Bible On The App Store: Easy Way To Connect To God.

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We all have to connect to our Father and creator. For every human being, it becomes a need. A matter of necessity to be close to God. There is a whole in every human being that only the presence of the Creator can fill. This is where Christianity, a deep and intimate relationship with God comes in.

Christianity is a lifestyle operated on the basis of constant and regular relationship with the Father. The world constantly reminds us of our dependence on God with it’s systems,chaotic problems or the simple coming to a knowledge of our responsibilities as Christians. This kinds of reiterates to us that we need God now, more than ever. And trust us, He’s not hard to reach.

There are several ways to reach out to God. One of these ways is through Bible Study.

Bible study, as implied, is the study of the Bible – a book containing the perspectives and ideas of God, through stories, instructions, and historical events. It’s a wonderful thing to know the mind of our Father through His words, but these days, reading the Bible is constantly becoming more difficult. This century is ladened with heightened daily responsibilities and a full list of things constantly tugging at our attention. This makes us procrastinate our personal Bible study till we are all caught up, but the truth is, it never happens!

However, there’s a solution to this. And a great one as that. Thank God for technology! Technology makes a lot of things easier, including Bible study. There are numerous apps that makes studying the Bible on the go easier for us. We get to come in contact with the Word of God in the bus station, during lunch break or while we eat. And as such, we integrate God’s word into our daily life, just as it should be.

But what app to use for Bible study? That’s kind of confusing one to crack. To solve the problem that comes with the hassle of personally reviewing every option, we conducted a thorough and well-informed research on different Bible apps to help you make the best decision.

We concluded on Blessify App as the best Bible app for 2022.


Blessify is an app that contains the full Bible in an enriched systematic approach, which you can easily access on the go. A Bible is just one of the app’s many features though. You might feel that a Bible is all that’s on this app but we found out about it’s other super amazing features that help you grow synonymously in the knowledge of Jesus. Let us check out those features, shall we?


User Friendly: The first feature you would notice about this app is it’s user friendliness and UI design. This app questions your mood to know how you truly feel and also offers you uplifting quotes and Bible verses to get you feeling better in no time. It is easy to navigate, so you don’t need to worry about how to operate this app. It’s user interface makes everything super easy to understand.

Praise and Worship songs: This app also offers a list of worship and praise songs that you can listen to while you work. The songs are carefully selected with extra attention on the kind of lyrics you will be exposed to through your time on the app. Heartfelt worship from your heart naturally gets you into your Father’s bosom and that’s where every Christian yearns to be. Blessify helps you get that desired connection with God and feel more aware of His presence.

Community: The benefits of being amongst like minds in form of a community has sustained us at different points in our Christina journey. The need for a Christian community on your personal journey with God can’t be overemphasised.

On the Blessify app, you get to connect with normal day to day Christians who share revelations on the Word, prayer requests and uplifting statements to encourage you in times of trouble. You can also request that people pray for you on issues that you face. And be rest assured that God will come through for you.

Prayers : The app also offers intentional prayers that you can meditate on while working or as you carry out your Bible study. This does not require that you read it. You can just listen to the prayers as you work. This definitely helps in multitasking, especially for career oriented people.

Sermons: Listening to sermons from the servants of God is a requirement for our growth in the faith. The Bible says that God gave gifts to men in form of pastors, prophets and generally ministers in the faith that serve as leaders. app offers a wide range of ready to download sermons  that you can feed on in the busy hours of the day. These sermons are mind opening, scriptural and gradually lead you to the truth of the Word of God.

They’re a wide range of sermons you can listen to. The app naturally selects what you would be inclined to listening and even composes something like a playlist tailored to your spiritual needs.

Bible stories: Remember your favorite childhood Bible stories? This app offers a lot stories for you to listen to on the go. This makes the Bible so much easier to read, understand and apply to your daily living. They bring bible characters to life and make their stories so much more relatable.

Custom Notification setting: Remember we said the Blessify was made with your growth in mind? Well, yeah. Of course the app would have custom notification settings to get you off your butt and into engaging the principles of getting closer to the Lord.

These notifications helps to remind you for prayers, bible study and fellowship meetings with your small online community for accountability. This way, you’re destined to grow your faith and keep shining.

How do I get the Blessify App?

The Blessify app is available on the app store for IOS and Android. It’s also pretty to download from the Blessify website. Click here to get it now.


There’s a hole in every human being that only God Himself can fill up and make whole. The Lord made it like that for some reason. Just to make sure that as special vessels He created, we will always find our way back to our first love, Jesus. That’s the ultimate love story.

We hope that this year you take God personal and seek to know Him for yourself. We also hope that the Blessify App helps you achieve the ultimate peek of intimacy with your maker. Have a great year ahead!

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