How To Book The Perfect Keynote Speaker For Your Event?


Aurum Speakers Bureau gives you some tips and recommendations

There are several elements that must be considered while designing the ideal business event. There’s finding the proper location, planning a compelling sequence of breakout sessions and panel discussions, and, of course, nailing the luncheons and cocktail receptions (kosher vegan caterers, anyone?). But the fact is that even if you nail all of them if you don’t choose the perfect keynote speaker, your entire event will suffer. In this article, Aurum Speakers Bureau gives you some tips and recommendations to book a keynote speaker for your event.

Why Choosing the Right Keynote Speaker Is Important

Have you ever sat down to watch a movie only to discover after about 10 minutes that it was a flop? Did you continue watching it or did you find something else to watch?

Your keynote speaker is analogous to the first ten minutes of your film. While they usually talk for an hour rather than 10 minutes, they are the ones who set the tone for the whole event. Your keynote speaker is responsible for starting off your event and getting everyone excited for what’s to follow. Many in the business believe that the keynote address is the MOST IMPORTANT HOUR of the whole event. That sentiment is likely to be shared by us.

The proper keynote speaker will work their magic, inspiring and encouraging your audience to look forward to the rest of your event. While these speakers are not required to be famous names, they are usually picked for their knowledge in a specific field. However, competence is more vital than expertise. These individuals must be SKILLED in giving a compelling speech centered on the topic of your event. So it is better to hire a speaker with certain qualities depending on your event.

How to Select the Appropriate Keynote Speaker for Your Event

There are a few factors to consider when selecting the perfect keynote speaker for your event:

Who Will Be in Attendance at Your Event?

Choosing the ideal keynote speaker for your event necessitates an awareness of who will be in attendance. Why are these individuals attending your event? What knowledge (and emotions) do they want to get from it? Be careful to only choose speakers who are related to the topic of your event and whose skills and personality connect with the aim and energy of your conference.

They should provide something distinctive

There are several speakers that can speak on marketing, healthcare, or environmental issues. What distinguishes your keynote speaker? What distinguishing feature do they bring to the table? What about their personality or presenting style distinguishes them?

They Must Be Willing to Change Their Presentation

You’re paying a lot for your keynote speaker (we’ll get to pricing in a minute), so you want someone who’ll put some effort into their presentation. What you DO NOT want is someone to turn up and deliver the same old prepared keynote to your audience.

Your keynote speaker should be willing and able to conduct research on your company and understand the challenges that your attendees face in order to provide the appropriate level of inspiration and insights. The more time they are willing to devote to personalizing their speech to your event, the more likely it is that your guests will leave with something that can help them improve their lives.

When we hire keynote speakers for our clients, we always offer to collaborate with them on the content and script to ensure that it meets our clients’ needs and speaks directly to their target audience. We encourage you to follow suit.

Keynote Speakers: How Much Do They Cost?

The remuneration for keynote speakers might vary greatly depending on how long they’ve been in the profession, how famous they are, and a lot of other factors.

Speakers with Experience

You may get a professional speaker with a lot of expertise and several career successes for $5,000 to $20,000. These speakers frequently deliver speeches on a global scale.

Remarkable Speakers

Do you want to hire a famous author or a celebrity businessmen to speak at your event? It might cost you between $20,000 and $50,000. Distinguished speakers have a track record of success and are sought after by huge conferences and Fortune 500 companies alike.


Do you wish to enthrall your audience? Then, be prepared to spend $50,000 or more, and you may hire a famous actor, the founder of a very big company, or a worldwide guru on a specific topic to entertain the audience.

Politicians who are well-known

Interested in having Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama speak at your event? A budget upwards of $100,000+ will be needed to make it happen.

We want to emphasize that the value the speaker will bring to your event, not the expense, should be your priority. When you focus on true value rather than perceived value, you will always book a speaker that inspires and encourages your audience.

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