How to Get Skillshare Free Trial For 3 Months


Skillshare is a learning program available as an app and on a computer. The program is designed for users to learn new skills and/or polish their existing ones. The program’s structure is putting users in a classroom setting where they receive instructions on learning the skill of their choice. 

In today’s day and age, possessing a skill is extremely valuable to employers. The more skills a person possesses, the likelier their chances are of landing a good job. The world is constantly developing. Skills lead to innovation and ideas. 

A lot of people have a wide array of interests in drastic fields. An app like Skillshare helps them explore their interests during their leisure time. Skillshare covers a wide range of topics, from graphic design to business analytics and even lifestyle. SavingChief offers a three-month trial.

Skillshare is a paid service; however, you can receive a Skillshare free trial. You can access the basics of almost every course easily. However, you need to pay for the special courses to receive access to them. 

How Skillshare works

Skillshare is equipped with self-paced courses that can be taken at the learner’s convenience. This particular feature sets it aside from formal vocational education. It also showcases the fact that Skillshare may be used as a hobby and not as a responsibility. 

Each course is equipped with study material and video lectures. Certain aspects of courses are paid, so it is wise to refine the specialty you want to study. Course reviews may also help you understand whether the course is the right choice for you. Once you are sure of it, you may be in the course on any device convenient. 


Losing motivation halfway along a course is more common than you think. To keep you motivated, Skillshare comes with a project gallery. This is sort of like a hub/forum where users display the projects they made through their newfound skills. For example, the gallery for graphic designing will showcase the graphic edits made by users. 

Skillshare also offers workshops with live classes so you can interact with students of the same course and share ideas and experiences. These workshops are set according to a fixed timetable. This also encourages a classroom-like environment. This is particularly advantageous to learners who enjoy learning in a collaborative environment.

Further adding to this environment, Skillshare has a feature called Groups. This feature allows you to find your peers, real-life colleagues, and friends to learn together. The user will also be aware of the development in the industries through experts. It also gives the opportunity to present your work before fellow learners for constructive criticism.

Range of teachers

Skillshare is such a diverse platform. Every topic has teachers ranging from amateurs to professionals. To avoid discrepancies in the learning, each teacher is given a handbook with all course material. Every teacher has their own style of teaching. 

Benefits of Skillshare

Skillshare has stable functions and certainly is worth its cost. The diverse range of courses means learners can find almost any and everything that they want. It is not necessary that people learn new skills; people can touch up their old skills and polish themselves. 

Skillshare provides a platform for learners to provide feedback about their experience to improve the app overall. The program opens up space for opportunities and innovation. Best of all may be how flexible skillshare courses are to bend with the learner’s schedule. The lectures are in video form. 

Employment is generated through this app for expert trainers. Learners pay for these classes by buying the premium model of the program. In return, these trainers get paid with that money. 

The app is extremely convenient to use because it even has an offline feature to save content to watch offline. 


Skillshare has two main versions of function: free and premium. The free membership functions just as well as the premium one except with the restriction of a few features. Once you sign up, you will be able to access the free content. You will be able to find the best courses for you with this option and then decide whether the premium version is worth it. 

The Premium version has some of its own pros. You will be able to download the course videos and watch them offline. There won’t be any interruption from ads. The premium membership also includes access to over 20,000 different topics. The content is also better in quality since the trainers are experts in their field. 

Skillshare Pros

Skillshare provides classes for passionate learners free of cost. The variety of topics available to choose from and learn from is extremely wide. The program is easy to navigate through. The community feature allows learners to get to know their fellow learners of the same topic. This way, people are motivated to keep going and learn from peers. 

If you are a teacher willing to share your expertise, Skillshare offers payment for your course. Skillshare is easy to use, the web program and the app are easy to navigate. 

Making an account on Skillshare is quite easy and quick. It barely takes two minutes to have the world of knowledge opened to you. 

Skillshare Cons

Skillshare has no training procedure or interviews to ensure the quality of the content delivered by the instructor. Since most features are available for premium users, there isn’t much anyone can do with a free account. The free version also has ads that can hinder user experience. 

Instructors use no standardized equipment. This means that video quality may not be optimum. Most courses do not come with close captions for better coherency. 

The bottom line

Skillshare is undoubtedly an incredible program conditioning people to bring out the best of their ideas and turn them into reality. However, the best way to take the most advantage out of the program is to invest in the premium version. Regardless, one must weigh out their options and determine if Skillshare is the best program. 

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