Arctic Bearz is an NFT project designed to spread awareness about polar bears affected by climatic changes


With a vast digital collection of 3,500 polar bears, the project is all set to launch shortly.

An NFT – non-fungible token, which is a digital asset that represents a real-world object has been gaining tremendous popularity of late with numerous projects being launched. NFTs are traded using cryptocurrencies, which itself has gained much prominence in the past few years. Out of many NFT projects that have been doing the rounds is Arctic Bearz, which looks extremely promising from the current lot of NFT projects floating around the markets.

What exactly is the Arctic Bearz NFT project?

It is the latest NFT project on IMX aimed at saving Polar Bears. Arctic Bearz is aimed at bringing the issue of climate change through crypto space, hovering around the endangered species – Polar Bears. The project aims at donating a part of its revenues towards adopting and sponsoring polar bears which are on the verge of extinction or are in danger. The first 100 arctic bearz holders on the platform will receive an adoption pack for a polar bear. The major objective of Arctic Bearz is to create a whole ecosystem of male, female and baby cubs created via a breeding system, with their early supporters getting the top most position in the whitelist. The first 100 Artic Pack members/Members of early bird sale will be given a free female bear. Starting with a total supply of 3,500 bearz, they plan to have further supply of female bearz.

Arctic Bearz is ImmutableX’s next big project:

Immutable X is a layer 2 protocol used for trading Ethereum NFTs that gives users the privilege of receiving instant trade confirmation along with humongous scalability as well as zero gas fees without compromising on the users’ ownership. The main objective of Immutable X is to make minting and trading NFTs easier than any other digital asset. Arctic Bearz will amalgamate this technology in its framework to give users a seamless experience. One of the major advantages of Immutable X is that it allows the use of Ethereum without paying any gas fees, which is quite a draw.

What is the main objective behind this unique NFT project?

Arctic Bearz allows the creation of a unique polar bear collection for its users while simultaneously donating 5% of its proceeds towards the WWF foundation to help save these magnificent beasts. The aim is to draw the attention of the NFT community towards a noble cause that requires immediate attention from global inhabitants.

When is the official launch, and what would be the mint price on its public sale?

The whitelist price would be 0.1 ETH which is subject to change. Each buyer will be able to mint 0.3 Bearz in presale and whitelist. The users will be able to mint 0.3 Bearz on public sale. However, they have to note that the prices would fluctuate on the basis of its performance. The launch date will be announced shortly and one can stay updated on it through their official website

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