30-day trial offered on the official website.

The terms of the trial that I agreed to for this project were appalling. I had to see how long I could go without washing the Miracle Sheets before I noticed any odor. So I bravely took up the challenge.

Before I knew it, it had been two and a half weeks since I had washed my bedding and I didn’t notice any major difference. The silver ions naturally possess great power to maintain fresh sheets and significantly reduce the time washing bed sheets thanks to the anti microbial silver woven. There was no odor to speak of and I didn’t itch like you do with regular traditional sheets if you go without washing them for more than a week.

I’m a curious person, so I wondered why that would be. Was it the lack of bacteria that stopped the itching? Well that may have been part of it, for sure. But, it turns out that microscopic dust mites get into your bedding and actually feed off dead skin cells that the body sluffs off. And, they leave their filthy droppings behind on the bed sheets. Gross, right?

This can even cause allergic reactions and skin rashes. But Miracle Brand, with its infusion of pure, natural silver repulses these mites to help keep your miracle bed sheets cleaner longer.

I realized their claim was true because I enjoyed a comfortable, deep sleep on these extra luxe sheets for over two weeks, as if I’d just washed them.

It kinda spoiled me, since I wasn’t washing as much laundry. I was so used to that extra wash and dry cycle with the bedding every week.

I also opted in for trying the towels; and, those spoiled me too. The towels dried so fast that I questioned if I hadn’t accidentally hung up a new towel since the last time I washed my hands. These super plush Miracle Towels are made from premium cotton and are also infused with silver to prevent 99.9 percent of bacteria from growing. That means no more wiping bacteria on your face and body when you use them. And, it also means no more musty smelling towels.

Are silver-infused sheets like Miracle Sheets safe to use?: Miracle sheet review

If you’re not a bacterium or another germ, Miracle Sheets are perfectly safe to use. The fabric is cotton blended with silver, not 100 percent silver throughout. You’re not sleeping in a wire-mesh blanket, so you won’t need to worry about lacerations from metal. In fact, the Miracle Sheet apparently needs only a 5 percent silver infusion to prevent 99.9 percent of bacteria from growing on it.

Also, this Miracle Brand bedding is OEKO-Tex Certified, which means that there are no harmful chemicals in it.

How do you wash my  Miracle Sheets?: Antibacterial bed sheets reviews

There is some babying involved in caring for these sheets, but it isn’t because of the silver. It’s because of the luxury fabric. I’ll talk about that a little further down.

Basically though, you can machine wash them in warm water with mild, liquid detergent. Tumble them dry and remove them promptly. You can use a warm iron if you want to. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the time or the inclination to actually iron my sheets.

And, you don’t want to wash anything with them that will bleed color onto them and ruin them.

Now for the babying…

The directions call for avoiding getting any bleach or skincare chemicals, such as benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acids on the bedding. These things may actually be found not just in skin care, but acne medicine, hair products and dyes, cosmetics, toothpastes and some other toiletries. So, you have to give a little attention to the things you use.

It’s not that it’s going to hurt the silver any, it’s for the health of the Miracle Sheet material and its appearance.

If there are any loose threads, they need to be cut instead of pulled.

You’re not supposed to wash Miracle Brand sheets with zippers, hooks or anything that can get caught with the fabric.

You’re also not supposed to use fabric softeners or powdered detergent.

Especially do not use household cleaning products on this luxury product.

What are Miracle Brand sheets made of?

Did you know that we have bacteria on our skin and clothes (not to mention on any pets we let climb into bed with us) that rub off onto our bedsheets and stay there until we wash them? Bacteria cause odors and feel dirty—there’s a reason why we all love climbing into a bed made with freshly washed sheets!

But since we have bacteria on our faces and clothes, if we don’t wash our bedding daily, bacteria will build up. This build-up causes skin issues (like breakouts) and unpleasant odors.

Miracle Brand sheets reduce almost all of the bacteria that make their way onto them. The company uses a 95% Supima Cotton and 5% Antibacterial Silver Blend. We can thank this Natural Silver for killing 99.9% of the bacteria that haunts our otherwise cuddly, relaxing bed.

Natural Silver has positive-charged ions that attract bacteria and cling to them before they have a chance to double.

Miracle Brand ran a test on its products. This test revealed they still kill 99.9% of bacteria after 100 washes. The company aims to give you a cleaner life in places where it really matters, like your bedrooms and bathrooms.

Next in this Miracle Brand sheets review, you’ll find a breakdown of the brand’s best-selling products. We’ll cover its bacteria-fighting sheets, quick-drying anti-stink towels, sets that bundle the two together, and sleep-enhancing masks.

Miracle Brand sheets combine cleanliness with comfort. Its thermoregulating bedding is designed to keep night sweats at bay while eliminating the bacteria that cause odors. Plus, they stay clean for longer, effectively extending the time between washes.

Next, this Miracle Brand sheets review will feature the brand’s best-selling sheet sets and duvet cover. All of these products are offered in three colors: White, Stone, and Sky Blue.

Jumping into a comfy bed after a long day is one of the best feelings in the world. Snuggling under our blankets and breathing in sweet relaxation. Only, with every breath we take, that dingy, greasy smell enters our noses. We realize our beds are less of a place of relaxation, and more of a breeding ground for bacteria.

While you relax, enjoy the 350 thread count of these light and breathable Supima Cotton sheets. 

The Miracle Sheet Set – Signature includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. We’ve included the size specifications for each fitted sheet, but a full list is available on the brand’s website under Size Guide.

Our bodies carry bacteria. There’s no way around it. It’s a yucky fact to face, but it’s the truth. What’s even worse is the reproduction rate of bacteria in our beds. According to Miracle Brand’s website, “bacteria on normal sheets double every 20 minutes.”

Despite this fact, washing our bedding is a pain. It usually takes an entire afternoon to do it, and sometimes we just don’t have the time. Thankfully, the Miracle Sheet Set keeps your sheets clean for up to 3 weeks, killing 99.9% of the bacteria that squirms its way onto your bedding.

In addition to keeping you cool, calm, and collected, these Extra Luxe sheets will also keep you cool with their light, dreamy 450 thread count.

The Extra Luxe sateen fabric is super soft. You’ll get one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases in this set to keep your bed germ-free and feeling fine. Prices for the Miracle Sheet Set change depending on the size you order. (We’ve included the measurements for the fitted sheets, but a full list of measurements is available on the product page.)

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Now that you know more about the brand and its mission, let’s get into the pros and 


Offers a respectable range of the most-used household linens, including sheets, duvet covers, hand towels, and more

Uses natural silver to kill 99.9% of bacteria

Uses high-quality cotton to make ultra-soft, breathable sheets

350, 450, and 500 thread count options for their bedding

Elongates time between washing bedding and towels by 3x

All Miracle Brand products are OEKO-Tex certified, meaning they are produced using sustainable practices

Donates one reusable mask for every mask order placed

Try its products for 10 days before paying

30-day return policy

Free US shipping and returns

Ships internationally


Pricier compared to other linens

Currently has long shipping times (3-4 weeks)

Some customers report that sheets stain easily, towels are too large, and slow customer service responses

Twin (39” x 75” x 16”) $200 discounted from $238

Full (54” x 75” x 16”) $213 discounted from $263

Queen (60” x 80” x 16”) $226 discounted from $263

King (76” x 80” x 16”) $238 discounted from $276

Cali King (72” x 84” x 16”) $238 discounted from $276 

Check Availability

Miracle Duvet Cover Review

Miracle Duvet Cover

You’ve got the sheets covered, but what about your duvet? The same rules apply in terms of bacteria, which is why Miracle Brand created a Duvet Cover to keep everything in your bed ultra clean.

This Miracle Brand comforter cover is made with high-quality 500-thread count Supima Cotton that has a slinky, soft finish. The fabric is woven with the same silver to kill bacteria.

Cuddle up in your crisp, immaculate bed and feel good knowing that, when you jump under the covers fresh out of the shower, you’ll actually stay clean. The Duvet Cover comes in Stone and White. It’s available in two sizes:

Full/Queen (90” x 92”) for $188 on sale from $263

King/Cali King (94” x 92”) for $200 on sale from $276

Miracle Brand Towels Review

Bath towels are notoriously stinky. One use and we have to throw them in the wash. Miracle Brand Towels do things differently, thanks to Natural Silver. Let’s take a look at the brand’s best-selling towels and sets to keep your bathroom and your skin fresh and clean.

Miracle Towel Review

Miracle Towel

Bath towels, when put away wet, have a tendency to smell. Why do they do this when our bodies are clean? It turns out, germs just love a warm, humid environment. They flock to moisture like a cloud of mosquitoes does to water. Once there, it’s easier for them to multiply.

But enough about gross bacteria. What can we do about it? Well, having a towel that kills bacteria helps.

The Miracle Towel uses the Miracle silver technology to stop germs in their tracks. As for the moisture, this absorbent towel dries 2x faster than others, meaning your bathroom stays smell-free, and you can actually use your towel again the next day instead of washing it. Available in three colors, this towel is available for $45.

Miracle Brand Set of 2 Miracle Towels

We’ve all been there. We hop out of the shower and grab our towel to dry off and think to ourselves, this towel is looking pretty dingy and should be replaced soon. Then, months fly by and we still haven’t gotten new bath linens. Let this Miracle Brand Sheets review be your sign to finally up your towel game.

The only thing better than one towel is a set of two. Although these towels stay fresh longer, it’s always good to have a backup on hand for laundry days or house guests. 

Feel safe drying off after the shower with these towels that are guaranteed to stay clean for 3x longer than regular towels do. Offered in three colors, including a spa-like clean white, the Set of 2 Miracle Towels is $82.

Miracle Towel Set Review

Miracle Towel Set

Wet bath towels are a prime breeding ground for mildew and mold. Sure, hanging up your used towel to dry it out helps, but anything that is wet has a high chance of attracting bacteria. The Miracle Towel Set includes six products to kick-start your bathroom linens makeover:

Two bath towels (30” x 56”)

Two hand towels (18” x 28”)

Two washcloths (13” x 13”)

Go ahead and dry your face and body without worrying about what might be lingering on your towel. These bath linens stay feeling and smelling fresh longer, so they don’t need to be washed as often as regular towels.

This cushy towel set is available in three color options: Stone, Sky Blue, and White. Keep things clean with the Towel Set for $125 (from $192).

Miracle Home Bundle

Have you ever decided to clean your kitchen, then when it’s done, spiral head-first into an entire home clean-a-thon? That’s because once you experience a truly clean feeling, everything else around you looks and feels dirty. That’s the principle behind the Home Bundle.

This helpful set packs together a Sheet Set (two pillowcases, one flat sheet, and one fitted sheet) and a complete Towel Set (two hand towels, two bath towels, and two washcloths) to keep both areas in your home bacteria-free. (For the most part, the rest is up to you!)  The Home Bundle is available with either the Signature or Extra Luxe Sheet Set for the following prices:

Miracle Antibacterial Mask Reusable

Protecting yourself and the ones around you is your civic duty. While fashion masks are certainly cute, they don’t do much by way of protection. The Antibacterial Mask Reusable helps stop the growth of bacteria. They’re machine washable, too. Simply toss in your washing machine and clean how you would your Miracle Sheets.

Made from smooth cotton and comfortable ear elastics, these masks aren’t a pain to wear and won’t pull on your ears throughout the day. Sold as a 10 Pack, in either Black or Grey, the Antibacterial Mask Reusable is $75.

Miracle 10X Microbial Masks: SILVERBAC Masks

Antimicrobial masks stop microorganisms from growing and spreading. The 10X Microbial Masks: SILVERBAC Masks are made with the trademarked SILVERBAC technology to limit the spread of germs—something we desperately need right now.

These reusable masks are machine washable, so your conscience can rest at ease knowing you’re not contributing to the newest pollution problem on our planet: disposable masks.

One size fits all with the 10X Microbial Masks: SILVERBACK Masks. Available in Black or Gray, a 10-pack of these masks is $75.

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Miracle Brand Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Though we were pretty sold on the idea of having fresh linens that stay clean for a longer period of time, we wanted to see what customers thought about the company and its products. This Miracle Brand review sourced testimonials from Trustpilot, EmilyReviews.com, and the brand’s website. First, let’s get into the positives.

On the company’s website, its products have each been rated hundreds of times. Both its towels and sheets have been awarded exceptionally high scores:

The majority of shoppers are extremely satisfied with how soft, absorbent, and large the Miracle Towel is. One reviewer spoke of how fast they dry: “They are plush and they dry a lot faster and they never smell like mildew.”

While another customer wrote that these are “the best towels on the market,” and continued to write that she loves “how well they stand up to frequent washes and still are very fluffy.”

Miracle Brand is rated 4.5/5 stars by 45 customers on Trustpilot. Patrons here discuss their experience with the Miracle Sheets and dealing with the brand. In general, those who bought the company’s sheets readily recommended them.

A positive comment about how these sheets reduce sweat and odor reads, “I have been using them for three weeks now and washed them for the first time. They didn’t smell…I washed [and] hung them on the line to dry and they smell amazing! They were barely wrinkled as well.”

Similarly, a Miracle Brand sheets review on EmilyReviews.com provides details on the Miracle Sheets and Miracle Towel. Overall, Emily felt the sheets were fantastic for two main reasons. First, she noted that “the sheets are cold to the touch and very sleek feeling”—a definite plus for her. Second, the fitted sheet has a very strong elastic that keeps it in place.

She was also happy with how high-quality the towels were: “The edges are sturdy and well made. I’ve truly seen a difference in how quickly the hand towels dry.”

While her review doesn’t outright discuss the negatives, from it we learn that the sheets do get very wrinkled if not left folded.

While the customer response to the brand and its products was very positive, we did find a handful of negative Miracle Brand sheets reviews. A few people wrote in to Trustpilot to express the difficulties they experienced with customer service.

One customer wrote that the sheets were not as low-maintenance as they thought they would be. This person found that they stained easily and were difficult to pre-treat: “Most of the stains come out, but it’s a pain having to pretreat them.”

The brand’s care guide does note that this can happen, and customers should avoid products with certain ingredients in them. For more information on how to care for your Miracle Brand products, read the upcoming FAQ.

Another complaint we noticed was the size of the towels, which are much bigger than standard bath towels. While this feature was a huge plus for some customers, others said that they are “way too big.” We checked out the Miracle Brand BBB page for more information, but there aren’t enough customer reviews to get a trustworthy picture of the brand.

Though there were some negative testimonials, we are happy to report that the customer response to this company was primarily positive. For the majority of shoppers, Miracle Brand’s products are high-quality, soft, and absorbent.

The main problems people have had with the towels and sheets are ones discussed on the brand’s website and in this article. If you are worried about the size of the towels or washing the sheets, make sure you check the corresponding sections in this Miracle Brand review.

Is the Miracle Brand Worth It?

Considering that bed and bath linens are the perfect breeding ground for unwanted bacteria, as well as the fact that germs double in size every 20 minutes, we love that Miracle Brand offers a solution.

So, do Miracle Brand sheets really work? The company did a test that proved its sheets and towels kill 99.9% of bacteria—even up until the 100th wash! This study, coupled with the hundreds of positive customer testimonials, makes us confident that these products work.

Though the brand’s linens stay clean and fresh for longer, meaning that you don’t need to wash them as often, customers love its products for other reasons too. The Miracle Towel is incredibly absorbent, soft, and large. So, it’s perfect for cold winter mornings when you’re dreading leaving your hot shower.

Meanwhile, the Miracle Sheets have a strong elastic band to keep them in place. Plus, they provide a cooling sensation to help prevent you from getting too hot throughout the night.

Now, on to the price. Though Miracle Brand’s linens are pricier than what you typically already have in your home, the price definitely reflects its practises. The company follows strict ethical standards, in addition to incorporating sustainability practises. Its products are all OEKO-Tex certified and are shipped in recyclable boxes. Plus, because they last longer in between washes, you’ll be able to get away with owning much fewer towels.

Overall, for bed and bath linens that kill bacteria, don’t need to be washed as often, and are super soft, this Miracle Brand review thinks they are worth the investment.

Where to Buy Miracle Brand

Miracle Brand is a direct-to-consumer company, meaning that it only sells its products through MiracleBrand.co. There is also a Miracle Brand Sheets Amazon page, but this may be through a reseller.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQS )

What is Miracle Brand’s Shipping Policy?

Miracle Brand’s products ship from Jacksonville, Florida. The company offers free ground shipping to its US customers and a flat rate of $15 for its Canadian customers. Packages typically take 3-5 business days to arrive after your order has been processed (usually within 24 hours). But, because of the pandemic, the company states that shipping can take 3-4 weeks.

For customers outside of the US and Canada, your shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. Similarly, US and Canadian customers who are interested in expedited shipping will have options available at checkout.

Once your order ships, Miracle Brand will send you a confirmation email that contains your tracking number. Use this number on the carrier’s website to track your parcel’s progress.

What is Miracle Brand’s Return Policy?

Miracle Brand wants customers to be happy with their purchases. If you do find yourself unsatisfied with your order, you can return or exchange your products within 30 days of purchase. Exchanges are free. For returns, the company will cover the cost of US returns, but customers in the rest of the world will have to cover the expense.

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